Sunday, September 19, 2010

What I'd Wear (Splurges and Steals)

One of the joys of fashion is its ability to help you relate with the outer world. Whether we like it or not, we humans are a very visual species, and we send and receive messages constantly about who and what we are, with the way we groom, dress, and otherwise present ourselves. It's an interesting paradox that those who even eschew this notion of communicating with others through fashion, are communicating with others through fashion (or the lack thereof).  We can't help it.  We use our eyes.  And whether we like it or not, we are always being evaluated to some greater or lesser degree, by what we're wearing.  How much weight we give to the valuation of others is another topic of discussion entirely.  Obviously, it's all about healthy balance (realizing that to some very real degree, the opinions others form of us can and often do impact our own well-being while still keeping in mind that our sense of self-worth and value really should stand, to a good degree, independent of the opinions of others).

It's also true that many of us are creating an identity for ourselves through what we wear - we often call this, "expressing ourselves."  We try and define how others see us and even the types of characteristics they attribute to us, using our clothes.   Here are some outfits I put together for fun, to "express" myself in different ways.

"Polished and Playful" (Sophisticated and girlish all at once)


Untitled by Carol-prettythings featuring chain bracelets

Splurge                                                                                    Steal
Sportmax camel coat                                                                 BB Dakota Riverton coat
Carven puffed wool blend skirt                                                    J. Crew Wool Bell Skirt
Chloe flat knee-high boots (seem to be sold out online)                 Nine West On the Moon boot
Burberry Quilted Leather Hobo bag                                              Signature Quilted Tote (cream color)
Dannijo Dean gold-plated cuff                                                      Tarnish Chain Cuff 
Stella McCartney striped cashmere-silk blend scarf                      Nordstrom Plaid Scarf (neutrals color)
Chloe wide leather and chain belt                                                Ann Taylor leather and chain skinny belt
Ball earrings in 18k gold                                                             Gold over silver ball earrings

"Rustic Weekend" (Casual, Chic, I'm-not-totally-middle-aged-yet)

Rustic Weekend

Rustic Weekend by Carol-prettythings featuring shearling boots

Splurge                                                                              Steal
J. Crew Speckled Paint sweater-jacket                                  Old Navy "Jet Sweater" Cardigan
Kick Flip Denim Shorts                                                        Paris Blues Denim Shorts
Lowe Shearling Flat Boot                                                     Chinese Laundry Tahoe boots
Owl Pendent Necklace (similar here)                                     Owl charm necklace
Elizabeth and James Blake Shirt                                          Forever 21 Heritage 1981 plaid shirt

What kinds of things do you hope your outfits are telling others about you?


  1. Kathryn and Carol
    I read your post and it's too true. Fashion is a way for to to announce to my peers who i am. I tend to want to give off a lady-like vibe with the clothes i am wearing. I ensure i give off a classy look, and one that is never tacky. I am not sure whether I have truly succeeded, but last night i wore my Time Gone By dress to a family party and my cousin told me i "look so ladylike!". So i guess it worked!

  2. That Proenza Schouler PS1 handbag is to die for...........

    I hope my outfits tell others that I care about how I look, that I am classic dressers with a twist of the unique and it's about the details.

  3. OMG that bag in the 2nd might turn me into "that girl" that has to have a $2000 bag, and that's quite a feat!!

  4. Ooh I love both of these outfits, especially the second one. I can totally see you in that skirt with that turtle neck. Love it! I agree that clothes is a way for me to express myself as well. I've been trying to discover my sense of style but have not quite pinpointed that as of yet. I'm still working on it though. :)