Saturday, June 5, 2010

Saturday OOTDs and a Question

Hello! I hope everyone's weekend is going well!

So, I have a confession. I have major Two-Wheeler Shirtdress on the brain. This dress has been in the back of my brain for weeks, finally coming to a head when the lovely Cat of Anthrosdottir wore it to perfection in a recent OOTD post. I've been saved from buying it so far because it was out of stock, so I never really had to worry about it. However, as the lovely Cindi of Simply Cindi pointed out, it's now back in stock in all sizes.

Here's the thing: I already have four shirtdresses:

The Beda

The Forever 21

The Reed in Red Motif

The Reed in Navy
(pictured with Danni, she of the wonderful Oh, Hello Friend) of the four shirtdresses is the Reed Shirtdress in navy. In fact, I seem to recall Tara B. having the same dilemma recently. And then I saw her rock the Two-Wheeler in a recent OOTD post too.

So, I need help. Should I get the Two-Wheeler Shirtdress? Or is that overkill with shirtdresses? Help, please! Give it to me straight...

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Should Kathryn buy the Two-Wheeler Shirtdress?
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Okay...onto the OOTDs. As it turns out, Cat's influence doesn't stop at the Two-Wheeler. To be honest, I'd never looked twice at the Heatwave Shorts until I saw the way she styled them about a month ago here. I just love Cat's style and look forward to reading her blog and seeing her outfits everyday. And she has the greatest photos!

So here is my tribute to the beautiful Cat. My very Anthrosdottir OOTD (minus her cool hat):

Old Navy Stretch Button-Down Shirt, circa 2002? (nice option here)
Anthropologie Heatwave Shorts
Seychelles Bette Flat
Oh, Hello Friend "Take Time to Breathe" Pocketwatch Necklace
Oh, Hello Friend Belt

A fun and comfy outfit to wear on a very hot day in...Orange County. And only Orange County, as it turns out. As I was I was driving down to San Diego to hang out with Carol and the kiddos for the afternoon, it felt like I was driving straight into a cloud. I ended up freezing my butt off in those shorts, but at least I had fun with Carol and her babies!

Carol: Hi! I bought this maxi dress in 2008, the summer before I got pregnant with Kate. It was deeply discounted - probably on its second reduction - when I got it, towards the end of the summer, so I didn't get to wear it more than a couple times, before the weather turned. Now that I look at it, I'm not sure why I didn't wear it further into the fall/winter, as it would probably have accommodated my growing belly, and paired with a cardigan, it's seasonally appropriate. Maybe it's the smocked bodice, that makes me feel like it's a spring/summer dress? Anyway, I remembered it this morning, when I was getting dressed, and thought I'd give it a try, especially since I have a nasty bruise on my knee (I've got to be the world's biggest klutz) from banging into the foot of my bed, sometime yesterday.

Cardi: Gap (kind of old...2007? Similar here and here)
Dress: Jenny Han, Bloomingdale's (Summer 2008. Similar here and here)
Headband: Anthropologie, (Winter 2009. Similar here and here)
Shoes: Beaded sandals, Beverly Feldman (Similar here and here)

Some bonus shots, from our dinner at The Counter:

The lovely Carol.

Rowan, sitting by the pond and playing with the fishies.

"She smiles and it's a rainbow!" (from the song "Kate" by Ben Folds Five)

And finally, a shot of my DEE-licious burger from The Counter (Vegetarians, beware):

As always, thanks for reading! Have a fantastic rest of your weekend!


  1. Kathryn: I have both the navy and red motif Reed dresses, and I would still consider getting the Two Wheeler dress! :) I'd say go for it, but wait for sale! That's what I plan to do. I just hope it doesn't sell out before then! :) You look great in the Heatwave shorts btw!

    Carol: Your children are sooo cute! :) And I love your OOTD--so adorable! I really like your glasses too. Are they red? I have a pair of red frames that I absolutely love! I think I have that same GAP cardigan too, except mine is yellow. :) It's one of my staples.

    This blog is so fun to read, I look forward to it everyday! The stories and joint effort between you two make it special. :)

  2. Kathryn-Of course I said get it! I have the Beda Dress and the Reed Shirtdress and I still plan on getting the Two-Wheeler Shirtdress. I love shirtdresses because they are comfortable, cute, and for me, can be worn to work and on the weekends. As long as they are different enough from each other, I think it's ok. I'm really trying to wait for a sale, but I'm afraid it will sell out before then. I'm trying to watch the stock in my cart online and when it gets low, I'll probably give in and order it. Let me know what size you order too!

  3. Hi Kathryn, I don't think you can never have too many shirtdresses. Hmm, I have 2 Reed ones (green and red plaid), the Two Wheeler, I'd get the Beda but tried it on and it was too big, and I plan on getting the Tiny Windows and quite possibly the Secret Treasures if, and only if I can decide on which color. Go grab it, 'nuff said! Love the Heatwave shorts on you.

    Carol, The maxi dress looks great on you and I love the headband! Your babies are cuties! Rowan's dimples and Kate's cheeks are both pinch-alicious!

  4. Kathryn, I am having the same dilemna! I had the green Beda and LOVE it. Then I picked up the pink/coral Tiny Windows dress yesterday but keep thinking it's too similar. I emailed Roxy and Kim to ask their opinions and they say that the shirt dress is so classic that it doesn't matter if you have multiple versions. The ones you have are all pretty unique. I say go for it! I tried the Two Wheeler on yesterday but they didn't have my size and the one I tried on was too big. There were lots at the SoHo store yesterday!

    Here's my question to you and your readers: my debate with keeping the Tiny Windows dress is because it's literally the same exact material (with the swiss dotting) as the Beda. Different color? Yes. Slightly different style? Yes. But different enough? I don't know! Help!

  5. Kathryn: you look great on those shirtdresses and I'd say get the Two Wheeler when it goes on sale. I'm crossing my fingers there will be some left when it goes on sale.

    Carol: your kids are just so cute! Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures! ^_^

  6. Kathryn-the shirt dress is such a classic style and it looks fabulous on you. I say invest in the dress. You'd probably be mad at yourself if you missed out on it and think about it endlessly--maybe I'm projecting here, bc I know I would!! :)

    Carole-the headband on you is soooo cute!!! And your kids are darling. I love the entire look.

  7. Yes to the shirtdress!

    And I LOVE the Heatwave shorts! I'm waiting for them to hit sale!

  8. Kathryn I have to say you look great in shirtdresses, so it could be worthwhile to get the Two Wheeler. I have it and love it, but now think the Secret Treasure dress is so pretty, but in blue and I already have the Two Wheeler in Blue. Could y'all review the Secret Treasure for us if you see it in store? thanks! PS - your and Carol's kids are so cute.

  9. Kathryn-I really think this particular shirtdress is a unique Anthro piece. I own it and love the cute print! Get it, and if you don't reach for it over the next month, you can always return it. :) OT-How do you like the TB thongs? Do they run TTS?

    Carol-As a mom, I enjoy seeing how you style your outfits. The headband that your wearing is so cute!

  10. Kathryn - My rule of thumb is if you're thinking about it night and day and for weeks on end, it just means it was meant to be. I say go for it! I also have the beda and a couple of other shirt dresses but they are so different that I won't even put them in the same category. How many other times will you come upon a dress with BIKES on them??? BIKES!!! Come on! :)

    Carol - Your Counter burger looks delish! I love their shakes as well. YUM! Your kids are SOOO adorable and Kate just looks like a mini-carol. Haha...she'll grow up with great fashion sense like her mama!

  11. Kathryn--I say get the dress!!! I think it's different enough from your other shirtdresses to justify the purchase! None of your other dresses have a cute, quirky print like the Two-Wheeler does :)

    Carol--your children are just beautiful!

  12. Here's the thing - if you find a style that works for you and looks FAB for both work and weekends, I say it doesn't matter how many you have. This is a different print and is so much fun - you'll just be kicking yourself if you don't buy it. Imagine if I stopped buying J Crew pencil skirts because I already own too many? For shame. LOL!

    And Cat's outfits have been plaguing me as well. I say not only should you get the Two-wheeler, but that you need the sweet-wrap sandals as well (look how cute they look with the Heat Wave shorts too! I may have to cave on those.) I finally broke down and bought a pair from (which, btw, is having 30% Bing cashback for today. Couldn't pass that up!)

    Carol - LOVE the maxi dress! And YUM on the Counter...we have one down the street from us and now I'm thinking of having DH take us there for dinner tonight.

    And keep the pics of the kids coming. Their smiling faces are always so gorgeous!

  13. cute!! i love kathryn's The Reed in Red Motif dress!!! And carol looks so darling in her max dress!!

  14. Kids are sooooo adorable. Shirtdress are a classic looks, so you can't go wrong.

  15. Kathryn - absolutely you should pick up the two wheeler, if I looked half as cute as you in a shirtdress, I think I'd own ten! Plus, you wouldn't not buy another pair of jeans just because you already have four pair - right? Right. You look fantastic in those shorts, I love your OOTD!

    Carol - what a darling you are in that headband -super pretty! And those kiddos are cute as can be, love seeing their pictures! Your sons dimples and your daughters kissable cheeks - oh, you lucky mommy!

  16. Hello Kathryn, I think you might have five shirtdresses, instead of four. Do you have a beautiful red Maeshowe shirtdress? You look great in it too!

  17. Kathryn: Get it while you can! Shirtdresses obviously work for you. I love the heatwave shorts on you! Thanks for the shout out. I'm so flattered by the compliment. I love your blog too and find myself here at least once a day :)

    Carol: I love this easy breezy maxi dress on you. You are a gorgeous! And, oh my goodness, the little ones!! The cuteness in your family runs deep.

  18. K- Get the shirtdress - they're so easy to wear!

    C - Maxidress is gorgeous. What a wonderful OOTD. I *love* it, and love maxi dresses. So good at hiding tummies, the swishiness of the fabric is really feminine, no 'have-to-shave-my-legs' emergency, loads of different beautiful patterns, keep you cool in the summer, and they look great on everyone!

  19. Sorry it took me so long and I'm sorry I haven't been able to get back to you all, but I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for your feedback! I truly appreciate it! I'm still thinking about the Two-Wheeler, but I'm a bit worried about the fit, as I've never tried it on. If I do decide to pull the trigger on the dress, I plan on using Sara as my size gauge. =)

    @Lorraine - I LOOOVE my TB Miller Thongs. At the risk of sharing "TMI," I have moderate/severe bunions, so shoes are often an issue with me. They're so nicely padded and feel like heaven on my feet. I highly recommend!

    Thanks so much again! ^_^