Saturday, July 24, 2010

Rule of Life #37: If Someone Asks You a Question, "Costumes" is Always a Good Answer (SDCC)

One of the unexpected truths of being the parent of a young child, or children, is that you get really really familiar with their favorite media.  My sister-in-law, for instance, can sing High School Musical (parts 1, 2, and 3) backwards and forwards.  Anthony Bourdain, has been caught on more than one occasion, discussing various "Ni Hao, Kai-Lan" (a Nick Jr. show) characters and episodes during his show, "No Reservations," and the other day, a friend of mine asked all her mom-friends to complete a lyric on facebook.  The lyric?  "What's gonna work?"

Teamwork.  (Wonderpets.  And I know all you mommies/nannies/baby sitters/big sisters reading this out there knew that one.)

The above title is from a show called, "Olivia," based on a book by the same name, about a precocious 6 year old pig-girl.  I actually rather like this show, so when Rowan begs to watch it, I don't object.  And her rules of life?  Not bad, actually...

So, from the floors of the San Diego convention center, currently hosting the San Diego Comic-Con...

It's R-2, everyone's favoite droid! 

The ubiquitous Slave Leias, looking...well, much happier than the real Princess Leia ever looked in that outfit...maybe it's the giant blue Ugly Doll behind them?

More denizens of the Star Wars universe...

Um...I don't know who these people are supposed to be.  But they're wearing armor!  And have sword-like things...

Um..and these folk (from Spartacus, the tv show) are wearing armor too, though uh, not as much...

More armor.  Ironman-style.  (Doesn't this guy really resemble Robert Downey Jr?)

Not a lot of armor here (unless you count Wonder Woman's cuffs that can deflect bullets?) but they both  have swords (***Edit: Link's is behind her back - ack, sorry about that mental lapse).

These women are professional cos-players.  Cos-play is what it sounds like - dressing up like and playing characters, usually anime or video-game based characters.  The woman on the left, playing Morrigan from the video game Dark Stalkers, is even wearing colored contacts, as part of her cosplay!

Steam-punk cosplayers!  I was really thrilled to see the quality of these people's costumes, which they created themselves.  

More steam-punk cosplay! I really liked this woman's look.  It was so fun! The vest, the scarf, the goggles!

Six legs, furry, and antlers.  Anyone know what she's supposed to be?  So interesting...

I feel like I'm supposed to know these characters, but really am not sure.  Anyone?

Rowan was thrilled to meet characters from his favorite video game franchise - Baby Bowser and Pluck the Piranha flower (I don't know if you can see it, but the piranha flower is holding the princesses in small cages).  Good times!


  1. The red armor guys I feel as if I should know, but I can't place them.
    The furry 6 legged girl is supposed to be an anthropomorphic Appa from Last Airbender.
    The ladies in pink make me think of Jacqueline Kennedy. But maybe it's something else.

  2. That's not Zelda! That's Link from the video game Zelda. :)

  3. I think the girls in pink are supposed to be Dr Girlfriend from this amazing animated show The Venture Brothers. The character always dresses like Jackie O

  4. I'm so excited that I convinced my friend to go to KawaiiCon with me here in Honolulu next year!! :) One of these days, we'll make it over to the big time Comic-Con in SD! :)

  5. Too funny, the only time I've ever heard of Comic-Con is from watching Wizards of Waverly Place. My boys would love all the Star Wars costumes!

  6. You look adorable in your Reed shirtdress! What type of belt are you wearing with it? I'm struggling with what type/color belt I should wear with my Reed; it's the blue/gray colorway. I love that picture of you with Kate and Rowan.

  7. Awesome shots Carol! Is that Phoebe Price as the Leia on the far right? If so, hysterical.

  8. Roxy, it is her:

    Who is this woman? (Aside from being someone with questionable fashion sense and possibly equally questionable plastic surgeon?)

  9. The Six legs, furry, and antlers is Appa the flying bison from Avatar the last air bender - my daughter told me :)

    Love your blog!

  10. Great pics! I have been to several anime conventions and always find it the most fun to check out all of the interesting and intricate costumes people come up with. I bet Rowan had a blast! Thanks for posting!

  11. Carol - you about summed it up! I would have no idea who she was without the Fug Girls. They constantly post OOTDs from her (to ridiculous results).

  12. Oh my gosh, those pics are awesome!!! So interesting. I always hear so much about this event but know little about it.

  13. Six legs, furry, and antlers = Appa from Avatar: Last Airbender ^__^

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