Thursday, October 7, 2010

A New Challenge, and My OOTD, Sort Of.

Greetings and Happy Thursday, Everyone!

I hope you're all doing better than I am!

I must apologize in the lag in my OOTD posts. Actually, I should really apologize for my lack of posts, in general! Work has just been absolutely brutal lately, so I haven't been able to post as much as I've wanted. Sorry about that!

I've decided to try and take on a challenge, for the month of October. Like my friend Debbie of Possess and Obsess, I have a tendency to "save" my new purchases for a rainy day. I'm not entirely sure what rainy day I'm waiting for or why I hold onto these items for so long, but when I looked at my latest list of "Things I Already Have, and Need to Remember When Wanting New Things" I realized I hadn't worn most of them.

So here we go. Inspired by Debbie, I'm going to join her in her October challenge - to wear one unworn item every weekday for the month of October.

I started this challenge on Monday, because I forgot that Friday was October 1st - oops! But here is my list of unworn items, thus far (apologies for the lack of photos...I'll try to post some if I can):

Day 1 - Unworn Item: Dreamy Drape Dress that I purchased over the big Labor Day Sale. Styled with the Forever 21 Vintage Charm Necklace (available on the Canadian Forever 21 site and still available in some stores, I think) and worn with Seychelles "Bette" Flats.

Day 2 - Unworn Item: Bianka Blouse, purchased when I was with Carol down in San Diego. Styled with black J.Brand leggings and Frye "Jane" boots.

Day 3 - Unworn Item: Arid Season Button-Up, also purchased over the Labor Day Sale. Styled as "(500) Days of Summer, Day 95" with an argyle sweater, pleated grey wool skirt, black tights and Tory Burch Revas.

Which brings us to Day 4:

Unworn Item: Merona "Myka" Wedge Shoes in Grey, styled with Remaining Lilies Cardigan, Acting Out Skirt, Converse Cami, Nordstrom BP Bow Necklace, H&M Bow Belt.

I was lusting for grey suede shoes after Carol spied the grey suede Miu Miu pumps at the Nordstrom party last month. I was thrilled to find these wedges at my local Target. Granted, they're not Miu Mius, but they're grey suede and I'm a sucker for wedges. The 2" heel is a very manageable height for my problematic feet, too.

As it turns out, I only wore this outfit for about 2.5 hours, as I got a flat tire on the way to work. To make matters worse, I forgot my cell phone at home, and I had to pull into a grocery store parking lot and go into the store to beg them to use their phone in order to call AAA for roadside assistance.

Problem: my husband never added me to the account for roadside assistance.

(side note: I take care of almost all the bills in our household - the mortgage, the homeowner's association dues, electricity, cable, water, phone, security, etc. I delegated the automobile insurance to my husband as a symbol of Or something. So just to reiterate: the automobile insurance is the only thing he's responsible for. Jussayin'.)

*ahem* Anyway.

I can happily report that the Myka Wedges are not only cute, but they're comfortable and good for walking. They're also very comfortable to stand around in. Especially when you're standing around, waiting for tow trucks that your husband gives the wrong directions to.

I love these shoes.

And...I do love my husband. In case you were wondering.

When I got home, I promptly changed into my husband's basketball shorts and poured myself a glass of rose. So technically, this is my OOTD:

Champion Basketball Shorts (similar here)
Target Converse One Star "Ryder" Cami
Fluffy Pink Slippers (old, but hey, similar here!)
Fluffy Yellow Anteater (to hug, after this crazy morning)
Glass of rose (to drink, after this crazy morning)

So uh...yeah! I hope you're all having a wonderful Thursday!


  1. I love the two outfits you put up!!! How come I didn't to see you in either?! Hmm? And you need to post the other ones cuz they were super cute! Even your 500 days of catholic school dreams one.

  2. Great post Kathryn! Sorry about the flat tire and issue with AAA and the tow truck, but at least it makes for a great story AND great excuse to down some vino :)

    are your slippers Ugg Fluff Scuffs? I soo need a new pair but had trouble finding them again last winter.... ::runs to do a google search::

  3. Sorry for your crazy day Kathryn, but at least you looked cute (in both of your outfits!).

  4. Haha funny...sometimes you give a man ONE task and they screw it up. I mean, they only had ONE thing to do right? Luckily, my husband controls most of the bills in our household but then if I tell him to cook one thing...he makes a total mess. A tradeoff I say!

    You look so cute in the acting out skirt. And matched with that cardi is just genius!

  5. oh, kathryn, you crack me up ;) i don't think i've seen D today, i was going to give him a hard time about the AAA thing.

    lol, shira - "500 days of catholic school dreams"

  6. @shira - Haha, thanks! I'm actually a little sad that I wasted a perfectly good outfit just to end up at a Goodyear. I wonder if I can add an amendment to the challenge that allows for repeats... ;o) And lol I didn't realize how Catholic schoolgirl-y I looked until after I got to work.

    @E Hayes - Thank you! Haha, the whole situation struck me as funny - I mean, what are the chances of all of those things happening in one day? I'm thankful that I'm safe and that the tire will be taken care of. (I'm also thankful for the wine and the tiramisu in my house!)

    @szmom - Aww, thanks! For what it's worth, the first outfit was almost as comfortable as the second. =)

    @Cindi - Ah, husbands. As Carol said, when I told her the story - we love our husbands, in spite of these things. =)

    And thanks! This skirt is so much fun to wear!

    @Debbie - Hehehe, the best part was when I was on the phone with him explaining how I wasn't part of the AAA roadside assistance plan, and he kept sitting there trying to figure out why. I had to break his train of thought to get him to concentrate on calling the tow truck.

  7. ack! I didn't even know Forever 21 had opened a Canadian site! Yay!

    That cardigan is great on you- perfect colouring!

  8. oh man. Or should I say, oh MEN! I once gave Mr. M some checks to deposit and he went to the WRONG BANK!!!

    I like the idea of wearing all the unworn things. My problem is that my list of unworn things gets longer because I keep buying!!!

    I love that skirt, but your second outfit looks so comfy. and you have some great accessories, slippers and a drink.

  9. I have so many unworn things hanging in my closet it's not even funny. I guess that's what happens when you buy 3-5 things every time there's a sale :/

    The Remaining Lilies Cardigan looks great on you BTW! It's actually one of the things on my unworn list (gotta work on that).

  10. I am absolutely rolling with laughter here - you are hilarious Kathryn! I'm glad the Anteater was there to comfort you when you got home!

    I want those wedges! You looked very cute for the two hours you strode around in them ;)

    I hope things slow down at work, soon - it's almost the weekend!!!

  11. So sorry to hear about your morning, Kathryn. But you do tell a funny story and I'm glad to see things ended up okay for you. Love both OOTDs.

  12. HAH! I *totally* sympathize with your unfortunate (but kinda hilarious) situation. And you look so gee-dee adorable in the last pic!

  13. LOL!!! I love love love the final pic! Whew, now I don't feel so slovenly writing this in my PJs!

    Sorry you had an icky day but at least you didn't get blisters and the shoes were comfy.

  14. oh wow! That sounds like one hell of a day! At least you looked cute while it happened. :)

    I love your outfit for when you got home too, looks a lot like what I wear around my house.

  15. Lol I saw your post on twitter about the breakdown, glad you got home in the end and tucked into a well deserved glass of vino!

    I save some things when I buy them for a specific event (e.g. weddings for Sugar & Cream and the Highest Accolade dresses) but with other Anthro bits I leap straight in wearing them to work the day after they arrive!

    Luckily since I got the In A Twinkling and Tiny Windows dresses the weather has been very un-October like in the UK so I have been wearing them without cardis and tights!

    Loving your Remaining Lillies with the Acting Out. Neither are on sale here yet but when they are... *grabby hands* :)

  16. Hi Kathryn
    Aww, sorry about the flat tire. My husband is great at handling the household. I just sit here and blog and occasionally order stuff from Anthro. The hard life...hehe! well, i also do housework and take control of the kitchen...
    That last outfit of yours is soooo funny, especially with the fluffy slippers. You look so comfortable there!
    Your Day 4 OOTD is too adorable on you! The remaining lilies cardi adds so much colour to the outfit!

  17. you are just soooo cute!!!!!!! =) i love that green on you.

    PS, congrats on the blog award!

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