Tuesday, August 31, 2010

There's Something About Chloe (Catching up on OOTDs)

Does anybody know if there's a (c h l o e c o n s p i r a c y) fanpage on Facebook? Because if there is, I'd like to become a "fan."

Last week, during Chloe's hilarious rant about paint color on Twitter, I tweeted back that I wanted to make t-shirts that say "Chloe Is My Homegirl." The girl is just awesome. She's gorgeous, her style is impeccable, and she is an amazing writer. (See her incredibly poignant tribute to her Aunt Clara here.)

She's also elevated snarkiness into an art form. Seriously. There's something to be said about a woman who has the ability to refer to her closet as "capacious," yet wants to re-name the paint color for her walls as, "m*therf*cking TAUPE, b*tch!" It's like, she could use bigger, fancier words...but she chooses not to. Which is doubly awesome because she very deliberately made that conscious decision, and that kind of thing has always tickled my fancy - especially when done with the right flair. And Chloe definitely does not lack in flair.

Hers is a subtle art.

(note: there were...other vowels....in place of those asterisks. In case you couldn't tell.)

Anyway, I make it a point to check out her blog everyday for outfit inspiration and helpful coupon codes. Saturday's OOTD was all Chloe, as I used multiple coupon codes (provided by her) and pretty much copied what she wore here.

Last Saturday's OOTD:

I'd been wanting a lace top for quite some time after seeing them on Emily, Kim and Tien. I'd missed out on the Forever 21 version, but I was pleased to see that Charlotte Russe had one that was pretty darn close. I purchased this $20 top with a 20% off code, thanks to Chloe. Booyakasha!

The jeans are so incredibly soft that I could wear them as pajamas. I'm normally pretty snobby about my jeans, but I was feeling pretty unmotivated to spend a lot of money on a pair of grey wash jeans. Then along came Chloe again, with the American Eagle recommendation and a 20% off code plus free shipping. Um...jeans shipped to my house for less than $40? Can I get a what-what?

I don't know how else to describe the belt other than "perfect." Another Chloe rec, another triumph. The color is described on J.Crew's site as "Metallic Tulip," and while it's metallic, I have no idea what part of it is tulip-y. It's more of a rose-gold, if you ask me. Anyway, I love it...and I pretty much haven't stopped wearing it since I got it....

(apologies for the poor photo quality, it had gotten too dark outside to shoot my OOTD)
(oh, and the other "photo spot" in my house is currently being taken up by musical equipment)

This lace-with-ripped-denim outfit was what I chose to wear to a charity hockey game over at Anaheim Ice (Dear Bobby Ryan, you are sofa king HOT!), and to keep warm I decided to further toughen up the look with a leather bomber I picked up at Nordie's Anniversary Sale this year:

Saturday's Details:

Last Friday's OOTD:

So for some reason, the Husband did not love the pairing of the Field Game Cardigan with the Count the Waves Dress. He couldn't really articulate why, just that he didn't really like it. *shrug* Oh well. This is what I wore to work and to my hair appointment later that day. I hadn't gotten a hair cut in over four months (eek!), so I needed a little bit of a trim so that I could continue growing my hair out for donation.

I snapped this photo after I got home from havin' my hair "did." Can I just say that I wish my hairdresser lived with me so that my hair could always look like this?

Friday's Details:

Field Game Cardigan
Count the Waves Dress
J.Crew Metallic Leather Belt in Metallic Tulip
Nordstrom BP Bow Necklace (similar here)

I've actually worn my Count The Waves Dress more than I've shown, as evidenced by DH's awesome photography skillz at Disneyland here:

No, wait, here:


Well, for anyone interested, the dress held up remarkably well on Splash Mountain! (Yay for machine-washableness..!)

Tuesday's OOTD:

So if you can't tell, I'm apparently a huge fan of Chloe's "Ace of Lace" outfits. This next outfit was inspired by her look here; though, looking back at it now, it's nowhere near as fabulous. Oh well. I did the best I could! I was still happy with my Forever 21 necklace that I picked up for a steal. I felt it added some interest to a plain ol' J.Crew painter tee.

(ugh, really must get home early enough to photograph outfits in natural light!)
(...either that, or I really must get myself the 580EX II...)
(oh, and note the flat hair.)

Tuesday's Details:

J. Crew Painter's Tee (similar here)
Forever 21 Lace Skirt (kinda similar here, another version here, Target version here)
J.Crew Metallic Leather Belt in Metallic Tulip
Forever 21 Luxe Hanging Necklace in Pink/Gold (buy here, neat one here, kinda crazy version here)

So there we have it - another handful of outfits, completely inspired by a fabulous m*therf*ckin' gal from Coloradoooooo.

Chloe, thank you for being you. You rock.

Thanks for readin'!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Shiny! Let's Be Bad Guys! (Women of Diminutive Stature (Shorties) Edition: Fitting Room Reviews)

Happy weekend, everyone!  Hope you all had a lovely and productive week and that you are having a lovely and relaxing weekend.  In case you couldn't tell from the title of this post, this set of fitting room reviews has several repeats from Kathryn's yesterday, so if you're 5'5" or taller, parts of this post may be downright dull.  I apologize in advance for that, as well as the less-than-stellar photo quality.  Anyway, after Kathryn picture-mailed me her photos from the Fashion Island Anthropologie's fitting room, I shot off an email to Heather (personal shopper extraordinaire at the Fashion Valley Anthropologie) inquiring if they had received the Pattern Maker's Coat, with which I had totally fallen in love.  She quickly replied that it was, in fact, in the store and that she'd pull one for me as well as a few other things to try on.  So after work on Friday, I trotted on over with Kate.  Here's what I tried:

Here is the Cream Confection Jacket in the black color.  I'm wearing a size 2.  I sort of felt I was being swallowed up by the 2 - the collar felt super high and the sleeves were pretty long - coming down over the base of my fingers (see photo above right) and I felt like I had a lot of room in the shoulders.  Consequently, the first time I tried this jacket on, I found myself disappointed (especially since it looked so lovely on Kathryn) and back to the rack it went.

Fortunately for all involved, Heather pulled this jacket in a size 0 as well.  Here it is, in the neutral color. This fit me much better in the houlders, the sleeve wasn't quite so long, and while the collar still felt high, didn't seem to swallor me up quite the same way.  Surprisingly, when zipped, the jacket nipped my waist in nicely - the only thing I didn't really love about it was the way the bottom cut-away makes my hips look so much wider than my shoulders.  I'm already slightly pear-shaped, but I felt the design of the jacket really accentuated that, and so, this lovely little creation is going to be a pass for me.  Very petite women may be sized out of this one, though, I also have to note - while the 0 fit me better over all, I wouldn't have been able to get a bulky sweater under it - I'd only have been able to wear it over lighter layers.  So, if you're usually a 0, this jacket may still work for you, if you plan to wear it layered over heavier things.   Even so, you might consider having the sleeves taken up just a touch.

I mentioned in an earlier post that I had ordered the Alice in Autumn sweatercoat ($168) in the ivory color, tried it on, and was so completely underwhelmed that I returned it without bothering to blog it.  Well, here I am in the same sweater, only in the gray version (which, I have to note, seems more taupe than gray to me, but we all know that it can be hard to pin some of these colors down).  For whatever reason, I liked this color infinitely better than the original ivory, and while it still fails to take my breath away, or make my heart skip a beat, I don't hate it.  Just a note - the arms are pretty fitted, as is the bodice of the sweater, while the bottom half is much more loose, sort of baby-doll style.  The neckline is gorgeous - I really love the way the folded fabric frames the throat.  I don't love the floral lace appliques that run around the high waist, but it's not terrible.  I'm wearing the XS in these photos, and I'd judge that it runs true to size.

This is the D'armee dress ($138), which I completely breezed past on the website.  It was so uninteresting to me in that product shot, that I remember briefly wondering how this boring dress had ended up in the mix of beautiful new fall items.  Heather had pulled the dress for me, though, and I'm glad she did, because this fun little military-inspired number was probably one of the most comfortable dresses I've ever put on - and happily, it's cute too!  I'm not exaggerating when I say I could have slept in this dress.  And paired with the Bow and Angle belt (the new version of the Snakebite - see photo above right), it's a super easy, on-trend outfit.  There's a functional exposed zipper that runs down the front of the dress, and you can zip it up to have a more modest neckline (as in my photos above) or zipped low with a pretty cami underneath, as styled on the model for the catalogue shot (here).  My only complaint about this dress?  I already own the Frill Force Jacket, which may mean that having two military-trend pieces in my closet could be a bit much.  Okay, and one other complaint - it's dry clean only.  Still, it's wishlisted, though probably for sale, and not full-price.  **Edit: I'm wearing a size 2 in these photos, and it's true to size.

When I saw that Heather had pulled the Peppered and Striped Skirt ($128) for me, I clapped my hands in delight.  In these photos, it's paired with the Eze Sur Mer Top ($48), in a solid navy color, which is currently unlisted on the website.  Let me get the top out of the way first - I didn't like it.  I found the neckline to be really unflattering on me, being neither a scoop or a crew.  If you pull the shoulders apart, you can get a bateau or boatneck look, which is much better, but it won't stay that way for long, and you'll pretty much spend the whole day, pulling on it, to make sure it's holding that shape.  Better just to buy an actual boatneck.  Which is a shame, because otherwise, this top has a lot of good things going for it: nice fabric, adorable gold buttons along the raglan-style shoulder seam, and cute pleat detail over the shoulders.  It's a total pass for me.

Now, on to the skirt.  I tried the skirt on in a size 2 (TTS), and gasped with joy.  It's beautiful.  Little golden polka dots on a gray wool background, pleats and decorative buttons, a plaid (for lack of a better description) waistband - oh, just fabulous in every way!  These last couple weeks, I've been poring over magazine spreads  (specifically in Vogue and InStyle) featuring Louis Vuitton's heartstopping, breath-takingly beautiful fall/winter 2010-11 line.  If you haven't seen the work wrought by Marc Jacobs for LV, you need to look.  Like most women living on the planet Earth, I can't afford Louis Vuitton ready-to-wear, so I'd been wondering how to recreate those incredibly feminine, '50's looks.  Well, I think this skirt is an excellent place to start (another being the Feathered Perch Skirt - correct silhouette and length - though I'm still on the fence about "tea length" skirts myself.  It's bad enough that I'm short - I don't need to look stubby on top of it).  Anyway, the Peppered and Striped Skirt is knee-length on 5'2" me, though the on the model, it looks considerably shorter, so keep that in mind, taller women.  There are pockets, and back-zip, and I love it.  LOVE IT.  Love, love, love it.  Have I convinced you of the sincerity of my feelings, yet?  

Here is the Pattern Maker's Coat ($228) in a size 2.  Note the confusion on my face.  Umm...this isn't what I was imagining...

Aahhh...so much better.  Tried on the size 0 and yep, that one fits pretty much perfectly.  Petite ladies, this one runs big, so keep that in mind.  Oh, such a pretty coat!  Pretty bows on the shoulders, pretty pink, rose, gray, and charcoal stripes!  My only issue with it? It's definitely a dress-coat.  Meaning, it looks off when unbuttoned - and I don't know...when I wear a coat, I like to be able to throw it on, unbuttoned, over whatever I'm wearing and not have to be all buttoned up all the time.  Prior to trying this on, it was at the top of my "Purchase at Full-Price" list, but now...hm.  I may have to re-think it.  What do you think?  Yes? No? Maybe so?  Wishlisted for further consideration.

I <3 the Ruffled Plaid Dress ($158).  I do.  I'm wearing the size 2, and it's pretty much perfect.  Aside from the dry-clean only (we can't have everything) and I'm pretty sure it doesn't have pockets (but that's what handbags are for) and I can't nurse Kate in it without taking the whole thing off (weeeell, who cares - I'll just wear it to work and take it off directly, when I'm home).  It's made of a gorgeous gray and dark blue plaid and comes with a dark brown belt that's got lovely details on it (yes! the belt it comes with is actually rather cute) and while these sheath-shaped dresses can sometimes be problematic for my body shape and stature, this one works fine.  The fit is very similar to that of the Babergh Dress, and the skirt hits the lower half of my knee, but not quite beneath it.  It's jumped to the top of my "Purchase at Full Price" list for next month.   In my mind, I'm already wearing it with my Rensselaer T-Straps and a little cardi or my tall boots and my Ha'penny Cardigan which I'll also eventually have...sigh.  ^_^  

Close-up of the details on the bodice.  Beautiful!

So, there are a few more things I tried on, but I'll get to those later.  Have a wonderful Sunday!

Friday, August 27, 2010

I Aim to Misbehave (Fitting Room Reviews)

Whenever I'm about to give the ol' magnetic strip on the credit card a workout, I signal Carol by quoting the character of Captain Malcolm Reynolds from one of my favorite movies, "Serenity"

"I aim to misbehave."

Mal says this line as he's about to hatch a plan to defy the centralized government known as The Alliance.

[side note: I have a major league crush on Nathan Fillion. He made it onto my "list" after I saw "Serenity." And by "list," you know the kind I mean - the "freebie" list, from "Friends." Mine has Nathan Fillion on it, as well as Scott Niedermayer, Teemu Selanne, and Keanu Reeves. My husband's list has Audrey Tautou, Ali Larter, Rachel Bilson and Megan Fox. Mmhmm.]

After I drooled over lovely Nathan (or, as I know him, "Mal") in the movie, I proceeded to watch the entire "Firefly" DVD set in one weekend. All 14 episodes.

I'm a bit of a sci-fi geek. It's true.

With every new fall arrival on Anthropologie's website, my wallet cries a little more. I want like, 8,000 things. Maybe even 8,002. And what that means is, I really, really want to defy my checking account. I want to be bad.

It didn't help that the Newport Beach Anthropologie got in a ton of cute new things this week. My wishlists are now all officially turned all upside-down.

So without further ado, let's get on with the reviews! To quote Jayne Cobb (another character from the Firefly/Serenity universe), "Shiny! Let's be bad guys!"

Ruffled Plaid Dress ($158, shown in size 4)

If you can't tell, I have a weakness for dresses. I'm actually a little surprised this dress doesn't have a weirder name.

This little Floreat dress, much like the Babergh Dress, has a side-zip and you slip it on overhead. I found it had a nice fit for the most part.

There's no back pleat, but it's comfortable enough not to need one.

I love the plaid pattern. The "floral" (?) accent on the shoulder is a little on the weird side and kind of makes me think of shoelaces looped into a flower. (it actually reminded me of something I'd see "under the sea" on the Finding Nemo ride at Disneyland) The ruffles on the bodice have unfinished hems, so they fray a little bit. And as you can see from the photo there are somewhat large armholes and a bit of a gaping top. Not a dealbreaker for me since the ruffles kind of cover up the gape while giving a little "boost" to my small bust, but it's worth noting. Those of you who have bigger chests than I do (which, let's face it, is probably most of you) most likely won't have a problem. It's also worth noting the very nice, high-quality belt that comes with the dress.

I highly recommend giving this one a try! I've wishlisted it for now.

Cream Confection Jacket in Black ($178, shown in size 6)

Welp, as we know, I've already purchased this one in Neutral and I love it. But when I saw the black version in my store, I knew I had to give it a try. After all, how can one make an truly informed decision unless they "try, just try?"

Besides, I'm trying to convince my friend Debbie that she needs this jacket in Black as much as I needed it in Neutral.

And how cute is this over the Ruffled Plaid Dress??

From what I understand, Carol also tried this on the other day during a quick trip to Anthro (in her usual size 2) and she noticed that the sleeves are a teeny bit on the long side:

I personally don't mind the sleeve length (and I'm pretty sure I don't have abnormally long arms?), since I feel like it'll keep me warmer in the colder months. I already have *cough* several different black coats and jackets in my closet, so I hold to my previous decision to purchase the Neutral. I also think I'll stick with the size 6, since I think the size 4 would be somewhat uncomfortable over my thicker sweaters.

Reader Heidi (hi, Heidi!) asked if I felt it'd be safe to size down if this jacket was meant to be worn over thinner layers, and I guess I'd say yes? I did fit into the size 4 just fine, though when I lifted up my arms and moved them around it did feel a wee bit tight when it was zipped all the way up. So, hope that helps somewhat!

Fukuoka Folds Dress ($138, shown in size Small)

Hahaha, there's nothing like getting home to realize I totally had this dress on the wrong way. Oops. It should really look like this:

Oh well. I actually liked it the way I tried it on. The color is a gorgeous, deep plum and super pretty. The dress itself is very flattering and incredibly comfortable. The fabric is unlined, but substantial enough to hide my lumps and bumps.

There's an exposed zipper on the back of this dress, but there's no hook and eye at the top. Weird. When I was trying to zip it up I kept wishing Carol was with me to help. I had a hard time getting this on by myself!

I really liked this dress, though I'm not sure I'll be able to find it in my budget to get it with all the other pretty things that Anthro keeps cranking out. And I just don't know if I'd wear it as much as some other things I'm lusting over. I have wishlisted it "just in case," though. ^_-

This next pairing was inspired by yet another outfit from "(500) Days of Summer." I love re-creating Summer's outfits with current Anthropologie pieces. I was so happy to see the Dried Leaves Dress in my store, and i was even happier when I found a shirt to re-create the look with.

Day 109 - Tom Visits Summer's Apartment for the First Time

This outfit was onscreen for a total of about 5 seconds, but it still registered as being super cute in my mind.

Dried Leaves Dress ($158, shown in size Small) with
the Arid Season Button-Up ($78, shown in size 4)

(yes, I put my hair in a ponytail just to match Zooey)

Okay, so I love this dress too! Gah! I'm so dead. I have to admit though - there are a couple of cons:

1) It's a little short
2) No pockets
3) Very fitted (keep in mind, I didn't try it on without the shirt inside, so that could be why)
4) There's no zipper or buttons - you just have to pull the entire thing over your head!

The applique is a nice detail, though the petals did fall in places. I had to stand it back up for the photo above.

Can you imagine this with tights and some Mary Janes? Or boots? Or booties?

I might go back to try on a Medium, just to see the difference. But the gals at Newport (Hi Mary! Hi Kristen!) swore they thought it'd be too big for me and they said to stick with the Small.

I also want to mention that I really liked the Button-Up! I normally hate oxford shirts (they're stiff and they make me sweat, for some reason...TMI?), but this one is really comfortable and light. The jersey insets really make a difference, I think. It's super breathable! It kind of reminds me a bit of the James Perse version, but at half the price.

I know it's not the most earth-shatteringly interesting piece ever, but I've wishlisted it as well.

...this is really turning into one of those, "I LOVE EVERYTHING!!!" posts, isn't it? Aiya.

Oxer Jacket ($158, shown in size 4)

When I saw this little Tabitha jacket on the delightful Erin over at Strawberry Swing and Other Things, I gasped. And then I saw it in real life, and I died a little on the inside.

It is so painfully, stupidly, ridiculously, life's-not-fair-sy cute. I love the big buttons and the ruffled bodice! Erin hit the nail on the head - it's got that tomboyish, military "feel" while being totally girlie at the same time. And it's totally not something I need, but holy crap if I had a million dollars you can bet that I'd buy this too.

And check out how it looks unbuttoned, over the (500) Days "Day 109" ensemble: (this outfit totally reminds me of Carol, actually!)

Anybody who wants to buy me this jacket is more than welcome to. Jussayin'. ^_-

Sigh. And it just. Doesn't. End.

Pattern Maker's Coat ($228, shown in size 4)

[insert curse words in Chinese here, just like how they do in Firefly and Serenity]

Who knew a coat with horizontal stripes could be this flattering?! This coat is insanely cute. I couldn't believe how adorable it was, when I put it on.

It's so whimsical and fun, with huge buttons (did you figure out yet that I love large buttons?) and a cinched waist. And so much more interesting than any of my other solid-color coats.

Holy bows on shoulders, Batman!


Bowtied-Beauty Boots ($248, shown in size 8.5)

Since I know that a lot of Anthropologie stores don't carry shoes, I decided to throw on these beauties for fun. And ooooh my oh my, they are very, very comfortable. They felt pretty TTS, as I tried on my usual 8.5 and didn't even feel like asking for the 9. There's plenty of room in the toe box for my big ol' bunions, and the nice, low heel ensures comfort!

It's hard to see from that first photo, but it is a little bit loose in the calf area.

If I didn't already have Frye boots in the same color, I'd seriously consider these. I want to keep my eye out to see if the Martingale Boots show up, to see if I like them any better.

Precious Materials Cardigan (on sale for $59.95, shown in size Small) with
the AG Stevie Skinny Cords ($158, shown in size 28)

I'm on board with Carol on these cords. They are insanely flattering. I don't have much else to say, haha! Another item, wishlisted. Gah!

I know I'm late on the game with the Precious Materials Cardigan, but I just had to give it a try after I saw how adorable it looked on Kristina here. Super cute, TTS, and will go with so much.

And if you haven't already checked out Kristina J's blog, you really should. Because of her, I will also start hanging out at the local ball-field in a silk skirt. I think I'm going to find a sewing class to take, too. She's truly amazing and so, so much cooler than I am that it's not even funny. Seriously. Check her out!

Anyway, did y'all happen to notice the cool new wall art in the photo at the beginning of this post? Turns out that they're actually cake plates that have been cut and scored and pieced together to look like flowers. How cool is that? (Kristen, you rule!)

Oh, just a funny note - I found out as I was leaving Anthro that night that there was a bird trapped in the store the entire time I was in the fitting room. No joke - the maintenance crews had to come try and figure out a way to get to the bird! *shudder*

Well, that concludes this epic round of fitting room reviews. Let me know what you think of these items! Do you think I'm crazy for wanting everything? Did you see anything you're lusting over? Or hey - even let me know what celebs are on your "list," if you feel so inclined!

Since I somehow managed to tie this entire post in with Firefly and Serenity, I'll leave off with the theme song from Firefly. I hope you enjoy it! Until the next time, when I may have some "misbehaving" to report!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hot Hot Hot! (Catching Up With OOTDs)

Happy Thursday, Everyone!

I hope that you're all doing well!

After an unusually mild (and sometimes even downright cold) June and July, summer finally arrived here in SoCal. The weather has gotten hot and humid, which is pretty much my least favorite type of weather. Blech.

As I tell my friends...given the choice of either freezing your a$$ off or burning to death, I'd take the former any day.

Anyway, it's been awhile since I've blogged my OOTDs, so I decided to lump a handful of them into one post. Because, well...I'm kind of lazy like that. And what all of these outfits have in common is, they were all chosen in order to keep cool on uncomfortably warm days.

Please pardon the messy patio.

Tuesday's OOTD:
I got this dress by T-Bags about three years for a steal (yay for coupons and cashback), and I drag it out every summer when I want to wear something easy and comfy. Problem: I swear it's cut for somebody who is about six feet tall. I keep meaning to have it altered, but...as I just said, I'm kind of lazy.

Without the shrug:

T-Bags Jersey Maxi Dress (2007? similar style, but patterned here, and in a different pattern here)
BCBG Shrug (circa 2005? crazy pricey version here, crazier-pricier version here)
Tory Burch "Miller" Thong
H&M Earrings (similar pair here)

Last Sunday's OOTD:
Hubby and I had the pleasure of attending the wedding of two friends that we kind of fixed up with eachother almost ten years ago. So, yay for marriage!

This dress is one of my favorite dresses to wear. It's been my "wedding uniform" for the last four years or so. (no joke - I realized I've worn this dress to at least three weddings that I can think of. It's a little embarrassing!) It's kind of an odd length (hitting mid-calf) and it's empire-waisted (making it almost maternity-ish), but I just love it. I'll find any excuse to wear it. It's made of beautiful, flowy silk chiffon, which is perfect to wear for a special occasion on a miserably hot summer day - especially for an hour-long outdoor ceremony in San Bernardino in 90-plus degree heat.

Dress: Rebecca Taylor (2006?)
Shoes: Kenneth Cole Reaction "Paris Lights" (2005? similar here and here)
Rhinestone Bracelet: Claire's Accessories (similar Forever 21 version here)
Butterfly Ring and Hair Clip: Tarina Tarantino (fun F21 ring here, simple little hair clip here)
Earrings: Sparkling Sage (similar pair here)

And to illustrate my point about how this is my "wedding uni," here I am at Carol's sister's wedding, in 2006:

(baby Rowan!!!)

And at DH's cousin's wedding, in 2007:

(haha, aaaand I just noticed that DH has actually worn the same thing to all 3 weddings too)

Last Monday's OOTD:
I had originally passed on this dress the first time I tried it on due to its itchiness. But when it went on sale a few weeks ago I decided to pull it on again, for kicks. And can you believe it? It didn't itch! Woohoo! And it's really just so pretty that I couldn't pass it up.

In a Twinkling Dress (still some in stores! I seen 'em!)
Looping Lanes Belt
Seychelles Bette Flat in Vachetta

OOTD from My Dad's Birthday:

For birthdays, my family always makes it a point to wear red (or some reddish shade) for good luck. We also always serve some sort of noodle dish, to signify best wishes for long life. Yay for dads and their birthdays! And yay for yummy noodles!

While their price points always freak me out, I find that I've never regretted a Juicy Couture purchase. This dress is no exception. The pretty plum color still makes my heart flutter to this day. Earlier this year, I had the fortune of stumbling upon Kim's blog, Anthroholic. She changed my life forever by showing me how to completely transform my outfits with belts. So it's her I have to thank, for inspiring me to try a belt with this happy little dress.

Dress: Juicy Couture (2007 or 2008? I can't remember...similar style here)
Belt: Oh, Hello Friend
Tory Burch "Miller" Thong
Necklace: Nordstrom BP Bow Necklace, that Carol set the world on fire with (similar here)
Headband: Target (similar from Charlotte Russe here)

Last Tuesday's OOTD:
You can kind of see a snippet of this outfit in last Tuesday's side-by-side fitting room reviews. One of my wacky co-workers took one look at my outfit and exclaimed, "Oooh, you look like a ladybug!"

Hm. A ladybug, eh?

Interestingly, this outfit reminds me a lot of Sara's OOTD from the other day here. I wonder if anyone told her she looked like a ladybug?

It's actually Sara I have to thank, for helping find my size in this skirt. I figured out some months ago that she's pretty darn close to being my size twin, and I knew she already had this skirt so all I had to do was ask what size she got. I'm glad I did, because I (...we?) had to go all the way up to an 8 for this one. I never would've known without her. So, thanks Sara!!

Torsade Tee (similar here)
Scalloped Dots Skirt
H&M Bow Belt (similar here)
Seychelles Bette Flat in Vachetta
Nordstrom BP Necklace (kinda sorta from F21 here, and here)

My choice to pair my BP necklace with the Torsade was partially inspired by the product shot:

So that concludes this round of OOTDs. I'll be back soon with reviews of some of the new fall arrivals!

Thanks for reading! ^_^