Saturday, June 26, 2010

Party Planning for Baby Kate's 1st, an OOTD and Uh...What Should I Wear?

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Hello Everyone, and happy Saturday! ^_^

I hope everyone's having a great weekend so far!

I have quite the action-packed weekend ahead - I've got a wedding to go to on Sunday and I've had a lot of running around to do today, scoping out and picking up things for Kate's first birthday. With my mind completely filled up with party planning, I was hoping I could ask for your advice on I should wear to this wedding on Sunday. (Tomorrow, haha!) The attire wasn't specified on the invite, but the ceremony will be by the beach on a deck, and the groom will be wearing flip-flops. I've heard through the grapevine that the dress code is, "dressy beach casual chic." Or something.

I should also mention that I've been asked to be one of several photographers for the event, as the bride opted not to pop for professional photography. I'm really nervous about this, because I'm pretty much a newbie when it comes to photography, and I really want to do right by my friend.

What does one wear, when they're a wedding guest and a wedding photographer?

(And before I go on, I should mention that I don't own any tropical print dresses. Jussayin'.)

Should I go for something airy and light, like the Vappu Dress? Or should I pull out the gorgeous Time Gone By Dress again? Or what about the pretty green Beda Dress? What about my Matrushka Construction "Veronica Lake" Dress? Or do you think I should I stick with a simple little black dress, so that I can be understated while "working?"

Or (and this would be so very me to do this)...should I just bring them all with me in the car and decide what to wear after I see what everybody else is wearing?


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Thanks for your input! I really appreciate it!

So, as far as party planning goes, Carol and I were extremely excited to receive the proof of the adorable invitations she ordered from for Kate's "Dol" :

We decided to design the theme of the celebration around this invitation. Cute little birdies! Here's a preliminary sketch I drew, to help myself kind of gather ideas of what I'm imagining for the big display table (sorry if it's confusing - it makes sense if you're familiar with Korean tradition):

(Er. Messy sketch, but there's the general idea of the look and feel for what I was going for)

(Wow, I drew really deformed-looking fruit, hahaha!)

(Oh, and note the Flares and Foundations Letters that Carol wants to use, from Anthro!)

Here's a sketch of an idea for an edible tabletop arrangement which could function as decoration and party favor - round-shaped rice krispy "trees" surrounded by birdie cookie pops iced in Royal icing:

There are also several other little details I've got to iron out (doljabi stuff, etc.), but that's what I've got so far!

So, as you can imagine, I've got my work cut out for me this weekend as I run around buying all the supplies I'll be needing for the crafting and decorating and baking marathon that will be going on for about the next month or so!

Carol here: Can I just say that Kathryn is awesome? And that my children's birthday parties would always be a shade paler without her intervention? Seriously, her creativity and resourcefulness blows me away. I really think she could do this professionally, don't you? I'm always amazed by what she can accomplish. And then - get this, she thanks me for letting her help. Sigh...I'm not sure what I did in my past lives to deserve a friend like this, but wow, I must have been good. ^_-

I'll leave off with my OOTD from Friday. Ah, I love my Vappu Dress! I've been dying to wear it again since I wore it a few weeks back, and seeing Jinah's OOTD inspired me to reach for it yesterday morning. This dress is just so easy and comfortable!

(pardon the awkward hand positioning, I was trying to show off my ring!)

(...I must confess that I briefly considered flashing gang signs in the photo and decided against it. Because I'm mature like that.)

Detail of my cameo ring from - who else? - Oh, Hello Friend:

Anthropologie Vappu Dress in Dark Yellow (buy here)
Nordstrom Brass Plum 3/4 Sleeve Jersey Cardigan in White (buy here)
Anthropologie Looping Lanes Belt
Oh, Hello Friend "Take Time to Breathe" Pocketwatch Necklace (enter to win here!)
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Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. I voted for the Vappu dress. It looks great on you. I couldn't see the green Beda dress. The link didn't work for me. :)

    I agree with Carol, Kathryn should do this professionally. When I read through the detailed drawings of the party planning up to Carol's comments, I was thinking "She should make a career out of this." :) I am not kidding.

  2. Thank goodness I have my Iphone so I can still comment! I voted Vappu Dress because your outfit pics with it have been some of my favorites :) It also screams summertime to me and would probably be cooler than the Beda Dress (which would be my second choice).

    Carol I hope the party is a hit! You're so lucky to have such a great friend (and she is too) :)

  3. I voted for the "Veronica Lake" dress because it looks like you'd be comfortable in it while shooting photos, but it would also work for a casual (the shape of the dress) beach (floral pattern) wedding.

    Loved seeing the party planning--and I'd love to read more about the way in which it fits with Korean tradition!


  4. I vote for the Vappu. You look great in all the choices but the Time Gone By dress may be a bit formal for the feel of the wedding you described, and if it's hot, the Vappu will be nice and cool. That centerpiece design looks delicious and adorable! I love the invitations, the birds are allllmost as cute as Kate.

  5. I voted for the Veronica Lake dress - super cute, and you could always dress it up more with different accessories if need be. Regardless, I think it's perfect for a wedding. I think the only thing I wouldn't wear is the Time Gone By dress - too close to white for a wedding :)

  6. so i know i was saying wear the Time Gone By dress earlier, but JanAlyssa is right - too close to white (and we sorta had that discussion, hehe). so i actually voted for the Veronica Lake dress.

    oh, uh, btw... i made some purchases today after making those returns. i *might* wear the Rising Vapor Dress (your co-owned dress!) tomorrow 'cause i saw it was on sale and tried it on... i honestly never considered it before but i couldn't pass it up :P

  7. Ring- amazing. Table and centerpiece concepts- Looks very promising! I'm hoping to see pics when you actually put it together.

    Also I'm happy that the dress I voted for is winning right now. (The Veronica Lake) :)

  8. I'm so obsessed with children's birthday parties - I love how bright, colorful, and elaborate they've gotten! I can't wait to see pictures from the finished party, the invites/sketch look promising!

  9. Kathryn, what size cardigan are you wearing? I ask because I need a new white one, and I think we're about the same size. And I love that outfit!

  10. Kathryn! Yo, yo - only you would think to go gansta' while wearing something as girly and pretty as the Vappu Dress - lol. I love your happy sketches - it's going to be such a cute party!

    Can't wait to see what you wore for the wedding!

  11. Kathryn, I think the vappu dress would be nice on the beach...the yellow in the dress will go great with the blue waters and the beige colored sand. :)

    OMG and can I just say you're super talented? I can not draw for the life of me, so I love seeing artists and their creations. I can't wait to see pics from Kate's party.

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