Tuesday, August 3, 2010

For the Shorties - I mean, Women of Smaller Stature (Fitting Room Reviews)

Hi everyone and happy mid-week! I hope you're all doing well.  So, did anyone indulge in the new price reductions that took place this week?  I was able to get a price adjustment on my Marine Mural dress (yay!) and promptly "reinvested" some of those recouped dollars in a couple items, which I'll be telling you about in the next day or two.  Meanwhile, here are some fitting room reviews from last week.

Kathryn has reviewed a few of these dresses already, and at first, I thought about not posting about them.  But then, I remembered that there are some women of smaller stature reading, who might be interested in hearing about and seeing how these items fit, so on we go.  ^_-

This is the Twinkle Twinkle Dress ($168), by Girls from Savoy, which I am wearing in a size 2.  I immediately loved the green color and the fun "starred" print, but was less excited once it was on.  Somewhere between the high crewneck and the little pleat that spreads open beneath the neckline, I felt that it created a triangle shape, and didn't help me define my figure as much as I would have liked it too.  It's not bad, but it's not my favorite.  Also, it's a dress that's pretty much impossible to nurse in - I'd have to take it off completely, and while I may not be nursing Kate for much longer, it's still a factor for me when I buy dresses.  This dress is silk, a pull-on style, and dry-clean only.  Probably a pass for me, but Ashley is lovely in it here.  Oh, and one thing to note, if you're thinking about buying this dress - when I undid the back button before putting this dress on, I noticed that there was a small tear at the bottom of the opening, in the back (see photo below).  It's a pretty easy repair to make, but do check before you purchase a garment that may have been damaged by a previous customer.

Next up is the Mullany Dress ($258), which has been getting so much blog-love.  I put it on, and really, this dress is quite nice.  I'm wearing a size 2 in the photos above.  Overall, I have no actual complaints about the dress.  It didn't quite fit me like a glove, but as you can see, the fit is fine, overall.  It's roomy without being big, and gives me a nice shape.  I actually liked that the skirt didn't poof out quite as much as it does in the product shot.  The dress has a delightfully vintage feel, which I really liked. The fabric felt sturdy and the dress was well-constructed.  It didn't give me the same sort of thrills it gave Kathryn, mostly because I don't have anywhere to really wear it...and it seems like it could be a wee bit dressy for the office.  I didn't actually like the belt that came with the dress, as it seemed oddly stiff and I found it difficult to thread the loose end through the buckle, but that's not a huge concern, as I have a skinny black leather belt that I could easily swap with this one.  If it was $100 less, and it went on sale, I'd totally buy this.  Or, if I had an event that warranted such a dress, and it was $100 less, I'd totally buy this.  But as for now, it'll have to be one of those dresses I admire when I go into the store.  Wishlisted for possible sale consideration.

It's a shirtdress!  A Sugar-Coated Shirtdress ($128) to be exact! You probably already know how susceptible I am to cotton, machine-washable shirtdresses.  I need to point out though, that I refrained on the Tiny Windows shirtdress (strange color issues - couldn't decide which to buy, and in the end, didn't love either enough to warrant the purchase), the Secret Treasures dress (holding out for a sale), and the Dagmar shirtdress (just didn't fit me well...not sure why).  So, when I saw this shirtdress show up on the website, I was thrilled! It's funny - one of the reviews on the Anthropologie website sneers that this dress looks like a "70s thrift store find," but that's exactly one of the reasons I love it!  I'm wearing the size 2 in this dress, and it runs a little bit big - in fact, it fits very similarly to the size 4 Reed shirtdresses, for those of you who own that one (I do, and I actually own the Reeds in the 4, which is a bit roomy, but in a comfortable way, not a falling-off-me way).  The sleeves untie, which is great, because then you can adjust the size of the opening so that it's comfortable for your arm (the lovely Two-Wheeler was a no-go for me, because the sleeves were too tight).  I know Kathryn mentioned that it was hard to get on and off, but I didn't find this to be the case at all. The dress has a side-zip and functional buttons on the bodice, as well as pockets.  When I tried it on first, I did find the print a little overwhelming, but when I stepped back from the mirror to look at it from a distance, it was fine.  The colors are very warm and lovely for fall - I can't wait until it's cool enough to pull out my boots to wear with this.  My one complaint is this - the ribbon belt is really flimsy and cheap - seriously, just a ribbon, and not necessarily even a nice one at that.  However, the dress is just as nice with a belt (I threw on the one I wore to the store, which is a little dark, but you can get a sense of what it might look like with the right belt).  I may actually look for a burgundy belt, or a nicer quality ribbon to wear with this one, later, because I do like how the ribbon looks.  When I modeled it for my husband later, he nodded and said, "You look like Meryl Streep in The Bridges of Madison County." Mmm, Clint Eastwood, right?  Perfect.  ^_^

Here is the Doubly Adorned Dress ($148) which I was totally prepared to hate.  I know, I know, it's a perfectly nice dress, but on my body type, I usually don't have a lot of luck with dresses like this one.  Being short, and short-waisted besides, usually means these body-conscious sheath-type dresses look ridiculous on me.  In fact, when I was talking this dress over with Kathryn (who was loving it on the website), I confess to having announced, "I have nothing to fear from the Doubly Adorned dress!"  

Well, I need to say, I retract that statement.  Once I got the right size on, I was pleasantly surprised.  The cut actually flattered my body shape, which I hadn't expected.  I did, however, have sizing issues.  Please note, the photo above left, is the size 2.  I was sort of swimming in it.  In fact, I rather felt it might fall off me, with the wrong move.  The dress I'm wearing in the photo above right is the size 0.  It fit me much better, but was pretty snug - almost uncomfortably so.  I wouldn't be trying to tuck away a big dinner in this dress.  For fit and comfort, I really needed something between those two sizes. Again, for reference, the dress in the photo below, far left, is a size 2.  The dress in the photos below right and below center, are both size 0.

The dress has a side-zip (the buttons are ornamental and non-functioning) and removable straps.  I love the menswear plaid, and can imagine how fun it would be to style this dress.  Wonderfully, it's machine washable!  The length was a little long on me, even in the zero, so if I bought this, I'd probably want to take it up an inch or so.  I can't wait to see Kathryn in it - she'll be a knock-out, and dare I say, Kelly (from Nordstrom) would probably look amazing in it too.  

My last review is for the Vestiges Dress ($148), and I'm wearing my normal size 2.  I'd say in terms of sizing, this dress is fairly TTS.  I did not like this dress on me at all.  I felt like the top half just completely overwhelmed me with it's loud print and ruffles upon ruffles, upon ruffles.  The ruffling might have been okay, if the top was solid.  But look!  In the photo above right, you can't even tell where the ruffles start and stop, because they're so completely swallowed up by the print!  And you know I'm not someone who has issues with prints.  I know Kathryn liked this, so maybe it's just that I'm smaller, and too short to carry it off as well?  Or maybe it'd be better if I had a different haircut?  Sigh.  Yes, well, it's actually quite good for me, that there are dresses I don't want to buy, right?  It'll be one less battle to fight with my conscience and my wallet later on.  

That's it for now.  More to come later! 


  1. Yay Carol! A blog titled for we shorties!

    It is super helpful to see these dresses on you – the Anthro catalogue depicts women with legs longer than my whole body! We petite ladies are all in proportion but just smaller overall I think!

    The star dress is a nice colour on you as a brunette and the Mullany dress is super pretty... but I think you might be winning me over to shirt-dresses. I’ve never had good luck with them and wondered about the length and how my hips would look. But they seem to be universally flattering on you! Consider me converted! (Tiny Windows was a bit meh on me as well).

    I’m also encouraged to stop dismissing ensemble dresses like the Vestiges, noting that it fits you nicely just above the knee (I like it on you even with the plethora of ruffles)!

    Thanks for a great post!

  2. Hey Carol
    oh my oh my...i love the Mullany on you, but im probably biased as I bought it online! Btw- i noticed the size 0 is sold out online..

    The Doubly Adorned Dress looks so good on you and yes, you do need a size 0 in that dress. the size 0 fits so so much better.

    The Sugar-Coated Shirtdress looks lovely on you and i can see that it would be quite versatile. I am not sure about that dress on me though - the colours look abit too brown for my skin colouring.

    btw: Check out my newly created blog (with not much on there yet) - www.vintageglammz.blogspot.com


  3. My fav is the Mullany dress. Even though it is a bit long on you (like you said, we are shorties), it still looks lovely on you. Great picks!
    Want to win a pairs of designer petite denim? Go to PetiteLittleGirl.com for more details

  4. OMG thank you Carol for doing reviews for us shorties. It helps so much.

    I do like the Twinkle Twinkle dress on you, but see what you mean about the slightly off cut. Thanks for the heads up about the seam issue.

    The Doubly Adorned Dress looks great on you - definitely the snug 0 and not the 2 fits better. Usually I don't consider hems that hit below the knee, but this one looks very flattering.

    Oh the Vestiges Dress! So sad that it is indeed, overwhelming on petite frames. That was my fear. Alas.

  5. i love the sugar coated dress... not 100% sure about the colors for me since i don't usually go for the browns, oranges, golds... but i love the '70s-ish retro vibe to it and am DYING to get my hands on it. (birthday gift to myself at the end of the month)

    i think the dress looked great on both you guys. a machine washable shirtdress? yes please! :)

  6. Thanks for the reviews; very helpful since we're the same height! I think the Doubly Adorned dress in a 0 is incredibly flattering on you. The real star of this set of reviews seems to be the Mullany Dress. It looks amazing on you! But, you have to have places to wear such beauties! Thanks again for the helpful insight.

  7. My favorite is the paper bag skirt!

    natasha @ twenty-something blog

  8. Yes, you are exactly right about us "smaller statured" women needing your very helpful reviews. And, WOW! The Doubly Adorned dress, in size 0, looks perfect on you! Absolutely fantastic!

  9. Like you, I have a serious love for shirtdresses...and I think the Sugar-Coated Shirtdress is perfect! I love the 70s vibe it has too. Can't wait to get to my local store and try it on!

    Oh, and I completely agree that the Doubly Adorned Dress looks amazing on you, BTW!

  10. Thanks for the shout out to the shorties! I actually love all dresses on you, but that Mullany stands out. Gorgeous and adorable! And while I get that you don't like it, I quite love the VEstiges dress on you! I think it flatters you quite nicely. I may have to try that one on.

  11. Looking at these pictures, I loved everything on you. So when you say you didn't like something, I'm like huh? But she looks so cute!!! I do love the shirtdress on you and love that it's easy to take care of. And man, the doubly adorned dress makes you look so tall!!! It shapes your little figure so nicely. Ahhh...you should get it just so you can say to the world, "look I'm a mom of TWO!! Check me out!"

  12. Thank you for giving a shout out to us shorties! There are too few Anthro blogs out there for petite women, and since Anthro's sizing is so hit-and-miss, I really value your reviews. So thanks!

    Btw, you look awesome in the Doubly Adorned Dress. It shows off your figure really well. Did your husband see you in it yet? I think he'll want you to get it just to wear around the house! :)

    --Wendy H

  13. Love the Doubly Adorned Dress on you! The size 0 is perfect. You should definitely consider it come sale time.

  14. Another shortie here so I just love these reviews! That Doubly Adorned Dress is just drop-dead sexy on you. I love the Sugar Coated Dress as well. I tried that on yesterday and felt exactly the same. It's definitely high up on my wishlist.

  15. I really appreciate the reviews for us shorties! :) I'm 5'2" also so it's great to see how Anthro items fit other women my size. All of the dresses look awesome on you, but I am especially fond of the the Sugar-Coated Shirtdress. Can't wait to find it in my store now!

  16. Cindi took the words out of my mouth, I'm actually tilting my head at the computer screen trying to see what you are talking about...all of these dresses are gorgeous on you, Carol! I really, really love the Mullany and Sugar-Coated Shritdress on you. And I'm STUNNED by the Doubly Adorned Dress, I loved it in the catalog, but immediately wrote it off as "not for my figure. EVER" and here you go, making it look like a million bucks. Thanks for the reviews for your petite peeps!

  17. Thank you so much Carol for the reviews for us petites!!! My favorite is the size 0 Doubly Adorned dress - it's so cute on you! I've been meaning to email you too, to let you know I received the necklaces you sent! It was so nice of you to do that for people!!! Thanks again!!!! Rachelle

  18. Thanks for remembering the shorties, like me! ;-) My favorite was the Mullany dress. I haven't gotten to see that one yet at my store.

  19. I'm wearing the Sugar Coated Shirtdress (which I love) with an '05 Anthro sweater-vest, one of Contrived to Charm's "muse" belts, ankle socks and Sam Edelman tweed and leather oxfords from last fall. I TOLD you it could be vested...I just had a feeling about it, and it looks so schoolgirl and fall without being too sweet and adorable. I have plans for this dress to make it work late summer and through winter. ILOVEIT! I usually don't pay full price for dresses but I just had to. I also bought the Twinkle Twinkle dress to debut my Circus themed jewelry, its got that circus feel, but very sophisticated. I'll try and post My OOD to facebook so you can see how I am wearing the SC Shirtdress! XOXO -S

  20. Yay for us shorter women! Whooo! =D You're all so sweet to say such nice things about the dresses on me.

    @Kate - I'm so glad to convert you to shirtdresses! Anthro really has such wonderful ones. I could live in them. =D

    @Vintageglammz - Ah, the Mullany! I actually really did like it. I tried to not love it, on purpose, because it's so expensive. But it's wonderful, and if I could afford it, or justify it, it'd be mine.

    @Miss JR, Em, Kornrose, and Sarah Elizabeth - I just couldn't resist the Sugar-Coated shirtdress. It's really just way too much fun.

    @Michelle - let me know how it fits you (blog it!). It doesn't look so bad in the photos, but for some reason, it didn't like me as much in the fitting room mirror.

    @Cindi & Wendy H. - you're so sweet! Hahaha, I'll need to lose maybe 2 more pounds to fit into that dress comfortably. It looked good, but wasn't as comfy as I'd like...

    @Jan - you should try it (the Doubly Adorned)! It'll be a little long on you, but nothing a little hemming wouldn't help. I also totally didn't think it would work on me, but it was actually nice! The zero was too snug on me, so will hopefully fit you better. =D

    @Sandra - post it, post it! =D And pictures of the circus jewelry please! I can't wait to see it!

  21. @Rachelle - you're so welcome! I'm glad they arrived safely, and I was happy to do it. =D

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