Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Quick Thanks and a Teaser OOTD

Good evening, everyone!

I hope you're all doing well! I just wanted to thank you all for your sweet and wonderful comments on our "Traveling Mullanys" post the other day. Your comments seriously made my day (maybe even my week), and I can't thank you all enough!

Another quick couple of shout outs to Victoria for your incredible generosity (Merci beaucoup!) and to Sean for your amazing talent in making it all possible. I can't thank you guys enough either.

(And just a couple teeny side notes for those of you that happened to watch the slideshow...allow me to clarify a couple of things: 1) You might notice that we avoided all rides with water involved, so it's no accident that we didn't go on Pirates of the Caribbean, Splash Mountain or Small World, 2) Sean confirms that riding Thunder Mountain backwards turns the experience into a whole new ride, and 3) I did, in fact, throw gang signs at Disneyland while wearing the Mullany Dress with pink Minnie ears on my head. I want to assure you all that I am not a member of any street gang. However, I will neither confirm nor deny the existence of the West Side Minnies. *innocentface*)

And of course, I'm extremely grateful for my sweet and patient friend and co-blogger Carol, for going along with my zany ideas.

We'll be back soon with some OOTDs and other stuff. Here's a quick little teaser OOTD photo before I leave to go see Muse tonight. I pulled these tweed crops out the other day, and I nearly cried out of happiness because we all know that tweed means fall. And I love fall.

I'm pretty excited, if you can't tell.

Hugs to you all!

H&M Top
Arden B Tweed Crops (similar here)
Forever 21 necklace (buy here)
Linea Paolo Ballet Flats (similar here)


  1. Hello Carol and Kathryn
    no, thank YOU for posting the travelling Mullanys! i'm still looking at the pictures - too too cute!
    I can't believe Sean was on the ride when he took that photo, that's what i call talented!
    can't wait to see more "pretty things".

  2. you two are so cute, and I love this jumping pic and your tweed crops!

  3. The West Side Minnies!!! Love it.

  4. You guys made MY day with that post. I was telling my friends about it because I just couldn't stop thinking about how cute and funny it was!!!!

  5. Hahahaha, love the shot of you jumping- perfect. I bet Muse was a blast! I've always wanted to see them, mmhm.