Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Here I Go Again, On My Own (Some Random Fitting Room Reviews)

Hallo and Happy Hump Day, Everyone!

I hope that you're all doing well!

Carol and I haven't been able to meet up for side-by-side reviews lately, so I thought I'd post a few of the solo ones I did last weekend.

( a drifter, I was born to walk alone?)

(Please forgive me for having Whitesnake on the brain. *switches off the 80s radio station*)

Okay, here we go!

Spectre Dreams Dress ($248, shown in a size 4)

I couldn't resist trying this one on when I saw it in the Newport Beach store. It's not really the type of dress I generally go for, but it's got lace and ruffles and it's lavender...and who doesn't love lace and ruffles and lavender???

This dress is a pull-on style, which means the covered buttons on the front are non-functional and for adornment only. The waist is elastic-y, so there's a good amount of give to pull it over your head.

My major beef is that it's extremely sheer. Witness how the light shines right through it:

...granted, I know I placed it directly in front of the light from the fitting room mirror, but still.

As for fit - the top felt a little bit big on me. I might be able to size down to a 2 for it, but then I'm not sure if the proportions would work for the skirt. By golly though, the details of this dress sure are pretty....

...but again, witness the "sheer madness"...and just how easy it is to see my bra through this dress!

Overall this dress is super pretty, but I think the top portion of this dress is what breaks it for me. I kind of wish Kristina J. was my next-door neighbor so I could beg her to re-work the bodice and the sleeves into something I'd be more comfortable with.

A pass for me, but I'm sure this one will look great on many of you!

Mystery Moulinette Soeurs Dress ($128, shown in XS, Sku# for XS: 19408251)

Here's a pretty little party dress that'd be great for the holidays! I can't find this one on the website yet, but I know it's made by Moulinette Soeurs.

My store only had an XS and a L on the floor, so I decided to see if I could make the XS work. This dress pull-on style, and again has that stretchy, elastic-y waist. It might run a little big, considering I could comfortably pull it over my head and it didn't feel glaringly small on me.

I'm not sure if you can tell from the photos, but this dress has a black tulle overlay over a deep blue silky-polyester material. The belt is made of black grossgrain ribbon with a floral embellishment, and it ties in the back. There are ruffle details along the bodice and the bottom hem.

I found the fit to be very comfortable, and I could imagine this would be the perfect type of dress to eat a very large meal in. (always an important consideration, for me)

Overall a super pretty dress that would serve you well for any holiday parties. Because of its composition, I wouldn't say it has year-round wearability.

Charente Skirt ($128, shown in a size 4) and the Volante Tee ($58, shown in Small)

I'm a sucker for pretty skirts, so of course I had to give this little Floreat piece a try.

I couldn't find a 6 on the floor, so I went with a 4 for the fitting room. It ended up fitting in the waist okay, but I had a devil of a time trying to fit this skirt over my hips - I could barely shimmy my way into it. I can't decide if it's because the zippered opening wasn't big enough or because my hips are just too darn wide for a size 4. Maybe it was a little bit of both? *shrug*

As embarrassing as this is to admit, I ended up pulling the skirt over my head when I needed to take it off.

Anyway, the skirt did fit okay once I got it on...though I think I'd size up to a 6. The detailing on it is just gorgeous - I love the pretty waistband and the lace overlay! My main concern with this skirt is that I don't exactly know how practical it would be, for my lifestyle. There are no pockets (which I suppose is understandable, for a dressy skirt such as this), and it's dry clean only (which, again, is understandable for a dressy skirt such as this).

I can't stop staring at it, um....wishlisted for sale. Besides, practicality is for wimps. ^_-

As for the Volante Tee - this is a tee that I abso-freaking-lutely LOVE in photos...but in person I felt slightly overwhelmed by the ruffles. In fact, when I had it on I was reminded of Martin Gore's outfit from Depeche Mode's 2001 "Exciter" tour.

I'm probably just paranoid.

As Roxy mentioned in her review, there are some serious sizing issues with this puppy. I saw an XS in the store that actually looked bigger than the S. I have on a Small, and I have to say that the long length is fantastic for a longwaisted gal like me:

*sigh* I guess it's time for me to re-work my wishlists, because I want both these pieces.

Advantage in Skirt ($98, shown in S)

Ah, there's the cutesy, pun-y Anthro name that I'm used to! This skirt is super short, unlined, and (in my opinion) so, soooo not worth the $98 price tag.

I guess there are zipped pockets on this skirt, but I honestly didn't like this skirt enough to look at it for very long. I did have an easier time pulling this skirt on over my hips than I did with the Charente Skirt, so uh...I guess that counts for...something? Anyway, this skirt's just not really my cup of tea.

I hope these reviews were helpful! Thanks for reading!


  1. I just bought the Volante Tee the other day and even though the bow is big, I don't care, lol. I love ruffles, bows, rosettes etc so much that I've decided I'm going to rock em even if they look silly ;)

  2. The Moulinette Souers mystery dress is gorgeous on you! I also like the Charente skirt. Funny skirt story! Thanks for the reviews.

  3. I hate when I get stuck in a garment in the fitting room - strangely enough, this happens to me...a lot. I think shuffling around your wishlist to make room for that skirt is definitely in order - you look fantastic in it!

  4. I love the volante tee, I just worry since I am slightly bigger busted that it might make me look even bigger!

  5. OOH thanks for reviewing the mystery dress, Katherine! I saw this in our store last Friday but didn't have the time to try it on. I was thinking I'd wear this to Chris' holiday party this year. Too bad I won't be able to wear it year round though. :(

  6. Great post title - that song is now running through my head!

    Love the Charente Skirt, although it may not be for me if the hip opening is a bit tight! Oh well!

    Don't forget to enter my latest giveaway!

  7. I tried that last skirt on too and wasn't a fan at all. What were they thinking when they created that??

  8. Hi Kathryn
    I think the Spectre Dreams dress has very pretty detail, but did the black lace bits around the neckline bother you at all? It's a strange placement in my opinion, and i wished they'd tone down that detail or not have it at all. ALl the other elements are gorgeous though.
    I've seen the Mystery dress on Lori of Lorispeak and Vurbanity - i think it's quite a nice dress on you, and definitely not too small at all.
    Thanks for these reviews!

  9. I love the Volante Tee on you! I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for that.