Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Nordstrom Party (Personal Styling Session, En Masse)

Last weekend, a very kind and gracious friend invited Kathryn and I to attend a special Triple Points pre-sale party at Nordstrom. It was a small, private party that included food, drinks, and of course, amazing clothes! Our very own Kelly McPheters ran the show, pulling outfits for us and helping us style them with accessories, shoes, and handbags! It was super fun, and we wanted to share some of the lovely things we got to try on with you.  (Please note: all of these items are available at Nordstrom, but not all of them were on the Nordy's website or online at all.  If there's something you're dying to find, call your local Nordstrom or Kelly McPheters at 619.295.4441.  When available, I provided links to other online retailers stocking the items).  Many thanks to my friend for inviting us and making this post possible!

Our outfits in our designated fitting room at the party. Piles of shoe boxes on the floor!

This is the Gigi HP top from Theory (not online, but $245 - geez Theory! - UPC# 883591174219; long sleeved version here) in size "P" and Citizen of Humanity Ava Jeans in size 26. The top is actually one piece - the vest is attached to the shirt at the collar and can't be removed, which is something I haven't seen in a long time. There's something very Hilary Swank-in-the-'90s about this top, but I still found it cute and fun. I confess to being a little confused by the sleeveless aspect of this top, when we're on the threshold of cooler weather, but there you have it. I actually really loved these jeans - the denim was really soft and comfy, gearing more towards Hudson Jeans soft and comfy, when in the past, I've known both Citizens and Sevens to be made of a slightly stiffer, sturdier denim. I recently bought a new pair of Hudsons at the Anniversary Sale, so these were a pass for me, but I think this outfit makes a fun, casual weekend look...if you have about $500 burning a hole in your pocket.

Rebecca Taylor Tweed and Leather Jacket and Flyaway Runway Tank

Kathryn here! First, let me start off by saying how much fun this event was and how grateful I am that I was able to attend! There's nothing more awesome than finding an entire dressing room set aside for you, stocked with pretty things while being served with food and drink. Too fun!

So, Kelly's "theme" for all the outfits she picked out for me for this party was, "Things that Kathryn can rock out in." And what a rock and roll fantasy this outfit was! I normally
hate blazers, but the cropped silhouette and ruffle detailing on this beauty is just adorable! The lavender silk-and-feathers-tunic-y top adds a lovely feminine touch to this outfit. I'm wearing a size 2 in the blazer and it fit me fine, but I think I'd size up to a 4 for maximum comfort. Underneath it all, Kelly pulled some comfy Citizens of Humanity skinny jeans for me. I'd happily rock out in this outfit if I had the dough to buy it all!

This outfit was constructed by accident. Kelly started by pulling the dress for me. She said she saw this Free People Lace Strap Floral Dress and it was calling, "Take me to Carol! Take me to Carol!" (Yes, pretty dresses talk. You didn't know this?) Kathryn suggested putting this amazing Rebecca Taylor cardigan (also not online...UPC# 884092201084) over it, and the shoes (gray suede Miu Miu Platform Pumps!) came from a friend in the next fitting room over, who'd decided against them. Happily, for me, it turns out. This is one of those outfits I didn't want to take off. I would have happily worn it out of the store, like I used to, when my mom bought me new shoes as a kid. The dress was a size 0, and fit me well - I think if I tried to size up to a 2, the neck would have gaped too much on me, so I stuck with the 0. Kathryn was also able to get this dress on, though it was a little bit more snug on her, so I think we can safely say it runs big. I'm wearing the cardi in an XS, and felt it ran a teeny bit big as well, but nothing I can't live with. The shoes are size 36, and fit beautifully. They were also pretty darn comfortable, despite their (gasp!) 5" heels. Whoa. I didn't even realize they were that high until I looked them up online. That's how comfortable they are. Huh. Who knew?

Free People "In the Trenches" Jacket, Citizens of Humanity Jeans, Bellatrix Cami

So this is a fun little jacket with trench-like details and a ruffle trim. The material is soft and sweatshirt-like, and the ruffle detail reminds me of last spring's Herb Field Cardigan from Anthro. The Bellatrix cami, though a beautiful pinkish-nude color and adorned with beautiful lace detail, was uncomfortably tight and difficult to pull on. Which is saying a lot, coming from a small-chested-narrow-shouldered girl like me. I needed Carol's help just to get this on and off. I do like the color combo that Kelly put together for this outfit though, and I would definitely consider pairing the pinkish-nude color with olive green for fall.

I'm wearing the perfectly adorable Theory Loraine dress (no Nordy's link available, so if you want to shop there, the UPC# is 883591166504) in a size 4 with the Kate Spade Genevieve Cardigan (also not online! UPC# 773460291324) in a size Small. These are finished with a pair of fabulous Prada patent loafer pumps (though, for eye candy's sake, if I were to be able to afford to buy Prada loafer pumps, I'd get these instead). When I saw this dress, I literally squealed with glee. You can bet I'll be stalking it for sale time. It's an ensemble dress with a knit cotton top and a tweed skirt bottom. How cute is that windowpane plaid skirt? The dress comes with a black leather (I think?) belt, which is actually nice enough to wear with other things, though I think if I bought this, I might change it out for something that gives the outfit a pop of color. The dress runs small, because this size 4 fit me pretty well. It was still a little big in the top, but the waist and skirt weren't too bad. For buying, I'd probably try the 2 on as well, just to compare. The sweater was equally darling, with crystal buttons and little bow-details on the cuffs of the 3/4 length sleeve. It's a pretty boxy fit, but a wonderful basic with a little extra. I'd probably need an XS were I to consider buying this. The Prada pumps, size 36, were a wee bit big for me - my feet definitely slipped out of them as I walked, and by the time I'd walked from one end of the store to the other and back (to see whether they were truly wearable and walkable) my feet were feeling a little pinched and unhappy. Good to know, because...uh, yeah...if they were comfy, I might have snapped them my fantasy world where I snap up $800+ shoes....

This might be the coolest jacket I've ever tried on. It's made of a neat, lightweight, floral-y knit eyelet material, and the corset tie and bustle back are just too awesome for words. I didn't think I'd like it that much, since I already have"junk in the trunk," as it were. But I didn't even mind the extra "bulk" it added to my formidable derriere. In fact, I really liked it! The downside? The price. It's just too prohibitively expensive for me to even think about. But seriously - this is the jacket I would wear if I was a rock star. It is so. Darn. Cool. What a great statement piece!

Ted Baker London Silk Panel Vest and Crinkled Cami

This vest has a divine cut and features a lovely silk back. However, while it may be pretty darn nice, it's not a $150 purchase, for me. I just feel like I don't need the silk panel in the back, and I could find a vest that would do the trick from H&M or Forever 21. For the price of this vest, I'd rather have a Refined Cord Shirtdress, if you know what I'm saying. The cami didn't do much for me, as the crinkled look just isn't something I generally go for.

"That's such a Kathryn top!" Carol exclaimed, as I pulled this oversized number over my head. And she's right. This top is extremely comfortable and I've been looking for a top like this. Give me dolman sleeves and a drapey cowl neck and I'm a happy Kathryn! As for the cargos, they were comfy and cute, though I feel like I'd rather have the AG Stevie's. The Stevie's win, as far as comfort goes.

This is the absolutely love Phyllis (hi, Phyllis!) who was modeling some pieces (oh, I forgot to get the details of her pencil skirt and top, but if you're interested, shoot me an email, and I'll ask Kelly for them) for us. She graciously let me take a picture of her - in particular, the shoes (and we're talking shooz) she's wearing: Prada wingtip pumps with Croc detail! Oh, this shoe, this shoe! It's at times like these, that I'm grateful to be able to live vicariously through others. Because if I were ever to be able to buy a pair of Prada shoes, I think they might have to look like these. Bliss!

What's a party without food and drink? Chocolates (one Godiva, another a spiced Mexican dark chocolate), smoked salmon on teeny toasts, and ice water with lime (they served a mixed cocktail too, with Elderflower liqueur in it - mmmm....) (Kathryn: I wish we'd gotten a shot of the "salad on a spoon" they served, but we kept eating it before we could photograph it!) with Marc by Marc Jacobs handbag.


  1. Wow, those jeans on both of you - amazing.

  2. HEy Carol and Kathryn
    How lucky are you two girls eh!
    I love a lot of the things you tried on.

    Especially :
    Free People dress - so pretty on you Carol! I bet if I were in the store, the dress would be calling me too!
    Rebecca Taylor tweed and leather jacket - Kathryn, its so cute on you! I love the feminine ruffles on the side.
    The Betsey Johnson Bustle Jacket - now while i think the detail is interesting, i think it'll be hard for a wee thing like me to pull off!

    Oh and i like the chocolates and your MBMJ bag!

    Why is it that i wish i was residing in the States? *sigh*

  3. Wow, Kelly put together some really great outfits for you two! I especially love the Bustle Jacket!! Very rock star, as Kathryn said. :-)

  4. Have the two of you arrived or what?!?! What a fun and fabulous shin-dig! Carol - I love you in both dresses! Kathryn - I love you in both jackets! And $800 shoes, I love you in my dreams!

  5. Kathryn, how do you get your hair to wave/curl so nicely -- I was so distracted by how great your hair looked I barely noticed the clothes :)

  6. omg the betsey johnson bustle jacket is SO AWESOME!

  7. Kathryn or any other reader, how much would you be willing to spend on the Betsey Johnson bustle jacket? I was able to snatch up the last one I could find online at a deeply discounted price, although it was still a pretty penny. So just wondered.

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