Friday, July 30, 2010

Nordstrom Is Good for the Soul (OOTDs)

Happy Friday, Everyone!

Who else is ready for the weekend? I know I am!

Last weekend I did a whole lot of...well, nothing. I guess that's not entirely true - I did clean up a bit around the house, and I also went to Disneyland to ride Star Tours one last time before they close it up for "updating." But other than that, I was largely a big ol' couch potato, and I have big plans for repeating that pattern this weekend.

So while I was entrenched in my couch potato state, I did some catching up with some movies. One such movie was "She's Out of My League." I confess, I largely chose to watch this movie's July, and there isn't much happening in the hockey world other than Ilya Kovalchuk not going anywhere. So, to get my hockey "fix," I decided to watch this movie just because there's a little bit of hockey in it.

I actually ended up enjoying the movie a lot more than I thought I was going to. Don't get me wrong - it's no "Inception," but it was surprisingly entertaining (even my husband couldn't resist sitting down to watch it with me!) and a happy dose of brain candy.

Today's outfit was inspired by one of the outfits worn by Molly (played by the gorgeous Alice Eve), the female lead and love interest of adorable Kirk (played by an adorable Jay Baruchel).

While I'm no Alice Eve and I'm certainly not a "hard 10," I thought her outfit would be easy to recreate with one of the little tops I picked up during my Anniversary Sale appointment at Nordstrom. I liked being able to "dress up" what is undoubtedly intended to be a top for juniors, to be worn over skinny jeans and whatnot. I also figured it'd be good to give one last plug for Nordy's Anniversary Sale, since this is the last weekend before prices go up. And gees, for $21.90 this piece was an absolute steal! (*edit: there are actually functional buttons on the placket of the top, but I decided to leave them buttoned)

Blouse: Lily White Ruffled Chiffon Top (similar color here, also from Anniversary Sale!)
Skirt: MICHAEL by Michael Kors Ponte Knit Pencil Skirt
(similar Anniversary Sale version by Halogen here)
Belt: Brass Plum (similar here and here)
Heels: Cathy Jean Strappy Heels (similar here)

Carol here: I bought this blazer sometime this past winter, when I very stupidly (oh, and I rue it to this day, I do, I do!) hesitated and didn't buy the Sine Tweed Schoolboy blazer and it sold out! When I saw this one in the sale section, I realized that it had the same cut and build as the tweed one (waaaah, why didn't I buy it when I saw it? Why?) so I decided it was better than nothing. Sigh. Then it proceeded to hang in my closet until yesterday. I think it was tainted in my mind by the fact that it wasn't tweed (and really whose fault is that but mine?) but I decided to pull it out and wear it yesterday anyway.

And now I love it. What a great blazer! Why haven't I worn it before now? I got lots of nice compliments and well, I can tell you that it will probably be getting much more regular use from now on. But if anyone out there, for reasons that I won't question, has that tweed blazer in a size 2, and wants to get rid of it, please consider letting me know. I'm still (quite obviously) a little heart-heavy whenever I think of that tweed jacket that got away. Sigh...

The Paige jeans I'm wearing are new as well - this is the first time I've ever bought "petite"-sized jeans. I actually really like the Hollywood Hills cut from Paige, as I find the more popular Laurel Canyon cut just isn't flattering on me - and I saw that Anthro was carrying them in the petite sizes, on sale! So, I ordered some (free shipping, whoo!) to give them a try and I have to say I love them! The inseam is a great length for wearing heels with (I've got on my Seychelles, which aren't a terribly high heel - maybe 2" - 2.5"?) and I didn't have to wait to get them hemmed. This could be life changing for me....

Oh, and on the off-chance she ever reads this, this outfit really made my think of my dear friend Loretta from upstate New York, who always wears blazers and chunky rings and fun accessories (though not generally with jeans - though I have seen it!). It made me miss her something awful.

Jacket: Sine All Yours Blazer, Anthropologie Winter 2009-10 (similar here and here)
Top: Balletomane Tank, Anthropologie (bought on sale early spring 2010 - similar here and here and here)
Jeans: Paige Denim Hollywood Hills Petite, McKinley wash (on sale here)
Ring: Ariella Collection Flower Ring, Nordstrom (on Anniversary Sale for just 3 more days!)
Necklace: Pearls, Nordstrom (on sale here)
Shoes: Seychelles, She's Got the Moves, Nordstrom (on sale here and here)

Kathryn back!

So, I'll close off with a few bonus shots of my recent night out with the girls. We went out for some yummy Korean BBQ, which is one of my favorite things to do! One issue that can come up when you're going to one of these "cook it yourself" places is the stench that it leaves on your clothes afterwards.

But never fear, for Anthropologie machine-washable dresses are here! No need to resort to wearing an old t-shirt when you can just as easily throw on a pretty dress and not worry about the dry cleaning bill. I happily pulled on my navy Reed Shirtdress for this fun night out.

*** W A R N I N G ***

Vegetarians beware - photo of grilling meat ahead.

And everyone else beware, too - photos of me making a fool of myself at karaoke after dinner also ahead.

(Y U M M Y! )

"Just a small town girl...livin' in a loooonely woooorld..."

"Whoooooa, we're halfway theeeere, whoa-OA! Liiiivin' on a prayer!"

And remember - today's the last day to enter our $60 CSN Stores giveaway! If you haven't yet, make sure you do - they have some really amazing stuff! ^_^


  1. gorgeous outfits ladies! you are so lucky to be living in a country with endless department stores and sales! there are only 2 department stores in Oz (myer and David Jones)and trust me,their stock is pretty limited...
    and that korean bbq looks yummy (even though i dont eat red meat). korean bbqs rock! i love how i go into a korean restaurant and they give about 4 side dishes of veges - the potatoes are always a treat!

  2. haha, i ended up getting the same top from the anniversary sale, kathryn! different pattern though - it's not on the website. also, i was channel surfing and came across (500) days on cinemax. i think i'm seriously going to take screen shots for your project ;)

  3. Love your outfit!! The Korean BBQ looks tasty, too! Not sure where you live, but if you're near LA, can you give me a recommendation? We went to Koreatown last weekend and ended up at a place that was just not good, so we're looking for somewhere new!

  4. girls i love your blog !!!

    these outftis are super lovely !! quite inspiring !!!!!!

    xxxx !!!!

  5. Love both of your outfits! And Kathryn, I saw that movie too and was rather surprised with how many times I laughed. I was not expecting it to be good at all! And too funny aboout your karaoke - my Husband and I did a rousing rendition of Somebody to Love at his birthday party a few months ago. We thought it was amazing, but unfortunately someone was videoing it and it seems we were mistaken! LOL

  6. Those are lovely outfits and the food..OMG! I am drooling.
    If you are petite, visit PetiteLittleGirl for a review of designer petite denim

  7. Kathryn, I adore the last two pictures of you "making a fool of yourself". You are sooooo fricking cute!!! Love Korean BBQ. Yum, yum.

  8. Did you go to Cham Sut Gol in Garden Grove? Sorry, just a random comment. btw, I love this blog! (:

  9. @vintageglammz - Thank you! Korean BBQ is one of my favorite meals! I always feel so bad that my husband can't enjoy it, as he doesn't eat red meat or pork.

    @Deb - Haha, that's awesome! I love that we found the same top and pulled the trigger! =) And oooh, screen shots would be awesome!!!

    @JanAlyssa - I haven't been to the ones in K-town myself, as I'm pretty close to Garden Grove (K-town South?). My friend recommends Don Day She says the meat is actually better than where I went, but they don't have potato salad or AYCE ice cream, like the place I went. Hope that helps!

    @Lily from Paris - Thank you very much! =)

    @Kathleen - That's hilarious! See, I'm very glad that there's no sound or video attached to these still photographs. My friends made me sing "More Than a Feeling" and that song is incredibly, crazily difficult to sing. No audio evidence necessary, hahaha!

    @PetiteLittleGirl - Thanks! I'm drooling at the photos myself, looking at them again. I want to go back!

    @Vicky - Hahaha, thank you so much!

    @Anon @ 6:51 PM - I'm impressed that you'd be able to figure out where this was, based on the tightly cropped photos. Yes, this was Cham Sut Gol. And thank you for the sweet comment! =)

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