Tuesday, August 17, 2010

(Side-by-Side Fitting Room Reviews)

Hi everyone! Happy Wednesday! Hope your week is going well. Ours is...going. As you may have noticed from our last post, we were agonizing over whether or not we should get the Compeer Dress (and in my case, the Choreographed Dress). I decided I absolutely could not get both, unless they were on a second cut. But I did decide to order and try the Compeer, as we hadn't even seen it in store, and weren't sure it it'd even be what we wanted. Note our chat about it:

kathryn 4:20 pm
(4:20:29 PM): i just wanna try the darn thing
(4:20:35 PM): (compeer)
carol 4:20 pm
(4:20:37 PM): okay
(4:20:39 PM): maybe we order
(4:20:45 PM): non-commital like
kathryn 4:20 pm
(4:20:52 PM): right, non-commital.
carol 4:20 pm
(4:20:53 PM): order and try it on
(4:20:56 PM): and see how it is
kathryn 4:20 pm
(4:20:57 PM): we're...non-commiters.
carol 4:20 pm
(4:20:58 PM): it could suck
kathryn 4:21 pm
(4:21:02 PM): it could
carol 4:21 pm
(4:21:04 PM): it could...be like the Dagmar
kathryn 4:21 pm
(4:21:10 PM): ...it could.
carol 4:21 pm
(4:21:12 PM): hahahaha
(4:21:14 PM): so
kathryn 4:21 pm
(4:21:14 PM): lol
carol 4:21 pm
(4:21:22 PM): it doesn't hurt to try just try?
(4:21:31 PM): shipping's free, after all?

Yeah...we're trouble together. With a capital T. When we're not silly, with a capital S.

Speaking of, Kathryn and I got to meet up last weekend and we were able to do some fitting room reviews together. Here are some side-by-sides of new, in-store arrivals. Apologies for the very poor quality photos - tomorrow, I'll be dropping off my camera at the repair shop.

In my head, I'm calling this the Trophy Dress ($168, style #18824193 for the size 4), as it's not on Anthropologie's website yet. I spotted the dress on a dress form, and loved it right off! What a fun and quirky print! The fabric is covered with ribbons and trophies from what looks to be some sort of equestrian competition. When I put the dress on, I loved it even more! I'm wearing the size 2, and I'd say this dress is pretty TTS. It's strapless, with a sweetheart neckline (though it does have removable straps) and I usually feel a little...mm, vulnerable in strapless dresses (not a lot to hold them up, you see) but this one was great! The boning held the dress up securely but didn't dig into my sides or ribs uncomfortably. There was a wide ribbon sash which didn't feel horrible and cheap, which you could probably tie in the front or the back - Kathryn and I are both wearing it tied in the back in these shots. The dress was cotton and machine washable (whoo!) and had pockets, and an exposed back zip. Super cute! Totally wishlisted for me!

Kathryn here! Pardon my giggles - it always takes me a little bit to stop laughing when I see the two of us, side by side, in identical prints.

So I don't think I've ever tried on anything by We Love Vera before, but this one felt pretty TTS, like Carol said. The store had it styled on a mannequin with the Terrace House Jacket in grey and a skinny belt:

...which I thought looked adorable. I actually snuck over to Anthro yesterday to pick up the Oratory Dress for my Hello Kitty-bike-owning-friend Theresa (and ran into my friend Debbie while I was at it - hi, Debbie!), so I took the opportunity to slip on the jacket for kicks:

Eep. Sorry about the crappy-ish photo. But, hm. This jacket is really cute, but I'm not too sure I like the way it lays on me. It flops open kind of weirdly. I think I'll stick with my mystery Idra jacket. For reference, I have on a size 4.

....and here's Husband, being "helpful"...

What can I say? I'm happy to be married to the man. After all, he pays half the bills and...he's...warm?

Anyway. Back to the dress! The skirt isn't terribly poofy, so that's worth noting. I don't really have too much to add that Carol hasn't already said. It's definitely cute, if you're into quirky prints!

A detail of the cute ribbons printed on the dress - look at the little horse-heads! This dress seems like a total no-brainer for those of you who love horses or the races (Lillian, I'm talking to you! ^_-)

Here is Anna Sui's 24K Myosotis Dress ($298). I'm wearing the size 2, and Kathryn is in a size 4. To be honest, had I not seen the dress online first, I don't think I would ever have tried it on. It's really not me (too ruffly and pastel?) - and just seeing it on the hanger, I could tell it'd be a terrible length on me. I know some of you love this dress, and I've gotta say, the SAs at the Fashion Island store could not stop gushing over it. The fabric is very silky, flowy, and shimmery, but made me think of something Laura Ingalls Wilder might have been thrilled to wear to a party (had the dress reached the floor). The construction is gorgeous, of course, and aside from the length, the dress fit me well. It was really comfortable. That's about all I can say. It's a pass for me (no love at all). I think petite women are going to have trouble with length on this one - especially since there's no easy way to have it taken up, and no petite sizing to boot.

Kathryn here. Well I have to say, this dress is pretty...but I'm with Carol on this one. The detailing on this dress is really nice, but I just couldn't shake the prairie-girl feel. And "Asian prairie girl" just isn't a look I'm going for these days. Pretty, but pass.

Detail shot of the fabric - note the pretty metallic strands running through the print.

Here is the Midnight Safari Dress ($148) by Sparrow. This is a sweater dress and I'm wearing the size XS (sorry bout the terrible photos - I promise to take my camera in this week to be fixed). When I pulled this on over my head, the scoop neck scooped way below my chest, I kid you not. This knit is very stretchy. I'm not a huge fan of the print, and it hit me well beneath the knee, so it's an awkward length. The sash was a nice, wide grosgrain ribbon. Not terrible, but not my cup of tea, so back to the rack it goes.

Kathryn again. Carol's serious about this dress being stretchy - in fact when she first put the dress on, she stretched the neckline below her breasts, just to show she could. So I guess it's worth noting that A) a woman could nurse their child in this dress, and B) a woman could also flash people in this dress.

Needless to say, this one's a pass for little ol' print-phobic me. But for reference, I have on a Small.

Besides - I swear if I look long enough at the print, I can see Edvard Munch's "The Scream" hidden in there. Jussayin'.

This is the Pittore Dress ($168), and here's another one that was completely underwhelming. When I pulled on the size two, I found that while the skirt portion of the dress fit fine, the top half was enormous! Totally gaping (see photo below) in a really bad way. It has a side zip, is dry clean only, and the print sort of looks...blotchy. The colors are good - wonderfully autumnal, but...the print resembles a drip cloth that's been hanging out underneath a leaky car for way too long. Smaller chested, narrow-shouldered women, beware. Pass, pass, pass.

Kathryn again! Well, if I was looking for a dress to make me feel fat, I've found it! I'm way too pear-shaped to make this dress work for me. I had on a size 4, and I'd need a size 6 for it to fit my hips comfortably. However, the size 4 was too big on top! Boo for small-chested me. That's okay though, there's plenty of other pretty dresses and Anthro to make my heart flutter.

Gaping top!!! Yikes.

Oh, it's the mystery "Bird" Dress ($128)! I'm wearing a size 2, and I love it! Kathryn, lovely brave soul that she is, put the dress back on for me and for you, so the comparison could be made. The skirt hit directly at my knee, and the toile-like print was a charming charcoal-black against a lavendary-grayish-beige background. There are pockets and functional buttons straight down the front (thankfully not as small or close together as the buttons on the Secret Treasure Dress). The easy to open and close buttons are helpful, since there isn't a smocked back on this dress, as there is on the Secret Treasure. I loved the diagonal pintucks flanking the buttons on the bodice, and the pleats on the shoulders. So pretty! I really really want this dress, but I can wait until September. Actually, I have to wait 'til September. My discretionary funds for August are gone, gone, gone. Hopefully, it'll still be around when my discretionary funds are renewed.

Kathryn here. Just remember, I love you. I put this back on for you.

I have to say, as much as I thought the Babergh Dress ($188) was lovely on everyone else, I didn't think I'd like it so much on me. But...the truth is, when I pulled this dress on, I loved it. It's so pretty! And it fits so well! The length is perfect - right at my knee, and the top doesn't gape or look huge, and it's surprisingly comfy! I mean, I could eat in this dress, if I so chose. Always a good sign. The only drawbacks for me are 1) it's dry clean only, 2) no pockets, 3) a little too dressy for me to wear everyday. Though...maybe with a cardigan thrown over it, it'd be better? Hmm, I'm suddenly envisioning this with tall brown boots, tights, and a sweater coat for fall and winter. Sigh...wishlisted for sale.

Kathryn again! Welp. You already know how I feel about this dress...but imagine my panic when I couldn't find any more 4s at Newport? Gah! I have on a size 6 for this side-by-side review, and it's just a teensy bit too big. I'll definitely need a 4 for this one. I just...need...to hold on...until September. Must. Be. Strong.


  1. The bird dress is on ebay for $64 (including shipping), so if you really want it, Carol, you can get it for a good price right now!!!

    check "Maeve Bird Design Velvet Dress"

  2. thinking about taking the photo and seeing it still cracks me up! love it, hahaha!!!

  3. I love this side-by-side review. The Babergh dress really looks fabulous on each of you, which helps to explain why it has gotten such smashing reviews online. I hope it sticks around until September so that you two -- and I -- can take it home!

  4. That Anna Sui dress is gorgeous - ugh, too bad it won't work for us shorter gals!

    Thanks for these awesome side-by-side reviews - though now you've got me running around with the Compeer dress on the brain!

  5. The Trophy, Bird and Babergh dresses all look great on the both of you! Kathryn, even though you have a fear of birds, it really does fit you well. Thanks for the reviews, I love the side by sides!

  6. Always love the side-by-sides. :) Kathryn, did you happen to take down the style number on the mystery coat? It still hasn't shown up in my store, so I was thinking about trying to track it down.

  7. Thank you pretty things Carol and Kathryn. I love your side-by-sides!

    I really like the Babergh dress on both of you, the length, cut and fit is just too perfect. It's definitely on my wishlist now!

    I think the Anna sui dress is so pretty, but you are right, the length will be a problem for petites. It looks so long.

    What are you waiting for?? get the Compeer dress, shipping is free for you American folks. im sooo jealous! I hope i receive my confirmation soon...

    Jen @ vintageglammz.blogspot.com

  8. love your side-by-sides! LOVE the compeer dress and if it went with my coloring I would get it!!!
    I did very well at the fashion Valley store yesterday....now the decision making. I even got a couple of 2nd cuts!!! Husband did NOT like that little gauze beach dress (white) that I tried on for size in ordering the deep teal one...... so. do I REALLY look like I am going to my own sweet 16 party??? EEEEKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. You gals are so silly with your chat! I think my friend Jean and I have similar conversations via chat as well about clothes and buying decisions.

    I really loved the bird dress on both of you. It truly shows how thoughtful the designer was at making a dress that fits more than one body shape. I hope it works on me too! I saw a SA wearing it at the store yesterday and it looked lovely on her as well.

  10. Thanks for the side by side reviews girls, always love these! I really really love the "trophy" dress... might have to save up for that in case it hits the UK site, looking at the price you quoted I'd guess it'll be £138 ish here. The bird dress is awesome too, thanks Kathryn for overcoming your fear to try it on again and pose with Carol : )

  11. Carol & Kathryn - I'm going down with you, and "just trying" the Compeer. After I told you about my Oct. birthday, I remembered even better news! My baby is turning one that month and HELLO? Should I not wear this dress for his party? I mean, really.

    Now, Kathryn, close your ears.

    Carol - I LOVE that bird dress the more I see it, and I'm so happy that it's working on petites! Really cute on you!

    These side by side reviews are such a fun treat! Thank you, both!

  12. The side by side fitting room reviews are precious. I could not stop laughing. You guys have very different body types so it's great to see the comparisons.

  13. hi ladies, thank you again for another awesome post. would you mind posting the sku for the bird dress (if you have it). i went to two anthros in my state and neither one of them carry it. i may have to ask customer service to tracking it down. thx@s

  14. Girls, if the dress is on ebay this soon, its probably stolen. Not a good thing!