Thursday, September 16, 2010

Weeding and Pruning (Updated Lists)

Hi everyone! Hope you all had a marvelous week. It's finally the weekend, and wow, what a relief. This whole week has been off for me - mostly having to do with my bad cold (ugh). Fortunately, I'm feeling much better - so, what better than to take a stern look at my wishlists and prune them down? After working my way through my closet makeover, I now know there's no substantive reason for me to add to my current wardrobe, aside from the fact that I'd like to, from time to time. I kind of feel like the feeding frenzy that occurred this summer (does anyone else feel like their buying this summer was totally manic, and out of character?), I have the luxury (read: necessity) of slowing down. So, keeping this in mind, I've been avoiding my Anthropologie store (I miss you, Fashion Valley Anthro! It's been - *sob* - two weeks!) and the following are the items I may pick up in the next couple months...maybe. (Okay, who are we kidding? I'm getting that corduroy shirtdress - maybe tomorrow - and those AG Stevies will probably be mine by month's end too). I am, however, planning a blog sale soon! Maybe even this weekend? Yay!

(If I pass on the saddle, can I have the rest of this outfit? Please?)

Carol's Full Price List:
1. Refined Corduroy Dress
2. AG Stevie Cords
3. Ruffled Plaid Dress (maybe)
4. Molded and Melded Tee (if it ever shows up in white, in store, in my size XS)

Carol's Sale Priced List:
1. In the Trees Skirt
2. Ruffled Plaid Dress (maybe)
3. Ha'Penny Cardigan OR Alice in Autumn, yellow
4. D'Armee Dress

Carol's List of Things She Hasn't Tried But Wants To/Is Afraid To (Heather, this one's for you ^_-)
1. Puckered Plaid Trench
2. Tartan Treaure Top (because I want this whole outfit - see photo above)
3. Flanders Fields Sweater (because I love this outfit too)
4. Harvested Honey Coat
5. Redux Jacket

List of Things Carol Already Has (And Needs To Remember, When Wanting New Things)
1. Frill Force Jacket
2. Dog Trot Cardi
3. Ha'Penny Cardigan, gray
4. Southward Stop Dress
5. Finishing School Skirt
6. Peppered and Striped Skirt
7. Licorice Lanes Skirt
8. Mullany Dress

Hello, all!

Sorry I've been largely absent from the bloggy world lately! Work has been
crazy busy, and I'm barely keeping my head above water! Calgon, take me away!

So anyway, in completely unrelated news, I got to attend a charity "sushi-rolling" event hosted by my beloved Anaheim Ducks the other night, and I took one of my good friends who is a newly converted fan. It was so fun, watching her face light up as she got to meet these players in person! While we were there, the...uh...kind folks in their media department insisted on interviewing me on camera (even though I begged them not to). Predictably, I was painfully dorky. The interesting thing is, there would appear to be two of "me" at the same place, at the same time...

(note: I'm the one in the red Torsade Tee... *wink*), I can't decide if this is funny because there's actually another Asian girl out there who also happens to like the Ducks and happens to have the same name as me, or because the promo team might have messed up and given that poor girl my name by mistake. Either way, it's kinda funny...

Anyway, looking over my current wishlists, I find that I'm feeling a little...burned out. I get this way sometimes, so I'm sure it won't last. But right this second, at 9:18 PM on a Thursday night, I feel like I've already picked up quite a few items for fall. And as for the things that are still
on my list, I find that the longer they stay on my wishlist, the less I feel I need them. Is that weird?

Like I said, I'll probably be over this feeling soon enough, and my wallet will be back to crying.

That said, here's how things currently stand...

Kathryn's Full Price List:
1. Refined Corduroy Dress
2. Bianka Blouse (I tried to backorder it, but Anthro cancelled it *sniff*)
3. Redux Jacket (Okay, I still think this is pretty...)
Oxer Jacket (in Green...still in love with this one, too!)

Kathryn's Sale Price List:
1. Babergh Dress (my love for this one wanes as time goes by, but it's still on my list for now)
2. Dried Leaves Dress (hanging on by a thread...)
3. Ruffled Plaid Dress (see comment on Babergh...)
4. Once & Always Tee
5. Lima Lines Skirt

List of Things Kathryn Already Has (And Needs To Remember, When Wanting New Things):
1. Cream Confection Jacket
2. Acting Out Skirt
3. Peppered & Striped Skirt
Remaining Lilies Cardigan (finally purchased, on sale - yay!)
5. Graces Tank (was wishlisted, finally purchased on sale)
6. Arid Season Button-Up (sale purchase)
7. Dreamy Drape Dress (surprise sale purchase)
Mullany Dress

Holy crap, I have a lot of stuff already...!



  1. Welcome back pretty things!!
    Can i just say, I am in a fit of jealousy over the Anthro things you already have! the only one i seem to have on the list is the Mullany dress (great purchase don't you think!).
    I hope you are feeling better Carol!
    Sorry, i don't know who the Anaheim ducks are Kathryn - I'm on the other side of the world unfortunately!
    Thanks for sharing your wishlist

  2. *giggle* Why hello there, Jen! I'm a wee bit embarrassed by the things I already have! As for the Anaheim Ducks - they are the professional ice hockey team that I love. =) Sorry I wasn't more clear!

  3. When did you two get the Mullany Dress??

    I'm feeling a little burnt out too lately and definitely went out of control with my spending this summer. I looked back at my order status online and couldn't believe how many over $100 purchases I made every single week! I think free shipping ending is going to be a very good thing for me since I obviously have no self control!

  4. Don't be embarrassed Kathryn - be PROUD! they are yours and you earned them!

  5. Love your guys wishlist posts... always inspires me to clean up and re-evaluate my own :)

    Definitely need to try on the AG Stevies... Carol - how was the length on them, will you need to get them hemmed??

  6. love your outfits & lists!!hope u r feeling better Carol. looking forward to seeing your blog sale....Ilive close enuff to try on tho you may prefer to not do that....hmmmm a "preview sale " perhaps??

    I really added some sass to my basics... but girls, the free shipping is NOT over. If your local store does NOT have an item, call CS, see who DOES have it, then call THAT store and they will happily ship free as your store did not have it. I did NOT have to go to the store to have the SA do it. It is really easier on everyone that way. I have the tiny windows dress & 2 belts on the way from 3 different stores! THANK YOU BLOGGERS!!!!!

  7. The theme I think is that we're all laying low for awhile huh? Hehe. I'm focusing on more home stuff because I've been neglecting the new house...poor little thing. Can't wait to post some decorations!

  8. I still need to get a list together. That's half the battle, the other half will be actually sticking to it!

  9. I think I need to prune my wishlist a bit too. I have a feeling it will be a lot shorter than my lists this summer and that's strange since Fall is usually my favorite season for clothes.

  10. @E Hayes - Oh, definitely try the Stevies, they're so great. They were long on me (as is usual with pants that aren't petite size) so they will need to be hemmed. But otherwise, I love them. Someone told me they're available in a short length, though I haven't seen them on Anthro's website, and my local store didn't have 'em either.

  11. Kathryn- The Naples Florida store had the bianka in both the black colorway and the tan colorway as of Thursday. Might be worth a call ;-)


  12. Kathryn, that's awesome you got to hobnob with the Ducks! I can't say I ever think of hockey and sushi together, but oh well. I'm looking forward to the hockey season too, but I'm an Ottawa Senators fan (even though I live in Toronto).

    Carol, because you looked so good in the Ha'penny cardigan, I had to try it on for myself. However, the results for me were rather underwhelming. So I'll just admire it on you from afar.

  13. Kathryn: Not sure what size you need, but Princeton, NJ store had the Bianka in navy/tan colorway in smaller sizes. Not sure what size you are, but there was a size 4. I bought the last 6 they had.

  14. hahahaha I love how you have the exact same name as the other girl on the video- I bet that's not her real name, and the camera people screwed up! That's hilarious!