Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Earlier today, while we were preparing for the trick-or-treaters that would be arriving this evening, my husband asked me what I felt like advertising about ourselves to the neighborhood.

"What?" I asked, totally confused.  He laughed and pointed out how people often like to peer into your house, when you open the door for the trick-or-treaters.  Kids are especially curious, often calling out when they spot a toy or some other item that catches their interest - "Oh, they've got dinosaurs!" "He likes Bakugan!" "She has a Dora car!"  But I've caught parents taking a peek too, which is fine, but my husband joked, wouldn't it be funny to be able to put up a banner, advertising for stuff?

"Seeking a jiu-jitsu sparring partner."
"Would you like to start a baby-sitting co-op?"
"Free 'exer-saucer,' excellent condition - just take it out of our house, please."
"Are you handy? I'll tutor your kids if you'll fix our sprinklers."
"Wondering whose amazing curry I keep smelling somewhere, halfway down the street.  Recipe, please?"
"Anthropologie and Nordstrom acceptable here."

We could also put up badges or signs - like our "flair" from Facebook - and possibly make new friends (or enemies), depending on where people's tastes, allegiances, and politics lie.  For some reason, while we're friendly with our neighbors, we're not really friends with our neighbors.  Too bad we can't get to know each other better this way.  Still, I love how everyone pours out into the streets and we all chat and laugh and admire each other's costumes, even if we only smile and wave the rest of the year.

Our family of jack o' lanterns.

In costume!

(I caught Rowan as he was getting ready to jump - hence the odd posture.)

So excited for trick or treating!

Because my big brother is making this face, I can too!

Hoping your Halloween is full of fun, sweets, and only treats!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Health, Wellness, & Transformation (The Women's Conference 2010 and a Little Something Extra!)

Hi everyone!  Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend.  So, as I mentioned in an earlier post, I got to attend the Women's Conference and while I returned totally juiced up to "be an architect of change" (the theme for the Women's Conference), I found it - and still find it - really difficult to set down in my own words, what the experience was like, and the types of things I learned over those two days.  So, for fear of doing a disservice to the wisdom and eloquence of the speakers, I've decided to set down one or a few nuggets of goodness from each talk, and link you to a video of the actual talk, in case you want to experience it yourself.  Here are the some of the speakers who were featured on Monday, which was the "Day of Health, Wellness, and Transformation."

Deepak Chopra is a familiar name, but I never read any of his books are watched him on Oprah, or really knew what his message was - he was, after all, one of those "spiritual leader" types, of which I'm often very skeptical (it's the intellectual rationalist in me - and, oddly enough, also the result of my having been raised in the tradition of my family's faith - I tend to look askance at anyone who offers a way to be "spiritual," that doesn't involve a church and pulpit).  I'm really glad he spoke at the Conference, and that I was there to hear him, because it was amazing to hear his perspective on life, humanity, and the nature of the universe at large.  Some things he said which really resonated with me, include the following (not exact quotations, since I was frantically jotting down notes and he spoke more quickly than I could write):
  • Nature goes to the same place to create the nebulae and the stars, as it goes to, to create our thoughts - we are all interconnected and linked at a very basic, primal level.
  • For every one egg, there are 250 million sperm. Why? Nature's intelligence resides in the feminine mind, soul, and body.
  • Happiness comes from a place of power and empowerment.
  • Success equals the ability to pursue and realize worthy goals; have good relationships, etc.
  • Be aware of the magic of synchronicity.  Synchronicity refers to meaningful coincidences that are anonymous gifts from the divine.
  • A dream that we dream alone, remains a dream.  But a dream that we dream together, manifests as reality.
He has much more to offer, and he builds his talk with a complexity that I can't really sum up in a nutshell.  Check out the video of Deepak Chopra's talk here (begins about 7 minutes into playtime).

Elizabeth Lesser is the founder of the Omega Institute, and we all know Sally Field.  They quite literally had a conversation, in which they discussed what it means to "Lead Like a Woman," which ran the gamut from having "Norma Rae moments" to what meditation is good for, and how to practice meditation.  Hahaha, one could say that they conversed like women (sort of meandering all over the place) but they had some really great insights and advice.  Check out their talk here.

This is Martha Beck.  She's a "Life Coach," and I know this sounds hokey beyond belief, but she's an amazing speaker, and I really think that of all the incredible people I heard speak on this day (Monday) her talk was the best and most inspiring.  If you have about 20-30 minutes of time to yourself  - you know, after the dishes are done and the laundry is running and the husband/boyfriend/cat are settled down in front of the tv, and kids are sleeping/doing homework/at a friend's house/still a future fantasy and no one has yet noticed that you're "available" to help/assist/support/nurture/organize/coordinate/provide/etc, grab a cuppa tea/coffee/wine, and watch her talk here.  Her portion of the talk starts at 11:04 into this video, and lasts about 30 minutes (I've re-listened to her talk twice now, and anticipate that I'll probably rewatch it again).  Do it because we are women and we have so much to contribute and we have so much to do and every once in a while, we need someone to interpret what's happening in our lives, to us, and help us remember/realize/clarify where we should be heading.  Watch this video. Listen to her talk. I don't think you'll regret it.  

So, until this past Monday, Tony Robbins was that "motivational-speaker-infomercial-guy" in my head.  And he's still sort of that guy (he would be the first to accept that a lifetime of conditioning can't be overturned in 2 hours - though, certainly, a foundation could be laid in that time), but I realize that he's actually got some pretty powerful tools for transforming the way people deal with life and the challenges we may face.  He had some good zingers and one-liners: "Ever notice that common sense isn't all that common?" but he also had some really great points and tips about how we can shift our "state" (perspective and attitude) in order to make sure we make our best decisions in our "peak states."  Tony's talk was the longest of all the talks on the first day, taking up 2 and a half hours, and video of this talk - whether due to length, or due to the proprietary material used in it - has not been posted.  There's a 20 minute TED talk video here, that captures, in a super abbreviated version, what he worked with on us in the talk.  It's powerful stuff - and it's about having emotional intelligence - training our focus - how to use energy to control your emotional state - how to create energy by using our physiology (posture, musculature, childlike enthusiasm), and it goes on.  My husband, who knows about these things, say a lot of Tony's techniques are essentially neuro-linguistic programming.  I wish I could speak more to this, but a quick skim of the Wikipedia article on NLP tells me it's not something I can pick up with a quick skim on Wikipedia.  ^_- So, that's that.

And because I can't leave you without sharing something pretty with you ("What?!" you protest.  "Carol! What's prettier than an empowered, motivated, woman who's tapped into her Divine Feminine in order to lead humanity into its next evolutionary stage...or something?"), I have to tell you about one of the vendors I met, in the "Village," which is the exhibit hall at the Women's Conference.  Shani Foster is the designer-owner of Eyes of Ruth, a line of handbags - one of which I fell in love with at first sight:

So, about a month ago, I saw and fell for the Proenza Schouler PS1, which while totally beautiful, is also a complete fantasy for the average American woman.  When my eye fell on this bag, it struck the same chord in me that the PS1 hit - and when I asked Shani (the designer) about it, she said she was inspired by a vintage British man's briefcase she had come across.  The bags are made right here, in Los Angeles, CA, and are crafted out of Italian leather.  

Here's a close-up of the exterior.  The bag has magnetic closures under the flap, and can be carried like a satchel using the top handle, or cross-body, using the longer strap.  It's so "Indiana Jones," isn't it?  I love it!  And the best part?  The price, at $295, is totally reasonable!  Also, you can order it in 5 different colors - the cognac color pictured here, the camel pictured in the photo above (to the right of the cognac), black, gray (see photo above, on smaller bag hanging over the camel version), and burgundy.  All the colors are great on this bag, and I sort of loved them all.  With the help of my friend Lisa, I settled on this one, though. I think it really brings out the character of the bag.

Here's a shot of the interior - there's a zippered pocket and two open pockets, appropriate for a cell phone and other small items.  The bag is big enough to hold a small to medium sized laptop, and will be great for me to schlep around all of my kid-gear for Rowan and Kate.  The bags on display were samples, and I'm supposed to receive mine in about 3 weeks.  You can be sure I'll do another post when I get the bag, featuring it with some fabulous outfits!  If you're interested in ordering one yourself, feel free to check out (though these newer bags may not be up on the website yet) or email Shani directly at Shani [at]  If you have any questions about the bag, you can also email me as well (at least, in a few weeks, after I receive it).

In the meantime, thanks for sticking with me through this long post, and have a great Halloween! 

Friday, October 29, 2010

Unworn Item Challenge, Days 17, 18 & 19

Hello Everyone!

Woohoo, it's the weekend! I hope you all have fun and exciting plans for Halloween!

Before I get much further...who else is excited (and maybe a little scared) for the return of free shipping at Anthro?!


Allrighty, well...I just wanna play catch up with my latest unworn items for the week. So...okay, go!

Day 17 - Unworn Item: TOMS "Classic" Canvas Slip-Ons, styled with the Two-Wheeler Shirtdress, Oh, Hello Friend "Two-Wheeler" Necklace and Matrushka Construction Earrings.

The warmer turn in the weather brought about the return of my much-beloved Two-Wheeler shirtdress. I'd picked up the red TOMS during the Nordstrom party last month; but, as with just about everything else in this October challenge, hadn't gotten around to wearing them until now. Looking at the outfit photo, I'm not sure if the bright red color works with this dress the way I'd envisioned. However, the TOMS were so darn comfy and kind to my feet that I don't give a darn.

During a recent visit with Danni of Oh, Hello Friend fame, I spotted the little necklace (which I've just kind of nicknamed the "Two-Wheeler" necklace) and grabbed it along with the camera ring that I wore on Day 15. I actually already wore the necklace on Day 14 (which I'm referring to as "Jason Wu Day"), so it's not technically an "unworn item," though it is new-ish and it makes me smile, even if it is a lot of bicycles for someone who doesn't currently own a bicycle:

And of course, the Matrushka earrings have become a staple of my wardrobe because they're made of clear glass with gold and silver toned accents, so they go with everything.

Day 18 - Unworn Item: Deluxe Kids Darth Vader Costume, styled with Steve Madden "Intyce" Boots

(with regard to the hand gesture, I love mixing the mythos ^_-)

To explain: we had a costume contest at work on Wednesday. My department's theme was Star Wars (Original Trilogy, thankyouverymuch); and, given that I supervise the part-time staff for my department, I was nominated to be Darth Vader. (I would've actually preferred to be a Jedi, but I was overruled.)

Technically, I've never worn this costume before, so I guess it counts towards the challenge, sort of..? I saved a bunch of money on this costume by ordering the kids'-sized version instead of the adult-sized version. I learned this technique a few years ago, when I ordered a "Princess Belle" costume and it was way too big. The legs on this Darth Vader costume are too short, but I was mostly able to cover that up with my boots...and I wasn't able to fasten up the back, but that was covered up by the detachable cape. So overall, I think it worked just fine.

Besides, I'm just a little short on cash to shell out the cash for the original costume.

I didn't get a photo of myself without the mask on that day, so I re-shot my "outfit" photo today. However, as I was getting ready to snap the photo I realized that I forgot the belt and the mask at work. Drat.

So this is what I actually looked like, on Wednesday:

The uh...robot....on the left is my husband, dressed as Thomas Bangalter of Daft Punk. The Husband's costume was incredibly cool - and while it's a little hard to see in the photo, there's a scrolling LED inside the helmet that flashes the words, "DAFT PUNK." The helmet was custom-made by none other than our good friend Sean, who photographed our Mullany adventure at Disneyland last month. This is further evidence that Sean is, quite possibly, one of the most talented people on the planet. He documented the process here, if you're interested in reading more about it.

And...yes, this photograph basically means that I'm married to a robot. And that I'm the puppet of an evil emperor.

Live long and prosper?

Day 19 - Unworn Item: Bedecked Brooch Necklace, styled with Red Torsade Tee, Banana Republic cardigan, Licorice Lanes Skirt, White House Black Market patent belt, Target Merona "Myka" Suede Wedges in Black.

Ah, back to being a girl.

I'm not sure, but...I think this may be the first time I've blogged the Licorice Lanes Skirt, which was one of my Labor Day scores back in September. I've worn it several times, so it's not the "unworn" item for the challenge.

My "unworn" item is actually the necklace:

This necklace was one of Carol's finds that she linked to me over AIM one day, and it had been burned in my brain ever since. In a moment of weakness (after some fitting room reviews), I ordered it over the phone in the store and "saved" myself a couple of dollars on the shipping. Last time I checked, the online reviews hadn't necessarily been particularly kind...but I have to say, I love this necklace. It's the closest thing I have to a "statement" necklace, and it's much better quality than my Brass Plum and Forever 21 necklaces without being a $100+ necklace.

My entire outfit on Thursday was based around the color red because it was my beloved mommy's birthday. As I've discussed previously, my family wears red for good luck on special occasions like these. Happy Birthday, Mama! ^_^

Well, that wraps up this round of OOTDs. I still have a few unworn items to go, so the challenge will most likely spill over into November. I'll leave off tonight by wishing the Husband a Happy Anniversary! Thanks for five years of wedded bliss and lots of laughs. Love you.

I hope everyone has a safe and Happy Halloween!

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Catching Up (OOTDs)

Hi everyone! How are you doing?  Well, I hope.  I'm in a state of disbelief that we're facing down the last few days of October.  Is Halloween really this weekend? What happened to the month?  Where'd it go?  I know we all say this, but the older I get, the faster time seems to move, and really, I just need to take a breath.  I need things to slow down.  Slow. Down. 

*Deep breath*

*and exhale*

On Monday and Tuesday, I was fortunate enough to be able to attend The Women's Conference, which is quite possibly the coolest event I get to attend, that doesn't involve designer dresses and free champagne.  It's my third year attending this event, though it's my first year getting to go to all its various parts (tickets to this thing sell out lightening fast - my coworkers and I literally coordinate on buying of tickets like we're implementing a battle plan. We don't play around).  It's hosted and coordinated by the State of California's Office of the First Lady - so, yes, it's headed by Maria Shriver, and in the seven years since its inception, it's become the biggest and quite possibly, best women's conference in the world.  Fourteen thousand women crammed into the Long Beach Convention Center to listen to all kinds of speakers - everyone from poets like Mary Oliver, performers and activists like Eve Ensler and Mary J. Blige, Supreme Court Justices Sandra Day O'Connor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg, entertainers Sally Field and Oprah, and First and Second Ladies Michelle Obama, Laura Bush, and Jill Biden.  The list goes on (and even includes some men) and I can't tell you what an amazing, uplifting, and inspiring experience this conference is.  I wish I could take you all with me - but since I couldn't, I took lots of pictures and notes and have tons I want to share with you - I just have to process it and get it down, so look forward to that.

Meanwhile, I thought I'd share my OOTDs with you from the last few days.  (Because, you know...priorities...)

 Top: Short-sleeved Cowlneck Sweater, Banana Republic Factory Store, 2008 (similar here and here)
Skirt: Sidestep Skirt, Anthropologie (similar here)
Boots: Tall Wedge-heel boots, Apepazza, Nordstrom 2009 (similar here and here)
Belt: J. Crew skinny grommet belt (similar here and here)
Headband: J. Crew (similar here)

Dress: Refined Cord Shirtdress, Anthropologie
Belt: Enchanting Eyes Belt, Anthropologie
Boots: Wedge-heeled Tall Boots, Apepazza, Nordstrom 2009 (similar here and here)
Necklace: Zodiac Heirloom Necklace, Anthropologie

Sweater: Traversa Cardigan, J. Crew 
Tank: Cotton Tank, J. Crew (similar here)
Pants: Madison Stretch Wool pants, Classiques Entier, Nordstrom
Shoes: Romy Flats, Tory Burch, Nordstrom (similar here, standard Revas here, and just for fun, I love the color of these)
Necklace: Zodiac Heirloom Necklace, Anthropologie (Can you tell I love this one? Love!)

Have a super Thursday!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Unworn Item Challenge, Day 16

Greetings and salutations!

I hope everyone is doing well!

Just a quick update for Tuesday morning, to track my unworn item...pardon the dark photo again - the sun is setting quicker, these days!

Day 16 - Unworn Item: Cream Confection Jacket, styled with J Brand 14" Cigarette Leg Jeans (similar here), Vanilla Bean Blouse, Frye "Jane" Boots (available here), Forever 21 Vintage Charm Necklace, Oh Hello Friend belt and earrings.

Oh, how I love this jacket. Words can't begin to describe my affection for it. I've been waiting for what feels like a lifetime for it to get cold enough to wear it. And the funny thing? It was actually cold enough to wear it last week, but...I wanted to limit the number of my unworn items so that I could make it all the way through the month of October for the challenge. So, I didn't wear it until today.

Yes, I am a silly girl.

Anyway, I wanted to show a shot of the jacket open, but my husband called from Home Depot while I was readying the camera to take the photo. He needed to know what kind of light bulbs to get (the one above my vanity had burned out); and, ever the impatient one, I decided to take the call while taking my photo.

Multitasking at its finest, eh?

So to answer the question, "How many people in our household does it take to change a lightbulb?"...I guess the answer is: two.

On a closing note, I've decided I needed to get a new pair of rain boots after last week's constant downpour. I'd always heard that the children's Hunter rain boots sometimes run large enough for adults to wear. I decided to give some a try on a whim, and...whoa. The "Big Kid" size 6 actually fit my size 8.5-9 foot! And they're $50 less than the price for the adult version!

So (because I'm totally an adult) of course I plan on ordering them in baby pink:

Hunter "Original" Rain Boot (for Toddler, Little Kid & Big Kid)

And, to complete the look, boom:
Hunter "Welly" Cabled Cuff Socks (Women's)

Love it.

I aim to misbehave, y'all. (besides, I have Nordstrom notes...w00t!)

Have a great day!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Unworn Item Challenge, Days 13, 14 & 15

Happy Saturday, Y'all!

I hope you're all doing well! I'm having a...somewhat relaxing Saturday. I woke up early to help the Husband track down things for his Halloween costume and then came home to do 18,799 loads of laundry and watch my crappy Ducks take on the Detroit Red Wings.

My boys ended up giving up the go-ahead goal to Pavel Datsyuk with 11 seconds to go in the game, losing 5-4.

So, um. I decided to blog my outfits to try and lower my blood pressure.

Okay! Here we go!

Day 13 - Unworn Item: Peppered & Striped Skirt, styled with J.Crew Painter tee (similar here), Cara Accessories Crystal & Bow Necklace and Target Merona "Myka" Wedges in Grey.

This was my outfit for Wednesday, when I proudly wore purple in support of the LGBT community.

There's something to be said when you like your outfit so much that you don't want to take it off. I love this skirt. As the beautiful Kelly would say, I love it with a big, red heart. It's so comfortable, and I just love the happy polka dots on it. I'm actually trying to figure out if there's some way that I can pull off wearing this skirt every week...

As you can see, I pulled out my Crystal & Bow necklace again. It's such a fun piece to wear, though I do have one little issue with it - the clasp is on the left-hand side. I can't fasten it the other way though, because the bow won't show properly. This is incredibly frustrating, if you're right-handed like me. I usually have to try several times to get the clasp on this necklace to fasten properly. Grr.

Day 14 - Unworn Item: Oh, Hello Friend Belt, styled with Bianka Blouse, Michael by Michael Kors Ponte Knit Pencil Skirt and Target Merona "Myka" Suede Wedges in Black.

So this was my outfit that I wore to meet Jason Wu down in San Diego, with Carol. The belt is a new acquisition from Danni of Oh, Hello Friend. She plans to set up her online store again soon, and this time she hopes to have an entire section for belts! I loved the color and the style of this belt, and I thought it played off the colors of the Bianka Blouse nicely.

This is actually my second time wearing the Bianka Blouse, and I just adore it. The first time I wore it was on Day 2 of the "Unworn Item Challenge," where I styled it with black J.Brand leggings, Frye "Jane" boots and an Oh, Hello Friend pocketwatch necklace:

I love the various styling options that this blouse offers. A big red heart again, for this blouse. A big, puffy red heart.

Day 15 - Unworn Item: Forever 21 Infinity Scarf, styled with Blu Sand Denim Jacket, Rubbish V-neck Tee (similar here), Express Leggings and Steven by Steve Madden "Intyce" Boots.

I picked this scarf up at Forever 21 recently at the wonderful price of $9.80. It's so soft and fluffy and perfect for chilly days.

I do have a feeling I'm going to need a good sweater shaver for it, though. Does anybody have any good recommendations?

The jacket is a piece that I've had for what feels like a billion years. I picked it up from a store called "Blu Sand" when I was passing through Rome. I love its slim, flattering cut, and it's held up remarkably well, throughout the years. The Italians sure know their fashion. ^_^

I also had on a cute little camera ring from Oh, Hello Friend:

I can't wait until Danni's store comes online again!

Well, that pretty much sums up my latest outfits in my October challenge. Before I go, I want to apologize for not getting back to all of your lovely comments. I've been so busy lately that I haven't gotten a chance to respond to you all. But please know that I do read every single one of your comments and they make me smile big. I'm going to try and get back to you all, I promise! A big, puffy red heart to you all!

Thanks so much for reading!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Meeting Jason Wu (A Personal Appearance Event at Nordstrom)

Hi everyone! Hope you're all having a fabulous Friday. A couple weeks ago, I received an email from Nordstrom, inviting me and Kathryn to a personal appearance by Jason Wu at the Fashion Valley Nordstrom. Really? An opportunity to admire swoon-worthy clothes, meet the extraordinary person behind them, and sip champagne? Twist our arms, why don't you?

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Jason Wu, you may remember the incredible one-shouldered white dress that Michelle Obama wore to the inaugural balls last year. That dress was custom-made for the First Lady by none other than Mr. Wu. The clothes we saw at the Jason Wu event were no less stunning than that dress, with their hallmarks of beautiful detailing, extraordinary craftsmanship, and incredibly flattering, feminine shapes and silhouettes.

Perusing some of the gorgeous pieces for Spring 2011 and Resort 2011.

Jason Wu Aviators ($275) this me in Jason Wu sunglasses, or a fly? Hmm...Maeshowe Shirtdress, Konnichiwa Sweater, Zodiac Heirloom Pendant? I think that's me....

The ubiquitous shirtdress! Of course...this is a Jason Wu shirtdress.

Kathryn in the Jason Wu Lace-Top Gown. She's going to be wearing this to the Academy Awards next year.

Kathryn here! So, I'm around 6 inches too short and about 50 pounds too heavy for this dress - I'm actually holding it up with my arms pinned to my sides, haha! But I'll brb - gonna go rob a bank so I can have it!

Here I am, wearing one of the dresses from Jason Wu's Spring 2011 line. It fit me like a glove! The fabric was very sturdy - heavy, even - which allowed for the very structured bodice (light pleating extends from the neckline) and the shape of the skirt, which has a flat front and and pleating to the sides, over the hips. This dress is just stunning, and when I pulled it off the rack, Kelly joked that I needed to put a red belt with it and go to Disneyland in it. ^_- Oh, I die, I die over this dress!

Kathryn again! I just need to tell you all what happened when Jason himself caught a glimpse of Carol in that dress. He turned to one of the associates and said, "Who IS she? That dress looks perfect on her!" I think Carol and I spent a good five consecutive minutes doing a happy-dance in the dressing room over his sweet compliment!

And it really is just perfect on her, isn't it? Just look at that flattering silhouette! Oh, *swoon!*

Yes, that's us, wearing over $5000 worth of designer dresses. ^_^ Eeep!

I'm standing with Jason Wu, himself (isn't he just adorable?)! In one of his dresses! In my bare feet! (And yes, there are bandaids on my toes, covering blisters from some shoes I wore a couple days ago that were mean to me.) This, my friends, is what glamour is all about.

Persimmon Mimosas, Tangerine Cream Puffs, and Chocolate-Pumpkin Pots de Creme. Sooooo yummy! The (extremely, truly delicious) food was catered by Waters Fine Catering. (Oh, and their serving staff are really super nice too! If I ever have a fabulous catered party, I'll definitely be giving them a call.)

On Model, second to the left: Lace Top Gown (Also seen on Kathryn)

Which of these is not like the others?
(On Model to the Far Right: Jason Wu Beaded Stripe Top)

I was actually fortunate enough to chat with Jason, and even conduct a little mini-interview. Tucked into the back of the Collector's department, there are these great white tufted leather benches, and that's where we sat for a few minutes to talk. And in case you were wondering, not only does Mr. Wu design and create the most beautiful clothing, he's well-spoken, bright, and extremely nice. I guess, if you take into account the fact that he's accomplished so much in such a short period of time (he's only 28! And he's dressed the First Lady!) it's no surprise.

PT: I read a little bit about you and I learned that you started off doing doll designs.

JW: Yes.

PT: Is that what brought you initially to designing?

JW: No...

PT: What was it that drew you in?

JW: Um, well I've always been into very beautiful things and elements of design. You know, I started designing for dolls because it was my first job, when I was 16, so...

PT: You were very young!

JW: I was very young, and I wanted my first job, and that was [the] first job that was available to me! I just wanted some working experience in design, and that's what happened. I ended up doing it for ten years and it gave me a lot of experience and insight into the world of - just doing business and working with other people. And it helped me on my journey to becoming a fashion designer, but it was actually...I guess a fluke that I went into that.

PT: So what is it about designing women's clothing that you like the best?

JW: I love the detail, I love the femininity, I love the fabrics, I love the artistic aspect of it...I love the fact that dressing women is such a...well-rounded experience, because not only do I get to design things, but I get to apply them to other people's everyday lives, which I think is very significant.

PT: That's a lovely way of thinking about it! So, for our readers, are there any trends this season that you like or dislike? Are there any things that you'd advise them to consider?

JW: Well, I think that always fit is important, and I think that having something that is more than a passing trend is also important. Building a wardrobe is what I aspire to do for my clients, and I want them to own things for not just one season, but for their entire lives, so...that theory can be applied at any price point, for any kind of clothing, it's more about a state of mind.

PT: This last question came from my husband - what are your thoughts about intellectual property rights for fashion designers? I know this has been popping up in the news lately, and certainly, fashion is very derivative - especially at the lower price points -

JW: Right

PT: How do you feel about that? Do you have any concerns?

JW: Well, I think it's very important - intellectual property - and you know, I've been one of the designers that's very involved in protection of designer copyrights. I think having respect for design is very important, and it's something that we're still working towards improving.

PT: Yes, right! Well, that's pretty much it. Thank you so much!

JW: Thank you so much - it was nice meeting you!

Check out Jason's blog here (also in our blog roll).

I love this photo, but I wish I could have added Kathryn to it!  Sadly, she was taking it, so it's just me! I can't believe we didn't stop at any point and just ask someone to take a photo of the three of us. It's my one regret in an otherwise perfect afternoon! (*sad face*)

Thanks to Jason Wu for the beautiful clothes, to Kelly for helping us get into them, to Kristen for inviting us and setting us up, to Nordstrom for hosting such a wonderful event, and to Kathryn for coming all the way down to San Diego to geek out with me over all the pretty clothes and our brush with brilliance. (You're the bestest, Katie!)