Saturday, July 31, 2010

Adventures in Silverlake

Happy Saturday, Everyone!

I hope everyone is having a great weekend! I know I said yesterday that I planned to be a couch potato, but the hubby convinced me to head to up Silverlake to grab some breakfast and go for a stroll around the neighborhood. He'd heard me continually rave about the food at Cafe Stella and wanted to try it for himself.

Carol and I and our other friend Lisa had tried it a few months back, when we went to visit Matrushka Construction to check out their dresses. While the service at Cafe Stella left us a little underwhelmed, the food more than delivered. I couldn't wait to go back and try more of their menu, and my hubby is a serious breakfast connoisseur (it's his favorite meal) so we were happy to finally have a free weekend to make the trek.

My tummy didn't regret it. Feast your eyes on these gorgeous lemon ricotta pancakes:

the edges were crisped to perfection, and the lemon ricotta filling was a perfect complement to the syrup

The hubby ordered the salmon benedict, which he described as being "perfect":

the salmon was smoked to tender perfection while the hollandaise sauce was light yet flavorful

Have you ever seen toast look so pretty?

grilled French bread toast with butter and fresh raspberry jam

And check out these crispy breakfast potatoes, in all their buttery glory. I love the presentation, in the cute little skillet:

I was told that these "Crispy Breakfast Potatoes" (as they're listed on the menu) are sauteed in butter with onions. YUM!

The happy and ever-stylish DH (in his Anniversary Sale Diesel Polo from Nordstrom!):

I highly recommend Cafe Stella to anyone who likes yummy food - though, here's the catch: make sure you're not absolutely starving when you get there, and make sure you have a lot of time at your disposal. The service isn't exactly what I'd call "prompt." Carol, Lisa and I waited for what felt like an eternity to order, get our food, get beverage service and then get our check. Today wasn't nearly as bad, so maybe the service is just hit and miss. But a lot of other reviews online suggest that many others have encountered the same problem.

Also, be prepared to open up your pocketbook, as the place is a little on the pricey side. The food is absolutely fantastic, though - a feast for the taste buds, and the presentation is just gorgeous. So if you can spare a few dollars and can put up with the wait it's definitely worth a try!

I rate it a perfect 10 for food quality, maybe a low 6 for service. DH and I love yummy food though, so we vow to go back soon, to see how their dinner menu compares.

After our lovely breakfast, we had a great time walking in and out of a bunch of little shops around Sunset Junction. One shop of particular interest was called "Driftwood" and they featured a wonderful collection of vintage clothing. The pieces they carry are really high quality and don't have any musty smell or yellowed collars that you might find with vintage clothing. As a result, the prices are also a little on the steep side - on average, about $70-$80 for a dress.

I passed on the clothes, but I managed to find some cute espadrilles by Soludos for myself:

Soludos "Playa" in White and Grey Seersucker (buy here)

These espadrilles are so, so, so comfortable! And this is coming from someone with problematic feet, so I don't say these words lightly. The cotton is soft and breathable (and won't destroy my French pedicure!), and the jute sole is like heaven for my feet. Heaven. And I just love the little contrast lining cute!

I've never tried TOMS...but at $28, these Soludos were too hard to pass up! Love! *happydance in happy shoes*

Another shop of particular interest to me was one called "Pull My Daisy" that featured a healthy collection of Eva Franco pieces (I seriously did a doubletake when I saw the Dreaming in Green Skirt, as well an entire dress made of the same material!) as well as some great dresses from Viereck.

Again, I passed on the clothes (after all, I'm still dreaming about the Mullany and the Babergh and the Compeer and the and the and the...), but I did find a very cool new guitar strap for my bass guitar!

Below is my (yes, repeated from two weeks ago) OOTD, once again inspired by the beautiful Kim (and by Maria, too!), also with my comfortable new guitar strap. This thing is seriously sooo much more comfortable than the seatbelt-like guitar strap I've been using. And it's pretty!

Target Merona Chambray Dress in Pond Green (available here)
Splendid Open-Front Cardigan (similar here)
Anthropologie Snakebite Belt in Grey
Nordstrom BP Necklace
Oh, Hello Friend Cameo Ring
Juicy Couture Sunglasses (from last year's Anniversary Sale, similar here)
Yamaha Bass Guitar

Detail of the guitar strap:

100% vegan guitar strap, by Couch

So, there you have fun (and delicious) day in Silverlake. Thanks for putting up with my rambling!

Have a wonderful rest of your weekend, everyone!


  1. Great outfit for a day out and about and love the new shoes!

  2. Food looks delicious and your outfit is really cute. Enjoy the rest of your weekend with hubby :)
    If you are petite, visit PetiteLittleGirl for a review of designer petite denim

  3. All that food is making my stomach growl! My breakfast should be finishing up in the oven shortly...I can smell it already!

    I saw the Pull My Daisy store on Antonio's (last design star winner) show on HGTV!! It was where they did a complete remodel of the store and it was soooo cool when it was finished!

  4. This entry made me ravenously hungry! And your DH is super handsome. You look great as usual! Great strap on that bass!

  5. YUM! If I wasn't sitting chowing on a hamburger at my desk right now, I'd be SO hungry seeing your post. Awesome - I don't know when I'm gonna get to drive north, but I know when I do, I will be stopping off at this place! Thanks for the heads up!

    LOVE the OOTD - the colors are so sweet and pretty on you. Totally cool strap too!

  6. LOL Look at you two playing hipster! I <3 it!
    The food looks yummy and the stores sound cute! I'll have to round up the girls as I don't think my bf would be as awesome as DH and go willingly. LOL. PS Cute closed toed shoes?! I know of someone who approves ;)

  7. @DEA - Thanks! I actually wore my new shoes to Disneyland that night, and they felt awesome. I'm so happy with them!

    @PetiteLittleGirl - Thank you!

    @Pamela - Really? That's so cool! I don't get to watch HGTV nearly as much as I used to (I continually fantasize that Candace Olson will magically show up at my front door someday and offer "do" my house), but that's really cool that that Pull My Daisy was featured! I wanted to take photos of the inside and the clothes, but I didn't know if they'd be open to that and I was too scared to ask...

    @jesspgh - Thank you, thank you, and thank you! I told my DH about your comment and he said, "Thanks! My teeth look weird, though..." *snicker* Ah, my husband...

    @Michelle Q - Oh, let me know how you like it if/when you do make it up to Silverlake! And make sure to check out Pull My Daisy for all the fun Eva Franco pieces! ;o)

    @shira - LOL, I know. It's definitely a "scene." And I'll totally head up to Silverlake with you! Just lemme know when! =)

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