Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Unworn Item Challenge, Day 12

Happy Tuesday, Everyone!

How's everyone loving that sale today, huh?

I am gritting my teeth and sitting this one out (kicking and screaming...wahhhh!), but I'd love to hear what you're all getting!

Okee doke, onto my rainy-day-but-I-have-to-dress-up-for-an-important-event-at-work-outfit-of-the-day, otherwise known as my "RDBIHTDUFAIEAWOOTD."

Day 12 - Unworn Item: Target Merona "Myka" Suede Wedge in Black, styled with the Mullany Dress, Remaining Lilies Cardigan, and Cara Accessories Crystal & Bow Necklace.

Hello, my name is Kathryn, and I've just copied this entire look from the July Anthropologie catalog!

I seriously love these shoes. The height gives just a little lift and the wedge heel makes them so comfortable! I also own them in grey, and I'm not even ashamed to admit I bought them in two colors. J @ The Look 4 Less featured them here, and I couldn't be happier.

I put this outfit on this morning, when the sun was peeking through the clouds and it looked like it was just going to be an overcast day with a slight chance of drizzle. And then the lightning and thunder and torrential downpour happened. Oops.

Not gonna be logging a lot of steps today, I'm afraid.

Anyway, Carol and I will be back soon with some fitting room reviews. Thanks so much for reading!


  1. Oh Kathryn, I just LOVE LOVE LOVE the Mullany dress on you, and the way you matched it with the remaining lillies cardi just like the catalogue - divine!
    I spent last night at midnight (your early early morning) ordering things online. I will post my goodies soon...

  2. such a cute dress!! and i love the way those shoes paired with those shoes. the cardigan definitely adds a pop of color to the outfit too. perfect look!

  3. LOL @

    Okee doke, onto my rainy-day-but-I-have-to-dress-up-for-an-important-event-at-work-outfit-of-the-day, otherwise known as my "RDBIHTDUFAIEAWOOTD."

    Love the outfit, love the shoes!


  4. I think that honestly may be my all time favorite outfit on you. I love the pattern mixing and color combination! Beautiful!


  5. This is a fabulous outfit on yoU! SUper cute pairing and I love those wedges. I've been tempted afew times to pick those up as well. Are they comfy? Can't wait to se your reviews! I passed on the sale today tpp although I kinda sorta wish I would have gotten the Breezy Polka cardigan...hmmmm... =)

  6. I wasn't the biggest fan of that cardigan seeing it on it's own, but with the Mullany Dress it is pure magic - those pieces are impossibly cute together and you look like a total doll, Kathryn! You know I'm lovin' the head tilt too!


  7. You're SO adorable in this outfit! Yes, but with today's downpour, I don't see you running cross campus in it! :P I thought today it was quite apropos to pick up the Raining, Pouring blouse from the sale, so had lunch at the Yard House and ran into Anthro to buy it. <3

  8. omg so cute!! And umm can you come desgin my backyard?? yours look fab!!

  9. YAY...now there's the mullany dress that we all love! I loved how you paired it with the cardi. I would have never thought those two pieces went well together and somehow it kind of dresses the dress down a bit. :)

  10. Those wedges are cute! Bummer to hear that the rain ruined all chances of wedge frolicking, though. I love that bright cardigan with the spotted dress, you are adorable!