Monday, August 2, 2010

(500) Days of Outfits

I am admittedly very lazy in many aspects of my life.

Going to the movies is one of those things. For some reason, I just can't seem to bring myself to go to the theater to see movies when they're first released. After the (in my opinion) inflated cost of the ticket, there's also the drinks and the popcorn with the heavenly all-you-can-butter butter (mmm, butter...) and...well, the experience can end up costing quite a bit when all is said and done.

I figure, why spend all that money to see the movie now, when I'll be able to see it for less later? And then I can use the money I've "saved" to buy other things. Like...pretty clothes, for example? ^_-

(The motion picture industry probably wants to target me for execution for saying that, but my logic makes sense to me, at least.)

So, because of my cheapness when it comes to movies, I've only just now gotten around to seeing "(500) Days of Summer." And, to the surprise of no one, I immediately started swooning over Zooey Deschanel's outfits the minute she came on screen.

(Note: My husband and I actually disagree vehemently on the subject of Zooey Deschanel - I adore her, he doesn't find her attractive at all. I was actively annoyed with him because of this. "She just doesn't do anything for me," he said. Ali Larter, on the other hand, can come over anytime. We ultimately agreed to disagree on the matter...but I still think he's wrong and I'm right.)

(Ah, marriage.)

When the story (told in non-linear fashion) got to Day 95 - Tom and Summer's first foray into Angel's Knoll Park - I paused the movie. I have all the pieces to make an outfit like that, I realized.

And so, thus inspired, I decided to try...

Day 95 - Walking and Hanging Out, Ending Up at Angel's Knoll Park

(this was the best screen shot I could find)

And here was my recreation of Summer's OOTD from Day 95:

H&M Argyle Sweater (old - but similar argyle v-neck cardigan available at J.Crew on sale here)
Express White Oxford Shirt
(though upon closer inspection, I think she's actually
wearing a white pique polo underneath her sweater, like this)
Banana Republic Grey Skirt (circa 2005? fantastic Marc Jacobs option here)
HUE Tights
Tory Burch Reva Flats

I started to wonder if I could recreate more of her outfits from the film. The idea was so interesting to me, I decided to re-watch the movie from beginning to end so that I could jot down the details of all her outfits throughout the movie.

Yep. I'm really that nerdy.

After all that, I started thinking to myself that I needed more blue pieces in my wardrobe. And that maybe I should go shopping for some Keds.

So then I decided to try and create another look, based on pieces I already own:

Day 8 - The Office Engagement Party Scene

(my Google-ing fingertips found that the cute little denim skirt she wears here is by Built By Wendy)

And here's my little take on Day 8's OOTD...

Anthropologie Bits-of-Pearl Blouse by Odille (buy here)
H&M A-line Skirt (similar here)
Steve Madden peeptoe flats (cute, studded version here)

Of course, my outfit isn't exactly the same, but I feel like I captured the essential look. I think the Picture Frame Blouse in blue (on sale for $39.95!) would actually be great for this look, too.

It was Day 31 and Day 34 which got me inspired to take another look at the Tiny Windows Dress, a dress I'd previously ignored.

Day 31 - Copy Room & First Time at Tom's Apartment Scenes

Day 34 - Goofing Around in IKEA

I love that she pulls off these two pale blue, short-sleeve shirtdresses without looking like a nurse. I'm not sure I'd be quite as successful, if I were to wear the same thing. But both looks are just so gorgeous, I want to wear them too.

So maybe you can see how I'd suddenly take an interest in the Tiny Windows Dress in lavender, eh? ^_-

I'm just wondering if I can pull off this dress, in this color, with my complexion, without looking like a nurse. Would it help if I added ribbons to my hair? Maybe style it with flats, like Keds or the new Soludos just bought?

(Can I use more subordinate clauses? Can I ask more questions?)

And how fun would it be to recreate this next look?

Summer, Apartment-hunting

I could totally use a sleeveless white shirt, like this one from Express (on sale right now for $19.50!). Style it with something like the Splendid Celebration Skirt (another skirt I'd never taken much interest in, until now....and hey, doesn't Summer's skirt remind you a little of the bottom of the Violet Gloaming Dress?) and throw on a white belt, and that's pretty much it, right?

...maybe I could wear this outfit to the bank and it'd get me a 9.2% reduction below market value on my mortgage? ^_-

So I've decided to make it my goal to try and recreate as many of Summer's outfits as I can. As lazy as I tend to be in other aspects of my life, this is the type of project that makes me rather happy.

As for the movie itself, I thought it was very well done. [Warning! Spoilers ahead...] Some people I've talked to didn't like the sad aspect of the story, but I loved how honest and real it felt. Having been on both sides of a broken relationship (the uh..."dumper" and the "dumpee," I guess?), I could definitely relate to both characters. I don't subscribe to the "Summer is a cold-hearted b*tch" philosophy - she was always up front with her intentions, and sometimes we can't help the way we feel (or don't feel) about a person. I also don't subscribe to the "Tom just needs to get over it" philosophy, because I think it's important that people are honest with their feelings. Sometimes the best way to get over heartbreak is to go through it. As painful as it may be, the experience will (hopefully) make you a better person, in the end.

Haha, sorry for my rambling. Anyway, as bittersweet as the movie was, I loved it.

And as a side note? I am totally gonna learn that dance sequence to Hall & Oates.


  1. I just loved that movie and think that Zooey D. should be in more movies. She is definitely one of my girl crushes. Don't even get me started on her wardrobe in the Cotton commercial...

  2. Ok I must first say I loved that movie!!!! I thought it was so original and so life like even if Joseph Gorden-Levitt was a little whiny about the whole thing. I have enough guy friends to know that really happens. And after seeing that movie I found a new appreciation for walking around downtown LA. :D

    Second off I love her outfits in that movie and I think you do a great job of recreating them. Kudos to you for finding inspiration everywhere you look!

  3. Love the Argyle cardigan! So preppy :)

    Natasha @ twenty-something blog

  4. I adore that movie so much, but not as much as I love Zooey! Everything she wears in the movie (and in real life) is just perfection. I dragged my hubby to that movie last summer on its opening night, and he couldn't get the whole Zooey-attraction, either! He doesn't mind her but let's just say that he's not as into her as I am!

    I actually just saw She & Him perform a couple of weeks ago, and she is just as adorable in the flesh. Love love love her!

  5. Doesn't Zooey make it look so easy to look so beautiful in every outfit? I loved the movie alone just for the beautiful clothes she would wear and how girly she looked each and every time. The last look is definitely a classic summer look, love the thick woven belt!
    I agree with you in that the movie was an honest depiction of how it can be really want someone who doesn't want you, and wanting to live in the moment without apologies.

  6. I love your second outfit! Very feminine and chic
    If you are petite, visit PetiteLittleGirl for a review of designer petite denim

  7. I haven't seen the movie but your 2 re-creations of her day 95 and day 8 outfits are awesome! I guess you do need to add the Tiny Windows dress to your wardrobe. Maybe it will have a 2nd cut soon?

  8. Loved this post!! So awesome and creative! Everything is spot on almost :-)

    *sigh* Sadly, like your hubby I don't care for Zooey. I just don't get the hype about her, but to each their own. Don't hate me!! lol I just think she's OK. I think it's because she starts to annoy me after awhile in movies....

    I did, however, love this movie and was grateful for that ending. As you said, I've been on both sides of that fence and can relate to both characters.

  9. Oh, I love Zooey - since Mumford. Her line in that: "Dude, I already have two arms and two legs, I don't need another appendage..." how could you NOT love her? Your hubby obviously used up all his good taste in women when he snagged you. Ha! Might I just say...I think you look better than her, in your Day 8 rendition. Nicely done!

  10. LOVED the movie, and your recreations! I recreated a scene from the movie at Angel Knolls Park last month (not in outfit but in scenery) here:

    I saw Zooey at Coachella this year (she's in the band She & Him) and she was adorable in another bright blue shirtdress and looked fantastic!

  11. I loved her outfits in the movie too! Funnily enough my fiancé is also underwhelmed by her look (and her voice), though I adore both. Did you see the music video they made to accompany the film? It's from her band (She & Him) and features another cute, Anthro-esque outfit. It's also free on iTunes (link)!

  12. I agree with you about Zooey, but my husband says the same thing!!! Love all your alternate outfits...

  13. I think Zooey is cute, but my boyfriend thinks she's weird, too! So funny - I think it's because girls like her due to her sense of style and humor - to boys, she's just a plain Jane in old fashioned/not slutty clothes.

    I wasn't crazy about (500) Days of Summer, but I did love the clothes in it!

  14. Cool post - i too loved Zooey's wardrobe in 500 days of summer. I especially loved that blue dress she wore to the wedding (?). I think it had a bow?
    And your version of her style is spot-on !

  15. I love this post! I love 500 Days of Summer, Zooey D, and adore Joseph Gordon Levitt!
    I think you did a great job recreating her outfits and yes, you need the Tiny Windows Dress! Take that from someone who owns it ;-)

  16. You are spot on about the cost of going to the cinema, I wait for everything to come out on Sky Box Office or DVD apart from Avatar, SATC, Inception etc. I'd rather put the £10 ticket price towards clothes too!

    I haven't seen this film yet but I have seen pictures of ZD's outfits on other blogs like Ashley over at Anthropologie Girl. I love them; so cute and not flashing loads of decolletage and derriere! Great inspriation, enjoy your 500 days of outfits!

  17. How stinkin' cute and clever are you - I love your recreated outfits, you look gorgeous and spot on from the movie inspiration! So fun!

  18. Awesome idea! I also just watched this movie like two weeks ago with my husband. I completely adore the idea and your outfit recreations. This movie's whole look was inspiring. I'm really into set design and I loved Tom's apartment. Summer's too for that matter....Again, great idea and thanks for sharing! :)

  19. I don't really care for her acting or her singing. I love m. ward, but I can't listen to She&Him. I do, however, think her style is stunning. Her clothes are great! She's definitely a great source of inspiration. I love the outfits you put together.

    Maybe a feature on Zooey D.'s style with Anthro's clothes? That would be awesome.

  20. Thanks everyone, for your sweet comments! =) After I posted this, my DH wanted me to let you all know that, while he didn't find ZD all that attractive, he liked the girl at the end of the movie (Minka Kelly).

    So uh, there you go.

    @Em - Wow! You got to see She & Him? How cool! She even sounds adorable when she sings!

    @Natasha & PetiteLittleGirl - Thank you! =)

    @Dea - I'm so with you - you hit the nail on the head!

    @Gemma & Kim - Thanks! Here's hoping the Tiny Windows can make it to a 2nd cut...wouldn't that be awesome??

    @Jennylee - Haha, aww no worries! ZD's definitely one of those girls who people either seem to adore or don't care for at all. It's kinda funny! And I definitely agree with you on the ending of the movie - just perfect.

    @Tracy - I'm going to have to see Mumford now! (*blush* I...haven't seen it)

    @Cindy - OMG, I LOVE your recreation!!! And the Annika looks darling on you. (hmm, you're making me rethink that one...)

    @Patti - Thanks for the link! LOVE!

    @Christina & Ashley - Too funny that our men are all on the same page! I think you're right - it might be because she doesn't dress all slutty and exposed. Oddly my DH finds Katy Perry attractive. Go figure, eh?

    @Jen (vintagelglammz) - I know, that blue dress from the wedding was fantastic, wasn't it? Sigh...

    @Louise (princess_dave) - I'm glad I'm not the only one who skips out on the movies, haha!

    @Jan - Thank you! You're so sweet!!

    @Anon at 10:19 - Thanks! I loved the set design too! That whole chalkboard wall in Tom's apartment and the toile wallpaper for Summer's apartment? Oh, the eye candy!

    @Tien - Thank you! I haven't listened to much of her singing, so I can't say either way.

  21. I randomly found your blog and immediately noticed your love of the clothes from 500 Days of Summer. I actually have the same dress that she wears in the copy room (the blue shirt dress) and when I first wore it, I received a lot of compliments, but I also received the comment that I looked a bit like a vintage nurse, but cuter. I guess that's good? :)

  22. Hi Melanie! Thanks for your comment! And wow, how'd you score that dress? That's so cool! And I think "vintage nurse, but cuter" totally works! =)

  23. Hi Kathryn, thanks for responding back! The dress is from BCBG a few years back and I found it in the store. I saw the movie recently and when I saw that scene, I was like, "Ohmygod, THAT'S MY DRESS!" It got me really excited. :) I've been totally crushing on her style in the movie and that's how I found your blog. I would so love the dress she wore to the wedding and the ruffled tops she wore on top of skirts.

    I've had more time to browse around your blog and have to say, I love it! I'm a huge Anthropologie fan and it seems we have similar taste. I am looking forward to reading your reviews. Thanks for posting them! :)

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  25. Hi Kathryn! I saw that you also loves the costumes from 500 days of summer. This year I created a blog where I recreate all the clothes from the movie. Hope you like it! :-D

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