Friday, October 1, 2010

The Magic Room (Anthropologie Bedding and a Thank You)

A few weeks ago, I was in the Chula Vista Anthropologie with Rowan and Kate, following a visit to their kids' hair salon.  I was browsing the clothing, when Rowan came running up to me, face shining from some great discovery.  "Mom!  Mom!  Come with me, quick!  I have to show you something!"

Like most five year old boys, Rowan generally doesn't find a whole lot in Anthropologie to be super excited over, so I decided I needed to stop what I was doing and follow him, as directed.  He grabbed my hand, skipping and dancing beside me with excitement, and led me across the store, confiding in a thrilled whisper, "There's a magic room here!"

"A magic room?" I murmured, wondering where he was leading me.  Surely, he didn't think the sale room was a magic room, the way I do?  And then, I saw this:

Here's Rowan's "Magic Room," and it's true - it really is quite magical in that in the middle of a suburban mall, you feel whisked away to some other, exotic place, replete with persian rugs, rich colors and textures, thrifted or vintage (in our imaginations) treasures, a canopy of multi-colored streamers hanging overhead, and of course, magic lamps (which Rowan seems to be particularly enamored with - I caught him on his tippy-toes, trying to touch them).  And the central focus of all this loveliness?

The bed.  Or more specifically, the bedding.

All this came back to me when I got Anthro's email blast today, touting their "mix and match" bedding choices.  

I love Anthropologie's bedding.  While still engaged, I purchased a duvet and sheet set from Anthro for my husband and I to use after we moved in together - it was a big splurge for me, but I loved it, and we've used it to death.  I'm still searching for the perfect grass-green flannel sheets to replace the ones I originally bought there, 9 years ago, which have been used and washed so much, they've worn down, smooth and thin.  About two years ago, I bought our second Anthro duvet - the Phoebe Bird set - with shams and pillow cases, on second cut sale price.  I love this one and it satisfies my love of quirky, whimsical prints while still meeting with the husband's approval.  Still, when I saw the possibilities with the amazing selection of sheets and quilts/duvets, I began wondering if I don't need a new something-something?

How cute and vintage-y are the Drowsy Vine Sheets?  I love them!  I'm such a sucker for the aqua and red combination.  My only issue is the price - this is definitely a stalk-to-sale item for me.  I also really love the look of the Ruffled Sheets with the Navy trim - so crisp and pretty!  And I know these aren't for Kathryn, but I'm also digging the Sunbird Sheets (below right), with their soft colors and retro feel. The quilts are also really nice, and while I love the warmth of duvets, I may be ready to pull the trigger on a new quilt for the coming spring.  The hard part is deciding which one!

Which would you choose for your home?

As many of you probably know, Roxy of Effortless Anthropologie, Kim of Anthroholic, and Ashley of Anthropologie Girl are hosting the Anthro Blogging Collective's first ever Blog Awards.  There are so many blogs in the Anthro blogging community now that it can be hard to keep track of all of them and to be honest, I'm feel like I'm constantly stumbling across new ones every week.  Some of the great things about our blogging community are how close we are, how supportive we are of each other, and how we share our love of all things Anthro (with possibly the exception of their sheer shirt trend) through these blogs.  It's exciting and such fun to see the Anthro blogging community grow, but in order for us to stay a community, and not just become a trend or movement, it's important for us to create  opportunities for collaboration and communication between blogs.  For this reason, I want to thank Roxy, Kim, and Ashley for taking the initiative to develop and host these awards, as they have provided a way for all of us to recognize each other, call attention to great blogs that we may never have seen or visited before, and of course allow us to chime in with our nominations and votes to decide the actions and outcomes.  I hope you all get a chance to go check out the awards pages on their blogs and cast your votes to help recognize the time and hard work that goes into writing and maintaining these blogs.  

(Just to note - we - Kathryn and I - have been nominated for a few of the categories - and we're so amazed and grateful for, and humbled by this recognition from you.  Whether or not we "win," an award, we still feel rewarded, so thanks for that!  That being said, while I encourage you to vote, I wasn't campaigning for us - please vote for whichever of the nominees you feel best merit the awards - we promise not to take it personally if that's not always us.  ^_^ )

This is the first time our community has ever tried something like this, so there are bound to be hiccups and growing pains, but I, for one, love a party and appreciate being able to do something with all of you, even if it's virtually and online.  Thanks again for all your love and support!  


  1. Hello Carol and Kathryn!
    Thanks for this post. Little Rowan looks so cute in his magic room! A little boy can have such an imagination, and so can big girls like us!
    Regarding the support from your readers, you are very welcome! thank YOU for providing us with such joy in each and every one of your posts. I've voted you in a few categories! How can I not, you girls are great! I love this Anthro blogging community too, it's a great way to showcase our love for Anthro (and other pretty things).

    Oh and in the spirit of creating "opportunities for collaboration and communication between blogs", please check out my blog:

    I'm only an Aussie with an Anthro obsession :-)

  2. Carol - what a lovely post of posts! Congrats to both you and Kathryn for your well-deserved nominations! And I whole-heartedly agree with Rowan on the magical room. I have been known to sneak a pic of Anthro bed displays here and there. :) That email this morning piqued my interest too - though my hubby is much more of "white sheets" kinda guy. We do have some Anthro quilts from my bachelorette days. I'm thinking a new duvet and some shams sound perfect (esp if I can get them on Second Cut Sale too!).
    Love the pic of Rowan - really makes me smile!

    xx Vivian @

  3. Congrats on the nominations, I nominated you for a couple actually and have now voted. Travelling Mullanys must win hands down surely :)

  4. The Travelling Mullanys is definately has my vote! That was the funniest and cutest thing ever!

    Anthropologie's bedding is just to die for. Unfortunately it's just out of my price range. I like to change my bedding often with seasons and this would break me.

  5. I am delurking myself here. I agree The Travelling Mullanys post was the best! You guys put so much thought into it. The photos came out great. Very creative and beautifully executed.

  6. I agree with your other readers that your posts are so creative, well-executed, fun, helpful - and special because you are sharing the experience with each other. It's so great to see such a wonderful friendship.

    I think you have commented perfectly about the Blog Awards, by emphasizing that they are a way to honor the work and creativity that goes into blogging - rather than the competition aspect.

  7. I love your blog (gushing here)! Everything from the dressing room reviews, special features and bits about being a mother. I love how you have incorporated your friendship in the blog. Your posts are the highlight of my day and you have my vote for virtually every category in which you were nominated.

  8. Aww we should thank YOU guys for working so hard at providing us with such great material to read everyday! I seriously miss you guys if I haven't read your blogs in more than a few days. :) I truly admire the friendship you and Kathryn have and how supportive you guys are of one another. Big group hug to you guys!

    I also love Anthro bedding but oh expensive! Haha. I have a bunch of Calvin Klein stuff I use now and his most famous blue floral one (the one from Sex and the City) is my favorite. That thing lasted me almost 8 years now and it still looks new. When we switch over to a king bed, I will invest in some Anthro bedding.

  9. Agreeing with Louise and Pamela about the Traveling Mullanys, and not just because the shoot was taken in the 2nd best place on Earth (2nd only to Disneyworld :))!

  10. Awww thanks girls!! I'm so glad you like the idea of the awards - I agree it's such a great thing to recognize all the hard work that goes into all these blogs!
    Congrats on your noms - that Traveling Mullanys post was the inspiration behind starting them - it's award worthy!

  11. The Traveling Mullanys got my vote as well, the pictures were too cute for words!! As for Anthro bedding- I can't get it past my fiance, otherwise I'd be sleeping and daydreaming in ruffles and bright colors!!

  12. Hi Carol! This post was lovely especially the magic room part- kids see things so differently/beautifully. Thanks for commenting on the awards- I haven't heard much either way and it is so nice to hear your kind comments. Your blog is amazing and I am so glad that so many people recognize it!
    Anyway, I might have posted a comment twice, but have a lovely day!

  13. LOVE your bedroom....the bed is love with the color!

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