Sunday, June 20, 2010

Searching for the Whispering Rushes...(Happy Father's Day)

A few days ago, in the midst of some run-of-the-mill banter, my husband rather brilliantly quipped about seeking the Whispering Rushes Dress.

"The what?" I asked, bemused.

"You know, the Whispering Rushes Dress," he replied, with mock-earnest humor. "From Anthropologie."

I burst out laughing, because of course, while there is no Whispering Rushes Dress, there very well could be. It's exactly the sort of name Anthro would make up for a dress and well...may do so yet. And Friday night, as he was leaving with Rowan for a dad-and-son outing to the movies (Toy Story 3), he paused and turned back to me, where I was getting Kate ready for a mom-and-daughter outing to the mall.

"If you see the Whispering Rushes dress," he said, "Don't hesitate."

So, apparently, at Toy Story 3, my overly-sensitive 5-year-old son screamed and cried through the scary parts and even some of the not so scary parts of the movie. He insisted on a couple different occasions, that he wanted to leave and go home right now. Lawrence, knowing that if they did leave early, Rowan would only have negative associations of the film, made him stick it out to the (surprise!) happy ending. He did, however, take Rowan to the exit corridor where they stood together for a significant portion of the movie, and watched it to the end. Apparently, knowing that he was able to make a quick escape if necessary, was all that Rowan needed to calm him down. After the movie (which Rowan declared had been really good and that he had really liked - earlier protestations aside), they ate dinner at Rowan's "favorite restaurant" (currently On the Border) and then headed home, having had a fulfilling "Boy Adventure," as they like to call it.

With my DH, I have a full partner in parenting. In a household of two working parents, it's the only way. My children are truly fortunate in their father, and I couldn't imagine doing this - or wanting to do this (parenting) with anyone else.

To all our dads - official and unofficial - our own fathers, fathers of our children, and father figures in our lives - we wish a happy Father's Day.

Kathryn here - Sorry for my prolonged absence for most of this week! I've been battling (and am still battling, at the moment) the flu, and it hasn't been fun. I feel like a big, gigantic pile of blah. My OOTDs have consisted of American Eagle boxer shorts and various hockey player t-shirts...from Teemu Selanne to Joe Thornton to Scott Niedermayer.

But I wanted to crawl out of my Nyquil-induced haze to give a shout out to all the dads out there, especially mine. I love you, Papa...and there are no words I can say to thank you for everything you've done for me. I am truly blessed.

We have other, more current photos of us together. But for some reason, I was feeling nostalgic about this particular awkward family photo from back in the day:

(Look, we have the same scowl!)

(Sorry, couldn't find links to my
awesome lavender pleated trousers or my white fluffy-collared blouse. Or the amazing ribboned barrettes. *wink*)

Happy Father's Day!!!


  1. Aw! This was really sweet. You are both fortunate to have such awesome fathers in your life. :)

  2. Your son is too cute, Carol! I'm glad he stuck it through and finished the movie. What a brave boy!

    Kathryn, I love that photo! I think you and I had similar styles back in the day. Haha.

  3. Kathryn-Hope you feel better and I love the picture of you and your dad!

  4. Tell Rowan not to feel bad about crying over the scary part. My 7 year old was almost in tears half way through the movie and insisted that he wanted to go home. I didn't have the heart to keep him in the movie theater so I took him out. :)

  5. You two are both so sweet - I loved hearing your Father's Day shout-outs.

    Kathryn - I hope you feel better!

    Carol - my boys are begging to see Toy Story 3, but we went to visit the ILs after church and there just wasn't time. I'll have to warn dh to keep the mood light if the scenes get scary ;)

    And I was thinking - I sure hope those slacker-readers become followers - when DUH - I realized I was the slacker. How is it possible that it's taken me until now to follow? Oopsies.

  6. What a great post! If you guys had a tv talk show, I'd definitely tune in. Haha, sorry kind of random. But true! :)

    Carol: Hope you guys had a great Father's Day weekend1! :)

    Kathryn: Feel better soon! I love old those olden days pics. :)

  7. Fantastic! Go DH! That is such a great story. Brice has a 7 year old super-sensitive nephew, so I will take a moment to consider whether to take him to see TS3 or not! Good advice - if you see Whispering Rushes, don't hesitate! I think he is pretty tuned in to your way of thinking!

  8. Carol- Sweet husband story regarding your son at the movies. So would your husband say TS3 would not be appropriate for my 3 year old? Also gotta love your Whispering Rushes Dress story. My husband likes to make up names for the Anthropologie clothes. Does that mean you can buy a new dress and just say it's the Whispering Rushes Dress since he kind of told you to?

    Kathryn- Hope you feel better soon! And I am so jealous, I wanted those ribbon barretts so bad.