Tuesday, August 31, 2010

There's Something About Chloe (Catching up on OOTDs)

Does anybody know if there's a (c h l o e c o n s p i r a c y) fanpage on Facebook? Because if there is, I'd like to become a "fan."

Last week, during Chloe's hilarious rant about paint color on Twitter, I tweeted back that I wanted to make t-shirts that say "Chloe Is My Homegirl." The girl is just awesome. She's gorgeous, her style is impeccable, and she is an amazing writer. (See her incredibly poignant tribute to her Aunt Clara here.)

She's also elevated snarkiness into an art form. Seriously. There's something to be said about a woman who has the ability to refer to her closet as "capacious," yet wants to re-name the paint color for her walls as, "m*therf*cking TAUPE, b*tch!" It's like, she could use bigger, fancier words...but she chooses not to. Which is doubly awesome because she very deliberately made that conscious decision, and that kind of thing has always tickled my fancy - especially when done with the right flair. And Chloe definitely does not lack in flair.

Hers is a subtle art.

(note: there were...other vowels....in place of those asterisks. In case you couldn't tell.)

Anyway, I make it a point to check out her blog everyday for outfit inspiration and helpful coupon codes. Saturday's OOTD was all Chloe, as I used multiple coupon codes (provided by her) and pretty much copied what she wore here.

Last Saturday's OOTD:

I'd been wanting a lace top for quite some time after seeing them on Emily, Kim and Tien. I'd missed out on the Forever 21 version, but I was pleased to see that Charlotte Russe had one that was pretty darn close. I purchased this $20 top with a 20% off code, thanks to Chloe. Booyakasha!

The jeans are so incredibly soft that I could wear them as pajamas. I'm normally pretty snobby about my jeans, but I was feeling pretty unmotivated to spend a lot of money on a pair of grey wash jeans. Then along came Chloe again, with the American Eagle recommendation and a 20% off code plus free shipping. Um...jeans shipped to my house for less than $40? Can I get a what-what?

I don't know how else to describe the belt other than "perfect." Another Chloe rec, another triumph. The color is described on J.Crew's site as "Metallic Tulip," and while it's metallic, I have no idea what part of it is tulip-y. It's more of a rose-gold, if you ask me. Anyway, I love it...and I pretty much haven't stopped wearing it since I got it....

(apologies for the poor photo quality, it had gotten too dark outside to shoot my OOTD)
(oh, and the other "photo spot" in my house is currently being taken up by musical equipment)

This lace-with-ripped-denim outfit was what I chose to wear to a charity hockey game over at Anaheim Ice (Dear Bobby Ryan, you are sofa king HOT!), and to keep warm I decided to further toughen up the look with a leather bomber I picked up at Nordie's Anniversary Sale this year:

Saturday's Details:

Last Friday's OOTD:

So for some reason, the Husband did not love the pairing of the Field Game Cardigan with the Count the Waves Dress. He couldn't really articulate why, just that he didn't really like it. *shrug* Oh well. This is what I wore to work and to my hair appointment later that day. I hadn't gotten a hair cut in over four months (eek!), so I needed a little bit of a trim so that I could continue growing my hair out for donation.

I snapped this photo after I got home from havin' my hair "did." Can I just say that I wish my hairdresser lived with me so that my hair could always look like this?

Friday's Details:

Field Game Cardigan
Count the Waves Dress
J.Crew Metallic Leather Belt in Metallic Tulip
Nordstrom BP Bow Necklace (similar here)

I've actually worn my Count The Waves Dress more than I've shown, as evidenced by DH's awesome photography skillz at Disneyland here:

No, wait, here:


Well, for anyone interested, the dress held up remarkably well on Splash Mountain! (Yay for machine-washableness..!)

Tuesday's OOTD:

So if you can't tell, I'm apparently a huge fan of Chloe's "Ace of Lace" outfits. This next outfit was inspired by her look here; though, looking back at it now, it's nowhere near as fabulous. Oh well. I did the best I could! I was still happy with my Forever 21 necklace that I picked up for a steal. I felt it added some interest to a plain ol' J.Crew painter tee.

(ugh, really must get home early enough to photograph outfits in natural light!)
(...either that, or I really must get myself the 580EX II...)
(oh, and note the flat hair.)

Tuesday's Details:

J. Crew Painter's Tee (similar here)
Forever 21 Lace Skirt (kinda similar here, another version here, Target version here)
J.Crew Metallic Leather Belt in Metallic Tulip
Forever 21 Luxe Hanging Necklace in Pink/Gold (buy here, neat one here, kinda crazy version here)

So there we have it - another handful of outfits, completely inspired by a fabulous m*therf*ckin' gal from Coloradoooooo.

Chloe, thank you for being you. You rock.

Thanks for readin'!


  1. Love the lace top on you in your recreation of Chloe's outfit (I just adore her too, she's fabulous). I like the addition of the leather jacket as well. Cute!!

  2. The gold belt is such a nice touch! :)

    natasha @ twenty-something blog

  3. chloe is awesome! such an inspiration

    love the looks you put together too. especially love both the lace top and the lace skirt. you are too gorgeous! i wish my hair could look like yours!

  4. If you end up making Chloe shirts, let me know. I'd buy one! Love her.

  5. You look nice in all your outfits!

  6. I love the lace top on you! Looks wonderful. I went to J Crew to look for a skinny belt and I was shocked to see they want $60 for a skinny leather belt. Please. No thanks. I like the metallic ones best, but I didn't see any at the store. I might bite the bullet and buy one online and pay for the shipping. Their prices for the metallic belts are much more reasonable.

    Chloe cracks me all the time, without fail.

    And your husband's photos are just too funny!

  7. I like the Field Game cardigan over the dress! And that's saying something, because that cardi never 'did' it for me. Love that necklace. Join you in the Chloe-worship - she rocks. Sofa king. Giggle.

  8. I love the lace top on you - its so pretty and romantic!
    i can't believe you wore an anthro dress to disneyland - don't the dirty seats on those rides freak you out? i would never wear anthro there, all those kiddie germs...hehee.
    thanks for introducing me to Chloe's blog, it's great!
    Jen @ vintageglammz.blogspot.com

  9. @J - Thank you! I have so much inspiration on how to wear that lace top now, thanks to you and Chloe!

    @Natasha xoxo - Thank you! I'm a little in love with this belt. I highly recommend!

    @Rosa - Isn't Chloe the bestest? I wish I could have her come over and style my outfits.

    And thank you for the sweet compliments! You just totally made my day!! =D

    @Sara - Hahaha, I will be sure to let the world know! I can see it now - Chloe in black graphics...wearing shorts, heels, some sort of awesome top cinched with a belt, maybe a blazer to top it off. Her hair is up, bangs sideswept, she's winking, and the Paraty is on her arm.

    I see it. Jussayin'! ;o)

    @tris1978ton - Thank you! =)

    @Tien - Thank you! I also want to style the lace top with my pink Alena Skirt like you did, but I haven't decided yet if I can pull it off...

    And ugh - I saw the $60 skinny belts at J.Crew too. What's up with that? Anyway, my store didn't have the metallic belt I wanted in stock, so I used their Red Phone to get the free shipping. Yay for free shipping!

    I just love Chloe. If only I have a fraction of her style and talent...

    Thanks for reading!

    @Tracy - *giggle* Thanks so much for your sweet comments!

    @Jen - Haha, I've actually worn my Anthro dresses to Disneyland quite a bit. It's sooo wonderful to be able to wear and wash and not have to worry!

    Glad you enjoy Chloe's blog! =)

  10. Hey Kathryn, I just had that lace top delivered last week. I also used the 20% off tip from Chloe's site. So cool to see I wasn't the only one that fell for that top.

    By the way, I'm the girl that asked you about the blog in the parking structure at work a while back.

  11. Hi Monica! Thanks for commenting! Isn't that top great? Hope to see you again - I'd love to see how you styled the top!