Monday, September 27, 2010

Fashionable Friends (Anthro & AG Denim)

I got this email from Anthro, and then a personal invitation from Heather, the personal shopper at Fashion Valley's store, so I was pretty excited (mostly because it gave me an excuse - er, opportunity - to finally buy my AG Stevie cords, review here).  On Saturday, I arrived at the store with my husband's old jeans to recycle, and Kate asleep in her stroller.  The store looked awesome and the AG reps were super helpful and very nice.  Here's what went down:

Display of different available AG jeans cuts and the AG <3s Anthropologie shirt.

Refreshment table including hummus, cheeses, little sandwiches, fruit, drinks, etc.  These AG people don't play around with their snacks! Yummy!  (This table went a long way to bolstering my husband's shopping stamina, as he waited for me to come out of the fitting room.)

Bins for collecting old jeans that are being donated for recycling.  The donated jeans will be taken to a plant in Los Angeles, where the hardware is stripped from them.  The remaining fabric then gets shredded and incorporated into insulation and other post-consumer products.  Yay!

Free gift with donation or purchase!  If you brought in a pair of jeans to donate or purchased a pair of AGs that day, you received this awesome denim tote bag, tshirt, and hair-tie/zipper pull.  Such fun!

After trying on a ton of tops and the AG Stevies again (in both corduroy and twill - reviews to come in a future post) I made my way back to the refreshment tables to ask the AG reps if they made a petite cut jean - because as we shorter women can attest - it's a pain in the nether regions to have to constantly be taking new pants and jeans to be altered - not to mention annoying that we have to tack an extra $8 to $15 onto the cost of the jeans, depending on how much the alteration costs.  Generally speaking, I buy all my pants/jeans in either a petite size or at Nordstrom, whose in-store alterations department will usually take them in for free (if you buy at full price or Anniversary sale price; alterations on other sale-priced items have a charge attached).  I was delighted to hear that the "Angelina" is their petite cut jean - it's a bootcut, so an easy style that will flatter most - and extra bonus, there happened to be some on the sale rack!  I scored this pair of Angelina jeans for $49.95!  I'm wearing a size 25 in these photos (Kate woke up in time for what turned out to be my second round in the fitting rooms), and they fit me well, so I'm going to say that these jeans run a bit big, as I'm usually a 26 - in fact, I bought the Stevie cords in a 26.  The Angelinas fit well on my on-the-skinny-side legs (baggy legs can be a problem for me with some brands) and did good things for my butt.  Also, the denim was soft and comfy without feeling as thin as the Hudson brand denim.  

A quick note to answer a reader question - the Stevie cords have a 31" inseam, so they are a tad long on me - I probably will need to have them taken up.

Other fun factoids about AG Denim?  They're a domestic company, they manufacture all their jeans right here in Los Angeles, CA, and are committed to keeping their jeans made in the USA, they employ 900 folks in the company (here in the U.S. of A.), and they try their best to use environmentally sensitive practices in their manufacturing process.  I don't know about you, but these are all things I can get behind.  ^_^  They've succeeded in becoming my favoritest (yes, that's a word...for now) denim brand ever.  Thanks, AG & Anthro for a lovely shopping experience!


  1. Thanks for the rundown. Those jeans look great on you!!!

  2. I love AG denim. I'm gonna have to try on those Stevie cords.

  3. Excellent review. Thanks for taking us w/you to the event. I knew nothing about AG, but will check them out in the future. I love that they are US based. Huge thumbs up.

    Also -- I sent an email to you or Kathryn asking a question to the email addy you have on the sidebar...

  4. What a perfect fit - these jeans look amazing on you!

  5. Hey Carol
    Those jeans fit you to perfection - and not too long either! I find I have to get petite jeans too, as the leg length is usually soooo long on jeans.
    Your baby kate is soooo adorable. I wish I could go there now and play with her! But alas, I'm in Sydney, oz!
    Jen @

  6. What a fun event! I'm a huge fan of AG, too:) Love the fit and feel of their denims. I had no idea they were manufactured here in the US and have eco friendly practices. Makes me love 'em even more:) Thanks for sharing!

  7. Hi! I am one of your quiet readers who love reading this blog! I've recently become a fan of AG when I tried on a pair and I didn't have to hem!! (4'11") Anyways, I was wondering if you know the name of the top on the left with the scarf hanging around it? I don't see anything that looks like it on the Anthro site. Thanks!

  8. Hi Anonymous,

    I contacted Heather Cook (the Personal Shopper at the Fashion Valley store, and here's what she told me about the top:

    "Hi Carol!

    I know exactly the top. We only have a few left in our store (sizes S,M, and XL). Depending on the size your reader needs, I would be happy to ship her one from our store. Here is the product info. just in case:

    sku 19438720
    Orange Motif

    Heather's contact info, in case you need it, is:

    Heather Cook
    Phone: 619 991 5281

    Hope that helps!

  9. Thanks Carol for the info! I called my local anthro with the sku and found one in xs.