Monday, October 11, 2010

News from Nordy's... (Upcoming Events, Promotions, and Other Fun Stuff)

Hi, everyone!  Hope you're all having a happy Monday and that you had a lovely weekend.  I had a very busy but overall very nice one, myself.  We went up to Orange County to see family, attend a special 1st birthday party (photos to come soon!) and while there, I was able able to do a little shopping with my sister and friend Lisa - and I did make a bit of an impulse (sort-of) buy.  But I'll get to that later.  First I want to let you know about a few things going on at my other favorite store, Nordstom!

You may know by now that I love socially-conscious shopping (because it's not shopping then, so much as philanthropy, right?) and every so often, Nordy's will collaborate with a designer to help raise funds and awareness for a worthy - often diversity-related - cause.  A few months back, they released a great little tee with 3.1 Phillip Lim for Asian-American History month (see me wearing it here) and this last month, they worked with Robert Rodriguez to issue this amazing limited-edition feather and lace blouse in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month.  Not only is the top super cute (so edgy-glam, with a dash of whimsy in that plume along the shoulder), but all proceeds go to supporting MANA, a not-for-profit advocacy group that works to empower Latinas to become leaders in their communities through skills-building and community service.  The one caveat?  It's only around for one more week (ends Oct. 15th), so if you need an awesome designer top - er, want to stand in solidarity with your Latina sisters! - make sure to order yours soon.

San Diegans!  There are two events to be aware of at your local Fashion Valley Nordstrom.  The first is that this Wednesday, October 13th, there is a sample shoe sale taking place.  So, for those of you with size 6 feet, here are the goods:  1) there will be shoes and handbags on sale, 2) there will be Stuart Weitzman shoes and boots only and 3) this is the last sample shoe sale ever at Fashion Valley (from what I understand), so if you've never gone and have been wanting to go - it's now or never.  I will be abstaining myself (too much spending in previous months = economy now), but I'll be there in spirit.

The second event is one I will be attending, and that's the Jason Wu visit to introduce his 2011 Spring Collection on October 21st!  I'm not gonna pretend - Jason Wu pieces are not something I can afford (just glancing at the sticker can induce something akin to hypoglycemic shock in me), but is that going to stop me from going to look at his beautiful collection and gaze upon the designer himself? Sure isn't!  Look at some of the beauties from his Spring 2011 Ready to Wear line:

And he has a new logo - a darling little owl named "Miss Wu" (because it hoots, "Wuuuu, wuuuuu!" Seriously, I'm not kidding) that will be on his handbags, belts, sunglasses, and other accessories:

While I'm not really digging that belt (looks a bit mannish), I can't wait to see Miss Wu on other things!  I do love me a cute owl.  ^_^  If you're interested in attending this event call Nordstrom Fashion Valley at 619.295.4441.  Maybe I'll see you there!

Okay, and for the last thing (I promise, this is the last thing) - I wanted to share with you my sort-of impulse buy.  I say it's sort of, because I actually tried on a beautiful longer navajo-printed sweater back during the Anniversary Sale, and while I really liked it, I let myself be talked out of it by my friends.  Despite this, I've found myself relentlessly attracted to these sweaters every time I saw something similar (I've been tempted by this Free People Sweater, this other Free People sweater, this Twelfth Street Cynthia Vincent sweater, and oh, I think I'm still in love with this Haute Hippie sweater but I'll have to sale stalk it with vigilance if I want it),  so when I came across this Kensie 'Nomad' Shawl Collar Cardigan, I decided to pull the trigger.

Of course, it helps to shop socially.  ^_^  I got the oatmeal one (above left) and my friend Lisa picked up the black heather one, above right.  Now if only it'd get cold enough for me to wear it...


  1. The shawl cardigan is going to look lovely on you. I can just see it being so cute on you. Thank you for this post! This reminded me that I haven't been to Nordies for awhile. Need to stop by to check out some of their fall/winter stuff.

  2. Both of the cardigans look cute! I can't decide which I want more!

  3. Oooh, cute cardigans! And as if I couldn't love Mr. Wu enough (his Spring 2011 collection was easily one of my faves!), THAT OWL! EEEEEK! *falls over*

  4. @Cindi - thanks! I really like it. Yes, I love my Nordy's. =D At my mall, I tend to park in a lot that makes me walk through the Nordstrom, before I can go into any other mall. It's such a hardship. ^_-

    @thesungirl - I actually tried on and wanted the black one first - but then a saleswoman convinced me to just try on the oatmeal, and I found I liked it a teensy bit better. They're both great. So...that was no help at all...

    @Chloe - while choosing those three images from Mr. Wu's collection, I actually thought, "This outfit is very Chloe..." (the one with the jacket and shorts). I really think his spring line is absolutely one of my favorites. *swoons*

  5. Hi, very lovely cardigan. What size did you get?