Thursday, July 22, 2010

From the Top (Fitting Room Reviews)

Hi everyone!  I hope your week is going well so far.  Here, in San Diego, we are in the midst of the great annual migratory event otherwise known as the San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC).  Last night was the "preview" night, for those folks who were quick enough to buy a 4-day pass (Comic-Con runs 4 days, from Thursday to Sunday) and industry types and today is the first day of the con.  On Tuesday, my sister-in-law offered to watch the kids so that DH and I could go out and celebrate our anniversary (thanks again, Anita!) and so we went down to the Gaslamp District and ate at Donovan's Steakhouse and walked about a bit.  It was really fun to do this and not be pushing a stroller at the same time.  Gaslamp was already pretty crowded with early arrivals for SDCC, and it'll only get worse from here on out.  I have two houseguests this week, for the occasion, which meant some serious cleaning took place.  What, surprised to hear that I'm not the best housekeeper?  Hmm...yes, I think my mother-in-law was too...  ^_-  Fortunately, my DH tells me that the fact that I'm "creatively messy" means that I may also be much more prone to think outside the box in other ways, and accidentally or otherwise, do something great.

Did I tell you I love the man?

I must confess, though, I love a clean house.  I've been glorying in the clean baseboards and uncluttered surfaces, these last 12 hours since we finished cleaning.  Good times, good times.  

When Debbie was visiting, I also did a few other fitting room reviews, which I've been sitting on, because I was too busy with work, birthday party, and preparing for houseguests to do a lot of blogging. So, here are some tops I tried on last week:

This is the Season's Way Tee ($68), which I am wearing in an XS.  I first saw this top when I was shopping with Kathryn a few weeks back, and we both loved it at first sight, on the mannequin.  On me, I was less thrilled.  The details are just as cute, but I found that the ivory panel running down the center isn't flattering, as I felt it emphasized my narrow top and wider hips in a way I didn't want, well, emphasized.  I mean, is that ever a good thing?  Also, the price seems high to me for a tee.  Debbie and I joked that maybe it was the little bows that added the extra cost?  Apparently they're worth about a $10 a piece to apply?  Yes, pass for me on this one.  (Which is a good thing, because I'm on a shopping ban for the next two months...)

I've tried the Molded and Melded Tee ($48) before, but thought maybe I'd give it another go, since this is the second release for it, and maybe it'd be better?  When I tried it the first time, I found it weirdly baggy and saggy around the belly, which is not where I want baggy-and-sagginess to be going on.  Still, I've been hunting for a reasonably-priced embellished white tee, and I did love the neckline the first time I tried it, so I decided to be hopeful.  I don't know if anything was changed from the first iteration of this top, but for reasons that will probably remain a mystery, I like it better this time.  There are still some looser folds of fabric around the middle, but they didn't make me feel as saggy-and-baggy.  I didn't pick it up that day, but I think I will soon.  Very soon, even.  (Surely, if you've been looking for something for a long time, the shopping moratorium gets waived?)  ^_-

Debbie and I both tried on the Celia Blouse ($78), because we thought it was pretty on the table where it was displayed.  On me, I found the delicate fabric and dainty embroidery reminiscent of vintage handkerchiefs I've seen in antique shops on the east coast.  I'm wearing a size 2, and found it to be slightly roomy on top, but don't know that I'd size down.  The fabric is really light and probably perfect for hot, humid summer days, except for one thing: in person, the top is very sheer - I would absolutely wear a camisole underneath it - and having to wear 2 layers in sticky heat would be beside the point.  A pass for me, but very pretty.  When it goes on sale, I think I might try and grab it for my mom.  The details are exactly the sort I know she'd love.

While Debbie and I were in the fitting rooms, the SA helping us - Shawna (sp?) - brought me this top to try on.  It's called the Cloudcover Poncho ($68), and she thought I'd find it interesting.  I did!  What a surprise for Anthropologie!  This is really more the sort of thing I'd expect to find in Nordstrom, to be truthful, and while slightly dubious at first (it looks kind of like a sack with neck and armholes cut out of it at odd places on the hanger), I have to say, when I put it on, I really liked it!  Shawna also brought me the eggplant-colored cami to wear under it, and I have to say, I loved how the colors layered over each other, and what a fun, sexy layering alternative this top is to my more typical (and admittedly librarian-ish) cardigans.  I can even see it thrown on over a long-sleeved button down for work, when the weather turns cooler.  I'm wearing a small.  I did impulse-buy this piece that day - but I've already found something else hanging in my closet that can be returned, to make up for it.  

**Edit: I forgot to mention that the cami I'm wearing under the sweater is the Facile Camisole ($28), in the slate color.  In these photos, I'm wearing an XS (my normal size), but if you want to buy this, I recommend sizing up, as I think this tank runs a little small.

Here's the Remaining Lilies Cardigan ($128).  When this popped up on the website, layered over the Mullany Dress, I was a little concerned.  Sweaters like this are definitely not good for shopping bans.  Pretty details, easy-to-style colors and shape...I (and my wallet) am relieved to report, though, that while all these things remain true, when I put this sweater on, I didn't love it.  There was no flutter in the tummy, "oh!" moment, or happy gasp when I put it on and looked in the mirror.  The sweater was lighter weight than I expected - for some reason, looking at it on the website and in the catalog, I rather thought it would be made of a heavier knit.  Instead, it's about the same weight as the Field Game cardi, so will probably make a good transition piece between summer evenings and cooler autumn days.  When it goes on sale, I might consider it, but now, for that price, I'm definitely willing to wait.

I'll be at SDCC myself tomorrow, so will bring you some snaps from the event - the wardrobe stylings at Comic-Con is...well, geek chic doesn't even begin to describe it....  ^_^


  1. I want to be at Comic Con TODAY because Dexter is going to be there, and I LOVE him and that show. But, alas, I didn't think about this until the tickets had been sold out for about 6 months. Lol. Take some good pics of the costumes!!

    The molded and melded tee looks fab on you!

  2. DH sounds so sweet! Haha what a creative way to compliment. I don't know but I find the Remaining Lillies Cardigan really lovely on you. But agreed, 128 is a lot for a cardigan. It IS like the Field Game in terms of moolah!

  3. Ohhh I've always threatened (wished!) to take the BF to Comic Con because I've always wanted to go!

    The Gaslamp District is really nice - I stayed there a few months ago and there's a ton of stuff (i.e., bars and restaurants) to do!

    I never gave that poncho a second glance on the web. But you look really good in it and now I kind of want it ...

  4. The Celia blouse is very pretty. I felt the same way about the Molded and Melded tee. I loved it when I first saw it on the website, but when I tried it on, it was exactly as you described. I have to say though that white one looks really nice on you. Maybe I too should give it another try.

  5. I think the Molded and Melded tee looks great on you, Carol! I didn't like it the first time I tried it on either, because it had too much material up on top (I am teeny up there!) I have read in reviews that the second batch of colors is cut a little better in that department. The rich ruby red is tempting me to give it another shot. Your post may just put me over the edge to do so!

  6. The Season's Way Tee looks super cute tucked into a skirt by the way :-)
    I love the Ceclia Blouse on you - it's so flattering and gorgeous!!

  7. I love that bow necklace!! Where is it from?

  8. Let me just say that I'm completely jealous that you get to go to Comic-Con. My bf and I tried to buy passes waaay back - in what, April? - but the 4 day passes had SOLD OUT already. Bejeezus. Still I'm loving that you're gonna let your freak flag fly, as they say, and post some pics of the event(s)! Can't wait to see them. Anything in particular you're looking forward to?

    ...That's weird about the fit of the Molded & Melded tee. Sometimes I too find that "newer" clothes on the floor or online-ordered items fit more snugly than the items that have been out on the B&M floor for a while. My theory is that all of the people trying sizes that are too small for them stretch the out XS's and S's, so the fit gets wonky after while.

  9. OMG, next year, we need to seriously ALL do Comic-Con, and I'll host a blog-party at my place. How fun would that be??? Hahaha, after this one, I'll blog reminders to everyone to buy tickets for next year. Such fun!

    @Caroline - I love this necklace too! It's a "Carole" brand necklace from the Brass Plum department of Nordstrom. Just $10! I got this one in silver, and also a gold-toned one. I've been wearing them with everything, and Kathryn got them too, just a couple days ago. They're so great!

    @Diana Draw - oooh, that's an interesting theory. I never considered that one...but can totally see that. Hmm....

  10. I can totally relate to you on loving a clean house, but having it be messy all the time! haha! anytime someone is coming over, my husband and i do a whirlwind pick-up of our apartment. 30 minutes of rushing around makes a HUGE difference. i usually keep things clean, but with and infant and toddler the clutter adds up so fast!

    Love the cloudcover poncho, btw! i never really noticed it before, but now i'm about to add it to my wishlist! it looks so comfortable and versitile (as you mentioned).

  11. I bought the Remaining Lilies Cardi too and returned it. I couldn't bring myself to pay for a cardi FP when I didn't love it. I would love to know when do you both buy something full price vs. sale. I have been buying more with the free ship since I do not have a store.

  12. Those are cute very different styles :) I live in SD too! I can't go to Comic Con unfortunately because I have to cram for the MCAT ... it's such a bummer when you're living in the best place in the world.

  13. love your necklace.. where did you get it from?

  14. I went to the NYC Comic Con last year, and while it is a bit scary seeing how seriously some people take it I had such a good time. The Joss Whedon/JJ Abrams panel sounded very cool. If you do make a list for next year Carol I want to be on it!!

  15. No necklace on the Nordstrom website -- bummer!

  16. I love the Season's Way Tee on you! What are these hips you speak of? I triple checked and I don't even see's definitely cute on you, Carol! And I love the Molded and Melded tee, but I've been too worried about it running large to try it - now I just might have to! Hope you have fun tonight!