Saturday, June 12, 2010

Super (So Far) Saturday (OOTDs)

Hi everyone!  Last night, I, accompanied my husband to Home Depot, where we purchased an electric, corded (seemed smaller - and we have one of those teeny, thumbnail-sized yards that are attached to the identical, breadbox tract homes - you know the ones?  Something bigger seemed...well, too big, and the cordless ones looked huge) lawn mower.  So, check!  One thing ticked off my very long list of to-dos for this weekend.

Then, we went to a summer BBQ event at my son's Montessori preschool, so I had to get dressed for that.  Before I change into can-totally-get-grubby-doing-yardwork-in-the-California-sun clothes, I thought I should photograph and post my OOTD.  And, luckily, Kathryn took her OOTD photo too, so....

Here she is!  Pretty Kathryn, in our most recent co-ownership purchase (whoo!).  Oh, and a reader asked us in a previous post, whether we thought you could wear the Time Gone By dress with a cardigan - our answer is, "Yes!"  As you can see, the cardigan (our favorite Brass Plum 3/4 sleeve cardi from Nordstrom) has pretty snug sleeves, but it totally looks okay here:

Sweater: BP 3/4 Sleeve Cardigan, Nordstrom
Dress: Time Gone By Dress, Anthropologie
Brooch: Vintage-style rhinestone brooch  (gift from me, 2004?  Similar here and oh my goodness, so cute - I might need to get this: here)
Shoes: Kenneth Cole Reaction "Paris Lights" (old - 2005? Similar here and here)
Bracelet: rhinestone bracelet, Claire's (similar here and here)
Necklace: White gold and diamond cross pendant necklace (Similar here and here)

Top: Cotton Tunic with Roll-up Sleeves (Summer 2009, TJ Maxx; similar here and here)
Pants: Paige Premium Denim flap pocket skinny jeans, Nordstrom (December 2009; similar here and here)
Belt: Looping Lanes Belt, Anthropologie
Shoes: Star Ling T-Strap Wedges, Nordstrom (Spring 2009; similar here and here and here)
Bracelet: Sorelli cuff bracelet, Nordstrom (Fall 2009; similar here and here)

Detail photos of my bracelet - I love the soft, muted colors of this cuff.  It goes with so many things:

Have a great Saturday!


  1. oh wow! i'm a montessori kid, too! :) and i was working at a montessori school for the past three years. love montessori!

    you ladies always look so great! :)
    hope you're weekend is going swell!

  2. You ladies always look wonderful.
    I have to say, The Time Gone By dress looks really, really nice on you! I am glada you two bought it!

  3. Can I say how jealous I am of your co-ownership of the Time Gone By Dress?!? So, so jealous! I am actually trying to sell some items so I can get this dress (darn budget). And Kathryn, you look gorgoeus! I can't wait to see it on you Carol. p.s. good luck on the garden Carol!

  4. So cute! I tried on the Time Gone By Dress yesterday and it did not look so cute on me! You guys look so great dressed up on a Saturday. Notice how I rarely post Saturday OOTD's now? It's cuz we have swim lessons (including parent-n-me for the baby) so I'm pretty slumpy on Saturdays. I should change that.

  5. I so love Sorelli and have 3 necklaces from them and some earrings that I always get compliments about. Love the bracelet!

  6. Really lovely photos of the time gone by dress on you.

    Kathryn, may I ask - what size do you take in the Rushing Ruffles? I saw how cute it looked on Carol. You and I are just about the same height (I'm almost 5'9) and weight, and while I would love to get an XS, I'm wondering if that is just wishful thinking?

  7. very pretty stuff! that belt looks so cute on you

  8. You two are so cute. :) I love that you ladies have a blog together. I've known my BFF since we were 6! That's a little over 20years too. And although a huge ocean separates us (she's in Vegas, I'm in Hawaii), our friendship to date is the strongest it's been! Have a Happy Sunday!

    xx Love & Aloha

  9. Kathryn - SO PRETTY in the Time Gone By Dress! And your curls looks gorgeous too!

    Carol - hope your family had fun at the picnic! Your outfit is being filed into my mental "recreate soon" folder ;) You look so cute1

  10. @erinaomi - oh, fun! Yes, Rowan really loves his Montessori school. I hear that the quality can vary from school to school, but this one is really terrific. I highly recommend it!

    @Ady - thank you!

    @Ashley - oh, I hope you can get it soon! It's really nice to have a friend to co-own some of these "occasion" dresses. This one was a perfect candidate, because we both loved it, but couldn't really justify it on our own, as we just didn't have enough things, individually, to wear it to.

    @Michelle - hahaha, my SIL asked me a month ago, whether I feel like I have to be dressed stylishly all the time, now that I'm blogging. I replied no, but maybe I was wrong...hahaha. Though, I think I'm just trying to maximize my use of my wardrobe more now, than I used to. Pulling out older things, getting more creative, etc. =) It's fun!

    @Bronzi - thanks! I love Sorelli too. =)

    @Elledee - thank you!

    @Sharonlei - Aww, that's so sweet. We met in high school, so by the time you're our age, you and your BFF will have known each other longer than we have, hahaha. But it's these old friendships that seem to last longest and stay strongest, don't you think?

    @Jan - We did have fun at the picnic, thanks! And I'm glad I've contributed to your "recreate" folder. There are several of your outfits in mine. ;)

    @Debbie - thanks! We're glad to be of help. =)

  11. WOW!! The TGB dress looks fab!!! Makes me want it myself now!!