Wednesday, July 14, 2010

"In Real Life" (New Friends and Fitting Room Reviews)

My husband is a social scientist who studies the way people interact with technology.  As such, I've heard him object to people using the phrase "in real life" to denote their lives outside the web, as if their online relationships, activities, and interactions aren't actually "real," but all make-believe.  I see his point, and rather agree with him, when he argues his preference for the phrase, "face to face" as an alternative expression.  Our lives online are, after all, very real.  Many of us meet and make friends here, earn our livings here, educate and elucidate ourselves here.  We consume goods here, share ideas and products here, and well, live here.  Who's to say this isn't real?  Who's to say it's not as valuable as what we do offline?  When I meet a friend face to face, it's different.  But it seems difficult to say that it's more or less real than when I meet one online.

This becomes especially true when the boundaries between on and offline blur as we meet our friends in both spaces.  Today, I was lucky enough to meet and hang out with Debbie of Dark Horse, who was visiting San Diego with her husband.  We went to - where else? - Anthropologie, did a little shopping, and I even got a chance to introduce her to Kelly in Nordstrom!  It was a great time - Debbie is super fun, totally adorable, and really lovely.  And you know, the funny thing was, I felt like I kinda sorta already knew her - was already kinda sorta friends with her before even meeting her face to face.  Imagine that....

A couple quick fitting reviews:

This is the Cascading Bows Dress ($118) by Moulinette Soeurs.  When Debbie and I walked into the store, we were both momentarily overcome by all the new arrivals, and Debbie spotted and pointed out this dress right away.  With its striking color, it's hard to miss, and I picked up a size 2 to try on.  The fabric is a gorgeous blue-based red, closer to the photo above left, than the color in the photo above right.  I loved the color of this dress - when I pulled it on over my head, I think it actually made me gasp a little.  The crisp cotton fabric has a lightly ribbed texture, very similar to that of the Lost Time skirt. The dress fit well, so I'd say it's true to size.  The scooped neckline was comfortable - not too high, not too low - and flattering, and the line of bows "cascading" from the waist, down the skirt added a sweet touch of whimsy.  That being said, the A-line skirt and the solid color (oh, but what a color) did make the dress feel a tad bridesmaidsy - rather like J. Crew's offerings.  This dress has a side-zip, pockets, and added bonus - is machine washable!  When Debbie pointed out that it'd be perfect for Valentine's Day, I couldn't help but agree.  ^_^

This is the Discovered Lace Dress ($158), which has been reviewed by so many other bloggers already. I was really excited to see it in store, because I loved how it looked on everyone else, and was rather hoping to find some magic with it for me.  This silk dress is a pull-on style, and I had plenty of room to get into it.  Once it was on, I really wanted to love it, but, well, as I mentioned to Debbie, I kind of felt like I was wearing a very pretty nightgown.  Now, I need to say, the dress itself is fantastic.  Smooth, matte silk in a deep gray color, with that incredibly beautiful lace - it's too lovely for words, and certainly, on many other women, it's just wonderful.  On me, though, it felt shapeless, and I thought that it could really have used a belt - maybe something skinny and black (I have just the one in my closet at home!).  My biggest issue with it, though, is that it's just so un-Kate-proof, it makes me wince just to imagine what would happen to it, once Kate was in reach of this dress.  Yeah, not so good.... Still, that being said, I think I would definitely consider this on sale, especially if I could pair it with some pretty tights and tall boots in the winter.  

More fitting room reviews to come!  Here's a snap of Debbie and me at the Fashion Valley Anthropologie.  ^_^  Good times!  


  1. So nice that you two managed to meet up!
    The Cascading Bows Dress looks like it was made for you, Carol! Getitgetitgetit! (Though I will understand if you wait til sale ;) )

  2. It so cool that you both were able to meet up and spend some time together, "in real life" :)

  3. The Cascading Bows Dress looks like it fits you perfectly, but I can see how it might be hard to get a lot of wear out of it. How fun that you got to shop at Anthro with Debbie!

  4. It was so fun shopping and chatting with you Carol! Thanks for making my San Diego trip even better! :-)

    And you definitely have to get the red dress. It was so pretty on you!

  5. I gasped when I saw the cascading bows dress on you. It's simply wonderful!!

  6. I *love* the Cascading Bows Dress on you. You have to have to have to get it!

  7. If the cascading bows dress came out last year, I would have chosen it as a bridesmaid dress. :) My colors are red, white and black. It looks so beautiful on you (but then again, not a lot of things DON'T look beautiful on you). Now I want to try it on!

  8. Thanks for the reviews & the new phrase! It's great to see how amazing the Cascading Bows looks on you(I love how you're wearing a box necklace as well) the online reviews of if it seemed to be consistent on fit issues, but I think my body shape is close to yours. If you don't mind me asking, what bust size are you?

  9. I tried this dress and it was all kinds of wrong. Now I see it on you and think I tried on something else!! It looks lovely on you and hits at all the right places.

  10. I couldn't get into this post fast enough - that cascading bows looks like it was MADE FOR YOU. Perfection!

  11. Dresses look great on you! love the bows on the cascading bows dress and its the perfect fit - get it!!
    btw---im still waiting to see pics of you two in the Mullany dress! ♥

  12. also, i love your bow necklace - can you believe i have something similar!?

  13. Carol, I just had to stop by and comment because I know you watch So You Think You Can Dance. But did you notice one of the choreographers, Mandy Moore, wearing the Two-Wheeler Dress? Haha! I was online while they showed it but Chris yelled, "TWO-WHEELER!!" the blushed because he realized it was sad he knew this. :) Just thought I'd share!

  14. Aww, you guys are too sweet. =) I'm glad I was able to represent the Cascading Bows well. It's so cute, but hard, because I don't have anything to which to wear it! Haha, anyone want to invite me to a party? =D Maybe when it goes on sale, and I can keep it for next Valentine's Day. ;)

    @Jen - I'm a small 32 B. (Hahaha, I'm not convinced I really am, but that's what I keep getting "measured" as, so...)

    @vintageglamm - I got that bow necklace at Nordstrom, for $10 in Brass Plum! I <3 Brass Plum jewelry.

    @Cindi - OMG, I totally shouted the same thing, when I saw Mandy Moore sitting in that dress! LOL, tell Chris I said, "Jinx! Owe me a coke!"

  15. I am curious, did u get the Cascading Bows Dress? The fit looks almost custom made. I also think the color brings out your porcelain like skin really well (B.T.W I have always been curious if you have any secret trick for such perfect skin.)

  16. Carol, so glad that you got to meet Debbie. She truly is a wonderful, sweet person. I am lucky enough to have been friends with her for over 15 years now!!

  17. HAHA...Chris says that ALL the time. JINX, buy me a coke. This is too funny. =P

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