Friday, June 25, 2010

What's in a Name? ("But I Lived There!" and Other Rationalizations...)

Do you ever come across a piece that you feel was destined or meant to be yours, somehow?  Like, it was calling your name, because it actually bore your name (you know how designers sometimes name their pieces after women?  The Kristen sandal, or the Margaret pump, or the Genevieve wedges).  Things are rarely named after Carols (I think the name evokes old lady-ness? After all, it was at its peak-popularity as a name back in the 40s and 50s...) so I don't often have this problem (though there will be no hesitation on my part if Anthro ever puts out a "Whispering Rushes" dress).  However, the other day?  When all those new arrivals showed up and Roxy put up her post with the July catalogue previews?  Yeah, you all know the one...well, I spied with my little eye a pair of shoes on one of the models, which I then tracked down on Anthro's website, only to discover to my glee that they were called Rensselaer T-Straps.

Do you know who Hendrick, Kiliaen, or Stephen Van Rensselaer were?  Yeah, most people don't.  But I do, because I happened to have lived in a part of upstate New York, where this family has been memorialized in the names of academic institutions (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) - where my husband earned his Ph.D.), businesses, organizations, and locations. As mentioned, DH attended RPI, and for four years we lived in (and my first son was born in) Rensselaer County, and yes, our address included the city of Rensselaer.

Surely this means I can have these shoes...right?  Right?  I mean, they're practically an artifact of my adult life as a young married woman and first-time mother!  It would be...very sad if I didn't get them.  These shoes...well, they are already a part of my life...or something.

And while I'm rationalizing the need to purchase and own certain and varied items, may I mention that the Green Thumb skirt would make a very timely addition to my life right now?  I am, after all, trying to get my yards and gardens in order - and with admittedly limited success.  I could really use whatever help this skirt and its name might afford me.  Obviously, I'm sorely lacking in those attributes.

Also, my DH and I actually developed our friendship over years of writing letters back and forth to each other, some of these Epically Long (yes, they do merit capitalization).  How appropriate then, is it that I wear the Folded Mementos Tee, in honor of those letters which carried our thoughts, experiences, and feelings back and forth across oceans and countries?  (We have them all saved, to this day, in special acid-free boxes).  

And who wouldn't benefit from finding some Lost Time (skirt)?  I can attest, that as a wife, mother, full-time employee, and blogger, I never have enough time.  I really really could use some more.  And uh...this have super powers? (Yes!  The super power of cuteness!)

When I was a girl, I adored the Anne of Green Gables books.  I read them so often, the covers have come off some of my older copies and even now, about once a year, I'll read through the whole series again, just for fun.  I also own nearly all the other books ever written by L. M. Montgomery, including the Emily books, the Chronicles of Avonlea books, the Pat books, one-offs like Jane of Lantern Hill, etc.  You get the picture right?  And if you also loved Anne, you know how she loved Kindred Spirits (sweaterdress).  I have no idea how she felt about sweaterdresses, but I think she would have approved of the ruffled collar, and we all know the moss color would have set off her red, er - auburn hair beautifully.

As I've mentioned on this blog before (I think?) my husband and I are enormous So You Think You Can Dance fans.  We've never missed a season.  How perfectly appropriate, then, that I wear the Choreographed Dress, while watching?  Really, this one needs to be in my closet...

And really, who doesn't want to find a Secret Treasure (dress)?  Goodness knows, when it comes to affording all these beauties from Anthropologie, I could use some... 

What are the Antho items whose names have called out to you over the years?

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  1. Those shoes are.... I don't even have words. Memento of your life or not, they're freaking amazing!

  2. I really liked this post, tying in all the garments to your life. The shoe name history is interesting (I'm from CA and had no idea about the name), and the story about you and your husband writing Epically Long letters is so beautiful.

  3. What a great post! I enjoyed reading it so much. You're a great writer.
    I also love the Anne of Green Gables series. I reread it often. Wonderful books. Those shoes are to die for. I think they are high on everyone's wishlist.

  4. This was such a great post. I feel this way sometimes. Back in 2005 or so Anthropologie had a sweater like jacket that I regret not buying that was named the Gemma jacket. Joe's jeans had jean shorts and jeans named Gemma that I almost bought. I don't have a usual name so I figured I needed to represent, but I never pulled the trigger. Alas, I think my husband needs to buy me more jewelry with "gems" in them since those close to me do call me Gem, right? :)

  5. Too funny...I went to RPI for my undergrad and when I saw the name of the Mary Janes I decided I would have to have them too...i'm glad they're cute! :-)

  6. On Twitter last night, Roxy posted about a shirt called "Popham Beach." I immediately knew the EXACT beach the shirt was named after! It's in mid-coast Maine, and I grew up going to it when I visited my grandparents. Must be meant to be!!

  7. LOL! What a fun post. The flip-side, of course, if when the product that bears your name is not a product that you like. (Case in point. My name is Lauren and I love Seychelles shoes, but I seriously don't like the Lauren sandal they put out a few months ago). The colors are nice, but the style is uncomfortable and awkward and the heel too high.

    And yet . . . the fact that we share a name makes me want to love it, buy it, and tell people "It's called the Lauren. I HAD to have it!"

    Ridiculous, I know.

    But I definitely admit that in general, I do gravitate towards some Anthro items simply because of their name. Ditto some Modcloth dresses. Their writers should get a cut of the sales for items they wrote the descriptions for.

  8. HAHAHAHAHA! This post is awesome. I love the way that you have a great reason to buy all these lovely things. I wish the clothes and shoes etc. that I bought had names too! When I was in university, I used to justify buying delicious cream cakes because they were called 'Victoria Sponge'. Lol.

    The Paris summer sale starts on Wednesday and everyone is getting ready. Unfortunately, I have no 'Kelly' and no Nordstrom to let me know about stuff going on sale.=( However, I went on a 5 hour pre-sale reconnaissance mission, and I am sorry to say that this year's offering is poor indeed. I was not very inspired.

    The sale is a huge deal here, because it officially happens twice a year - January and July. This a government regulated thing, and you can't have a 'sale' outside the permitted monthy period. There are sometimes 'promotions'. Count yourselves lucky, ladies, to have the Tuesday Antho sale, and more specifically, Anthropologie itself!

    Thanks Carol & Kathryn for keeping us updated and giving us daydreaming inspiration with this wonderful blog of droolworthy Anthro clothes!

  9. Wow, what a great post!

    The link to the Rensselaer T-Straps seems to be incorrect. It links to 76th street flat for whatever reason.

  10. @chpan - oh! Thanks for pointing that out. I think I fixed it. =)

    @Maureen - oh, another RPI alum! What years were you there?

    @Lauren S - awww, that's awful! Yes, I can imagine that having some pair of shoes (by Seychelles no less) called Carol would be really problematic for me, if I didn't like them. Hahaha...I'm just thankful that Prada hasn't named any of THEIR shoes, "Carol."

    @Victoria - wow, government-regulated sales! Crazy...hahaha, we ARE lucky to live in the states with our Anthro Tuesdays. Thanks for all the kind words, by the way. (I won't mention that you're my cousin and that I bribe you with trips to Anthropologie when you're here...) ;)

    @Gemma - I absolutely think your husband should buy you more "Gem"-mas! Hahaha, yes, my DH seems unaware that my birthstone is the diamond...I keep hoping one of these years, he'll say, "I got you this, because I know it's your birthstone..." LOL.

  11. I graduated in fall of 1998 to spring 2002...what about you?

  12. I love LM Montgomery, in recent years anthologies of her short stories have also been published I like, Akin to Anne is one title. Do you remember the fashion theme of the puffed sleeves Anne longed for and Matthew gives her for Christmas?