Sunday, August 8, 2010

Ruth and Adele (#5 in the 100 Strangers with Style Project)

I did it! I finally photographed some bonafide strangers!

While I was in Silverlake last weekend, I spotted two stylish gals while trying on my Soludos espadrilles at Driftwood, which is located in Sunset Junction. Their playful banter reminded me of the sort of happy chatter that Carol and I share, when we're shopping together. And of course, I couldn't help but notice how effortlessly cool they both looked in their summer dresses and lovely accessories.

I really couldn't help but notice their unmistakable Australian accents.

(Side story - Aussies are so cool. I don't think I've ever met a single person from Australia that I didn't like. While on a tour of Europe, I once shared a gondola ride in Venice with a group of Aussies, and wow. They really know how to party. But anyway.)

We bonded over our love of fashion, and they were kind enough to agree to be photographed for the blog, so...yay!

Ruth moved to Southern California from London (where she moved, from Australia) to pursue her dream of becoming an actress.

I love her style - those sandals! I wish I'd thought to ask where she got them...

And her accessories tie together so well:

Ruth and her friend Adele are both from the same little town in Australia, but they actually met when they were both living in London. Adele (who looks a little like Kate Beckinsale) was "on holiday" here in Southern California to visit Ruth, but she now lives in Sweden. She spotted a lovely vintage red shirtdress at Driftwood which was very similar to the Dagmar Shirtdress. It looked fantastic on her, and I begged her to buy it. She hopes to style it with some tights and booties when she goes back to Sweden. I wish I'd gotten a photo of her in it...

Like I said, Aussies are so cool.

I didn't manage to catch the details of their outfits, but I found some similar things...

Ruth's Look:

Adele's Look:

It was really great getting to meet and chat with these two lovely gals. And so fun to finally work up the nerve to approach some real strangers!

Well, I hope you enjoyed this little feature. And I hope you're all having a great weekend...until next time! ^_^


  1. I always knew Aussies were cool too- I'm one of them...hehehe!
    These two ladies look like a pair of celebs in CA. Great, simple yet stylish clothing. Fab choice photographing these two strangers.

    Btw - plz check out my interpretation of the Time Gone By dress -


  2. Ooh, they look totally chic in such cute basic items. Kudos to you for being brave and asking for their picture!

  3. Beautiful outfits:)))

  4. @vintageglammz - It's funny, I totally thought of you when I met these gals! I bet you'd be fun to paint the town with too! =) And I LOVE the Time Gone By Dress on you!!! (love your hubby for figuring out the exchange rate!)

    @Pamela - Thanks! I was lucky to meet such great girls!

    @minnja - Thank you!

  5. Hello! It's Adele here (not "on holiday" any more, sadly.) Hope I'm not spoiling the stranger mystery by posting. Kathryn it was great to meet you and an honour to be featured here -- and compared to Kate Beckinsale ;)

    I can solve the mystery of where Ruth got her sandals from, I asked her too. Handmade in Turkey, so a bit hard to replicate. You can get similar ones at beachside towns such as Byron Bay in Australia, so maybe some kind of markets or small boutiques in LA would have something along the same lines?

  6. What a cute, stylish pair of friends - I love this feature!

    And I adore the phrase "on holiday" once we went to visit my dad in Canada and I dared my dh to tell customs the reason for our entering the country was that we were on holiday - next time he's going to add an accent just to thrill me ;)

  7. @Adele - Hiii! I'm so glad you found me! =) It was so much fun meeting you and Ruth that day and getting to shoot your photo. I hope your holiday was a good one. How's that pretty dress of yours?

    That's so funny about the Turkish sandals - I guess they would be hard to find here, eh? Haha! Anyway, thanks so much for commenting! Hope you're well in Sweden!

    @Jan - Thank you so much! That's so funny! I totally want to adopt the "on holiday" phrase too. Every now and then I like throwing a "u" into words like "honor" and "color" for kicks. =)