Thursday, August 12, 2010

Reviews: Ba-Ba-Babergh, Banana-fana-foe-fergh, Fee-Figh...[and a (500) Days-ish-inspired OOTD]

Hello Everyone!

I hope that everyone's week is going well!

So I can't remember if I've ever mentioned this, but I absolutely love fall and winter clothes. I know, I know - it doesn't really make sense, for a girl from SoCal. But I love fall and winter clothes about 10,000 times more than spring and summer clothes. They're my Achilles Heel; my kryptonite.

Suffice it to say that Anthro's newest arrivals are absolutely killing me.

Tonight I was able to sneak away from the husband to get in a few reviews:

Babergh Dress ($188 by Floreat, shown in size 4)

When this dress first appeared online, I wasn't sure if it was going to be drop-dead gorgeous or if the detail of the skirt was going to end up looking like fish scales. But then I got excited when I saw and read Roxy's review of the dress. And then I got to try it on for myself...

I tried on the size 4 and it fit me like a glove. One thing I noticed was that it was a tad bit shorter than I expected it to be, coming just above my knee. But I found the silky top with ruffle detail to be extremely flattering even for my small bust, and the skirt portion actually managed to make me feel thin. (which is saying a lot, considering that I was feeling a bit on the bloated side today!) I mean seriously - a slim-fitting dress that managed to make me feel thin?? Where do I sign up???

(confession: I actually cried out, "CRAP!" in the dressing room because I loved this dress so much. So anyone who was in the fitting area in the Newport Beach store around 7:30 PM, my sincerest apologies. It was my wallet, crying for help!)

As Roxy mentioned, the detailing is just lovely. There's a subtle pattern throughout the bodice and the contrast "belt." The entire dress is fully lined - including the bodice. I felt the cut was extremely flattering for my slightly pear-shaped body. And it's not everyday that a dress can make you feel thin without making you feel uncomfortable.

Here's a view from the side:

While the skirt is definitely pretty fitted, I was still able to sit down quite comfortably:

I love this dress. I can't say enough good things about it. It's so pretty and girlie and flattering, I just can't get over it. The one thing I don't love is the price, so I've wishlisted it for now. We'll see if I can I can be strong...

So this next dress, dear readers, is how you know that I love you. I must love you, because I tried on a dress with birds on it.

And for those of you who don't know, I have a unnatural fear of birds.

...yes, I know - I recently helped plan an entire birthday party with a bird-centered theme. But those birds were happy and cute and cartoonish! I wish real birds were happy and cute and cartoonish. But they aren't. And they scare me.

It's Hitchcock's fault.

Mystery Maeve Dress ($128, shown in size 4)

Who loves ya, baby?

British Anthropologiest just reviewed this dress here. This is kind of a slim-ish fit shirtdress, comparable to the fit of the Secret Treasure Dress. And...actually, comparing the cut and style to the Secret Treasure Dress, I'd say they're pretty much exactly the same dress.

The color is listed as "beige" on the tag, but it looked like a light lavender to me. The fabric is a suuuuuper soft fine wale corduroy, which will be great for fall. It's a button-front dress, just like the ST dress, too. From far away, it just looks like a nice floral pattern, but up close you can see there are...*shudder*...birds...and deer...on it:

(yes, I'm pointing to a bird and making a face)

There's some really nice detailing on the shoulders and throughout the bodice. And of course, I can't forget the pockets! If you check out British Anthropologiest's review, you can see a better pic of the contrast tan polka-dot lining of the pockets.

If it weren't for the animal pattern on the dress, I'd be tempted to pick this up when it goes on sale. However, due to my aforementioned phobia, this one's a pass for me. But if you liked the Secret Treasures Dress (and you like birds and deer), give this one a try!

Boucle de Souffle Jacket ($128 by Elevenses, shown in size 6)

Chloe already reviewed this jacket here, but I just had to give it a try to see if I might want this one over the mystery Idra jacket I reviewed here.

The 6 fit me pretty loosely throughout the bodice, and while that might be good for layering over thicker sweaters it still felt pretty boxy to me. I'd probably try sizing down to a 4 or maybe even a 2 to get it to cinch me at the waist the way it fit Chloe.

Since money doesn't grow on trees (unless it does, and I just haven't found the right trees yet), I'm going to stick with the Idra jacket over this one. I'd just prefer to have full-length sleeves and a longer bodice to keep me warm. That said, I wouldn't turn this jacket away if it happened to show up on my doorstep! (Hello, Husband? Are you reading this?)

(...and if you are reading this, take note that I'd really really really like the Babergh Dress over the Boucle de Souffle. Jussayin'. KTHXBAI.)


So anyway, I'll leave off with today's OOTD. Yep, I was once again struck with inspiration from "(500) Days of Summer." Today's outfit was inspired by the scene where Tom and Summer head to a museum to check out what looks to be modern art. At first I thought this was one of the few scenes in the movie where she doesn't wear blue, but upon closer inspection it does appear that she's wearing midnight blue pants for the scene.

Anyway, here's the inspiration from the movie - I love the little ruffled shell she's wearing:

Day 191 - Day at the Museum & Movies

"In a way, it sort of so little."

(I absolutely love that assessment of the piece they're looking at. And I love that the next "piece of art" that they look at is a pile of poo (literally!), and they just stare at it without saying anything. Have I mentioned that I became very cynical of modern art from a very young age? Because I did. I'm sorry. I really am. I guess there are just some things about art that I just don't get. Like... the modern kind. I just...don't get it. But anyway.)

So here is my little OOTD, inspired by Summer's outfit. I hadn't worn my Vanilla Bean Blouse in quite awhile, so I was more than happy to have an excuse to pull it out again. I tried it at first with the blouse tucked in, to achieve the look that she had in the movie:

...but ultimately I felt like the little black hooks on the blouse looked too weird hanging there without a belt, so I went ahead and wore the blouse with the belt. Notice also how I tried to pin my hair back like she did. Unfortunately I don't have that cute little butterfly clip that she wears in her hair, so I pulled out a little rhinestone hairpin I received as a free gift from Tarina Tarantino. Interestingly, they sent it when I'd ordered a crystal butterfly ring from them.

Vanilla Bean Blouse by Yoanna Baraschi (Spring 2010)
J Brand Jean Leggings (similar here)
Seychelles "Bette" Flat (available here)
Tarina Tarantino rhinestone clip

I think this look could also be re-created with Anthro's High Tea Blouse - one of my wishlisted items, even though I've never tried it on. ^_^

Okee dokee - I hope you enjoyed this round of reviews! Have a wonderful day!


  1. You look Va-Va-Voom in the Ba-Ba-Babergh, haha. I absolutely love it on you! And isnt' the Newport Coast store great? Although I live on the East Coast now, the NC store was my first experience with Anthro. So many fond memories of browsing through there with my friends.

  2. Everyone is killing me with the boucle jacket!! gahh... so pretty!

    The both dresses fit you like a glove, and I love your face in the pic with the birds ha!

  3. I really like that mystery bird dress, I haven't seen that one yet!

    The Babergh has looked so good on everyone that has tried it on, it really is a pretty dress with just the right amount of detail and interest.

  4. Oh you pretty things, why oh why must you try on Anthro things and look absolutely stunning in them???! you know this means that i will be poorer...hehehe...
    Kathryn, I love the Babergh dress on you, its so gorgeous! I think the bird dress is nice too, but its not something i'd rush out to get.
    That jacket is divine...oh oh oh! stop it! my bank balance will be in trouble!
    You look so pretty in the Vanilla Bean Blouse, i think it looks perfect with the sash! your hair is beautiful too - whats new eh!

    Oh by the way -- i just got my Mullany dress check me out now!

    Jen @

  5. Thanks for sharing your fear of birds! I have the same fear and no one understands. I've tried to warn people for years that they are flying death machines, but nobody wants to listen. Sigh. One stole my hot dog when I was little. I mean, who does that? Who steals a hot dog from an innocent child? I'll tell you who: birds. :)

    P.S. You look great in the Babergh dress! I was hoping not to like it but no such luck. I just might need it. Thanks for the great review!

  6. your outfit today is ADORABLE!! i want to wear something like that today, since i just got black jean leggings.

    Fall clothing does it to me too. it's the worst!! i can't say no. everything is so cute. especially boot, *sigh*

  7. The vanilla bean blouse keeps coming back to haunt me! Haha. I found a similar version of this at F21 and it wasn't my size...AGAIN! Ugh. You look lovely though!

  8. The Vanilla Bean Blouse is so perfect on you! Beautiful. And glad you got to try on the Babergh. That dress is like a siren in clothing form, I swear.

  9. Wow, Kathryn, the Babergh dress is va va voom on you. I know the price tag is hard to swallow, but oh my, you look great in it. If it looks half as good on me, I'm definitely going to purchase it.

    I love the Vanilla Bean blouse on you. So glad you're doing the 500 Days of Summer inspired outfits. Like I said, I don't care for ZD, but I love her style. You've given me tons of inspirations!

  10. Oh, and I sent this post to my sister, who agrees with me. You are as cute as a button, if not more! Just love your dimples!

  11. The Babergh Dress looks fantastic on you Kathryn! What did you think about the flowers on the one side of the top? I read another review that mentioned it would be easy to remove them. I actually think they look pretty cute and not as overwhelming as I originally thought they'd be.
    Thanks for the great reviews! :-)

  12. You must get the Babergh Dress!! it is wonderful on you!

    I am totally trying that god awful bird dress. I hear you on the whole Hitchcock attack birds. I always imagine the pigeons I see swooping down and pecking me. But in reality, they're probably more likely to poop on me! But I digress, back to the dress-the print is so off beat that I must try it. And I LOVE the Secret Treasure dress, so it's on my radar!

  13. LOVE the dress on you!!!!! I will be going to the Fashion Island store tomorrow as we will be on the way out of town and husband has business in Newport on the way. YAY!!!!! So will do some nordy returns and check out anthro too. Maybe I will get lucky and get to meet you.... I met Carol in Fashion Valley a couple weeks ago. How does the FI store compare??

    I am trying to decide if I want to keep the turq "flower belt" (forgot the name) to wear with the Beda that I finally got ...or if it looks like the flower is as big as my head (I'm 5'2") I LOVE your reviews!!


  14. Kathryn, you seriously look gorgeous in that Babergh Dress. My goodness! I do hope it finds a place in your closet!! Lovely outfit too!!

  15. Silly girl, you ARE skinny! I love the Babergh Dress on you, and I can see why it would cause you to "exclaim" in the fitting room.

    I must be barking up the wrong trees too, because mine keep dropping leaves instead of dollar bills. Boo.

  16. love the ruffles jacket!! and you are so right, if only money grows on tree i'll get the ruffles jackets and all of the dresses!! thanks for sharing!

  17. Sorry I'm so late with responding! I had kind of a busy Friday...

    @Jamie - Thank you so much! I love the Newport store...the girls there are so fabulous and helfpul!

    @E Hayes - I know, the Boucle de Souffle is so pretty, isn't it? I bet it'd be adorable on you! And haha, me + birds = not okay. Hahaha!

    @spiffy - I find it interesting that the stores have been getting some things in before putting them on the website. Weird, huh? And the Babergh was already sold out in my size at Newport when I went back the next day. Can you believe it? Gah!

    @vintageglammz - Thank you thank you thank you so much! You are so sweet! And yes - Anthro is really killing us with the number of pretty things they've got coming out, eh?

    @Chic Chef - Okay, whew! I'm not alone in my bird phobia. One flew right at my head the other day and barely missed me. It almost took my eye out! And boo to the one who stole your hot dog! I almost picture it off somewhere, laughing about the hot dog theft. Hmph.

    And I hope the Babergh really makes it to sale, because I'm having a hard time finding the funds to get all the things I want!

    @Mikaela - Thank you! Watching that movie has seriously given me a lot of ideas on styling pieces I already own. It's inspiring!

    And don't even get me started on fall boots - eek!

    @Cindi - Awww! You know, I actually still see it popping up on the sale rack at Newport from time to time...I'll keep my eye open and see if one pops up!

    @roxy - Thank you! The Vanilla Bean is one of my favorite purchases over the last year. I'm still trying to work up the courage to wear it with the Openwork Vines skirt - which was an outfit I saw on your blog and on Kim. =)

    And your description of the Babergh is 100% spot on. I love it. =)

    @Tien - Thank you so much! I just saw your post and I think the Babergh is wonderful on you! I'm going to try and hold out as long as I can on the Babergh, but I can already tell it's going to be very hard.

    I'm so glad you're enjoying my little (500) Days features...I'm having a lot of fun doing them. I'm also enjoying hearing how people seem to be so polarized on the topic of Zooey. She's really either hit or miss with people, and it's actually pretty fun to see where people's opinions lay!

    And thank you so much for your (and your sister's) sweet comments. You totally brought a smile to my face when my day was less-than-happy. So thank you!!! =)

    @Debbie - Thanks! I might be one of the few people that don't mind the flower detail on the shoulder...I actually think it adds a little interest to the top. But yes - I do think they'd be easy enough to remove, if you didn't want them on there. Thanks for reading! =)

    @Pamela - I agree - I must find a way to get that Babergh into my closet. Oh yes, Babergh. You *will* be mine.

    And, awesome! Another person who agrees with me on birds. Something about the beady, little eyes. I just don't trust 'em. That said, if I could just convince myself the pattern on the dress was floral, I'd buy the Maeve. Birds and deer aside, the detailing is really quite nice.

    @barbara - Oh! I actually ended up going to the Fashion Island store again on Friday, with Carol! I hope you liked it! Thanks for reading! =)

    @Cat - Thank you! I hope the Babergh finds its way to me somehow too. =)

    @Jan - It really is such a pretty little dress, isn't it? I'm a little scared, since it seems to be selling really well. Please make it to sale, little dress!

    If you ever find those trees, you'll be sure to let us know, right? =)

    @Nattie - Thank you for reading!