Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day Discoveries (Did Star Wars Inspire Anthro?)

Happy Monday Tuesday, Everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful, relaxing weekend!

I didn't do much this weekend except watch a lot of television. And I mean a lot of television. It felt really good to just sit around on the couch and not think about anything.

Well, okay. I did do some thinking. Just not about anything particularly important.

I discovered that Spike was having a huge, epic Star Wars marathon. And even though I've seen the movies a gajillion times, I never turn down a good Star Wars marathon.

(There were some pretty amusing commercials during the marathon that had me wondering 1) Why did I bother with the whole university-thing when I could've just stayed at home and gone to college in my pajamas? And 2) Why haven't I been doing the Macarena in a Snuggie?)

While watching the end of Episode IV: A New Hope, I finally realized what the Cafe Racer Jacket reminded me of...!

Halloween idea, anyone?

Oh, hey...I just remembered that Carol tried this jacket on...

Hm. The Force is strong, with this one. Could it be that Carol is a Jedi...?


(...I hope she doesn't kill me.)

Now, I just need to put a medal on Chewie...

I'd growl too, if I were him. Heck, I'm growling when I'm not him! He deserves a medal too!

P.S. While I'll always love Star Wars, I still don't believe in midichlorians. *glares at George Lucas*

So that pretty much summed up my weekend. I hope you can all forgive me for my shameless geekiness. Hope you all had a nice relaxing time, whatever you did!


  1. LOL I totally agree about the jacket... so when are you getting yours?

  2. Hahaha Shira! I'm waiting for the Anthro-inspired Stormtrooper outfit. ;o)

  3. I've always wanted to be a Jedi and X-wing Fighter pilot! But I'm only getting the jacket if the R2 comes with it as an accessory.

  4. *giggle* Dude, I'd LOVE to have an R2 unit!

    And I'm sure we can find the pants and boots to create the entire Luke Skywalker ensemble...

    By the way, may the Force be with you as you take Rowan to his first day of Kindergarten, Carol! =)

  5. Haha that is hilarious!!! Love that picture of Carol.

    Sounds like we had the same type of weekend. I think in the 2 days since we got back from Oahu, we've watched all of Tyler Perry's movies!

  6. Haha, I love this post! Glad there are other fashionable Star Wars nerds out there.

  7. omg LOVE it! So happuy I am not the only star wars geek. And if you ever want to turn me into a Jedi that would be awesome lol! ;)

  8. This was quite funny!

  9. Heehee, this post was so funny! I love Carol as a Jedi! If I had known there was a Star Wars marathon on, I would have watched too!

  10. ha ha ha!! that is so funny!!!

    i think you may be on to something...


  11. Hilarious...!!

    Maybe the notorious Poni sweater could stand in for Chewie...

  12. Kathryn - those are so mad Photoshop skills - so hilarious! Carol is way cuter in the jacket ;)

  13. this cracks me up because I watched quite a bit of star wars this weekend as well! :)

  14. that is AWESOME. you should crossplay luke and show up at anime expo or something.

  15. @Pinguino - I'll totally crossplay Luke at the next con, if you'll come down and have an "Anthro" experience with me. (Lawrence says it'll probably be the girliest thing you've ever done in your life). =D