Thursday, October 21, 2010

Some Tuesdays are Harder than Others (Sale Scores and List Updates)

Hello, everyone! How are you all doing? And what did you think of the sale this week? I loved it and hated it all at once. You know how it is, I'm sure. Some Tuesdays are just harder than others, and this one - well, I guess it was hard on my bank account but really, really good for my closet. When I saw that the Konnichiwa Sweater had gone on sale (I've been coveting it in the ivory, but had forgotten to add it to my list) I knew I had to pounce on it. And then, the Bouquet Toss Dress got a second cut and was priced at $39.95! There was no way I was going to pass that up. And while I was in the store, I laid eyes on the new, green version of the Bianka blouse...and I have to say, I love the green print even more than the black print. It's soooo pretty!

(So, I got that too. Shh! Don't tell! Though...I'm not sure who I'm trying to hide this from....)

Carol's Full Price List:

Carol's Sale Priced List:
5. Molded and Melded Tee (I ended up deciding against this one, after meeting the Bianka Blouse in the new green motif.)
5. Entrusted Mini (I love this skirt!!! Why does it have to be so expensive???)

Carol's List of Things She Hasn't Tried But Wants To/Is Afraid To (Heather, this one's for you ^_-)
2. Flanders Fields Sweater (because I love this outfit too)
5. Darjeeling Skirt (oh! So pretty and sweet! And gah - I just realized it's an internet exclusive. Noooooo~ this means I have to order it!)
6. Awaiting Wings Dress (Someday, I'm convinced an ensemble dress will work for me! Maybe this will be the one?)
7. Glowing Leaf Skirt (oooh, love the orange against the gray!)
8. Facile Camp Shirt (Surprisingly, something my husband picked out for me. He really really really wants me to get this top. He says it has a "Jackie O. going on safari"-vibe. Hmm....)

List of Things Carol Already Has (And Needs To Remember, When Wanting New Things)
11. Bianka Blouse (green)
12. Bouquet Toss Dress (scored on a second cut! Whoo!)

Hello, y'all! was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was...

Oh, sorry. Got carried away.

My lists had a little bit a tweaking, and my eyes may deceive me but I do believe I've found more things to covet. At full price, no less.

Heaven help me.

Kathryn's Full Price List:
1. Darjeeling Skirt (Holy CRAP where did THIS skirt come from?!)
2. Bedecked Brooch Necklace (You may ask -why do I want this necklace? I dunno, the better question is, why shouldn't I want this necklace?)
3. Oxer Jacket (in Green...a woman can never have enough jackets)
4. Volante Tee (Martin Gore be darned, I can't stop thinking about this tee. I blame Roxy.)

Kathryn's Sale Price List:
1. Redux Jacket (Sorry honey, you're still pretty, but I moved you to the sale list...)
1. Babergh Dress (Getting closer to being over it...)
2. Dried Leaves Dress (I have a strange attachment to this that remains...)
3. Ruffled Plaid Dress (Maybe Carol and I should just co-own this? Maybe if I lose 20 pounds?)
4. Once & Always Tee (by the time it went on sale I decided I didn't need it anymore)
6. Best of the Bunch Cardigan (WANT. would definitely grab on a second cut)
7. Charente Skirt (a woman can never have enough pretty skirts)

List of Things Kathryn Already Has (And REALLY Needs To Remember, When Wanting New Things):
5. Graces Tank (worn here)
6. Arid Season Button-Up (worn on Challenge Day 3)
7. Dreamy Drape Dress (worn on Challenge Day 1)
8. Mullany Dress (worn here and here)
9. Bianka Blouse (in Black Motif, worn on Challenge Day 2)
Refined Corduroy Dress (hey-o, this one's mine now. Boom.)

I had houseguests today, and not wanting to have to explain why I was taking photos of myself using my tripod and timer, I was only able to take these quick snaps of today's outfit in the bathroom mirror.  As you can see, I lost no time at all wearing my new Bianka blouse and Konnichiwa Sweater.  My only regret is that I can't wear them again tomorrow - I love them both (but especially Bianka) so much!  

Jeans: Angelina Jeans, AG Denim
Shoes: LAMB flats
Headband: J. Crew headband
Necklace: Pessinus Garden Necklace, Anthropologie (Thanks, Anjali!)


  1. You look really cute Carol! Your new buys suit you well, and go especially well together. You know, I tried the Bianka on a long time ago and didn't think it was that flattering on me, but this new green print is killing me. Maybe I should give it another chance? And oh! I think you are wearing the Pessinus Garden necklace :)

  2. Carol, you look lovely in both things! I think the two of you may inspire me to write up a similar list to try and wrestle my Anthro outgoings under control... eep.

  3. Ooh your Konichwa looks so cosy. It dropped into the UK sale yesterday but I hadn't seen it on anyone yet. It looks like something I need to get me through winter.. pay day next week so fingers crossed one of the colours will still be available in my size!

    Thanks for taking the time to post the picture, it is really helpful as I'm not a huge knitwear fan, hence my indecision!

  4. Ladies, ladies ladies!
    Your lists always make me envious for some reason!
    Carol, you are so cute taking pics of yourself in your bathroom...hehehe. I love the the cardi on you, it sure looks cosy. And the bianka blouse...what can i say, i want it more than ever now!
    Ermm... Kathryn, i caved in and bought the darjeeling. And carol....guesss what i got on sale???! the ha ha penny! will post my sale purchases shortly

  5. Carol, love this outfit on you! I have a few questions, if you don't mind? First, how do you think the quality is of the Ha'Penny cardigan and your new Konichwa cardi? I just purchased 2 (!) Ha'Pennys (gray and purple) on sale but I've read reviews that says they tend to pill very quickly. Have you seen this? Second, how on earth do you get the ruffled sleeves of the lovely Bianka blouse into a sweater? I have the black version and I cannot figure out how to wear a cardigan over it. Thanks for any advice! I love reading your/Kathryn's lists; I am a list maker too.

  6. Love it-- you are so adorable in the Konichiwa! I picked up the Bianka top in green also-- that floral motif is just too pretty!

  7. Oh Carol, you look so great in the Konichiwa sweater!!! I am a frequent reader, not often poster. I just had to say that sweater looks so great on you!!! I am 5'8" and the sewn on belt just hit me waayyy too high up making me looking very wide and out of proportion. It was made for you though. I agree with Jennifer above, how do you get the sleeves of the Bianka to stay down under your sweater? I am having difficulty as well - maybe I need to try a thicker sweater?

  8. Carol, the Konichiwa sweater looks awesome on you! I didn't even consider it until I saw your photos, now I'm thinking twice about my decision to pass this piece up.

  9. The konichiwa sweater and the new bianka look great on you! I actually got the new bianka too, I can't wait till it arrives here! :)

  10. Man...after seeing you and Pamela in the konichiwa sweater, I just want it now!!! That bianca looks just soooo cute on you! Funny cause I have the same necklace you're wearing and I thought about putting that on yesterday too.

  11. Carol, your outfit is so cute! I was on the fence about the Kinichiwa sweater until I saw it on you. Now I think I might need it for my trip to Chicago.

  12. I got the Tatting Tank in ivory, Fromage et Pain belt, Hi-Lo Hi Belt, and Set the Course Cardi in purple. I reallly want the Refined Cord dress but I need it to go on sale first :)

  13. Carol, I absolutely love that you're standing on a little stool for these unbelievably adorable are you???!!! I love the green blouse better, too. Oh, and how happy was I to see that the Dog Trot Cardi went on sale already?
    Kristina J.

  14. I love the Bianka blouse on you! That print is perfect against your skintone. I'm partial to the blue, myself. Love the print on them. I didn't get anything that went on sale this time... but I did pick up the Summer Twilight for $30 (broken zipper and thanks to the community!). And um... the Violet Gloaming Dress for $80 (additional discount for torn seam that was easily fixed). And then there was the Saks F&F discount... well, I'm not allowed to buy myself anything for a long time.

    But hey, it feels nice to be able to cross things off my wish list.

  15. oh ha! I didn't notice the stool at first! I had just noticed the Konichiwa and wishlisted it shortly before the sale, but I'm on a self-imposed break so maybe some other time it will turn up! I was afraid it would just look bathrobe-y or too big on a small frame, but you rock it!!

  16. I love the green Bianka blouse...I need to get my butt to Anthro to try it on ASAP!

  17. Carol, try the Facile Camp Shirt! I never buy full price, but I couldn't miss out on this one. You just can't go wrong with a Jackie O Safari!

    I really like the Bianka paired with the Konichiwa, I would never have thought to put them together but it works so well.

  18. Thanks for making me add 2 more things to my long wishlist. Never noticed the Konnichiwa, but you made me notice. And I wanted the purple Bianca so long ago (thought it would be on sale by now) but it's been so long and more colors means no sale. But now I want again!

    So, yes, love the OOTD!

  19. I have been dying to see the green Bianka on someone! I'm heading to Anthro on Monday, and I have my fingers and toes crossed that they'll have it so I can buy it with my b-day discount. Carol, you look SO CUTE - the sweater and blouse are both fantastic on you!!! Belted cardis never seem to work on me, but you look like a total doll!

  20. Did you have to wear a tank under your Bianka Blouse? I just got one today and it seems pretty thin...

  21. Thanks for your kind words, everyone! I'm so glad you liked the outfit as much as I did!

    @Goldenmeans - thanks, Anjali! I made the edit in the text of the post.

    @BritishAnthropologiest - aw, thanks! I find the lists pretty helpful...sort of.

    @Louise (princess_dave) - oh, I'm glad I was able to help. I hope you're able to find the sweater later.

    @vintageglammz - can't wait to see the new goods! =D

    @Jennifer - I have found the Ha'penny pills very quickly - but it's all under the arm (where they encounter the most friction, I suppose) and nothing some judicious application of a sweater-shaver can't handle. The sleeves of the Konnichiwa seem to be thick enough to sort of cope with the ruffled sleeves of the Bianka Blouse. =) I did reach up into the sweater sleeve, and grab the sleeve of the Bianka to pull it down and smooth it out as much as possible, and while it's still a little bit bunchy, it's not awful. I think I wouldn't have as much success with a lighter weight sweater.

    @Maya - thanks! It really is pretty, isn't it? I'm sure it'll look smashing on you!

    @Denise - As I mentioned to Jennifer - the thicker/heavier weight sweater seems to make a difference.

    @Saya - thanks!

    @Brianna - thanks! I love the green Bianka! I just couldn't resist the prettiness!

    @Cindi - hahahaha, we could have been total twinsies! Thank goodness we live in different states. ;) I love that sweater - so cute!

    @Mia - thanks! I highly recommend it!

    @Sarah - sounds fun!

    @Kristina - I couldn't get my whole self in the picture, without the stool, hahaha! Oh, I LOVE the Dog Trot sweater - did you get it?

    @Tien - thanks! The blue is lovely on you! And those are such incredible deals on those two items...well done, you! (And the boots - I swoon at the thought of them!)

    @thatdamngreendress - thanks! I hope you get the sweater - it's so great!

    @Tara - it's great! Go try!

    @Mich - Oh, I think I'm going to have to cave and order it then! =)

    @Gemma - aw, sorry! But they're both such great pieces! =) I'm sure you'll be lovely in them.

    @Jan - Oh, I hope they have it too! If they don't, maybe the SA will be nice and let you do an order for it, and still apply your birthday discount. I think you should try this cardi, Jan - the belt is positioned a bit higher, and is really perfect for us shorties!

    @Sara - I didn't wear a tank under the Bianka. It's not that sheer, and I didn't notice a need for one, especially with a nude bra underneath.