Tuesday, October 5, 2010

For Sarah (A Mullany Wedding)

A few weeks back, shortly after our Traveling Mullanys post, we received a request from a reader, Sarah, who asked how we would style the Mullany for a sweet little courthouse wedding in Fairbanks, Alaska.  First of all, wedding felicitations, Sarah!  We hope that you and your chosen partner have a long, happy, healthy life together.  Second, we hope that we're not too late to help!  At any rate, we think that the Mullany is an inspired choice for a civil wedding, and we hope our ideas are useful.  ^_^

Mullany Weddings
Mullany Weddings by Carol-prettythings featuring betsey johnson jewelry

Mullany Set 1 (Left)                                                   Mullany Set 2 (Right)
Betsey Johnson Iconic Necklace                               Kate Spade Faux Pearl and Bow Necklace
Betsey Johnson Calandra Pump                                Badgley Mischka Hyde Blue Satin Pumps

The Mullany Weddings set to the left is Kathryn's - we love the way the black bows in the jewelry tie into the black polka dots of the dress.  The crystals on the necklace and the pearls in the earrings come together in the bracelet, and the bouquet adds a great pop of color against the black-and-ivory palette used throughout this outfit.  This styling is fun, flirty, and just beautiful!

The set on the right is mine, and it's a softer, more feminine play on the Mullany wedding.  I love the idea of wearing a sparkly watch as a bracelet (I might have to get this for myself - or maybe ask for it as a Christmas present from the DH) and I chose shoes that incorporate the traditional "something blue" in a  playful way.  I think the pink is so pretty with the golds of the jewelry and that these colors really bring out the ivory of the dress.  We used the ivory kidskin opera gloves, because...well, really.  How often does one have an opportunity to wear ivory kidskin opera gloves?  And, as they're from the 1940's, they can totally be your "something old."  

All of these items shown are available online since Sarah mentioned that shopping in Fairbanks is limited.  Sarah, regardless of what you wear or how you wear it, we hope your day is wonderful and we know you'll be beautiful!


  1. What beautiful ways to decorate the same dress! Wow! Alaska!

  2. Wow! Thanks ladies, I feel so honored to have an entire styling post dedicated to my request :-) I love your ideas and would have never thought to wear gloves! Both sets are gorgeous- those Betsey J shoes and Badgley M watch are amazing! Thanks again for your help in making my wedding day extra special!

  3. Hello Kathryn and Carol
    First, Congrats to Sarah - it must be a very exciting time!
    I just LOVE the Mullany dress, and you girls have done so well with the styling ideas.
    It's hard to pick which one i like the most, as they are both equally pretty. Im just adoring those little bow details too! And those shoes...gaaaa!

  4. Beautiful ideas, I just love this dress. It's just gone down to £99.95 today but I am going to hold out a little longer as I don't need it, I just want want want it :)

  5. Oooooh Sarah - get the watch!!! I hope you have a wonderful day!

    Carol - how could you! Posting that watch! I won't even sleep tonight just thinking about it and how I can weasel it into my life.

  6. Congrats Sarah! I love both outfit stylings.

    Might I add that a white birdcage veil would be a stunning addition to your Mullany Wedding ensemble? :)

  7. That dress is so so cute! I love rag and bone but that love can be $$$ !! Meg of An Affair of Character
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