Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Autumn Leaves (Anniversary Sale Fitting Room Reviews)

Hi everyone!  Hope you all had a great holiday weekend.  Mine was great - packed with fun, family, and friends from one minute to the next.  It started with an overnight stay at the Disneyland Resort and ended with an Anniversary Sale pre-sale appointment with Kelly and some friends.  Does it get any better?  I thought I'd share some of the fun things I saw and/or tried on during the appointment (sorry about the poor quality of some of the photos - my camera got switched to a weird setting, and I didn't notice until I got home 9_9).  

First, we have these super cute cotton flannel pajama sets from P. J. Salvage, regularly priced at $58, AS priced at $37.90 a set.  They come in six different prints, and can I say that I love those little owls!!!  How cute are those?  I really have been needing a new pj set, so this is just perfect.  The navy and white polka dot set are for my mom.  They also had some blue ones with white peace signs all over them (for a peaceful sleep?), pink ones with white and gray elephants, white with multi-colored sheep, a pink and black animal print, and a blue-and-papaya-red-based paisley print.  Anyway, definitely on my "buy" list.

I love, love, love this Free People lace top, regularly priced at $88 and AS priced at $58.90.  What a fun, pretty piece to wear.  I'm in an XS, and while it's loose and flowy, I'm pretty sure it's supposed to fit like that, so TTS.  Please note - I'm wearing my own cami/tank under this top - it is, otherwise, totally sheer.  During the latter half of the summer, I'll wear this top like this (with the tank underneath) and when the days cool, I'll layer a long-sleeved scoop-neck tissue-tee underneath it.  A definite "buy" for me.   

Last winter, I decided that I might want to get a leather jacket, after years and years of abstinence, due to dislike of the leather smell.  It was one of those things I didn't have in my wardrobe, and I started to feel like a cute leather jacket would be a good addition.  Unfortunately, I didn't find one that fit me quite right.  Nothing was really what I wanted...and then I found this one.  It's Classiques Entier, and regularly priced at $398, AS priced at $259.90.  I'm wearing an XS, and I'd say this fits TTS.  I really loved the fun, asymmetrical collar and the sweet little ruffles that run down the opening of the jacket.  Also, the color?  Deep plum!  So pretty! So, what's my problem?  The smell!  I just hate that leather smell.  I thought I could handle it, but after wearing the jacket for a few minutes, I realized I really wasn't.  So sad, huh?  Back to the rack, pretty leather jacket.  (Why do leather jackets smell like that, when leather handbags and shoes don't seem to?  Anyone know?)

Here's a cute little Nanette Lepore jacket, regularly priced $428, AS priced at $284.90.  It's very sweet, and I liked the puffed sleeves and the detailing on the pockets, but I passed on it.  There was just no love, and while it was perfectly nice, it didn't really seem fantastic to me, and for that much money, I can get the Choreographed Dress, which I really kind of love.  So, yes, sorry Nanette!  Maybe next time...

This Halogen pencil skirt, on the other hand, is great!  Regularly priced at $68, it's AS priced at $44.90.  I've been looking for an easy pencil skirt forever, and this is a really really good basic.  It's made of a heavy ponte knit fabric, which is really comfortable and forgiving.  Only problem?  It runs big.  I'm wearing the zero, so super petite women will be sized out of this.  It also comes in purple, a citron-yellow, and a silvery-gray.  I may pick up the purple too, later.  We'll see.

Look!  It's a really really cute little Elizabeth and James blazer!  Oh gosh, I really really don't need this.  Still, when I put it on, both Kelly and I gasped and said, "Oh, cute!"  It's a wonderfully well-done take on the shrunken gray jacket, with some delightful detailing on the shoulders, pockets, and lapels.  If you're trying to inject some fun and interest into your work wardrobe, I'd highly recommend this.  But I'm going to be good.  I don't need it.  I will pass on it (for now).  In case you need (or just want) a sweet little nubby-knit blazer by E&J, I'm wearing the size 2, which I found to be TTS, and it's regularly priced $395, AS priced at $239. 

Hmm...I'm not really sure where I'm looking in the photo above left.  Here are some great slim-fit cargos by Sanctuary.  I'm wearing these in a 27, so I'd say they run a wee bit small, as I usually take a 26 in pants.  They're regularly priced at $118, and AS priced at $78.90.  I found these to be very comfortable, and there's an added bonus - they come with the cool, utility belt!  And let me say, usually when pants or dresses come with belts, the belts are pretty "meh."  Not this - I really like this one, and can totally see myself borrowing it to wear with other things.  What's not to love about that?  These also come in an army green and a "washed" black.  I think I'll be getting the washed black.  Very much on my "buy" list.

Ever since I tried on the Leifsdottir Carnation Garden Tank a couple months back, I've been looking for something to fit the same bill, for hopefully less.  I tried multiple tanks and tops at Anthro, including the Molded and Melded Tee, the Climbing Cowl, the Insouciant Tee, the Graces Tank, you get the idea.  None of these worked, due to fit or sheerness issues.  I actually started to despair that I would find anything, until I saw this!  This is the Caslon Ribbon Tank, and it's regularly priced $39, AS priced at $25.90. It comes in 6 colors: ivory, lilac, moss, black, bluff, and iris.   

This little Brass Plum (BP) cardi totally reminded me of the Herb Field cardigan that Kim loves so much.  That sweater is sold out online now, but this one will do in a pinch, and the fact that it's 2/3 the price of the Herb Field's sale price sweetens the deal.  It comes in a few different colors, and is regularly priced at $54, sale priced at $35.90.  I'm wearing a small.  I advise sizing up one size when buying BP items, as they're "juniors" sizes, and smaller than the "misses" sizing we usually find at Anthropologie and in the other departments in Nordstrom. This item is on my "probably buy" list right now, but I'm fairly certain it'll end up on my "definitely buy" list before the week is out.

This knit Klovis jacket is really cute - regularly priced at $52, AS priced at $33.90.  I'm wearing a Medium in this photo, but I did throw on the small, and I think I'd buy the small for this one. This jacket looks slightly awkward buttoned closed (not awful, just not love-inspiring) but it's really cute open.  It's unlined and pretty lightweight - perfect for cool summer evenings and autumn days.  Note that it's got a 3/4 sleeve (Kathryn lamented that it's not a full-length sleeve).  Another fun, affordable BP item that's on my "probably buy" list.

I saw this little striped cardigan, and I have to say I really liked it. It's regularly priced at $46, AS priced at $29.90.  I'm wearing a medium here, and would definitely size down to a small if I were to buy it. It doesn't close, but has fun military-inspired details, and would look so great thrown over jeans and a tee.  It's currently on my "maybe" list, for further consideration.

Here's another ringer for an Anthro/J. Crew item at a fraction of the price - this BP Anorak jacket is by Sashimi, and it's regularly priced at $58, AS priced at $37.90.  I'm actually wearing an XS in this, so I'd say it's TTS.  I really like the length of this jacket - I think it gives a little more coverage and is flattering as it covers your hips.  It comes in this color, a dark gray color, and I want to say there was a third color, but I don't remember what it was.  It's unlined and pretty light, so another great topper for summer nights and autumn days.  I think I'd buy a floral pin and attach it to the color, as an homage to the Lift-off jacket.  I already have a similar jacket (shorter) in the same color from J. Crew, so if I might consider this one in a color other than army.  On my "maybe" list for further consideration.

Just so you know, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale catalogue (an expanded version, with more items than the print version) is online here.  All Anniversary Sale prices end on August 2nd.  Happy shopping, everyone!


  1. I don't think anything can NOT look good on you. If it were up to me, I'd make you buy everything! But if I had to choose, I think I really love the leather jacket on you. It's not something I've seen you with before but I can see it on you during the colder months in Southern Cal running around with the kids!

  2. I love all the cute jackets on you! Uh - going to Nordstrom web site ... Now!

  3. Nice finds all around...I quite like the Free People lace top but wonder if it will just look too baggy on me (I'm probably one size smaller than ya). Also I love that leather jacket on you! Too bad you didn't get it. It looks so fitted and classy.

  4. Those owl pj's are incredibly cute! I have an owl nightgown from Target, and my dh says it freaks him out to see all the big eyes staring at him...which means I wear it tons, just for kicks ;)

    LOVE, LOVE the FP lace top on you, you look amazing in that! And ditto for the leather jacket, I think you should suffer for the sake of beauty on that one, I've never seen a leather jacket so cute! The Brass Plum Cardi is too easy and versatile, definitely grab that too...you are just to cute in all of it, ack - good luck with your final choices!

  5. Eesh! I did a ton of pre-saleing, but I purposely skipped clothing because I've been buying so much at J Crew and Anthro. But I'm loving everything on you! I will admit, though, I pre-saled the Halogen pencil skirt in black and the purple colors - I went with my true size, but I didn't try on since I was pressed for time. I'm a bit afraid of the sizing now that you mention it, but I do have a thick waist, so maybe the 4 will be ok. I saw those Sanctuary pants but passed, you're making me take a second look!

    As far as the leather jackets go, that one is super cute. If the smell bothers you, I did notice in the catty that they have a bunch of faux leather that seem really cute!

  6. What a nice sneak peek. Thanks for sharing. I just got my catalog today. There are a couple of things that I want to see in-person.

  7. The E&J jacket is perfection on you. Love. and do I detect the Rensselaer T-straps in some of these pictures? please I need more pics of those!

  8. Thanks everyone for all the sweet comments!

    @Jan, Cindi, and PetiteAsianGirl - you're going to make me change my mind on that leather jacket. =D Haha, Jan, I love it - suffer for beauty. Do you know if there's a way to get rid of or reduce the smell? I'd buy that jacket in a heartbeat, if I could do it...

  9. According to howtogetridofstuff.com, the odor will go away with some wear. But one way is to store it with some old newspaper as the fibers will absorb the smell.


    Hope that helps cause the jacket truly looks great on you!

  10. Carol - just wanted to say that the Halogen pencil skirt comes in petite sizes!

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