Friday, September 24, 2010

Irmena (#6 in the 100 Strangers with Style Project)

Sometimes someone comes along who screams "style" so much that it kills you.

Carol here! Kathryn spotted our next stranger with style (and yes! She's a real stranger! Whoo! We're on a roll here!) while we were at Fashion Valley a week ago. We stood there whispering about the cuteness of her outfit until I finally screwed up my courage, and asked her if we could take her photo for the blog. (Note: If you ever see a tall Asian woman and a short Asian woman standing together, whispering as they shoot furtive glances in your direction, don't worry - you don't have anything weird on your face. It's probably us, trying to get up the courage to ask you if you'd be in our blog.) She was super gracious and agreed, though she seemed (incredibly) concerned that she didn't look nice enough to take a photo. Sigh...if only that were my problem...

It's also worth noting her amazingly stylish Eastern European accent.

Without further ado, here's Irmena - #6 in our Strangers with Style Project:

Cardigan: ...sounded like "Karen Millen" (current...similar here or you could try this here)
Dress: BCBG (from last year - check eBay! Or try this, this, or this)
Shoes: Miss Sixty (2009; similar here, these would work, and how fun are these?)
Belt: Diesel (similar here and here and here)


  1. Ohhh, LOVE the shoes! She's a doll!

  2. Love it! Especially the dress.

  3. She looks great. She shouldn't be worried about a thang. Shoes are hawt.

  4. great look! you two are so cute, tall and short asian phenoms. appreciated the mullany dress adventure.