Sunday, August 29, 2010

Shiny! Let's Be Bad Guys! (Women of Diminutive Stature (Shorties) Edition: Fitting Room Reviews)

Happy weekend, everyone!  Hope you all had a lovely and productive week and that you are having a lovely and relaxing weekend.  In case you couldn't tell from the title of this post, this set of fitting room reviews has several repeats from Kathryn's yesterday, so if you're 5'5" or taller, parts of this post may be downright dull.  I apologize in advance for that, as well as the less-than-stellar photo quality.  Anyway, after Kathryn picture-mailed me her photos from the Fashion Island Anthropologie's fitting room, I shot off an email to Heather (personal shopper extraordinaire at the Fashion Valley Anthropologie) inquiring if they had received the Pattern Maker's Coat, with which I had totally fallen in love.  She quickly replied that it was, in fact, in the store and that she'd pull one for me as well as a few other things to try on.  So after work on Friday, I trotted on over with Kate.  Here's what I tried:

Here is the Cream Confection Jacket in the black color.  I'm wearing a size 2.  I sort of felt I was being swallowed up by the 2 - the collar felt super high and the sleeves were pretty long - coming down over the base of my fingers (see photo above right) and I felt like I had a lot of room in the shoulders.  Consequently, the first time I tried this jacket on, I found myself disappointed (especially since it looked so lovely on Kathryn) and back to the rack it went.

Fortunately for all involved, Heather pulled this jacket in a size 0 as well.  Here it is, in the neutral color. This fit me much better in the houlders, the sleeve wasn't quite so long, and while the collar still felt high, didn't seem to swallor me up quite the same way.  Surprisingly, when zipped, the jacket nipped my waist in nicely - the only thing I didn't really love about it was the way the bottom cut-away makes my hips look so much wider than my shoulders.  I'm already slightly pear-shaped, but I felt the design of the jacket really accentuated that, and so, this lovely little creation is going to be a pass for me.  Very petite women may be sized out of this one, though, I also have to note - while the 0 fit me better over all, I wouldn't have been able to get a bulky sweater under it - I'd only have been able to wear it over lighter layers.  So, if you're usually a 0, this jacket may still work for you, if you plan to wear it layered over heavier things.   Even so, you might consider having the sleeves taken up just a touch.

I mentioned in an earlier post that I had ordered the Alice in Autumn sweatercoat ($168) in the ivory color, tried it on, and was so completely underwhelmed that I returned it without bothering to blog it.  Well, here I am in the same sweater, only in the gray version (which, I have to note, seems more taupe than gray to me, but we all know that it can be hard to pin some of these colors down).  For whatever reason, I liked this color infinitely better than the original ivory, and while it still fails to take my breath away, or make my heart skip a beat, I don't hate it.  Just a note - the arms are pretty fitted, as is the bodice of the sweater, while the bottom half is much more loose, sort of baby-doll style.  The neckline is gorgeous - I really love the way the folded fabric frames the throat.  I don't love the floral lace appliques that run around the high waist, but it's not terrible.  I'm wearing the XS in these photos, and I'd judge that it runs true to size.

This is the D'armee dress ($138), which I completely breezed past on the website.  It was so uninteresting to me in that product shot, that I remember briefly wondering how this boring dress had ended up in the mix of beautiful new fall items.  Heather had pulled the dress for me, though, and I'm glad she did, because this fun little military-inspired number was probably one of the most comfortable dresses I've ever put on - and happily, it's cute too!  I'm not exaggerating when I say I could have slept in this dress.  And paired with the Bow and Angle belt (the new version of the Snakebite - see photo above right), it's a super easy, on-trend outfit.  There's a functional exposed zipper that runs down the front of the dress, and you can zip it up to have a more modest neckline (as in my photos above) or zipped low with a pretty cami underneath, as styled on the model for the catalogue shot (here).  My only complaint about this dress?  I already own the Frill Force Jacket, which may mean that having two military-trend pieces in my closet could be a bit much.  Okay, and one other complaint - it's dry clean only.  Still, it's wishlisted, though probably for sale, and not full-price.  **Edit: I'm wearing a size 2 in these photos, and it's true to size.

When I saw that Heather had pulled the Peppered and Striped Skirt ($128) for me, I clapped my hands in delight.  In these photos, it's paired with the Eze Sur Mer Top ($48), in a solid navy color, which is currently unlisted on the website.  Let me get the top out of the way first - I didn't like it.  I found the neckline to be really unflattering on me, being neither a scoop or a crew.  If you pull the shoulders apart, you can get a bateau or boatneck look, which is much better, but it won't stay that way for long, and you'll pretty much spend the whole day, pulling on it, to make sure it's holding that shape.  Better just to buy an actual boatneck.  Which is a shame, because otherwise, this top has a lot of good things going for it: nice fabric, adorable gold buttons along the raglan-style shoulder seam, and cute pleat detail over the shoulders.  It's a total pass for me.

Now, on to the skirt.  I tried the skirt on in a size 2 (TTS), and gasped with joy.  It's beautiful.  Little golden polka dots on a gray wool background, pleats and decorative buttons, a plaid (for lack of a better description) waistband - oh, just fabulous in every way!  These last couple weeks, I've been poring over magazine spreads  (specifically in Vogue and InStyle) featuring Louis Vuitton's heartstopping, breath-takingly beautiful fall/winter 2010-11 line.  If you haven't seen the work wrought by Marc Jacobs for LV, you need to look.  Like most women living on the planet Earth, I can't afford Louis Vuitton ready-to-wear, so I'd been wondering how to recreate those incredibly feminine, '50's looks.  Well, I think this skirt is an excellent place to start (another being the Feathered Perch Skirt - correct silhouette and length - though I'm still on the fence about "tea length" skirts myself.  It's bad enough that I'm short - I don't need to look stubby on top of it).  Anyway, the Peppered and Striped Skirt is knee-length on 5'2" me, though the on the model, it looks considerably shorter, so keep that in mind, taller women.  There are pockets, and back-zip, and I love it.  LOVE IT.  Love, love, love it.  Have I convinced you of the sincerity of my feelings, yet?  

Here is the Pattern Maker's Coat ($228) in a size 2.  Note the confusion on my face.  Umm...this isn't what I was imagining... much better.  Tried on the size 0 and yep, that one fits pretty much perfectly.  Petite ladies, this one runs big, so keep that in mind.  Oh, such a pretty coat!  Pretty bows on the shoulders, pretty pink, rose, gray, and charcoal stripes!  My only issue with it? It's definitely a dress-coat.  Meaning, it looks off when unbuttoned - and I don't know...when I wear a coat, I like to be able to throw it on, unbuttoned, over whatever I'm wearing and not have to be all buttoned up all the time.  Prior to trying this on, it was at the top of my "Purchase at Full-Price" list, but  I may have to re-think it.  What do you think?  Yes? No? Maybe so?  Wishlisted for further consideration.

I <3 the Ruffled Plaid Dress ($158).  I do.  I'm wearing the size 2, and it's pretty much perfect.  Aside from the dry-clean only (we can't have everything) and I'm pretty sure it doesn't have pockets (but that's what handbags are for) and I can't nurse Kate in it without taking the whole thing off (weeeell, who cares - I'll just wear it to work and take it off directly, when I'm home).  It's made of a gorgeous gray and dark blue plaid and comes with a dark brown belt that's got lovely details on it (yes! the belt it comes with is actually rather cute) and while these sheath-shaped dresses can sometimes be problematic for my body shape and stature, this one works fine.  The fit is very similar to that of the Babergh Dress, and the skirt hits the lower half of my knee, but not quite beneath it.  It's jumped to the top of my "Purchase at Full Price" list for next month.   In my mind, I'm already wearing it with my Rensselaer T-Straps and a little cardi or my tall boots and my Ha'penny Cardigan which I'll also eventually have...sigh.  ^_^  

Close-up of the details on the bodice.  Beautiful!

So, there are a few more things I tried on, but I'll get to those later.  Have a wonderful Sunday!


  1. I love that whole outfit with the peppered & striped skirt! You look great and now I am sorely tempted to hunt that whole look down - need, now!

  2. I saw the Peppered & Striped Skirt yesterday, but didn't want to try it on for fear I would like it and purchase it. I just made my returns and ran out of the store....LOL

    It looked wonderful on you as well as the last dress.

  3. I love the peppered & striped skirt on you! The ruffled plaid dress looks great on you too. Kathryn and you both look awesome in this dress, actually!

  4. the peppered and striped skirt and the plaid dress are two things I've had my eye on. while I'm a whopping 5'6", I still find these reviews helpful! :) the dress fits you like a glove. That should shoot all the way to the top of your wishlift for sure!

  5. The Peppered and Stripe Skirt is so pretty. I'd love to try it on, but I can' because I'm afraid of buying it when I'm trying to save up my money for my pretty boots. (with the exception of some pieces I've added to a list, of course).

  6. I LOVE the Peppered and Striped Skirt on you! I tried it on the other day too and had a very hard time leaving it behind. It's so gorgeous!
    I also love the Ruffled Plaid Dress on you and am dying to try that. Thanks for the reviews!

  7. Fabulous reviews as always. Your website and Roxy's are the best when it comes to Anthro reviews! I just love that D'armee dress with the belt. It didn't look like much on the site, but looks great on you. What size are you wearing in the photo? (we seem to take the same size in dresses). The Plaid dress is great on you too.

  8. I really like the green zip dress on you, but understand if you already have the great jacket you posted the link to. I also like the peppered skirt on you, too.

  9. The salt and pepper skirt is completely charming on you. It would make me happy to know it's in your closet!!

  10. Anything but dull for 5ft me! I love your reviews, and was especially thankful to see you in the Confection Jacket - I was debating between it or the Southward Stops Dress, and went with the dress. I think it was a good call, that neckline does look pretty high, and the sleeves long...

    The Peppered and Striped Skirt is totally adorable on you! The cut looks similar to the Circle the Globe? Which means I know to avoid it, lol - but YOU should totally splurge! LOVE you in the plaid dress too, that is just perfect on you!

  11. I love the plaid dress! I'm so happy to have found your blog-- I am new to the San Diego area and your blog has been a great fashion road-map :)

  12. Excellent post as always.

    Thanks for the advice to check out the Marc Jacobs for LV - I found a fun slideshow of the collection here:

    The skirt is gorgeous on you, as is the D'armee dress. It is tough when every fortnight there are new pretties... budgets are mean things but necessary!

  13. I was inspired to try on the cream confection after I saw your post this morn' as I was going to make returns. I loved it! I showed it to my hubby in your post and he said (THREE TIMES!) "She's so CUTE!" I was like--of course she is cute! What about me?! Lol. Anwyay, I actually like the way the Peppered Skirt and Eze Top look on you..then I read you had trouble with the neckline moving around? Anyway, all is adorable on you and the ruffle plaid dress of course looks great (too bad I didn't like the way it looked on my back...too much skin or something). Thanks for the great blog!

  14. Hey Carol
    first of all, your baby girl is so so so so adorable!! i love how she's wandering in the fitting room while you;re taking the pictures! its too cute!
    I am really loving the ruffle plaid dress on you (and Kathryn as well of course). its just a universally flattering cut.
    and the peppered and striped skirt is so cute too! i think if you had to pick which items to purchase from all you tried on, it would have to be these two!

  15. Thanks, everyone for all your nice comments!

    @Lisa - I really like the idea of that outfit - it's perfect except for me, the neckline of that top. =( If only it were more one thing or another, hahaha. But I'm so glad you like it. Heather will be happy to hear it!

    @Bronzi - hahaha, I have trips like that! Where I go in, and try to keep my head down as I make returns and run out before I can be tempted by the pretty things that seem to be cooing at me! (I'm glad I'm not alone...)

    @Pamela - LOL, I'm glad an Amazon such as yourself still finds my reviews helpful. ^_- I can't wait to see if the skirt and dress work for you - I can't imagine they won't. That blue with your red hair! Oh, it'll be swoon-worthy.

    @Tien - Oooh, those pretty boots! You know, speaking of Burberry, I really hate their current ad campaign. Haha, all those angry-looking adolescents. Is that supposed to be appealing? Anyway, I'm really interested to know what made your list despite the beautiful and $$$ boots.

    @Kim - Thanks! I can't wait to see you in the Ruffled Plaid dress and hear what you think of it.

    @Naomi - aw, thanks! Aren't you glad Heather had me try that dress on? It's so comfy and cute! I tried it on a in a 2.

    @gigiofca - thank you! I may pick up that dress on sale, eventually. So comfy and fun, you know?

    @Cat - thanks! (Be happy...)

    @Jan - I tried on the Confection jacket just for you. ;) And I got the Southward Stop dress that day too! LOL, I wish we lived near each other. How fun would it be to shop together?

    @Maya - welcome to San Diego! I'm glad you find our blog helpful. =) Email me if you ever have questions about shopping here or other area things. I peeked at your blog too - it looks like we may be in sorta the same line of work?

    @Kate - oh! Thanks, that's perfect! I was looking around for a link of the collection, but I was working on the post so late last night, I ran out of steam. Hahaha, thank goodness I have such enterprising contributors/readers. =)

    @Saskia - I'm glad you liked the Cream Confection jacket, and LOL at your DH. I hope you got the jacket - surely at this point, you can have it, guilt-free. ;)

    @Jen - hahaha, thanks. She's a great shopping buddy. =) I really think you and your DH need to get to work on your own. ;)

  16. I put the jacket on my wishlist--I love the brown color! I just ordered the Elkanha Jacket so this will have to wait--plus I live in Santa Monica so like you in SD it's not like I'm going to neeeeed a warm coat for a few months :)
    I did purchase Circle The Globe skirt in navy and black. I'm wondering if it will shrink in the dryer--any advice? I usually hang dry but looking at how wrinkly it came out I'd like to save an ironing step :)

  17. Thanks again Carol for including us shorties! Your reviews are so helpful. I love the plaid dress on you!!!! Rachelle

  18. The ruffled plaid dress - awesome. Wishlisted. Now that I know it looks good on us shorties it's a must-have on my long, long list of wanted clothing. Also, thank you so much for petite reviews! They're so helpful since things hang so much differently on us. Love the Cream Confection jacket; it looks so good in the 0. Thanks for the tip on sizing down.

  19. I especially like the D'armee Dress, Peppered and Striped Skirt, and Ruffled Plaid Dress on you! Kate is sooooo cute!

  20. omg ya'll are BAD news for my current budget!!

  21. Love that polka dot skirt, it is so, so pretty!


  22. Omg I just found a jacket that looks really similar to the Cream Confection Jacket at Macys.

    the material is different and has a collar, but its half the price. in addition, if you have the 20% discount card it is even cheaper!