Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bountiful Harvest (Fitting Room Reviews)

Hi everyone!  Hope your week is going well.  Mine is sludging along.  We've been having an insane heatwave here, in Southern California, with temperatures well over 100 degrees in both Los Angeles and here in San Diego.  I don't know if you've heard, but San Diego is well known for it's nice weather. You know...usually ranging from the 60's on the cooler end of the climate spectrum to the 80's on the warmer part.  Yesterday, I kid you not, it hit 108 degrees here.  Obviously, the weather has mistaken these parts for Imperial Valley?  Albeit, late September and October are usually warm in Southern California - our "fall" weather doesn't really arrive until late October/November, but this sort of heat is totally out of bounds, if you ask me (and uh...obviously, I am the final arbiter of reality so...yes...out of bounds! ^_-) Regardless of the temps in the 90's this past Saturday, the staff at the Fashion Valley Anthro were decked out in their lovely fall outfits replete with coats and layered sweaters and long pants.  Yeesh.  Thank goodness for air conditioning.  It was blasting so high, I was perfectly comfortable trying on quite a few new cool-weather arrivals.  

Let's start with the Stucco Sequin Tank ($128) which was suggested to me by Lindsay, one of the managers at Fashion Valley's Anthro.  This tank is light and sheer enough for summer, but the color!  Oh, it's such a fabulously rich, deep, tealy-blue...I really feel like the color in the product shot just doesn't do this top justice.  I'm wearing a small, and I thought it worked okay, as this already has a blousy, loose feel to it.  I think it'd be just incredible under a heather gray sweater as a pop of color, or maybe layered boldly under something like the Van Wrinkle Sweater (which I'm quietly crushing on), to create some fun contrast.  The beading on the bust is beautifully done, and called to mind what Naeem Khan said to Gretchen on this past week's episode of Project Runway - that when you're sitting down to dinner, the front, top-half of a person's outfit is what you see, so it's important to make that part of the garment interesting.  Here's one thing to note, and a reason I'd probably want to go with an XS, despite the S looking okay from the front - please see the photo, above right.  In that side shot, you can get a glimpse of a deep armhole and racerback style cutaway that's a bit much for me, personally.  It was low enough to show the bottom strap of my bra, so if you're interested in this top, I recommend you stick with your normal size, and keep that back/armhole in mind, if you can't try it on first.

What a happy surprise this mystery top was, when I tried it on!  I can't seem to find it online and this is horribly distressing as I neglected to get its details (bad, blogger! bad!).  Still, I can tell you it also comes in a solid silvery/light gray color, but that this stripey pale orange top was really just too cute and comfortable, and I seem to remember it being $58 - but don't take my word for it.  I already have an affinity for horizontal stripes, but the neckline really clinched it for me - it was a cowl-ish neck without being a cowl, and as a petite woman who's often easily overwhelmed by cowls and other bigger necklines, I found this one to be pretty and drapey in just the right amounts.  I was thiiiiiiis close to impulse-buying this top - it was so cute and fun and easy (cotton, machine washable, wheee!) but made myself toe the line and take it back to the rack, according to my rule about not impulse-buying.  That having been said, I'd love to get this sooner or later, so it's absolutely mine if it goes on sale, and it may even become mine at full-price, next month.  We shall see...

Here is the Corinthian Top ($78) which I'm wearing in an XS.  I found this top to be true to size and cut nicely - along with the boatneck and pleats, there's also seaming defining the bust to create a very subtle empire waist effect.  The piece de resistance on this top, of course, is the embellishment on each shoulder - the beadwork is just gorgeous and for a narrow shouldered woman such as myself, was great for balancing out my figure nicely.  The beading, while elaborate, was still well supported by the fabric, which felt substantial without being heavy, and overall, I thought this top was just fabulous - really well constructed and worth the $78 price tag.  It's totally wishlisted for me.

Here's the Floral Frappe Top ($58), which I am wearing in the XS.  This top is also true to size, and looked much better on my body than on the hanger, where I felt dubious about the neck.  Was it going to be another one of those tops, like the Eze Sur Mer Top or the Whipped Topping Top that wants to be a boatneck, but really isn't and thereby suffers for it?  No! It's actually a pretty close approximation of a boatneck (though not with the conviction of the Corinthian Top), but that's okay, as this one is less likely to have a bra strap peeking out from the sides.  I thought this top was really pretty and nicely embellished (it was well named - the flowers and ruffles really are rather foamy and frappe-ish) and the gathers give the body and waist some nice definition.  I found this top very wearable, and at the risk of sounding indiscriminate with my favors, I'm wishlisting this one too.  

Close-up of the details on this top.

This is the Crossing Paths Top ($68), which I'm wearing in an XS in the brown and lilac, and a Small in the blue (which I notice is not available online).  As you can see, if you take a look at the three pictures (and yes, I did ask Heather to get me the other colors, once I had the brown one on, because I liked it so much) there isn't a whole lot of difference in fit between the XS and the Small, but I attribute this to the nature of the fabric (modal) and the draping and cinching.  The shoulders of the size Small top are a touch too big for me, so that's one way to tell the sizes apart.  I really loved the asymmetry of this top, as well as how it accentuates the curves of the bust, waist, and hips in such a flattering way.  One of the major benefits of all the gathers is that they hide any number of figure flaws.  The drawback?  They can look a little messy.  Still, this top is very comfortable and I'd definitely be happy to make a place for it in my closet.  My only problem?  Which color to pick...what do you think? Brown, lilac, or blue?

Overall, I was really quite happy with all the tops I tried on, and this isn't usually the case, when I'm trying on tops at Anthropologie.  Every one of these were comfy, flattering, and happily, opaque!  (Yay!)  Here's to hoping the weather takes a turn soon, and I'll actually be able to justify buying long sleeved, full-bodied tops for cooler weather.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Hey Carol
    Shall we blame global warming for the heatwave in your area?
    I like the Stucco Sequin Tank on you. I think it's one of those tops that can be work casually, but still glam enough to take you into the night. But for $128, I think i'd rather buy a dress!
    Floral Frappe Top has a nice detail, and I can picture wearing this one to work, with a pencil skirt.
    The Crossing Paths Top looks very flattering on you, and hangs on your body so well. I quite like the lilac more - you can see the drapery better.
    An anthro-obsessed girl from the southern hemisphere!

  2. I agree with Jen on the Crossing Path Top, all colours are great but the detail shows up much better on the lilac version (but it seems more of a spring colour to me)

    I love the Frappe & Corinthian tops, glad to see reviews already so thanks! Great colours in the Frappe, bless you for trying on all the autumn pieces in 108 heat!

  3. Ah, I've heard all the crazy stories about SoCal weather on the news today! Northern California is also unseasonably hot, though nothing like what you guys are suffering through (though last month we had freakish 100+ temps too). I give you big props for venturing out to try on clothes in the midst of the heatwave :)

    I have to say that so many of these tops are really flattering on you. I especially love the Frappe Top and the (adorable) mystery striped shirt on you-- they look amazing. And oh, your bow necklace! I'm in love.

  4. OMG! All those tops are adorable! You look great in each one. I can't wait to get to an Anthro this weekend to see if they are in because I may have to take one or at least two home!

  5. Hi girls!!! Love the blog!! I'm also from San Diego....maybe i'll bump into you some day at the fashion valley anthro store.

    The Corinthian top in the navy is on my wish list for sure. The beading is so pretty.


  6. That second top is by Pilcro - I just saw it in the store last week and thought it was super cute, now I can't wait to go back and try it on. My store had a third color in addition to the stripes and the grey, and I believe it was navy?

  7. And $58 is what I recall seeing too.

  8. Very cute tops - those orange stripes are perfectly adorable! I actually like the brown Crossing Paths the best, with Lilac coming in second...the details look lost on the blue. I hope things cool down for you soon!

  9. Oh wow what a great set of top reviews. I haven't seen any of these tops yet as I haven't been in a store for awhile. Ugh...life's catching up with me. Also, give us some of that hot weather. :)

  10. Nice reviews Carol!

    I hear you about the hot weather - I had a fashion show (for me and the cat and in the comfort of my air-conned home) of my winter clothes today to see what I have and what I need...But here in Arizona there is no chance of wearing anything layered or sleeved here for a while!

    The Corinthian caught my eye - thanks for trying it (you knew I was a bit unsure). I really like it on you And the Floral Frappe is a bit of a surprise! I like the navy on you lots - perhaps under your Force Frills (name correct..?) for an army ensemble . Ok price too!

  11. wow the floral frappes look great on you!

  12. I prefer the lilac in the Crossing Paths Top - looks great! You've inspired me to add it to my wish list. Is the bow necklace also an anthro find??

  13. @Jen - I totally agree about the price of the Stucco Sequin top - definitely NOT a full price item for me. I think I'm leaning towards the lilac too on the crossing paths, and yes, the Floral Frappe is a really excellent work-appropriate top.

    @Louise - I also love the Frappe and Corinthian. I'm hoping they're still in-store next month, when I'm hopefully able to buy them!

    @goldenmeans - Thanks so much! The bow necklace is a $10 one from Nordstrom's BP dept! I love it - goes with everything. =D

    @Gemma - thanks, and oh, so fun! Tell me what you end up getting!

    @Nina - hi! Glad to hear from another local! Thanks for reading! I'm sure the navy Corinthian is gorgeous too...

    @Shannon - ooh, thanks! And a third color! The intrigue grows! =D If there's a navy one, I might need to add it too...

    @Jan - thanks! I love that stripey top too, and I actually thought of you, when I tried it on! It's one of those cute, easy tops to wear when wrangling the kids, you know? =)

    @Cindi - there are so many cute things in the stores right now - it's really awful. Good luck in there.

    @Kate - thanks! Oooh, Arizona is consistently hotter than here, so I won't complain any more. =) I was also surprised by the Floral Frappe - and yes, I definitely like the navy one. And yes, the price isn't reamingly high, like the Corinthian's is.

    @Lori - thanks!

    @Anonymous - thanks! The bow necklace is actually from the Brass Plum department of Nordstrom - just $10! I bought it a couple months ago. You may still be able to find them there.

  14. Carol! Your daughter would look adorable in the new Anthro kids clothes!!! :)