Saturday, September 4, 2010

Last of the Summer (OOTDs)

Hello, and happy Saturday, everyone!

I am so happy that we have a long weekend ahead! Time to relax a bit. I am a little sad because Labor Day means the end of summer and the beginning of the school year, and work always gets a little hectic and crazy once school starts.

On the other hand, September also means that fall is almost here...which means lots (and lots and lots) of pretty fall clothes and the return of hockey season. Woohoo!

Such are my pleasures in life.

Anyway, since it was an old "rule" that one shouldn't wear white after Labor Day, I decided to take my non-itchy In a Twinkling Dress for another spin before Monday. I'm still super happy I decided to give this one a second try. It's one of those pieces that puts a smile on your face when you put it on, because it instantly makes you feel pretty. And who doesn't love that?

This is about as close as I get to "pattern mixing" - stripes and (very subtle) polka dots:

Field Game Cardigan
In a Twinkling Dress (I saw several of these still on the sale rack, call CS to locate)
J.Crew Metallic Leather Belt in Metallic Tulip
Nordstrom BP Bow Necklace
Bernardo Sandals (super old...pretty alternative here, or try the classic Miami here)

Erm. Apologies for the awkward "boob" shot. As you can see, I'm still rockin' the "Chloe" belt. (Because, in my mind, all pieces of clothing should have a name, and "Metallic Leather Belt" is just so, voila! It shall henceforth be called the "Chloe" belt.) I love this belt, and I highly recommend it!

By the way - I don't plan on actually observing that little warbdrobe rule. I plan on wearing this dress long after Labor Day.

(Besides, according to Anthro, the color of this dress is technically described as "Gold.")


Hello everyone! You know it's a good sign, when you want to wear an item of clothing right away, and that's totally how I felt about the Licorice Lanes Skirt. So, the day after bringing it home to "consider" further, I decided to keep it. It's just too cute, and just too good a price to pass up. I am, however going to exercise some discipline and restraint though, and take back the ivory Mirror Mirror Tank (I'm keeping the "brown" version), the Scribbled Bouquet Cardigan, and the Secret Treasure Dress. There are just too many beautiful fall things that I want, and I won't be allowed any of them if I keep buying up summer sale items like this.

Whilst you read this, I'll be either 1) spackling and touching up the walls in my closet (we demo'ed the old rods and shelves to install an Elfa closet system - yay!), 2) helping assemble said closet system, 3) putting away the 15 billion
things I emptied from my closet before the demo, or 4) lounging about on the beach (we've been promising Rowan that we'd take him one more time before school begins).

Believe it or not, I was prowling the aisles of Home Depot last night, trying to choose and purchase a power drill in this outfit, as it was what I happened to put on this morning (see Jan? The next time your DH asks you where you're going in your cute outfit, tell him, "I'm meeting Carol at the hardware store") and it didn't occur to me to change out of it when I realized I needed a few things to install our new closet. Eventually, a very nice (and probably bemused) employee helped me pick one out along with a level, tape measure, rubber mallet, and phillips head screw driver (we're not terribly handy...though, to be fair, we already own a tape measure and screw drivers. They just happen to be buried under the 15 billion things I emptied from my closet, so...yes. Sigh). What? This outfit doesn't scream, "experienced power-tool operator?"

And with my little man (who asked if he could be in a picture):

Shirt: United Colors of Benetton (super old - 1999? Similar here and here.)
Skirt: Licorice Lanes Skirt (sold out online but still available in limited quantities in stores - call CS. Similar here and here and here).

Shoes: Tory Burch Romy Flats (buy here, similar here and here)

Necklace: Nordstrom BP Bow Necklace (similar here and here)
Headband: J. Crew (available in stores, similar here and very similar here)

Happy Labor Day Weekend, from us gals at In Pursuit of Pretty Things!


  1. Aw! The licorice Lanes Skirt Outfit is cute, but your little man is the cutest.

    And this is almost the last day you can wear the white blouse.


  2. I just bought the in a twinkling dress and was wondering what to pair it with. I never thought of the field game cardigan. It looks so good! Thank you for such a great outfit. I hope you don't mind me copying your look. :)

    Good decision to keep the licorice lanes skirt. It's too cute to return.

  3. Carol - look at you all theme-y, doing manual labor over LABOR day weekend! I hope you'll share pictures when your closet is all together again. LOVE, LOVE you in the LL Skirt, and your Rowan is such a cute boy - hope he had fun at the beach!

    Kathryn - seeing you in that dress makes my fingers all restless to call CS and hunt one down. Must. Be. Strong. It looks beautiful with the Field Game Cardi!

  4. Kathryn - love your OOTD - the cardi goes so well with the dress and belt. So gorgeously pretty you look!

    Carol - great outfit! i love the combo, and i love that you wore something plain on top to balance the bold colours of the skirt. you and your son look so cute together!

  5. Hey Carol,
    What size did you get the Licorice Lanes skirt? I am usually size 2/4. Thanks!

  6. Hi Linda,

    I got the size 2 in the Licorice Lanes skirt. It fits very comfortably - not too big, not too snug. Haha, I don't know if that helps, but I'm pretty typically a size 2 all the time in Anthro things.


  7. Thanks Carol! Seriously, how do you stay so thin after having two little ones? That licorice lanes skirt looks super cute on you...I am probably going to have get the size 4, given that my waist did not shrink down as much after my second pregnancy.