Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hot Hot Hot! (Catching Up With OOTDs)

Happy Thursday, Everyone!

I hope that you're all doing well!

After an unusually mild (and sometimes even downright cold) June and July, summer finally arrived here in SoCal. The weather has gotten hot and humid, which is pretty much my least favorite type of weather. Blech.

As I tell my friends...given the choice of either freezing your a$$ off or burning to death, I'd take the former any day.

Anyway, it's been awhile since I've blogged my OOTDs, so I decided to lump a handful of them into one post. Because, well...I'm kind of lazy like that. And what all of these outfits have in common is, they were all chosen in order to keep cool on uncomfortably warm days.

Please pardon the messy patio.

Tuesday's OOTD:
I got this dress by T-Bags about three years for a steal (yay for coupons and cashback), and I drag it out every summer when I want to wear something easy and comfy. Problem: I swear it's cut for somebody who is about six feet tall. I keep meaning to have it altered, I just said, I'm kind of lazy.

Without the shrug:

T-Bags Jersey Maxi Dress (2007? similar style, but patterned here, and in a different pattern here)
BCBG Shrug (circa 2005? crazy pricey version here, crazier-pricier version here)
Tory Burch "Miller" Thong
H&M Earrings (similar pair here)

Last Sunday's OOTD:
Hubby and I had the pleasure of attending the wedding of two friends that we kind of fixed up with eachother almost ten years ago. So, yay for marriage!

This dress is one of my favorite dresses to wear. It's been my "wedding uniform" for the last four years or so. (no joke - I realized I've worn this dress to at least three weddings that I can think of. It's a little embarrassing!) It's kind of an odd length (hitting mid-calf) and it's empire-waisted (making it almost maternity-ish), but I just love it. I'll find any excuse to wear it. It's made of beautiful, flowy silk chiffon, which is perfect to wear for a special occasion on a miserably hot summer day - especially for an hour-long outdoor ceremony in San Bernardino in 90-plus degree heat.

Dress: Rebecca Taylor (2006?)
Shoes: Kenneth Cole Reaction "Paris Lights" (2005? similar here and here)
Rhinestone Bracelet: Claire's Accessories (similar Forever 21 version here)
Butterfly Ring and Hair Clip: Tarina Tarantino (fun F21 ring here, simple little hair clip here)
Earrings: Sparkling Sage (similar pair here)

And to illustrate my point about how this is my "wedding uni," here I am at Carol's sister's wedding, in 2006:

(baby Rowan!!!)

And at DH's cousin's wedding, in 2007:

(haha, aaaand I just noticed that DH has actually worn the same thing to all 3 weddings too)

Last Monday's OOTD:
I had originally passed on this dress the first time I tried it on due to its itchiness. But when it went on sale a few weeks ago I decided to pull it on again, for kicks. And can you believe it? It didn't itch! Woohoo! And it's really just so pretty that I couldn't pass it up.

In a Twinkling Dress (still some in stores! I seen 'em!)
Looping Lanes Belt
Seychelles Bette Flat in Vachetta

OOTD from My Dad's Birthday:

For birthdays, my family always makes it a point to wear red (or some reddish shade) for good luck. We also always serve some sort of noodle dish, to signify best wishes for long life. Yay for dads and their birthdays! And yay for yummy noodles!

While their price points always freak me out, I find that I've never regretted a Juicy Couture purchase. This dress is no exception. The pretty plum color still makes my heart flutter to this day. Earlier this year, I had the fortune of stumbling upon Kim's blog, Anthroholic. She changed my life forever by showing me how to completely transform my outfits with belts. So it's her I have to thank, for inspiring me to try a belt with this happy little dress.

Dress: Juicy Couture (2007 or 2008? I can't remember...similar style here)
Belt: Oh, Hello Friend
Tory Burch "Miller" Thong
Necklace: Nordstrom BP Bow Necklace, that Carol set the world on fire with (similar here)
Headband: Target (similar from Charlotte Russe here)

Last Tuesday's OOTD:
You can kind of see a snippet of this outfit in last Tuesday's side-by-side fitting room reviews. One of my wacky co-workers took one look at my outfit and exclaimed, "Oooh, you look like a ladybug!"

Hm. A ladybug, eh?

Interestingly, this outfit reminds me a lot of Sara's OOTD from the other day here. I wonder if anyone told her she looked like a ladybug?

It's actually Sara I have to thank, for helping find my size in this skirt. I figured out some months ago that she's pretty darn close to being my size twin, and I knew she already had this skirt so all I had to do was ask what size she got. I'm glad I did, because I (...we?) had to go all the way up to an 8 for this one. I never would've known without her. So, thanks Sara!!

Torsade Tee (similar here)
Scalloped Dots Skirt
H&M Bow Belt (similar here)
Seychelles Bette Flat in Vachetta
Nordstrom BP Necklace (kinda sorta from F21 here, and here)

My choice to pair my BP necklace with the Torsade was partially inspired by the product shot:

So that concludes this round of OOTDs. I'll be back soon with reviews of some of the new fall arrivals!

Thanks for reading! ^_^


  1. Welcome to summer! I have a go to wedding dress too (and wore it this past sunday)... It also hits in a similar odd area, but I love it!

    I love you and Sara's black white and red combos.... I normally pass over the tees, but I think the torsade tee needs to be added to the wishlist... (or whatever the *new* lookalikes name is)...

  2. Cute how you and your DH have the same go to outfits. You guys both look great and if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

    Funny, in the NY Metro area, we had a non Summer last year. Rained every day pretty much and didn't get out of the low 70's till August. Ugh. However, very beautiful summer this year with very little rain, but many high 80/low 90 days. Looks like we switched. I detest the humidity, but not complaining one little bit.

  3. Ooh I love these what I call outfit bingeing. Hehe. My parents are the same way about birthdays. My dad is turning 60 this year and as you know, that's a huge bday if you're Chinese. My mom wants my dad to wear a whole years' worth of red boxers! Hahaha. Sorry...TMI? :)

  4. you are too cute! love the outfits

    i think my favorites are the in a twinkling dress and the scalloped dots skirt outfits

  5. I couldn't help smiling at the title because that was the title of my blog entries two days ago :-) Birthday noodles are good, it is the hard boil eggs that is hard to swallow. I don't know why they have to be hard boiled and why we have to swallow two in my home >_< as if one is not enough to choke me to death already. But year after year, my grandma watch me swallowing them completely, then smile with the satisfaction that she can finally put some weight on her grand daughter.

    The red Torsade tea look gorgeous on you, I don't think you need a birthday as an excuse to wear that :-)

  6. I love the "Dad's birthday" outfit. The color looks great on you and that belt is too cute!

  7. I don't see lady bug in that outfit. i love it!!! it's great when you find someone online that you can relate to size wise, isn't it!?!?

    I laughed about the wedding dress. I have a few go-to pieces myself. I'm convinced that when it comes to weddings, no one remembers what anyone but the bride wears ;-)

  8. Aww, I think I'd take ladybug as a total compliment, maybe not from a crazy co-worker though...You are adorable in the Scalloped Dots Skirt and I totally had a wear-to-weddings dress but I've exhausted it in all social circles (church friends, family, dh's co-workers) so I think I have to retire it unless a random stranger invites me to their shindig. Unlike Pamela, I'm convinced everyone will remember and point to me saying "didn't Jan wear that when ______ got married?"

  9. Hey Kathryn
    you look every inch the sexy goddess in the red maxi dress - ahhh - im jealous as i dont suit maxis
    i love the "lady bug" outfit - so cute. that skirt is amazingly versatile isnt it? it seems to go with everything almost!
    And lovely wedding uniform dress - you cant go wrong with a classic!
    Jen @

  10. Thanks for your sweet comments, everyone! I'm sorry I didn't get around to responding sooner...I was a little caught up in all of Anthro's new fall arrivals. And the temperature just dropped about 20 degrees here, so I can maybe-sorta-kinda start thinking about these colder weather pieces for real. Eek!

    I love hearing that many of you have the same go-to wedding outfit too! And like Jan, I'm probably going to have to retire mine as well. (which makes me a little sad, because I love that dress so!)

    Hey Jan, let's have a party so we can wear our dresses again! What's halfway between Pennsylvania and California? ;o)

    And I'm always fascinated to hear what traditions other people have. This is the first I've heard of the hard-boiled egg one.