Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sale Picks and List Updates (And a Question for You...)

Another Tuesday come and gone, another set of sale items!  Nothing in this week's sale was screaming my name, so I was able to stand firm and not get anything today (whee!).  This doesn't mean I wasn't involved in sale/clothing acquisition-related activities - in fact, my much anticipated sale items from last week were delivered today (the Compeer and the Choreographed Dresses) and as excited as I was to finally have them both in my grabby hands, I confess myself a little baffled by these.  When I ripped them out of the packaging and tried them on, I found that I still loved the Choreographed Dress, but that wasn't really thrilled with the Compeer.  Yet, when I tried them on for my family (Rowan voted for the Compeer strictly because it has easy-access pockets into which he can store his toys - he demonstrated for me a couple times) and picture-mailed photos to Kathryn, they all seemed to like the Compeer better.

I may just end up returning both.  But here I am in them (wearing a size 2 in the Choreographed and an XS in the Compeer.  I'd say they're true to size, though the belt on the Compeer was a little snug on me, I thought) - what do you think?

Last week, Kathryn and I unveiled our lists - our "Buy at Full Price" and "Buy on Sale" priority lists.  Due to having tried on some new arrivals, my lists have seen a shuffle of items - some additions, some removals, and some shifts from one to another.  So, in the interests of transparency, my full price list includes the following:
1. Molded and Melded Tee, white
2. Frill Force Jacket (purchased)
3. Dog Trot Cardi (purchased)
4. Mystery Tweed Pheasant Skirt
5. Finishing School Skirt (purchased)
6. Ha'penny Cardigan, purple
7. AG Stevie cords, wine
8. Southward Stop Dress

My sale price list (so far):
1. Choreographed Dress (purchased for consideration, see above)
2. Compeer Dress (purchased for consideration, see above)
3. Sugar and Cream Dress
4. Mullany Dress (I'll explain later)
5. Remaining Lilies Sweater
6. Scribbled Bouquet Cardigan
7. Lima Lines Skirt
8. Ha'penny Cardigan, yellow
9. Falling Folds Pants

Hello, Everyone!

So as some of you may have noticed, the mystery Idra is finally online. And the gal at CS that I talked to didn't lie - it is available in 3 colors and it really is called the Cream Confection Jacket.

Seriously, how PRETTY is that coat in the cream? Gah! Did I make the right choice in getting the "neutral?"

Anyway, awesome. It's finally online. Now we may all go forth and SHOP.

(debbie deb, I'm looking at you)

Kathryn's Full Price list:

1. Mystery Idra Jacket Cream Confection Jacket (which I bought here)
2. Acting Out Skirt (purchased)
3. Babergh Dress (watching this one like a hawk)
4. Bianka Blouse (thinking hard about this one...)

Kathryn's Sale Price List:

1. Once & Always Tee
2. Lima Lines Skirt
3. Mullany Dress (...there's an explanation for this one)
4. Remaining Lilies Cardigan
5. Compeer Dress (please make it to second cut, please make it to second cut...)
6. Tiny Windows Dress (stock is getting low, and I am getting weaker)
7. Secret Treasure Dress
8. Graces Tank
9. Pinpointed Skimmers (on sale, but I can't decide if they'll hurt my feet)


  1. Carol~ I think you look great in both dresses, but I'm not sure they they are that unique, compared to some of the new, lovely fall items. I think I would exchange for something truly stunning, like the Pheasant skirt. And the Scribbled Bouquet cardi is right up there on my sale wishlist as well...fingers crossed!

    Kathryn~ Thanks so much for providing the info on the Indra jacket. I am trying my hardest not to add that one to my collection right now. BTW, my local store (Princeton) just received its second shipment of Baberghs, so hopefully it will stick around for a few more weeks.

  2. Carol, I agree that you look great in the Compeer dress, but for that price, if you don't love it yourself, you should save the money for something you do love!

    Kathryn, ooh, love that new coat. I agree that the ivory seems like the best color in that style, but I'm not sure how practical ivory is for every day wear.

  3. Carol: I like both dresses on you but voted for the Compeer because of the color. Jan posted yesterday about wearing it with boots and fall colors and I think that would be so cute!

    Kathryn: I definitely like the neutral color best. Good choice!

  4. I love the Choreographed Dress. I think you should keep it, but that's just me!

    Question about the Cream Confection Jacket, is it a light outdoor jacket? I think it's adorable.

  5. Does anyone know how to check if stock is getting low online? I'm sure this has been answered before, but I couldn't find any info!

  6. I think maybe it depends on your mood. The choreographed dress is more playful and flirty. I think the Compeer is more "mom" and conservative in my opinion. They both look great on you and you can pull off both looks!

  7. I think the Choreographed Dress is SO CUTE on you!!! There are my $0.02 :)

  8. I love the Choreographed Dress on you Carol, but I agree with the others who say trust your instincts - if you don't love either, send 'em back! It'll clear your conscience for buying multiple Ha'Penny Cardigans! ;o)

    Kathryn - The cream colour makes my heart stop a little. TOO gorgeous. Can you switch? Would you? It would just be such a statement, with your dark hair....thanks for the great posts!

  9. I think you look wonderful in the Compeer, but if you don't love it love it, then it's not worth the price! Plus, it is almost guaranteed to go on a second cut soon, I am positive. If you love the Choreographed Dress, then that's the one you should keep for now :)

  10. Hello Carol and Kathryn
    @ Carol - I love both dresses on you. they are both entirely different dresses, so it is hard to compare.
    I like the compeer on you better probably because i got that one too..hehe.. errr actually to be honest, the burnt orange colour looks great against your skin and hair colour. But yeh, if you are not feeling it, then best to return.

    @ Kathryn - very pretty jacket indeed! the cream is a nice colour too, but the neutral colour would probably go with more colours in your closet i think?


  11. I voted for the Compeer, but in the end, if you aren't wowed over either one, now that you have them, return them for something you wanted more or wait for a 2nd cut.

  12. Carol - I absolutely love both dresses on you, but voted for the Compeer because it is more everyday and something you could also wear to work. If you don't LOVE it though, then definitely return and use those funds for something else on your list(but not pans!)

    Kathryn - I want that cream jacket badly! I need to look at the sleeve length in your pictures again.

    Carol - did you try the jacket?

  13. Carol - They both look lovely on you and as I said again, nothing looks bad on you! So I can totally understand your dilemma! Haha but I think if you don't love both, return them and get something on your wishlist for full price. My pick on your list would be the bird tweed skirt. :)

    Kathryn - I think you are so spot on by purchasing the neutral. Did I mention that I went ahead and ordered the neutral too? As much I'd love a white coat, it's just not practical. I've owned one before and anything and everything got on it. The most annoying thing is when my make up rubbed off the collar, which with this coat, it'll do. So good choice! When mine arrives, I'm going to have to choose between this or the Clinton trench. I can't keep both! Bah!

  14. Carol- I voted for both to go back. It's not worth it if you're contemplating them, and the wonderful thing is that Anthro ALWAYS comes through with pretty things so when that NEXT thing comes along, you'll forget all about these two! They're both cute, of course, but if you're not in love, not worth it b/c they'll eventually just hang in your closet.

    Kathryn- love the jacket!! So so pretty and adore this new color.

  15. HAHA! Can I just point out how hilarious it is that the vote is exactly split? 50% say keep one of the dresses (split half and half on each) and the other 50% say get rid of both! That's a toughie!
    Gah! That jacket! It reminds me of the Two Paths Trench... which I have. But that doesn't mean I can't have this too does it?

  16. You forgot one option in the pole...both! I seriously really like both on you! Like seriously...I can't vote I'm that torn!

  17. carol: i voted for the compeer, but i agree with the others above - if you don't love it, why spend that much?

    kathryn: i'm cowering in my office. black cream confection jacket AND the other new fall arrivals? "we're dead" indeed :)

  18. I think they both look good on you, but can you see yourself frequently wearing the Choreographed Dress? That was my was cute, but there was no way I was going to wear that to work or out to run errands on the weekend!

  19. Kathryn, a quick question please. You mentioned you took a size 6 in the Cream Confection/ Idra Jacket, and since you and I have similar body types, I wanted to ask. I don't layer much in winter (it's too warm where we live), but if you were going to buy the jacket and wear it only with a light thin top underneath, and its intended wear would be as an office jacket/ blazer worn open, and not a coat, would you size down to a 4?

    I wanted to wear it that way and would probably want to size down to a more fitted look, but wanted your opinion. Thank you!


  20. Carol, neither knocks me out, and you often do, so I had to vote for the third option.
    By the way, I'd been wanting the white Molded & Melded for awhile too, but since I have it in Brown & Sky I was worried 3 of the same top wasn't quite sane, so I contented myself with the F21 knock-off (or, Shmanthro as DH and I call Anthro copies).
    Perhaps the other $33 could go to something more coveted on your list?

    Kathryn, I loved that jacket on you but now that I see the cream I think that might be even better! I hate to say it, but you should go back & try the cream. =)

  21. Hi! Kathryn, i purchased all 3 colors of the Idra jackets. When ordering, I thought i would like the cream the best but after all arrived, I like it the least. Still like it but it just doesn't do it for me like the black (stunning) and the neutral. You should try out the cream in order to satisfy your curiosity. Free shipping until labor day!

  22. How come you both took the Mullany dress off of your wishlist? I only ask because I've been going back and forth on it and at this point any additional opinions would be welcome!