Friday, August 13, 2010

Frill Force (review and OOTDs)

Hi everyone! Hope your week has been going really well. Today, we spent time with a dear friend from our upstate New York days, who's in town, scouting out San Diego as a possible future home! I'm sooooo excited about her moving here, and we spent time exploring Hillcrest, which is vibrant, fun, artistic neighborhood. There's a well-known vintage/used clothing shop there, called Flashbacks, which is supposed to be a great alternative to consignment shops - they'll buy your closet cast-offs upfront or give you a credit for trade. We also visited a used bookstore, called Fifth Avenue Books, where we picked up a few new reads, and had a light mid-afternoon meal/dessert at Chocolat (caprese salad, bruschetta, and gelato, yum!). I wish I'd had the foresight to take pictures, but sadly, my point-and-shoot camera is out of commission. There's a small, but visible fleck of dust that's positioned itself beneath the lens, and it's showing up on pictures as a shiny spot. Sigh. I took it to a local repair shop, who told me they'd have to take apart the entire lens component, which would cost $78! For dust! I'm so annoyed (not at the camera repair place - I can imagine it's a bit of work to disassemble then reassemble that thing) that I haven't yet committed to having it repaired. Eventually, I'll cave and do it, but for now, I'm just being stubborn and uh...punishing no one but myself...and inflicting bad phone-camera pictures on everyone....


I'll get it fixed. Meanwhile, when we got home, my Frill Force Jacket was waiting for me!!! I wasn't going to blog it right away, at first (no camera to use with my tripod!) but Kathryn convinced me to use my phone's camera...only, my DH was out, so that only left 5 year-old Rowan to take the photos for me. Hahaha, so here they are - my first photo shoot done by my son.

I ordered a size 2P, and I really liked the length of it on me. I was worried about the ruffle-placement - would it be too high? Would it add volume to my hips or thighs in an unflattering way? I have to say that once I had the jacket on, all these concerns melted away. Since this is the petite version, the sleeves were a little shorter than I expected, but that being said, they weren't short - they were probably exactly the right length (haha, I've lived a lifetime of slightly longish sleeves, so it feels weird to have perfect-length sleeves). The waist tied higher than my natural waist, but I felt like this worked, because it actually gave me a slightly more streamlined look, by not creating extra volume at my hips, with the jacket's fabric cinching directly over my hips, if that makes sense. The jacket has three types of fasteners - a zipper, inner snap buttons, that run the entire length of the jacket, and then the three (also functional) military-style buttons across the front.

Two rows of ruffles come around the back, to about three quarters of the way to the front. They don't actually run all the way around, which is a good thing, I think.

The back was a bit of a wrinkled mess, because it literally just came out of the box, but you can see that there's a third row of ruffles in the back. Very cute and nice for women who have flatter bottoms, as it provides some strategically-placed volume. On the other hand, if you've got junk in the trunk, well, proceed with caution. ^_-

I LOVE this jacket! ^_^

Here's my OOTD - it was a lovely day in San Diego, so I busted out my "Chloe" shorts and paired them with this cute tee I got at Forever 21 yesterday (I was looking for the bow top that Kathryn and Kim both have) to make this super casual running-around-with-the-family look.

What I'm wearing:
Top: Forever 21 Bow Tee
Shorts: Target Mossimo shorts (similar here and a flowier version here)
Shoes: Cole Haan sandals (on sale here and I wish I'd seen these earlier: here)

And as an extra - my little photographer and Kate, sporting their new shoes ("Cars" themed shoes for Rowan - his choice - and Kate's first pair of Crocs - which are a wee bit big, but she'll grow into 'em).


Um, please give me a moment to recover from the cuteness that is Carol's kids.


(internal voice: "AWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!")


Okay, now that my heart has re-solidified from melting like butter after seeing that CUTE photo, I can share the details of my boring little OOTD.

I wasn't going to bother blogging this outfit since I've already worn this dress a billion times. But for some odd reason I got more compliments on it today than I've ever gotten. Which is weird, because I didn't wear any extra accessories with it today - no belt, no pocketwatch necklace, no bracelet. Just my usual "signature" necklace and my wedding rings.

I didn't even wear my usual Bette Flats today - I just threw on my super-comfy Soludos to keep it casual and low key.

So for what it's worth, here's my oft-repeated and completely-unaccessorized OOTD:

(haha, what was I thinking when the shutter clicked?)

Part of the reason I wanted to keep my look so simple today was in order to stay in same vein as Simmer Finn:

I wish I could've found a full-body screen shot from the Ikea scene to show her shoes, but her unaccessorized look from Day 31 will have to do.

We're meeting up this weekend to do some side-by-sides, yay!  Have a super Friday!


  1. Kathryn: I really like your paired down two-wheeler look. I'm not a huge fan of accessories anyway so yay, for simple!

    Carol:That's a great little jacket! And, your little Rowan did great with the photoshoot. My eleven year old nephew has become my official blog photographer. So cute.

  2. Carol - I LOOOOOOOVE your jacket. It is so cute and looks perfect on you! Your 5 year old did a great job taking photos - I'm impressed!

  3. Carol - You're just killing me with those sweet pictures of your kids. But please don't stop...more more more! I just saw that jacket on the model on Anthro's site and I have to say, it looks better on you!

    Kathryn - Nice dressing down the two-wheeler. Will have to try that some time. At first I thought you were wearing Tom's but that gave me an idea to pair it with mine. :)

  4. Hi!

    Thanks for the reviews! I love the jacket on you! I came across your blog just recently and saw your original post about the force frill and fell in love too. I ordered it in regular and petite and had the same thoughts on the petite re: sleeve length seeming short but is actuall just right and waist seeming highish and yet it is more streamlined so I think it is the one I will keep. I am 5'2" with a longer torso. Just curious-how tall are you?

  5. Carol, your kids are absolutely adorable. I agree with Cindi above: more!


  6. just had to comment to say
    carol- rowan is an excellent photographer! and i don't think a kid could possibly be any cuter than kate.

    and kathryn- just got 500 days of summer from netflix! never seen it and had to order it b/c of all your recent posts, which i am loving. planning on watching the movie tonight.

  7. Carol - I can't believe your pint sized photographer - He's really good! And Kate is just too adorable! I cannot stand it! Also, that coat is so so so perfect on you. Looks much better than the online photos and I can't wait to try it on myself! :)

  8. Carol - the frill force jacket looks amazing on you! I love the cute frills at the back - it gives it a girlie touch, and makes it less "military". your son rowan is quite a budding photographer! its pretty good for a 5 yo! That's it. im going to speak to my hubby about babies! your ones are just so so so so sooooo cute!!

    Kathryn - i really like your dress with the flats. It doesn't look as though you've tried, which is quite a talent!

    Thank you pretty things!

  9. Carol-Your son did a great job with the camera! I would hire him in a second, especially since I'm sure he doesn't whine about taking pics like some husbands tend to do :) Oh and your daughter is the cutest thing I've ever seen!

    Kathryn-I love the shoes with the dress! I really want to buy myself a pair of Keds to wear with some of my dresses.

  10. Hi, Carol
    You look really nice in thrill off jacket. It way more better than on website. It makes me really want to get one at hand. By the way, for cole hann sandal ,which color would you think better?

  11. Carol
    Is your cole hann sandal corfortable?

  12. Carol, your children are adorable! And I've been eyeing the Frill Force, too. Is it heavy enough for winter, or more of a fall jacket?

  13. Carol, your son is so skilled with the camera. It's amazing how well young children can pick up technology. My BF's cousin could operate the tv remote before she was talking. Insane! And I love the Frill Force jacket on you.

    Kathryn, I just love the two-wheeler shirtdress on you, and the shoes keep it feeling so cool and casual. Great summer OOTD!

  14. Carol, aww your children are adorable! I absolutely love that jacket, you just sold me on it - I really wasn't sure what to think, but it's really cute!

    Kathryn, Sometimes a dress should just be a dress without all the accessories, I find myself gravitating toward simplicity lately myself. Sometimes less is more for sure!

  15. That jacket is great, Carol! Definately a keeper.

    And Kathryn, I think you look fantastic w/o any additional accessories. The print is fantastic on it's own.

  16. @Cat & Cindi - Thank you! I was definitely very comfortable all day, not needing to fuss with the belt or anything. It's nice to be able to find multiple ways to wear the Two-Wheeler. =)

    @sophiebee - Ohh, cool! I hope you like the movie, and that I didn't spoil it for you by talking about it so much! =)

    @vintageglammz - Thanks! My feet were definitely happy with me on my shoe choice that day with the Two-Wheeler. ^_^

    @Sara - Thank you! I actually want to try some Keds too! This could really revolutionize the way I wear some of my outfits - I really *could* wear some of my Anthro dresses just to run to the grocery store! =)

    @Jamie - Thanks so much! This is one of my favorite Anthro dresses...I definitely don't regret buying it!

    @spiffy & Pamela - Thank you! And I totally agree on simplicity - while it's nice to put together a total "ensemble," it's also really nice to be able to dress down a dress. It gives us more options, eh? =)

  17. I'm so glad you did a review of that coat Carol! I think it's so cute and it looks fantastic on you. When I saw the coat online I wondered about the cuffs on the sleeves because I thought they might be tight and then make the sleeves puff out weird, but they look normal on you. Rowan did a great job with the pictures! :-)

    Kathryn: I love the dress with no accessories. It's cute enough all by itself! :-)

  18. Carol! LOVE the jacket. I waited too long over the weekend when we first received it and was so bummed when we were sold out in my size. I was determined to find it when lo and behold, reship! I'm just waiting for it to cool down so I can actually wear it, which is so opposite of my cold-loathing self! I hope to see you soon!

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    (The Pretty Pauper)

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