Friday, July 2, 2010

Shoe Love (Anniversary Sale Picks: Shoes! and a little something extra...)

I love shoes.  I'm not sure when I started loving shoes so much.  The vast majority of my life, I really only had maybe 3-4 pairs of shoes at any given time, and I'd wear those 3-4 pairs to and with everything.  Usually, one of those pairs was a sneaker, one pair was black, one pair was brown or some other neutral, and one pair was a boot - and to be totally frank, I didn't start wearing boots until well into my 20's.  Isn't that amazing?  I had a friend, back in my early 20's, who gave me a piece of important advice.  She told me that no matter what clothing you were wearing, the shoes on your feet and the handbag on your arm can make or break an outfit.  I understood the handbag part right away.  It took me a little longer to really start to get the shoes part.  Don't worry - I'm making up for lost time.  ^_-

The Anniversary Sale's shoe look-books are packed with super cute, well-priced pieces.  The store didn't have the actual shoes on-hand earlier, so I only have photos of photos.  I apologize for this - hopefully, when I have my actual presale appointment on Monday, I'll get photos of some actual shoes on actual feet.  Until then, here are (some - I'll do a separate post for boots) of my Anniversary Sale shoe picks.

The shoe above is the Enzo Mielee, and in the photo, is presented in a dark red suede.  It's regularly priced at $89.95, AS priced at $59.90.  I love this little peep-toe pump with the ruffle detailing!  It also comes in a variety of colors and materials, including a black patent leather, light natural patent, copper patent, and in suedes: dark grey, navy, and black.  Super cute and totally on my pre-sale list (in the dark red!).

When I saw this little ruffled ankle boot, I squealed with delight.  It's the "Juju" by Me Too, and it's regularly priced at $109.95, AS priced at $72.90.  It's available in black leather, "luggage" leather, gray suede, and purple suede.  Another one I think I'll definitely try on.  If it doesn't made me look stubby with it's ankle-height ruffle (can't be too carefully when you're on the short-side), it'll be joining my shoe collection.

Okay, so when I saw the "Ferre" by Sofft, I immediately thought of the Hallowed Hall Oxfords.  Albeit, there's no adorable grey with white striped flannel going on here, but since I already bought the Rensselaer T-straps, and I want to pick up a couple other pairs at the Anniversary Sale, I thought this one, regularly priced at $109.95, but AS priced at $69.90, would be an excellent substitute for me.  I'm planning on getting this shoe, and changing out the laces for a pretty satin ribbon, like on the Hallowed Halls, and work it that way.  And seeing that the shoe is made by Sofft, it should be pretty comfortable.  It also comes in Pewter leather and Chianti patent leather.

Now, admittedly, these booties - the "Amber" by Vince Camuto - aren't quite as gorgeously bow-tied and flapped as Anticipation Heels, but they have a similar overall shape and profile.  And this is a good stand-in for when you need a sleeker, less embellished shoe.  At the AS price of $79.90 (regularly priced at $119.95), it's a good buy.  It also comes in black leather, midnight blue suede, and camel leather.

This pump is Seychelle's "Password," and it's regularly priced at $89.95, AS priced at $59.90.  I smile every time I see these, because they make me think, "Minnie Mouse shoe" and also "Barbie shoe."  Having said that, I love me some Seychelle's, which are always comfy and cute, and at that price, these can't be beat.  They come in black, teal, this mustard yellow, and "mushroom."  I think I'll need to see these in real life before I decide to move on them, but they're definitely on my list of maybes.

Okay, so this last pair inspire crazy levels of shoe-love in me.  They're not Anniversary Sale items, more's the pity, but they're so pretty, I had to put a picture of them on my list of Carol-picks.  These beautiful patent leather peep-toe pumps from Miu Miu (of the House of Prada) are my current fantasy shoe.  Everytime I'm in Nordstrom, I visit them and say hello.  Kelly even let me try them on the other day, just to see what they look like on my foot.  It was dream-like, is all I can say.  Love, love, love....  ^_^


  1. Thanks for the preview! I really like that first pair, nice price too. I'm anxious for your boots post - I am determined to buy a pair this year. My first ever! Pathetic, huh?

  2. Hope you like the Sofft heels. I bought one like that a while back -- the Sofft Fiona.

    It's super cute on, but now I'm irritated because I paid a lot more than that. (Or am I intrigued and about to buy some in another color...)

  3. Too funny, I was a late bloomer with boots too! I love all the pretty shoes on your list, especially the first pair, they look so dainty and pretty!

  4. Yeehaw! I went to Nordie's a couple days ago and did my presale damage. Whoa did I do some damage. I was tempted by those MeToo ankle booties, but I went for the high-heeled Franco Sartos with the foldover cuff. LOVED them. Also snagged the Nine West pumps/sandals. Then some Ugg boots but since I've already got 2 pairs, those may get returned. I didn't get to try on/see the Seychelles or the Soffts, so maybe I will try to make a trip on Monday to try those out!

    The kids shoes were great! Picked a couple pairs up for both boys (merrells and keens). Did some major damage in lingerie, but I always buy my undergarment staples during the AS (LOVE that the Spanx are on sale). Also picked up items in Active wear, but for the most part, I skipped clothing. I did pre-sale a pencil skirt from Halogen, but since I didn't try it on, I'm not sold on it. But for $44.90 AS price, it was worth a shot to see if I like them as much as the J Crew pencils.

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  10. Those shoes are really good. What are they made of? It looks like leather, but at the same time like some artificial material.

  11. As for me these pumps are great! Besides, I like this beige colour. Thanks for the photo!

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