Thursday, October 14, 2010

Many Thanks! (Anthro Blogging Collective Awards 2010)

We've been meaning to write this post for a while, so we apologize for not having done it sooner.  A couple weeks back, Roxy, Kim, and Ashley hosted the first ever Anthro Blogging Collective Awards, and we were nominated for some of the categories.  Because there are so many incredible blogs out there, we were amazed when we realized that you had honored us so greatly by voting for us!  Thank you so much for your recognition and votes.

We received this honor for the Traveling Mullany post, and while we never imagined that it'd ever be recognized in this way, we certainly had a wonderful time creating it, and are so glad you enjoyed it as much as we did.  ^_^ 

There are so many wonderful bloggers who do great dressing room reviews, that we were truly surprised to receive this one.  Again, we're really glad that you find our reviews, particularly our side-by-sides, helpful, and encourage you to keep checking out all the other Anthro blogs out there for your "blogger size twin," which is what Kathryn and I call it when you find that person who's very close to your actual size and provides a truly helpful reference.  

Thank you again for coming here everyday and spending a few minutes with us.  We really do appreciate your time, your recognition, and your support.  We wouldn't want to do this without you.  ^_^  


  1. You girls definitely deserved this award. I had such a fun time reading that post and I hope you guys continue to post fun entries like that one. :)

  2. The travel(l)ing mullany dresses post was my absolute fave! I <3 your blog :)

  3. YAY for both of you!!!!

  4. Congrats! You both earned it by doing such fabulous posts. The Traveling Mullany post was the best.

    Curiosity question: after the contest started, did your reader count go up?

  5. I voted for ya'll! The traveling Mullany post was seriously the cutest eva! And the side by side dressing room posts are always so cute!

  6. I said when you posted it that the Travelling Mullanys was one of my fave blog posts ever so it was fun to be able to nominate and vote for you!

    The awards were a great way for readers to discover all the other Anthro blogs, I look forward to the next round and some exciting new categories to think up nominations for :)

  7. Congratulations girls! so happy that Mullany won an award!!