Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer Frocks (Fitting Room Reviews)

Hi everyone!  Hope you've all had an easy entry into the workweek.  I was in OC this weekend, visiting parents for Father's Day, and had limited internet access, which means I've had to wait to blog about a gazillion fitting room reviews.   I decided to sort of break them up by types, so here's a set of dresses:

This is the very lovely Tea and Sweets Dress ($168) and I'm wearing a size 2.  To be completely honest, I'm usually not totally wowed by dresses like this one.  They tend a little too much towards the saccharine for me - note the word "sweets" is actually in the name of the garment.  However, this one is really quite pretty, and it fit fairly well.  On my short-waisted self, the straps are a bit long (please see photo, above right), so would need to be taken in about a half-inch to an inch, but this is a really easy alteration, and one that I could even make on my own in a pinch.  There's a lot going on with this dress, with the eyelet top, the ribbon waistband, the florettes, and the knife-pleat skirt, but the muted colors go a long way to toning things down and the creamy palette provides cohesion to the entire piece.  I'm not currently in the market for a dress like this, but it's really lovely, and on sale, I might be tempted by it.

This cheerful little dress is the Chromatic Canvas Shirtdress ($148) and I'm wearing the size 2.  When I came in to the store the other day, Sandra (fabulous Anthropologie employee, silversmith, and overall-fun-person-extraordinaire) found me, and brought me this dress.  Apparently, it had just arrived and been flying out of the store.  In fact, it was moving so well, there was no more stock in the back room, and it had only been put out that morning.  This sleeveless shirtdress was light, bright, and really just lovely for summer.  It has pockets, a side zip, and comes with a little black belt.  This hit pretty much right below my knee, so expect it to be slightly longer than some of Anthro's other offerings, but not overly long.    

Here's the Secret Treasure Dress ($118), in stores at long last.  I'm wearing an XS, and it fit TTS.  This is yet another fabulous shirtdress, and it comes in this very pretty green as well as a navy.  The fabric is light and summery, and as you can see, the silhouette is slimmer than that of the Reed, the Tiny Windows, or the Beda, with an A-line rather than full skirt.  I'm really tempted by this dress (maybe in the navy, since I already have a couple green dresses?).  It has an agonizingly long row of buttons  down the front and no side zip, but interestingly, I found that the smocking on the back of the dress allowed me to pull this on over my head, so I didn't have to undo and then fasten up all those buttons.  This dress is just fabulous with a belt (I paired this with my Acquainted Bands belt, in the photo above right) and you can see the pretty pleat details on the sleeve in the photo below.  Sandra reminded me that I already have a bajillion shirtdresses, so, I've wishlisted this one for sale.  

This is the Magnifying Glass Dress ($138) which I'm wearing in a true-to-size 2.  This is another one to which Sandra drew my attention. I liked the colors (a cool pink and gray) on the hanger, but have to say, not so much on me.  Because of the way the shoulders are cut, I'd say this is a style that's not so good for us pear-shaped women, though others (boy-shaped or hourglass) would probably have a good deal more success with it.  There was a slightly unexciting belt, that was prone to wrinkling and folding (unlike the belt in the product shot, which lies beautifully against the dress) so I'd probably switch it out with a different gray belt if I were wearing this.  Pass for me.

Here's the Port Dauphine Dress ($138) in the size 2.  I'd say this dress fits TTS.  Wow, was this one a surprise!  I didn't even grab this one, because being the shorty that I am, I usually walk right past long dresses.  In fact, this is one that Sandra grabbed and brought to me in the fitting room, urging me to try it on.  I did, and can I say I was very pleasantly surprised?  It made me feel tall and slim and...leggy (except, you know, you can't actually see my legs...).  It's a pull-on style dress, made of a soft knit and comes with a self-belt.  The belt is actually a little lame, so I'd probably remove it and use a different one instead...though, not sure what sort.  Maybe one of those pretty sashes from J. Crew? Something like that... The dress did, however, give me pause as it's not a style I could wear often.  Not really work appropriate, and the floor-skimming length (on me) makes it less than ideal.  Still, something to consider.  Wishlisted for now.

While I was in the store, I had Kate with me and when she started becoming vocally dissatisfied with watching me try on clothes (what?  That's not super fun?) Sandra was so sweet and brought in a wooden rocking horse for Katy to ride.  I had to snap a photo, because she looked so happy to be doing something other than sitting in her stroller.

Kate's OOTD:
Shirt: Baby Boden Applique Tee, Nordstrom (similar here)
Shorts: Baby Boden print shorts, Nordstrom


  1. Thank you for reviewing all these dresses. :) I love the Tea and Sweets Dress on you, but my absolute favorite photo here is of Kate! Too, too adorable!

  2. I really love the first three dresses on you! I was afraid the Chromatic Canvas Shirtdress would be too bold/loud, but somehow it actually works. And how do you resist pinching those cute little cheeks all the time?

  3. Kate is adorable! I think all of the dresses looked great on you, but I especially like the Secret Treasures dress. :-)

  4. Ooh, I actually really like the Secret Treasures dress on you, especially with the belt. Maybe I shouldn't steer you from buying shirt dresses, esp if they work so well on you!
    Also, the Port Dauphine Dress looked so amazing on you in person, and yes it made you look tall *magical!* Shann, our Visual Manager bought Friday and wore it Saturday for work and all day Sunday as well. She's short and curvier and it looked just fantastic on her. It looks a little rock and roll with the black and white chevron stripes. I really see it working well with long, layered necklaces....I really want a fabulous maxi dress, but I'm holding out for the perfect one.
    Oh, and your shorts went on sale! Hearts! Sandra

  5. She brought your dd a rocking horse?! That is some amazing customer service - how crazy is it that they have things like that hanging out in the back? Kate is a totally cute kid - I'm sure they don't bring the rocking horse to everybody. Also, I seriously suspect that you, Carol, have some extra potent Anthro mojo, because they love you! I'm never allowed bring in belts to the fitting room, no matter what.

    The Secret Treasures does look really similar to the Reed dress you already own, but the sleeve detail and the slimmer fit look really good IMHO. If you did get it, I urge you to consider the navy - the green is just so very much like the Reed.

    I also really like the Tea and Sweets dress on you. After Kim of Anthroholic posted her pic of it, I kind of waived it off but since your body type is closer to mine than hers is, it's back on my radar. Thanks for the review, it helps!

  6. @ Diana Draw -- Me too :( Belts are always left outside the dressing room for me.

  7. Totally love the Secret Treasure and Port Dauphine dresses on you! Your daughter looks absolutely darling in that photo :)!!

    BTW, did you snag anything from today's sale? I saw the Heat Seeker & Ikat Shorts (I believe you tried on the latter too...) and thought of you and how great you looked in them! Hope you were able to get some cheap pretties :)!

  8. Ahhh finally someone reviewed the Tea and Sweets dress and I think it's awesome on you. I'm still debating whether to keep it or not. And I got the secret treasures dress in green as well. I love it!! Can't wait to wear it.

    Kate is SOOOO cute! I wanna like put her in my pocket. Haha.

  9. I think that picture of Kate may be the cutest thing I have ever seen!! :)

  10. Great Reviews! All of those dresses look great on you. Your little girl is so adorable! Plus how nice of your store to help with entertaining her while you tried on clothes. I need to come shop at that store location.

  11. you both are so darling!! I wanted the sercret treasure dress in blue...but thinking.... I am about your size.. a few pounds more and am long torso......i was thinking the skirt was fuller but I am afraid now it will be too short waisted and will look like my rear end is dragging behind too far below...oh dear. I am 2-4P in most things.. sigh. was hoping this one would work for me...I think some reviews said that the green and blue are not fitting exactly the same......... but YOU look beee-uuuu-tttttttt-fullll in it!!

  12. Oh my goodness!! Your daughter is just too cute! I had to comment on her and love her cheeks! And yes I too loved the green dress on you and the maxi dress was gorgeous!

  13. Thank you for those lovely reviews - everything suits you SOOOO well. I've been waiting for a review of the Secret Treasure dress (that, and the Port Dauphine dress are my faves on you). Can you share what size Two-Wheeler Shirtdress you take, it would help me pick a size for the Secret Treasure. your children are adorable.

  14. Kate is so adorable. I love the Chromatic Canvas dress. Is size 2 your normal size?

  15. The secret treasures dress looks great on you!
    And your daughter is just adorable!

  16. Hey! Kate is so funnny! =) What a gorgeous girl!

    I like Port Dauphine dress and the green one is good too. Why can't you take belts in with you? In case you steal it?

  17. Hi everyone! Thanks for all your sweet comments! Kate appreciates them. ;)

    @Debbie - thanks! Hey, I just wanted to tell you that for some reason, I can't leave comments on your blog! I don't know why - I've been trying to for the last few days, and when it gets to that word identification security thing, I just get locked out - can't even get my cursor to work. And it's only yours that does that to me, so I don't know what's going on. =( Just wanted to let you know...

    @Diana Draw - you know, I used to get belts taken away from me, but for the last couple months, they've been letting me take them in. Way back, when I was still not being allowed to take them in, I told the fitting room attendant that I'd really like to see how a dress looked with a belt, and she told me I could call her over, when I was ready and she'd bring it to me for a few minutes. Maybe try that with yours?

    @Sandra - thanks! I think I really do want that Secret Treasures dress eventually...I'm going to try to come in today to get my PA on the shorts! Yay! So excited. =D Will you be in?

    @PWS - well, I actually went ahead and got the Heatwave shorts last week, so will be able to get a price adjustment on them now! =D Did you get anything fun?

    @Lorraine - you should come shop at the Fashion Valley Anthro! They're SO nice there. =D Are you local?

    @Barbara - hahaha, give it a try. You never know. =D And thanks!

    @SLC - you know, I don't know what my size in the Two-Wheeler is, at the moment. I think I tried on a size 2, in a past review. If I get into the store tonight (hoping to, for the PA on my shorts), then I'll try it on and confirm with you.

    @Bronzi - yes, 2 is my normal size. =)

  18. I have the secret treasures dress and love it. The little pleats on the sleeves are reinforced with some stitches, some of which have since come undone. Also, I stretched out the left cap sleeve by reaching out too far for too long with my arm (while trying to placate our baby sitting in the car seat in the back) so the arm hole on that side is asymmetrically larger. Still, these problems do not bother me since it is hard to find a nicely fitting dress which can be worn casually (like in the Fabulous Florida Mommy blog) and to slightly dressier affairs (like work,church etc). I want to buy the blue dress and am waiting for a sale although if necessary, I'll buy it full price :-) Kate has so much hair!

  19. Oh that CUTE KATE - she just steals the show! She is beyond words adorable!

    I think all of the dresses you tried look fantastic on you! Seriously. That could be budget-busting! Your reviews are always so helpful for me to be able to see the length - loved this batch!

  20. The Tea and Sweets dress is so pretty on you! It didn't wow me on the website, but I love it on!