Monday, August 16, 2010

Saturday's (500) Days of Summer OOTD

Hello, and Happy Monday, Everyone!

So how was everyone's weekend? Good, I hope! Mine was nice - though way too quick, as always.

Husband was off at a jam session for most of Saturday, so I took the opportunity to hang out with my friend Sean at our mutual friend Theresa's house. Sean recently got himself a shiny new camera, and Theresa has the most adorable bicycle that I totally plan on stealing from her when she's not looking. And since I've been on this big kick with "(500) Days of Summer" lately, we decided to have a photo shoot!

I keep surprising myself with how many of Summer's looks I can re-create with current Anthropologie pieces. The outfit I decided to re-create this time isn't so much from a "scene" as it is a "snippet." But I still thought it was worth doing:

Summer, Riding Her Bike and Her "Average Stats"

I realize that this outfit would've been much closer to the actual movie outfit if I had used the Field Scout Skirt with a white tank, but I don't actually own the Field Scout Skirt so...uh, yeah. However, I thought the Vappu Dress made for a neat little substitute. Now I have to say - I've never ridden a bicycle while wearing a dress or a skirt. But after seeing several other people do it, I guess I realized there's no real reason why I can't too. As long as I'm not showing the "goods," right?

It's fun, finding new ways to wear my Anthro pieces. ^_^

More fun with re-creation:

"Height: average...weight: average...shoe size: slightly above average..."

While my height and shoe size are slightly above average, I can't say I have the "Summer effect." I've never caused a spike in album sales for a Scottish indie pop band. (that I know of, anyway) Nor have I caused an inexplicable 212% increase in revenue at an ice cream shop. And my roundtrip commute to work has never caused any double-takes. Trust me, I know - I commute to work with my husband. ^_-

Then again, my husband and I were able to find eachother amongst 400,000 offices, 91,000 commercial buildings and 3.8 million people. So fate must exist, right? *grin*

Outfit Details (well, what there is of them):

Vappu Dress
Soludos "Playa" Espadrilles in Seersucker
Ribbon: Leftover from Kate's Birthday Party

Here's a closeup of Theresa's amazing Hello Kitty bike:

If you look closely, you can even see that the tire tread is made up of Hello Kitty's face. Awesome.

I need this bike.

Some more fun outtakes from our shoot:

*Note: The Vappu Dress is now on sale for $49.95, so it's the perfect time to grab it! ^_^

Hope you enjoyed this installment of (500) Days of Summer - Anthro-style! We'll be back soon with some side-by-side reviews!


  1. LOL the hello kitty bike is just sooo over the top. I love it all!!!! Awesome shoot! I'd put you in my movie ;)

  2. Note to self: must rent 500 Days of Summer. I think I'm the last person here who still has yet to see the movie?

    I love your inspired-by outfit and shoot. And I can't show my sis that bike - she loves Hello Kitty and that may take her over the edge.

  3. What a cute photo shoot! You definitely captured Summer's look. :-)

  4. Love the photos on the bike, so cute! I can't believe I still haven't seen this movie... would you believe we rented it from Netflix, but returned it without watching!! I need to put it back in the queue

  5. Yes, I enjoyed it. That was a cute idea.

  6. @shira - Haha, I know - I LOVE that bike. I'm just glad Sean didn't catch any photos of me almost falling off the bike. It's been awhile since I've ridden one!

    @Lisa - Thanks so much! It was a lot of fun to do. =) And gosh, I really hope my constant posts about the movie don't ruin it for anyone...

    @Debbie - Thank you! ^_^

    @E Hayes - Thanks! Haha, I actually haven't signed up for Netflix yet (*blush!*) because I'm kind of worried about doing the exact same thing! That, and holding onto movies forever without watching them.

    And can I have your MJ hobo? Pleeease? ;o)

    @T - Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it. =)

  7. Yay Kathryn!

    Fun bike shots, pretty dresses and Hello Kitty overload (kitty heads on the tyres?!)

    I still haven't seen this movie - but I am going to get it asap. I will likely pause it throughout to watch Zooey's outfit glory and make a few notes!

    Thanks for the inspiration!


  8. I remember seeing the Hello Kitty bike one time at school, and being so jealous b/c it blew my beach cruiser out of the water. Your outfit recreations are great!

  9. OMG you're TOO darling! I loved this post. So cute! I've been wanting a beach cruiser bike for so long now but I know I just can't since I live in hilly Seattle. I would have SO loved that bike when I was young.

  10. Great post! Darling idea! And love the black/white pics. I have yet to see the movie--on my list! We are the same height, weight, and shoe size so now I think I've finally found my blogger match :D

  11. All I have to say is you look so adorable in the photo shoot Kathryn! I really need to see that movie!

  12. I love this! You are too cute on that bike. Now I want to learn how to ride a bike so that I can throw on my Vappu Dress and go riding down the street in it!

  13. What a great photoshoot! You look so cute!

  14. oh seriously this is the cutest thing ever!
    Your bike is so cute - ♥ hello kitty!
    I love the photos and the camera really loves you kathryn - you're such a natural! also loving the ribbon in hair - such a girlie girl like me!

    Jen @

  15. Oh my gosh, this is too freaking CUTE!

  16. I want that Hello Kitty bike! :) too cute!

    natasha @ twenty-something blog

  17. Maria took the words out of my mouth! You look so girlish and too cute for words in this photo shoot! Love your hair in the peppy ponytail and this dress is still taunting me at full price - love it!

    So in addition to your kindred, Carol, you also have friends willing to recreate a movie scene while showcasing your cute OOTD? Where to I find people like this???!!! How fun!

  18. I love that 1st bike pic, it's so happy and carefree. I haven't seen 500 Days of Summer, but you've encouraged me to move it up to the top of my Netflix queue. Don't worry - these movie inspired posts are fun to read. Fashion, music, TV and movies have always influenced each other, and it's cool to see something that inspires other people. Where else to share the fashion love of a movie than on a fashion blog? Also, I have to say it was awesome of your friend to partake in a photo shoot. Camera people are so important. ;)

  19. Oh my goodness -- a Hello Kitty bike?!!! That is just too precious. I must buy one...maybe I can start commuting via bike to work? Or maybe not -- it's 40 miles and the sweaty look isn't really in vogue in my office.

    I think the Vappu dress works perfectly for this post -- I think this just might be my favorite 500 days recreation yet!

  20. Kathryn, you look absolutely adorable on your bicycle. It made me want to get on mine and go for a ride!

    A bit OT, but since you and I are similar sizes I would like your opinion. I know that Carol takes a size 2 in the Tambour. I wasn't sure if you had tried it on, Kathryn, or if you thought you might take a 4 in it given it seems to run large. I ordered a 4 and am hoping it's not too big.

    I'm definitely not as small as Carol though so maybe I did the right thing! Haven't a clue as to how to style it when it arrives - I'm hoping it's not too cutesy.

    Have a good day ladies!


  21. @Kate - Thanks! Funny side note about the HK Bike - even the seat has Hello Kitty's face on it. Totally cute, but kind of funny at the same time!

    @Kelly & Cindi - Thank you! I absolutely love Theresa's bike - it's seriously a little girl's dream come true, isn't it?

    @Saskia - Yay for blogger matchy-size twins! I think Sara (You, Me & Anthropologie) and Krameymartin are the same size as us, too!

    @Gemma - Thank you so much! I'm so glad people are enjoying my little outfit re-creations! It makes me happy to hear!

    @Sara - Haha! How cute would it be if you and your hubby got a tandem bike and you wore your Vappu? That'd be SUCH a cute photo. Heehee! ^_^

    @Pamela - Thank you!

    @vintageglammz - Thanks so much! I wish it were my bike, but it's my friend's. And at this rate she's probably afraid I'm going to steal it from her, haha! And yes - it really is fun to be girlie-girl sometimes!

    @Maria - Awww, thank you! This shoot was really fun to do!

    @Natasha xoxo - Right?! I want this bike too!

  22. @Jan - Thank you so much! Your comments are so sweet! I am extremely grateful for such amazing friends. ^_^ And oh - the Vappu went on sale this morning, so go forth and buy! I can't wait to see you in it! =D

    @Diana - Thank you!! I've always loved tv and movie fashion, so it's fun to get to share that love with all of you!

    And I feel very lucky to have such great and talented friends who are willing to lend me their bicycles and follow me around with a camera. =)

    @Jamie - Oh my gosh, wouldn't it be cool if they made a Hello Kitty stationary bike?? *goes to look for that now*

    And thank you for your sweet comments!

    @hs (Heidi) - Thanks so much! Unfortunately, I haven't tried on the Tambour myself, so I can't be of much help in this regard. =\ I can say that I'm generally between a 2 and 4 in tops. My Vanilla Bean was a 2. I've been able to wear the same blouse size as Carol on occasion. I'm just a little broader in the shoulders. Sorry I couldn't be more help!

    And I think there's some good options for it - like over a pair of trousers to add just the right amount of "girlie" to your outfit. Or even a pair of skinnies. Or with a pencil skirt to offset the straight line, for work. Makes a great underpinning for under a cardi too. Hmm, I should try to find that top now! =)

    Have a fantastic day!

  23. Thanks Kathryn, your ideas are very helpful You have a wonderful day too - perhaps get in some additional bike riding! Looks like fun.


  24. this is adorable and so creative! what a fun replication of the movie scenes :)

  25. Kat, if there is one thing you're going to cause, it's a spike in (500) Days of Summer rentals ;)

  26. Aw, I love this post!!!! (500)Days of Summer (and Ms. Deschanel herself) is my favorite.

  27. You have a wonderful day too - perhaps get in some additional bike riding! Looks like fun.
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