Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Some Rushing Ruffles and a Yeeeehaw

Happy Wednesday, Everyone!

I hope you're all having a great day!

I'd started this post before getting a chance to talk to Carol, and then I saw her OOTD and decided that her outfit completely supersedes my silly OOTD, so I'm totally pulling editorial license (or...something) and putting her outfit first. 'Cause that's how I roll.

So, Carol first!

Carol here: So, somehow, I totally lucked out last weekend, and when Kathryn met me at the Carlsbad Anthro, I was just idly browsing through the sale racks, and what did I see? The Rushing Ruffles Dress. On sale! Marked down to $99.95!! And in my size (XS)!!! I was pretty shocked, and I thought, maybe there's damage? There were two of the dresses hanging on the sale rack, an extra-small and a large. And when carefully examining it, I noticed there actually was some minor damage to both of them - the seam below the armholes were fraying. Nothing a few well-placed stitches couldn't fix, but still.... Still, it didn't make sense, as usually, when an item is reduced for damage, it isn't reduced to 40% off, and usually, there's a note on the tag, saying, "As Is: Broken Zipper" or the like. I grabbed the XS, giddy, and feeling guilty, because I was on a shopping ban. I took it with me into the fitting room, and after Kathryn and I had done all the reviews, slipped it back on to see if I still loved it. I did. And Kathryn, though she valiantly tried not to encourage me, agreed that it was a great dress. I took it up to the register, and pointed out the frayed seams to the SA, who agreed (albeit reluctantly) to give me a further 10% reduction. That sealed the deal. I just couldn't leave it. This morning, I pulled it out, steamed it, sewed up the fraying seams, and here it is! I LOVE this dress! I feel so pretty in it. It makes me feel like a dancer! (Though I'm really quite un-dancerly. A stiffer, less-flexible person you'd be hard put to find. Not to mention, I can't spot when doing pirouettes to save my life. I was in a ballet class one semester, as an adult, and I was a menace to other dancers, when we were doing pirouettes across the floor.) The lighting in my house in the late afternoon is pretty poor, so you can't see the details of the dress, and I apologize for that. The next time I wear it (which will be soon), I'll be sure to take photos in the early morning, when the light streams in.

Dress: Bailey 44 Rushing Ruffles Dress, Anthropologie
Shoes: Tory Burch Romy Flats, Nordstrom (Anniversary Sale, summer 2009)
Necklace: Mint Green Floral Bib necklace, Nordstrom (spring 2010, similar here and here)

Kathryn here. So, you see why I had to put her first, right?? It's the Rushing Ruffles, for goodness' sake! When a dress makes you feel that pretty, it's simply meant to be.

(And for the record, I'm not sure how "valiant" I was, in not encouraging Carol. But come on, look at the dress! Could you tell her not to buy it?)

(Oh, and also? I can't do pirouettes to save my life. I also tried taking a ballet class once, and I nearly killed people with my chaînés déboulés. True story. I can't dance. I wish I could, but I can't. Sadface.)

Well, onto my silly OOTD. It isn't much, really. (especially compared to the Rushing Ruffles..!) One of my student employees bought a new pair of cowboy boots a few days ago, so to join her in her excitement, I decided to pull mine out too. And then I threw the rest of the outfit together the best I could.

I love working with college kids helps me feel like I'm a kid again too.

Forever 21 Dress (similar-ish here)
Nordstrom BP knit shrug (gorgeous, but comically expensive option here)
Steve Madden Cowboy Boots (super old, from 2005?) (similar here)
H&M necklace
Yellow scarf (similar here and here)

Mikaela's boots: Ariat (available at Boot Barn)

So, just checked the Anthro site this morning and...panic. PANIC. ("Panic in the streets of London...")

The Two-Wheeler Shirtdress is sold out in the 2!!!



  1. Ahhhh Kathryn! Sorry to hear that. But maybe you can try the 0 on for size since it runs big. :( Isn't it amazing how popular that dress is?

    BOTH of you guys look wonderful, beautiful, gorgeous, DA BOMB!! :)

  2. I was never tempted by Rushing Ruffles on the Anthro site, but now I love it! It looks so great on Carol that it would have been a crime to leave without it. Forget the ban -- there has to be an exception to every rule, right? All things in moderation. :)

  3. Oh no!! I definitely think the two wheeler shirtdress runs two sizes large and you could likely fit into the 0.

    You both look so cute! I love your outfits. I want those Tory Burch flats in outfit 1 and the necklace from outfit 2.

  4. Carol I am SO jealous you scored the Rushing Ruffles Dress for 50% off and so confused as to why it was on sale in your store! I wish it was here or online! It looks lovely on you! Is yours navy or black? I was pretty sure it only came in navy, but yours looks darker.
    Great score!

  5. wow that rushing ruffles dress is so lovely! carol you look magnificent in it!

    kathryn, love the happy scarf and those boots are darling!

  6. Kim: Rushing Ruffles came in gray, navy and black. Saw them myself at a store in NJ about a month ago. The Personal Shopper was having a special event there and was showing all the new arrivals prior to them being but out on the floor. Gray was tempting, but I liked the navy the best and eventually caved a few weeks ago hoping it was going to be on the big tag sale. Unfortunately it wasn't but it looks so great and the M was sold you know the rest of the story.

    I just love how Carol looks in the dress. Fabulous and the ballet shoes and necklace are a perfect choice. I may wear mine tomorrow, to my nieces 8th grade graduation, but fractured my foot dancing so I will be wearing a walking boot as an accessory. Sad Face.

  7. omg you both look darling as usual! I love the ruffles and the cowgirl boots!

  8. I love Carol in the Rushing Ruffles. I would have told her to buy it too. :)

    As for the Two-Wheeler, I bet you could call customer service and have them track one down.

  9. Awww, thanks so much everyone, for your kind words!

    @Kim - I think mine might be black. I thought it was black, when I picked it up and tried it on, but when I looked online, and only saw navy, I started to wonder if it was a really really dark navy that was tricking my eyes. But now that Bronzi says there are 3 colors, I'm beginning to think it's black again. Hahaha...

    And I LOVE Kathryn's outfit - it's so fun and cute! That scarf is so great! I've been coveting it since I first laid eyes on it, a few months ago.

  10. Congrats on scoring that dress, Carol! You look so giddily happy in the OOTD. I especially like the curtsy.

    Kathryn - OMG, cowboy boots! They look cute on both of you. I've been itching to buy a pair recently for some reason, in some crazy color like red or bright blue.

    Too bad about the TW. I bet if you call CS, they'll find one for you... Also THANKS A LOT - that Pulp song is stuck in my head now on repeat! lol

  11. I love that dress, Carol! It's so flattering. And you got a great deal on it! :-)

    Kathryn, your outfit is so cute. Love the scarf and the boots!

  12. Kathryn- I know the stores near me got more of the Two-Wheeler Shirtdress in last weekend (no 2's though), so I'm sure there's one out there waiting for you :) Maybe post something on your blog (or comment on Roxy's blog when she has her Monday sale post) about having readers look for it?

    Carol-Love the mint and black combo! Dress looks great on you!

  13. That dress is perfection on you Carol, and I love the necklace you paired with it!

    Kathryn - I love the outfit you put together! And that panic you feel? I think it's clear that you really do need to own the Two Wheeler!