Monday, July 12, 2010

A Busy Weekend and Some OOTDs


I hope everyone's weekend went well! I had a lot of running around to do as I've only got one more week left to get everything together for Kate's 1st birthday, so I'm a bit on the nervous side! I had to hit up my local cake store and Michaels and Smart & Final and Target...and...


Anyway, onto my OOTD from Friday. (I don't have any OOTDs from the weekend since, like Cat of Anthrosdottir, I didn't necessarily want to blog my lululemon duds! *wink*) (...though I should mention, I love my lululemon duds! They're right up there with Anthropologie, for me! Weird, I know, but true!)

*ahem* Anyway, I was never sure how I felt about the Alena Skirt, and I held off for a very long time. Then one day, my co-worker Debbie was wearing it, and I fell in love with the pretty blush color and the flowy fabric. It was all over for me.

Problem: I wasn't sure how to style it. And then I saw this outfit on the lovely Emily of Cupcakes and Cashmere, and I decided to do a twist on her outfit by using my new Alena skirt. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a white tunic sweater so I pulled out an ancient sweater from the bowels of my closet to substitute. Here's what I came up with:

The H&M bow belt is a very recent acquisition (as in, like, Thursday) that I picked up at South Coast Plaza (or what I like to call "home") while I was waiting for the psychotic traffic to clear on the freeway. I liked how it matched up with the bows on my shoes. And at $9.95, the price was just right.

Banana Republic Sweater (SUPER old...2000? similar here)
Anthropologie Alena Skirt in Pink (Spring 2010)
H&M Belt
Oh, Hello Friend "Take Time to Breathe" Pocketwatch Necklace (check here for availability)
Charles David Wedge Heels (fun option here)

Overall, it was a fun and girlie outfit to wear. And it's always a good sign when you like your outfit so much that you don't want to take it off, right?

Hi everyone! Carol here. We're sorry we haven't been posting very regularly for the last couple of days. Like Kathryn mentioned, it's been a busy weekend. On Saturday, I was involved in some marathon shopping with my sister and three other friends. They came down to San Diego from their homes in Orange County and Los Angeles County to pre-sale the Anniversary Sale with Kelly. We started at 10 AM and didn't finish until past 5 PM. Yes, you read that right. We were at Nordstrom all day. By the time we were done, I was wiped (poor Kelly must have been totally exhausted, but she never showed it once) and pretty ready to leave, but the girls wanted to go to Anthropologie! And how could I say no? I couldn't! So, we all went to browse Anthro's lovely things and I visited the Marine Mural dress again (sigh! bliss! love! I must bring it home soon!) and after that, I finally went home. I think I may have overdone it yesterday, because when I woke up this morning, I felt sick. Sick as a dog. My kids have been sick for the past couple weeks with a lingering but otherwise mild cold (no fevers, just runny noses and congestion, mostly) and I had a really small but passing case of it, about a week ago. I thought I was all recovered, until I woke up this morning, all aches and tiredness and sore throat and congestion. Yuck! Cold notwithstanding, I had Kate-birthday errands to run, so slow but otherwise undeterred, I went out and sniffled my way through a few stores.

Anyway, I didn't take any photos from the shopping expedition yesterday because I was sharing a large fitting room with 4 other women, and really, they're my friends and family but I'm not about to test the bonds of love and friendship by whipping out a camera in the fitting room, while they're in various stages of deshabille. So I'll have to wait until my Anniversary Sale things arrive or are ready for pick-up, before I can share my lovely finds with you. Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait!

Meanwhile, here's an older OOTD that I'd been meaning to share with you for a while. It's not terribly exciting, and my legs really do need a little more color, but I hope you'll overlook those things.

Sweater: Breezy Polkas Cardigan, Anthropologie
Top: Theory "Juin Stay"Tee, in Navy, Nordstrom
Shorts: Heatwave Shorts, Anthropologie, Spring 2010 (similar here and here)
Shoes: LAMB ballet flats, similar here and here

Have a great Monday!


  1. Why shouldn't lululemon be up there with anthropologie?? :) They're comfortable and they look great! Expensive, I know, but I have a pair of groove pants from 6 years ago (so old that it was back when lulu still made their clothes in Vancouver) and they still look good. I like supporting a Canadian company too! But sometimes I wonder why I bother shopping at all, I could just live in lulu... But I've gone on long enough about lulu, both outfits look awesome!

  2. You two look very cute in your OOTDs. I so wish I could wear a cardi or sweater where I'm at, but I'd get drenched in sweat!!!
    Carol: hope you and the kids feel better soon and can't wait to see your Nordstrom purchases!

  3. Haha, I remember - I was wearing the Alena skirt with the Rare Bloom Tee in teal for Commencement! I still wasn't sure about wearing that with the skirt (too much flowy fabric altogether). I like your option way better!

  4. @K, I really dig that $10 belt - it makes the outfit, IMHO - pairs well with the Alena.

    @C, I love this OOTD! It's perfection.

  5. Kathryn - love your soft, pretty OOTD - that is a CUTE belt!

    Carol - loving that cardi with the Heatwave shorts - what an insanely adorable pairing!

  6. super cute outfit, carol!!!

    And yours too, of course, Kathryn!

  7. @Rachel - I love it! Someone who loves lulu as much as I do! I have a pair of Groove pants that I've had for 4 years, and I love them! Those and my Wonder Unders are my absolute faves! I also love supporting a Canadian company, as DH's family is from Vancouver. So cool to think lulu all started in Kitsilano!

    @Debbie - I liked your styling with the Rare Bloom Tee! You made me totally regret missing out on the Rare Bloom Tee, haha!

    @Gemma - It's been hard to know how to dress in the mornings when it's cold and overcast, but it's starting to really warm up here too!

    @Diana & Jan - Thanks! The belt was one of those happy bargain H&M finds! =)