Wednesday, September 1, 2010

From the Trenches (Scouting the Sale and Updating Lists)

Hi everyone! Hoping you're all well. On this, the onset of the great American holiday known as Labor Day weekend, Kathryn and I braved the sale section at Anthropologie to bring you some peeks at things we've impulsively added to my "Buy on Sale" list (because how can you pass up these deals? Really?).

Oh, the lists, the lists! (Should be read along the lines of: "Oh, the humanity, the humanity!") With the new fall arrivals, everything is all over the place in the worst way. And the lists are totally out of control. I mean, seriously, I need to remind myself that I do not need all this stuff, and that I should take a page out of Cat's book (or should that be a post out of her blog?) and shop my closet. But for what it's worth, here are my updated lists, in a sad semblance of restraint. (Aren't these lists supposed to help me control my spending?) Must curate, must curate...

While I was checking out the sale today (just doing a little research...*clears throat*) I tried on a few things which home to uh...consider further. Tell me what you think:

When I saw that the Licorice Lanes Skirt had gone on sale and was marked down to $40, I couldn't believe it wasn't already on my sale purchase list. So, like the dedicated pursuer of pretty things that I am, I called Fashion Valley and asked to have it held for me. And while I was there, I saw how cute the Mirror Mirror Tank was - I'd never tried this before...and wow, look, it's just $29.95! I liked both colors...and um...couldn't decide which I liked better.

The brown version (called gray motif on the product page) has little pocket watches all over it! So cute, right?

Now, up to a week ago, I had both the Scribbled Bouquet sweater and the Secret Treasure Dress (see review here) on my wishlist. The Scribbled Bouquet is still on my list, as I don't have a simple crew-neck heather-gray cardi in my closet at the moment, and I thought all the various colors on this one would make it nice to wear year-round, with any number of other items in my closet. The Secret Treasure Dress got bumped last week, because I bought the Southward Stop Dress, and they're a similar shape.

But then, when I got in the store, and I had it on, I got to thinking that you know, I have 2 Reed Shirtdresses and the Sugar Coated Shirtdress, which are very similar in shape - but they're all great, and I wear them a lot and if something works for you, well, it just does, doesn't it? Not to mention I don't have a blue dress yet...or a purple one for that matter (and I mention it, because this dress verges on purple for me). What do you think? Am I nuts? Or should I keep it?

Carol's Full-Price List:

1. Ruffled Plaid Dress
Frill Force Jacket (purchased)
3. Dog Trot Cardi (purchased)
4. AG Stevie cords, wine
Finishing School Skirt (purchased)
6. Ha'penny Cardigan, gray (purchased)
7. Southward Stop Dress (purchased)
8. Peppered and Striped Skirt (purchased)
9. The Black Corduroy Reed Dress

Carol's sale price list (so far):

1. Choreographed Dress (hoping for a second cut)
2. In the Trees Skirt
3. Mullany Dress (I'll explain later)
4. Remaining Lilies Sweater
5. Scribbled Bouquet Cardigan (purchased)
6. Licorice Lanes Skirt (purchased for consideration)
7. Mirror Mirror Tank (purchased for consideration)
8. Secret Treasure Dress (blue - purchased for consideration)
9. Lima Lines Skirt
10. Ha'penny Cardigan, purple
D'armee Dress

No Longer Wishlisted

2. Falling Folds Pants
3. Bianka Blouse
4. Choreographed Dress
5. Compeer Dress

Things I'm Afraid To See, Because I'm Afraid They'll Get Wishlisted

3. Redux Jacket (how perfect does Kathryn look in this jacket???)

I do not need so much clothing. Okay, back to the drawing board. Hopefully next week, you'll see something much better moderated than these. Wow...very, very bad. All right, on to Kathryn...

Hello everybody!

*heavy sigh*

Anthro keeps churning out new fall arrivals and marking a ton of my wishlisted stuff down. My wishlists are officially shot to crap, and I am whinier than Luke Skywalker wanting to go into Tosche Station to pick up some powwwwer converterrrrrs!

(Amber? Are you there? That was for you, honey. *wink*)

Anyway, I offer a couple of brief reviews, as explanation:

Redux Jacket ($98, shown in size Small)

I love this jacket. I want to divorce my husband and run away from home with this jacket and have like a million babies with it. Then I want to get all insecure and crazy and stay up late at night wondering if I'm good enough for it.

...okay, allow me to back up. This little number by Cartonnier is made of stretch knit and therefore (in my opinion) is less of a "jacket" and more of a cardigan. That is to say that I wouldn't count on it to keep me warm at all. Like, not at all. But hey - cardigan pretending to be a jacket, or whatever - me likey. I love the feminine detailing and the cinched-in shape. The color looks like it's black until you put it next to something that's actually black. Then you realize it really is grey. It's also worth noting that the collar is somewhat graduated around the neck so that the ruffle around the neck is smaller and doesn't stick up that much. A nice little touch.

I'd say this one fits pretty TTS, but I wouldn't layer anything too heavy under it.

I am absolute sucker for stuff like this. I passed on the Boucle De Souffle Jacket due to fit issues (and also my decision to go for the Cream Confection Jacket instead), so this one is wishlisted. I may cave. Even at full price. (hey, it's cheaper than the Remaining Lilies Cardigan!)


Peppered & Striped Skirt ($128, shown here in size 4)

Hello, skirt. Don't you want to come and live with me?

Like Carol, this skirt had me absolutely twitterpated at first sight. Yes, twitterpated. A full skirt made of grey flannel with golden polka-dots that has pockets? Um, yes please!

Although I have on a size 4 in these photos, I ended up going up to a size 6 for this one. I thought that the fit between the 4 and the 6 was nearly identical - much like how the Circle The Globe Skirt was, for me. (see that review here ) Unfortunately, my phone is acting all wonky and won't let me upload the photos of the size 6. Boo! Sorry about that!!

I feel like this skirt will be a wonderful staple of my fall wardrobe for years to come. I can already imagine styling it with a variety of cardigans, button-ups and turtleneck sweaters. I snapped it up the night I saw it, but I'm feeling a little bit of buyer's remorse and now I'm wondering if I should just return it and hold off for a sale. What do you think?

Compeer Dress (now on sale for $129.95)

"Hi, how are ya. You can call me Snooki."

Yeah, I don't know what's up with the camera on my phone. But every time I try on something reddish or orange-ish, it turns the whole picture orange. "Human traffic cone" isn't really a look that I tend to go for, but I'm way too lazy to desaturate the photo, so you go. It is what it is.

This dress is weird. I should love it. It's not awful. It doesn't look awful in the pictures. It looked amazing on Jan. The detailing is impeccable - from the buttons to the lace to the belt.

I don't hate it. But I was entirely underwhelmed by it.

I don't know. Maybe it was the $129.95 price tag, but I'm not even sure I love it at $69.99. I think this dress would either have to be marked all the way down to $39.99 or just given to me as a gift.

There are just sooo many other pretty things that I want that I think I'm okay with letting this one go. I love fall and winter clothing, and I intend to embrace this fall season's clothes with my whole being. One must be brutal when making their wishlists. Take no prisoners, ladies (and gentlemen, so I see!). Compeer - CUT!

And now...onto my "Sale Fail"...

Dreamy Drape Dress (on sale for $79.95, shown in size Medium)

Like Carol said above, it's hard to resist something so pretty now that it's finally on sale. I had never tried this pretty dress on before, but I pulled it on "just to try" and I fell in love. I felt like this dress was my Rushing Ruffles Dress. It's a little black dress, but super interesting and really easy to accessorize.

I had to size up to a Medium in this one, as the Small felt uncomfortably tight around my ribcage (which is really kind of saying something, as I'm normally an XS to S in tops). Unlike the Rushing Ruffles, this one is actually hand washable. Score! I scooped it up today during the sale, along with the Arid Season Button-Up that I'd liked last week.

So, there we have it...some explanation as to the current state of my wishlists.

Kathryn's Full Price List:

1. Cream Confection Jacket (which I already purchased here)
2. Acting Out Skirt (purchased)
3. Bianka Blouse (love the Black Motif - the good news being that it's backordered until mid-October)
4. Peppered & Striped Skirt (purchased)
5. Redux Jacket (love, love, love!)
6. Oxer Jacket (in Green...I can't get this one out of my head)

Kathryn's Sale Price List:

Babergh Dress (watching this one like a hawk)
2. Dried Leaves Dress (love is many things, none of them logical. this is one of those things that defies logic)
3. Ruffled Plaid Dress
4. Once & Always Tee
5. Lima Lines Skirt
6. Remaining Lilies Cardigan
7. Graces Tank (purchased)
8. Arid Season Button-Up (purchased)
9. Dreamy Drape Dress (purchased, by surprise)

No longer wishlisted:

Compeer Dress (I'll reconsider this if it makes it to super-sale...)
2. Tiny Windows Dress (I let this one go. Decided I'm over it.)
3. Secret Treasure Dress (see explanation for Tiny Windows)

Item That Made Its Way To Me Somehow:

Mullany Dress (...there's an explanation for this one)

And there you have it, the latest list update from the girls at In Pursuit of Pretty Things. As always, these lists are ever-changing.

How are your lists shaping up? Do your lists look the same as they did last week, or the week before that? Share with us!

And as always, thanks for reading!


  1. Carol -- I'm glad to see that you did go through and get the Licorice Lanes skirt, it really does suit you so well! As for your Secret Treasures conundrum...I think if you really love a shape/style/color and wear it often, there is absolutely no harm in buying it again. Unless you are specifically rerouting funds from filling a big gap you anxiously *trying* to fill in your wardrobe, buy away without guilt! For instance, I have more jersey dresses than I can count, but I did not hesitate to buy the Rushing Ruffles this morning, because they are my favorite thing to gravitate to on mornings I lack energy to style myself, so I end up wearing them more than anything else :)

    Kathryn - the Redux jacket is totally made for you! And I think the Peppered and Striped Skirt is great on you as well (it was not so great on me, sigh). It will definitely go on sale, but if you can envision a couple of outfits for it already and think you will get a lot of use out of it in the early days of fall, definitely keep it instead of waiting the 2-3 months it will probably take to get marked down! I only buy full price when I feel like I physically can't wait to wear something, and if you have that feeling, just go with it ;) This skirt *does* kind of scream early autumn. I must say I approve of *everything* on your full price list btw, they're all lovely pieces and worth it!

    Um, as for me, The Sale (caps intended...) totally destroyed my previous wishlist I wrote only about a month back. Seriously -- only the Sugar & Cream Dress and the Compeer Dress (I am stubbornly awaiting a 2nd cut on this) are left. Everything else has either been bought or my view has soured on. So it seems I have to pen a brand new one soon filled with all my new favorite fall goodies soon...or maybe I should just wait until my credit card has stopped whimpering to even think of such a thing? :)

  2. Hi girls! You two are hilarious!
    Carol- I like the "brown" mirror mirror tank on you (plus the brown would be great for fall!) ps. lovin' your new bang trim! :)

    Kathryn- I think you should keep the skirt, it looks cute on you! (I know the "i hate paying full price" feeling's hard to pay full price for something that will inevitably be marked down, although, it seems like everyone is lovin' that skirt so it may be more than a few months before it gets marked down, yeah?)

  3. Oh you girls, stop trying on pretty things! you're making me broke just by looking at them!

    I like your new hairdo carol - very cute! the Licorice Lanes Skirt suits you so well, and while the colours are bold, they aren't too overpowering. At $40, how could you NOT get it??! The mirror mirror tank is cute too, but i prefer it in white. I just think it's easier to wear than the brown. The Scribbled Bouquet sweater is OK, but im not too excited by it. thats just my opinion though...

    Kathryn - the redux jacket is amazing on you, i can understand why you'd run away from your hubby for it! you should keep the peppered skirt, it's a classic and will last you forever.
    i like the compeer on you too, but if you don't like it then you should return it!



  4. Carol- My list is wildly out of control as well and I'm making lists of lists at this point. sigh. The mirror mirror tank is really cute- I think you should definitely keep that one!

    was your secret treasures dress on sale or full price? This whole green on sale blue not on sale business has me crazy.

    Kathryn- The dreamy drape is so pretty! a friend of mine wore it to a wedding and it looked so classy dressed up but I think you can also dress it casually which makes it a fantastic buy, you will get a lot of wear out of it!

  5. Carol - the dress was perfectly justifiable. So were both tanks. And that licorice lanes skirt? It would have been a crime for you to leave it at the store. Your hair looks darling, too!

    Kathryn - a million mouths to feed is a lot, it might cut into your Anthro spending...I vote that you run off with the jacket and have 2.5 ;) GORGEOUS! I think the Compeer is cutie, cute on you, but if you don't love it you're right to return it for something on your list (or list addendum)

    You two are so funny and adorable and dedicated to the persuit ;)

  6. Carol - all your sale picks look great on you, its going to be tough to do 'further research' at home :)

    Kathryn - I seriously thought the redux jacket was the boucle de souffle! Looks just like it, definitely a great compromise. And ps, I ordered the Oxer Jacket yesterday instead of sale hunting... like you I couldnt stop thinking about it :)

  7. Carol-the skirt is a MUST have. I think the tops are cute and personally prefer the brown simply because I feel like right now the brown seems great for fall. On a side note, was the blue secret treasure dress marked down this week? I heard conflicting reports. Thanks!

    Kathryn-when I saw you tweet the pic of the jacket, I nearly fell out of my chair because i wanted to get to the nearest Anthro and see it for myself. I love it on you and definately think it's worth getting at FP. I can see it selling out bc the style at that pricepoint is too good to be true!

  8. Hi everyone! Thanks so much for all your good advice and kind words of support. =)

    @Spiffy and Pamela - the blue Secret Treasure was on sale at the Fashion Valley store and at the Newport Beach Fashion Island store, which leads me to believe that the markdowns on that one were store-specific, because from what I understand, it wasn't on sale on the website, right?

    @E Hayes - it is tough to do "further research" at home. But the alternative (leaving everything at the store to possibly disappear while I considered) was tougher. Hahaha, I'm so incorrigible.

  9. THanks for this wonderful post, ladies! Carol, I also bought the Scribbled Bouquet cardigan. I actually called the Princeton store (which is about .002 miles from my office) as I left work, and had them hold the cardi for me. Hey -- it was the last one -- what if some college student sauntered in a snatched it? I would have been devastated!

    Kathryn, the Redux jacket looks just perfect on you. When I saw it on the website, I thought it looked over the top. But you have completely changed my mind!!!

  10. Hmm, what's the explanation you keep hinting at for the Mullany Dress? Co-ownership, I'm guessing? I'm intrigued! I tried it on about a month ago and felt it wasn't flattering enough, but now I can't stop thinking about it and wishing it'll go on sale soon :( Ahhhh...

    The Redux on Kathryn and LLS on Carol look fantab on =D

  11. Carol - I noticed the "Black Corduroy Reed dress"...tell me more about this!!! I am assuming that it is like the Reed dress from earlier this year and I am very intrigued!!! Is it only in stores?

  12. The Redux Jacket looks great! especially the 2nd look with it unbuttoned (did you check out how it looks in the back) on website, the back of the jacket looks really interesting as well.