Friday, October 22, 2010

Meeting Jason Wu (A Personal Appearance Event at Nordstrom)

Hi everyone! Hope you're all having a fabulous Friday. A couple weeks ago, I received an email from Nordstrom, inviting me and Kathryn to a personal appearance by Jason Wu at the Fashion Valley Nordstrom. Really? An opportunity to admire swoon-worthy clothes, meet the extraordinary person behind them, and sip champagne? Twist our arms, why don't you?

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Jason Wu, you may remember the incredible one-shouldered white dress that Michelle Obama wore to the inaugural balls last year. That dress was custom-made for the First Lady by none other than Mr. Wu. The clothes we saw at the Jason Wu event were no less stunning than that dress, with their hallmarks of beautiful detailing, extraordinary craftsmanship, and incredibly flattering, feminine shapes and silhouettes.

Perusing some of the gorgeous pieces for Spring 2011 and Resort 2011.

Jason Wu Aviators ($275) this me in Jason Wu sunglasses, or a fly? Hmm...Maeshowe Shirtdress, Konnichiwa Sweater, Zodiac Heirloom Pendant? I think that's me....

The ubiquitous shirtdress! Of course...this is a Jason Wu shirtdress.

Kathryn in the Jason Wu Lace-Top Gown. She's going to be wearing this to the Academy Awards next year.

Kathryn here! So, I'm around 6 inches too short and about 50 pounds too heavy for this dress - I'm actually holding it up with my arms pinned to my sides, haha! But I'll brb - gonna go rob a bank so I can have it!

Here I am, wearing one of the dresses from Jason Wu's Spring 2011 line. It fit me like a glove! The fabric was very sturdy - heavy, even - which allowed for the very structured bodice (light pleating extends from the neckline) and the shape of the skirt, which has a flat front and and pleating to the sides, over the hips. This dress is just stunning, and when I pulled it off the rack, Kelly joked that I needed to put a red belt with it and go to Disneyland in it. ^_- Oh, I die, I die over this dress!

Kathryn again! I just need to tell you all what happened when Jason himself caught a glimpse of Carol in that dress. He turned to one of the associates and said, "Who IS she? That dress looks perfect on her!" I think Carol and I spent a good five consecutive minutes doing a happy-dance in the dressing room over his sweet compliment!

And it really is just perfect on her, isn't it? Just look at that flattering silhouette! Oh, *swoon!*

Yes, that's us, wearing over $5000 worth of designer dresses. ^_^ Eeep!

I'm standing with Jason Wu, himself (isn't he just adorable?)! In one of his dresses! In my bare feet! (And yes, there are bandaids on my toes, covering blisters from some shoes I wore a couple days ago that were mean to me.) This, my friends, is what glamour is all about.

Persimmon Mimosas, Tangerine Cream Puffs, and Chocolate-Pumpkin Pots de Creme. Sooooo yummy! The (extremely, truly delicious) food was catered by Waters Fine Catering. (Oh, and their serving staff are really super nice too! If I ever have a fabulous catered party, I'll definitely be giving them a call.)

On Model, second to the left: Lace Top Gown (Also seen on Kathryn)

Which of these is not like the others?
(On Model to the Far Right: Jason Wu Beaded Stripe Top)

I was actually fortunate enough to chat with Jason, and even conduct a little mini-interview. Tucked into the back of the Collector's department, there are these great white tufted leather benches, and that's where we sat for a few minutes to talk. And in case you were wondering, not only does Mr. Wu design and create the most beautiful clothing, he's well-spoken, bright, and extremely nice. I guess, if you take into account the fact that he's accomplished so much in such a short period of time (he's only 28! And he's dressed the First Lady!) it's no surprise.

PT: I read a little bit about you and I learned that you started off doing doll designs.

JW: Yes.

PT: Is that what brought you initially to designing?

JW: No...

PT: What was it that drew you in?

JW: Um, well I've always been into very beautiful things and elements of design. You know, I started designing for dolls because it was my first job, when I was 16, so...

PT: You were very young!

JW: I was very young, and I wanted my first job, and that was [the] first job that was available to me! I just wanted some working experience in design, and that's what happened. I ended up doing it for ten years and it gave me a lot of experience and insight into the world of - just doing business and working with other people. And it helped me on my journey to becoming a fashion designer, but it was actually...I guess a fluke that I went into that.

PT: So what is it about designing women's clothing that you like the best?

JW: I love the detail, I love the femininity, I love the fabrics, I love the artistic aspect of it...I love the fact that dressing women is such a...well-rounded experience, because not only do I get to design things, but I get to apply them to other people's everyday lives, which I think is very significant.

PT: That's a lovely way of thinking about it! So, for our readers, are there any trends this season that you like or dislike? Are there any things that you'd advise them to consider?

JW: Well, I think that always fit is important, and I think that having something that is more than a passing trend is also important. Building a wardrobe is what I aspire to do for my clients, and I want them to own things for not just one season, but for their entire lives, so...that theory can be applied at any price point, for any kind of clothing, it's more about a state of mind.

PT: This last question came from my husband - what are your thoughts about intellectual property rights for fashion designers? I know this has been popping up in the news lately, and certainly, fashion is very derivative - especially at the lower price points -

JW: Right

PT: How do you feel about that? Do you have any concerns?

JW: Well, I think it's very important - intellectual property - and you know, I've been one of the designers that's very involved in protection of designer copyrights. I think having respect for design is very important, and it's something that we're still working towards improving.

PT: Yes, right! Well, that's pretty much it. Thank you so much!

JW: Thank you so much - it was nice meeting you!

Check out Jason's blog here (also in our blog roll).

I love this photo, but I wish I could have added Kathryn to it!  Sadly, she was taking it, so it's just me! I can't believe we didn't stop at any point and just ask someone to take a photo of the three of us. It's my one regret in an otherwise perfect afternoon! (*sad face*)

Thanks to Jason Wu for the beautiful clothes, to Kelly for helping us get into them, to Kristen for inviting us and setting us up, to Nordstrom for hosting such a wonderful event, and to Kathryn for coming all the way down to San Diego to geek out with me over all the pretty clothes and our brush with brilliance. (You're the bestest, Katie!)


  1. Hi Carol and Kathryn

    Thanks for introducing us to Jason Wu. I've seen his name pop up a few times in various mags, and remember seeing some of his gorgeous dresses online and when i went to the states earlier this year. I can't believe that Jason is only 28!! that's my age!!!
    You two are so adorable as always. Kathryn, that strapless dress would have been perfect if it had fitted you and was shorter! The silk skirt looks so flowy and beautiful. The colour is vibrant, but still pretty.
    And, how well that dress fits you. I think you look better than the models! What size is the dress you have on? I need to know for future reference...hehe
    So ladies, what did you end up taking home with you? I want to know!

  2. Wow! What an awesome experience! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  3. The event looks like it was so much fun! Jason Wu is really talented, and how great that he gave you an interview.

    I think you both look amazing in those dresses. And, oh, I should not have looked at this post before breakfast. Those little cream puffs look so good.

  4. You lucky lucky girls, that sounds like a really interesting, fun afternoon out. The dresses look so lovely and what a nice compliment from Jason about Carol. Shame he couldn't have gifted you the dress as it was clearly m-a-d-e for you!

    Glad you both had fun :)

  5. How exciting! That really was so nice of Mr. Wu to give you an interview, plus how he noticed Carol in the dress. I agree with Louise, he should have given you that dress! Or maybe a serious discount for it. Both of you look amazing in his dresses. Thanks for sharing and glad you guys had an awesome night!

  6. Sounds awesome. I love his dresses! What a fun experience :)

  7. that is awesome to have been personally invited to an event like this. the dresses looked fabulous, especially on you two!

    also, awesome last question, carol :)

  8. Thanks for sharing your fantastic experience. You looked so cute in those dresses. Can you tell me about the hot pink suede platform shoes? They look divine!

  9. Aw, how fun! I'm kind of surprised you didn't just walk right out of Nordstrom in that dress, it looks so perfect on you, I'm sure you wouldn't have been stopped ;)!

  10. Awesome post Carol and Kathryn! Thanks for sharing your experience! You gals are amazing!

  11. I'm so insanely jealous you got to meet him!

  12. That pink and black dress is amazing...that is so awesome that you met him!!


  13. Pretty Things is all over the fashion scene this fall - I love it! What a great evening, what great dresses, what great girls wearing them! I totally loved the interview - better then just rubbing elbows ;)

  14. So jealous! what a cool event to attend! My friend when to Parson's with him! Very cool. And I LOVE that gown!

  15. @Vintageglammz - hahaha, you're so sweet, Jen. The dress is a size 2. And I can honestly say I took nothing home with me. Of course, these dresses are not actually scheduled for delivery until March 2011. ;)

    @Bonnie - It was so fun! And you're so welcome!

    @Mich - it was really so nice of him, and he's amazing. Thanks!

    @Louise - Thanks, Louise! I agree, haha!

    @Gemma - A discount would have been so great! =) One can dream though, right? Thanks!

    @Debbie Deb - thanks! Though, I can't take credit for the last question - it was Lawrence's idea.

    @JulieStyles - those shoes were actually borrowed from the Collectors department manager, Jess! She was nice enough to let me slip them on for the photos, and they're YSL suede palais platform pumps. They're gorgeous, aren't they? I'll see if I can find a link for them, somewhere...

    @pws - hahaha, I told them I was going to, and one of the salesmen laughed and told me I totally should. =D Thanks!

    @Linda - thanks! We're so glad to be able to share it with you!

    @theanthropologieconnoisseur - I know - he's so fabulous. We were insanely lucky to get to!

    @Tara - Doesn't Kathryn look amazing in it? =D

    @Jan - Can you even believe it? I really can't, hahaha! Thanks so much for your sweet comments - I'm glad you liked it. =D

    @Amber - wow, that's so cool (Parson's)! Surely he'll be at the SF Nordstrom too? =)

  16. It's so awesome that you got to have a chat with Jason Wu. The dresses look amazing. You two must have had a great time there. Yeah, I have had many picture regret moments in my life, wishing I had thought about taking more pictures of everyone, etc. Have a great weekend!

  17. OMG...I was totally there!!!

    I had to run an errand at FV and parked at Nordstrom & walked right past Jason Wu! And probably you ladies too! I had no idea what was going on (Obviously I need to sign up for San Diego emails, I'm still on all the LA mailing lists) and just walked past without stopping. On my way back to my car, I thought I recognized Jason Wu, but was in a hurry and dressed schlubby, so I just kept on walking...darn!

    Next time a fabulous designer comes to SD and you ladies are going...let me know!!!! =D

  18. Sounds like you guys had a great afternoon! His stuff is super pretty/glam! Too bad the mannequins are sooo freaky...

  19. Wow - just read this. What an amazing day! Carol, JW was right, that dress looks like it was made for you. Love the one that Kathryn is wearing too, what a show stopper. It makes me so happy to hear that a designer is down to earth. Great post!

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