Friday, August 20, 2010

A Bird in the Hand? (Mystery Maeve Bird Dress)

Hello everyone, and Happy Friday!

Welp, it's official. I am a stalker.

Since the bird dress by Maeve has yet to show up on Anthro's website, I decided to give Customer Service a little call today to see if I could get more information on it for those of you who are...non-ornithophobic (is that a even a word..?)...and may be interested in picking it up.

Keep in mind, I do have a feeling that information given over the phone by CS is kind of sketchy at best. But for what it's worth, here's what I found:

This dress is supposedly called the "Southward Stop Shirtdress." The item number is #18823799, and it retails for $128. It only comes in one color, listed as being "beige."

The sku for the size 4, which I can verify because I have a photo of the tag, is #18823807. There are currently 166 of the size 4 in stock.

The SA over the phone didn't know why this dress wasn't available on the website yet, but she thinks it will be soon.

However, this dress is currently available to be ordered through Anthro's 800-number at 1·800·309·2500.

So there you have it! Hopefully this post was helpful! ^_^

(btw, what kind of a name is "Southward Stop," anyway? Jussayin'...)

And one of these days, I'm going to have Carol tell you all about her fear of fish.

Happy Friday and happy bird-hunting, everyone!


  1. Good detective work!! :-) Maybe the "Southward Stop" name refers to birds flying south for the winter?

  2. I keep hearing Darren talk about highlighting the deer, in my head. :) Stalking is fun :P

  3. yes! birds flying south it is...!

  4. 1000 thank yous for posting the style number! I called customer service 2x looking for the lavendar maeve bird dress and they thought I was crazy. LOL. I will place my order now. ::happy dance::

  5. @Debbie - Ah, good point! I hadn't thought about that. Hahaha!

    @debbie deb - LOL, I almost forgot about that!

    @Barbara - Hahaha, that must be what it is, right?

    @Anonymous at 12:51 - You're very welcome 1000 times over! I hope the dress works out for you!!! =)

  6. My mom bought me the dress as a birthday present! I just love all the little details - the little polka dot pocket inserts and the piping on the chest. Adorable! FYI for people who are busty, it's not particularly generous in the bust - and there isn't any real stretch because it's corduroy. I had to go up 2 sizes to accomodate my 34D chest, but I liked the dress so much I bought it anyway! :)

  7. This dress is so lovely on both of you ladies! And I can totally picture Frill Force Jacket over this, a pair of tights, and some boots/booties! I hope it's at the Charlotte store next time I'm up there :) Thanks for all the information on it.

  8. Wow, I can't believe that this is your post topic! I was just in the Reston VA store trying on this dress, came home to look it up online only to find that it is not there. I was surprised by how much I really like this dress, it has alot of cute details and I love the color and the feel of the material. I hardly ever make full price anthro purcases, but I may have to consider this one.

  9. I own this dress and its actually very cuuute on! :)

  10. Thanks so much for looking into all the details on this dress. Hopefully it will migrate it's way onto the website soon!

  11. You're awesome for finding out the name! I was weak and actually purchased this dress yesterday. It's so cute!!!

  12. I think this is a full price purchase for me. I love it!!!! You both look adorable in it! while I get the fact that the birds may fly south, what about the deer?

  13. I must be BSL for wanting a dress covered in birds and deer...but what can I say? I want it. Good work finding out the details, girls!