Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Puppy Love (A Fitting Room Review and Outfit)

Sooo, just the other day, Kathryn and I were mocking...um, marveling at the selection of animal-themed items at Anthropologie right now.  In particular, I was poking fun at the Dog Trot cardigan, because seriously, it has rows of little terriers lined up all over it.

Um, and then I saw it in my store.  And I saw it again.  And I saw it again.  And then, I took it to my fitting room to try on with a couple other things...because...it put a spell on me and I was hocus-pocused, and I'malittleembarrassedtosayIloveit.  And that's just the truth.

Puppy LoveFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Puppy Love by Carol-prettythings featuring Anthropologie

The version in my store actually had pink and white terriers all over it, instead of black and white ones!  I made fun of myself all the way to the fitting room with it - I really didn't understand (and am still sort of perplexed) as to what my attraction is, to this strangely adorable sweater.

But wow, doesn't that big, goofy grin on my face say it all?

The cut of the sweater is very standard for this grandfather/boyfriend style cardigan in the body.  The knit is very dense and almost plush, falling a little short of a boucle as it's not quite that fuzzy.  The arms are a little narrow and pretty fitted - I'm wearing a short sleeved blouse under it in these photos, and while I'm sure a long sleeve would fit underneath the sleeves of the sweater (the knit will stretch after all), don't expect the typical roomy sleeve of a true grandfather/boyfriend cardigan.  When I first saw this, I really couldn't imagine it doing more than being something I threw on over a t-shirt and jeans on weekends or after work, for comfort and warmth.  Surprisingly, I found it translated really well into a slightly more elegant look, when layered and belted over a button-down and some wide-leg trousers.  In fact, it was pretty much total and complete love after that.

In these photos, I'm wearing the Daring Dart blouse (on sale here, and a tie-neck version here and a ruffled version here),  the Falling Folds Pants (review to come, but buy them here, similar here and here), and the Looping Lanes belt (sold out online, but available in limited quantities in stores; similar here, also cute here and here).

Never say never, when it comes to fashion.  ^_-  Unless, of course, it's this:

And seriously, you're only allowed to wear this if your name is Bjork or Gaga.  (Really, Anthro?)


  1. Carol that outfit is perfection on you! Can you come over and put some outfits together for me? I like the pink and white dogs a lot more than the black and white ones...so much more cute and girly!

  2. I thought that cardigan was stupid too, but wow! It actually looks fantastic the way you wear it! I think it's the long elegant shape, the way you have it belted, and the fact that you can just consider it an all-over abstract design if you don't feel like paying attention to the dogs.

    But truly, nothing can help that Leifsdottir cardigan. Anthro just wants to break up the non-stop fashion lust and give us all a good belly laugh.


  3. I feel like that sweater is too dowdy even for Gaga!

    Anyway, you look great! With a belt, that sweater is amazing- I am inspired to try it myself now :)

  4. The outfit you put together is fantastic. I think the dog print adds a quirky touch and actually looks like a "houndstooth" pattern from afar rather than dogs.
    Always a pleasure reading your posts!

  5. Lol. I poked fun at the pony sweater on my blog too the other day. I just don't get it. The dog sweater isn't something I am really into either, but it really does look great on you. The outfit as a whole is sooo cute.

  6. @Sara - thanks! Your outfits are just as adorable! You do mine, and I'll do yours! Hahaha!

    @Beth - thanks! The sweater does have a good shape, so yes, if you can "abstract" the pattern, it's quite nice. And I know...that Leifsdottir sweater, what were they thinking???

    @Maria - you're right. Gaga would never wear it, though I can actually sorta see Bjork in it. Hahaha...and aw, I'm glad you like the sweater! More people should give it a try. It's really not that bad. I wore it yesterday, and got a lot of compliments and it was a great conversation piece. =)

    @Jen - thanks! =) Yours too!

    @Kristen - thanks! =)

  7. Never would have thought to put a belt on, it looks really good. Great pants.

  8. This fitting room look perfect to check out your dress before buying it.It has every major things which a fitting room should has.And yeah your outfit looks super chic too.