Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Mystery Idra

Good morning, everyone!

Well, I guess I can check another one of the items off my wishlist.

*heavy sigh* I was weak.

So I went by the Newport Beach Anthropologie the mystery Idra jacket (that has yet to show up on the Anthro website) when I discovered, to my horror, that they had pulled it from the floor.

"Was something wrong with it?" I asked, with big puppy-dog eyes.

"Oh, we've been selling that one really well. The sizes got really low, so we pulled it. I'll see if I can try to find it in the back for you."

Lo and behold, the SA came back with the jacket for me. And it was the last one in the store. And it happened to be my size.

Oy vey.

Ohh, the ruffles! That ruffled collar. The buttons! The tapered waist!

I had no chance.


So here are a few more details of the jacket, including its super cute lining:

...polka dots and bows? How could I resist?

And check out the back:

I haven't had a chance to take nicer pictures of it yet, so I apologize for the low-quality cellphone pics.

In keeping with my, erm... "stalker" nature, I called CS to see if I could get a little more info on the pretty thing.

This jacket is supposedly called the "Cream Confection Jacket." Customer Service says it's currently listed as "backordered" on the website, with an estimated due date of August 26th. The item number is #18652719, and it retails for $178.

It also supposedly comes in black, cream, or neutral. I've only seen it in neutral.

The associate on the phone claims it was featured in the August catalog, but I can't find my August catalog to verify that. She also said the name of the jacket in the Anthro database is listed as the "Milton Ruffle Front Jacket."

For reference, I bought the size 6 - store sku #18652750 in the "neutral" color.

I hope this information is helpful, and that it solves a little bit of the Idra mystery!

Darling readers, can you forgive me for my shopping indiscretion?


  1. ...did you just say it comes in black?

    gahhhhh! despite its cuteness, i was content with letting it go (plus, you love the jacket and i didn't want it to be another item that we may possibly wear on the same day, even though that hasn't happened yet, lol). i have plenty of coats.

    but it comes in black? that's not the same... right? ;)

  2. Oh my! I also loved that jacket when I tried it on. It just looks so lovely on you. If I didn't already have the Clinton Trench, I would have bought it right then and there.

  3. sometimes a shopping indescretion deserves a big "congrats!"... that jacket is perfect on you! Definitely worth the FP, especially since its a hot item. Wear with pride honey! Haha!

  4. I'm glad you got it - you liked it so much and it would have sucked if it disappeared forever! Sometimes it's worth it to splurge! :)

  5. @debbie - According to the SA yesterday, she said it does. I had a similar experience a few months back with the Drifting By Dress - a SA told me it came in another color but it took several weeks for that other color to show up. Fingers crossed!

    And maybe I should start texting you in the mornings with "so what are you wearing today?" hahaha...

    @Cindi - Thank you! I never did try the Clinton Trench so I haven't gotten to see how that one is. I'd be scared to now, after having bought this jacket...

    @E Hayes - Thanks so much! Haha, it might be a few months before I can wear it but I couldn't stand the thought of missing out (even though it hasn't even hit the website yet...) ^_^

  6. Great. Another expensive item on my wishlist! :) It looks perfect on you.

  7. That is a really cute coat so I can totally understand why you snatched it up! I'll be interested to see what it looks like in the other colors as well. Unfortunately a lot of the coats never make it to my Florida store.

  8. oh gosh that is adorable!!!!

  9. I love this coat! I tweeted about it last week. It looks so fantastic on you, I'm so glad you got it.
    Thanks for the helpful info on the style #, name, and colors. I'm intrigued by the black and cream version. I've only seen neutral as well.

  10. WOW!! That coat is darling and it looks fantastic on you. I say it deserved a slip!

  11. I'm so glad you got it! I picked it up last week with my b-day discount and am so glad I did. It really is the perfect mid-weight jacket.

  12. This is such an amazing coat! It is very feminine without being overly so. I fell in love with it as soon as you blogged about it, which incidentally, was the day after I had ordered the Clinton trench online! (Sadly, the nearest Anthro is over 2 hours away from me.) Anyways, I couldn't get this mystery coat off of my mind after I saw it, so when my husband and I were on vacation in NY last week, we made a trip to Anthro and this coat came home with me in my suitcase (thanks to some saved birthday money)! It is going to be such a great "grab-and-go" mid-weight winter coat.

  13. I am so glad you were able to get your beautiful jacket. From your post, it sounds like it was meant to be -- you were in the perfect place at the perfect time!

  14. Love that coat on you! I'm so glad you got it! And also, thank you thank you thank you for going above and beyond and getting all the info for it. You are awesome!

  15. Ahhh, THANK YOU for posting the info on this coat!! Neither of the Anthros in my state have this coat yet (luckily they're only 1 hour apart from each other ha), I tried it on while on vacation in Boston this week and they only have the neutral color. Held off on buying it because I usually wear black coats...saw this post today, and HOLY SH*T, I have now become a glorified stalker of this jacket lol.

  16. I actually called CS about this today and when I gave them the first SKU number you provided, the name of the coat actually came out as the name of the second SKU...which was the Milton Ruffle Front Jacket. It has been backordered for Aug. 26th but it's not online. So, for those girls that want to order this, you can easily do so by calling CS. =)

  17. Ha, ha. Well I have a confession to make. Two actually. I enjoy your blog tremendously. I think the both of you are adorable! I haven't become a follower. I should.

    My second confession is that you are to blame for me ordering this jacket. I thought it was adorable (I too am on a shopping ban and have failed). Thanks to you I had the style number and called customer service. I was told something different and she told me this jacket was no longer in stock. I ordered in from the San Francisco store and had it mailed to me (in Chicago).

    Anyway thanks.

  18. Great purchase!!!! consider it an investment!! Is the Newport Beach store your favorite in the area?? I keep a list of stores in my car and if we are out of the area & have time......(husband knows to MAKE time :)) we look on my store list and hit an anthro. It sure sweetened up a trip to Fresno on Friday...I had enuff "eye candy" to keep me content the entire trip. I got the army green gauzy skirt on sale and when he saw my photo with the sweater (white w/ the purple/blue flowers, green vine)he pulled out his wallet, handed me some money and said "you are getting that too!!" so I quickly called and had it sent. It goes with a LOT and love it with my purple pencil skirt from the anniversary sale!!

    love your blog and fit reviews.... I am petite so I use Carol's info...........

  19. @tien - Thank you! I can't wait til it gets cold enough to wear it!

    @Liz - Thank you very much...I hope this jacket finds a way to your closet too!

    @Debbie - Aw, thanks! =D It's always hard to know if the information I'm getting from Customer Service is legit, so we'll see if/when Anthro gets the other colors in. I think it could be *amazing* in cream or black, so...fingers crossed!

    @Rosa - Thank you!!

    @Kim - Thanks so much!! I remember seeing your twitpic of you in the Idra jacket and it was amazing on you! It's so hard to know sometimes if the information given by CS is accurate, so at the very least I know the store sku # for the size 6 is correct. Here's hoping the other colors really *do* come in!

    @Corey B - Thank you so much for your nice compliment and for absolving me of my sin! =)

    @Lauren S - Hooray for bday discounts! Woohoo! So glad you picked up this jacket too!!!

    @Sarah - Yay! Another Idra jacket sister! And I totally agree with you - this coat is the perfect midweight coat!

    @Jamie - Thank you! It must be fate, right? =)

    @Linette - Thank you so much, and you are very welcome! I hope it works out for you!! =)

    @thisisnotsammie - You're very welcome! Like I said above, it's kind of hard to know how accurate the information I got from CS is, but at the very least I know the store sku is correct! Here's hoping it really will come in black and cream. Happy stalking! ;o)

    @Cindi - Thanks for verifying the info with CS. It's so hard to know if the information is correct, since the coat isn't on the website. And it was confusing with the two names she gave me. So thanks for checking!

    @Anonymous at 4:55 - Hahaha, I love it! Let this be our public confessional! If I'm to blame, then I take that responsibility with pride. I dragged you down with me! ;o)

    And yeah - just goes to show, you and Cindi and I were all told something slightly different by CS. Go figure. Oh well, at least the jacket is on its way to you! Hope you love it!

  20. I LOVE IT


  21. Did someone just say polka dots and bows?! HELLO!!!! how could anyone resist??! congrats on your purchase - trust me, it's well worth it! looks great on you Kathryn!

  22. Kathryn,
    When I saw this jacket on you, I gasped! It's gorgeous, looks fabulous on you! I want to order it, but I'm not sure what size. Do you usually take a size 6 in jackets? Would you say there's a bit of room in the shoulders in this jacket? I have line-backer shoulders, for reals, but usually wear a Small or sometimes Xsmall in anthro shirts. But then sometimes I need a size 8 in jackets to make room for The Shoulders. I'm like Tommy Boy when I try on jackets cut tight. Any help would be mighty appreciated. Oh, and you are so to blame for me going over-budget this month. a...ahem. End to free shipping. a..ahem. must order this week. You're hilarious. Love your blog! You and Carol are so entertaining. Keep up the great!

  23. @Molly - Aww, thank you!! I seriously love that jacket! I can't wait until it gets cold enough to wear it.

    So, for sizing reference, it sounds like we're very similar. I am normally a 2-4 or a S in tops. Every now and then I'm an XS. I tried on the 4 in the jacket, and while it fit fine, I knew I wanted to size up so that I could layer underneath. I felt it was cut pretty narrow through the bodice. The 6 fits me nicely, though still "fitted," if you know what I mean.

    I hope that's helpful! Maybe with free shipping you can order two sizes to see which size fits The Shoulders better. (love the proper noun usage there, btw...for me, it's The Hips) Not that I want to *ahem* encourage to spend or anything. =)

    Thanks so much for your sweet compliments! And thanks for reading! Good luck with the jacket!